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Shadow over Riddleport

Game Master Joana

"Rag End, Rotgut, Rat Street. Someplace out past the wharves that begins with R. Apparently it's really dangerous and crawling with thugs and murderers, but apart from the evil cultists this is the only time I've been attacked since I got here...last week. I think I've been there twice. I lost count. Can I have that drink?" -- Braddon Hurst

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Thank you for the interesting questions that forced me to pin down more details of this character. (I'll be sure to integrate them into his background before the next time I submit him somewhere.) Congo rats to those picked, and don't be surprised if you have an audience! ;)

Thanks for the selection Joana! And was impressed with your "not you it's me" speech, perhaps the most graceful one I've heard.

Sorry not everyone could get, but I really enjoyed all the excellent submissions. Best of luck to all on your next attempts and good gaming everyone! : )

Best wishes to you all.

Noooooo! Katarina will have to jump in the shadows of another setting then.

Every once in a while this needs to be brought up in a PbP and I prefer to have it done sooner than later.

So just want to state that, for me, In Game, Character interaction, is always very different, and seperate from, my RL thoughts and feelings. So I have absoloutely no problems with You at all ZetaG. And in fact I'm very much liking the way you're playing Tendal as he seems bang on based on your description of him. I'm enjoying the friction between our two PC's at the moment. It's always seemed much more realistic to me that not all PCs who are strangers to each other will instantly get along swimmingly and all buddy buddy like.

So all is great on my end, but if things should ever heat up too much or seem to uncomfortable please let me know and I can easily tone things down. This applies to anyone who may feel uncomfortable with PC friction, as this game is meant to be fun for all.

So game on y'all! : )

This campaign does indeed sound like my type of fun.

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