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Shadow over Riddleport

Game Master Joana

"Gristav failed to mention that our destination was a house of madness and murder... so no, I didn't come that prepared." -- Phillip Hargreaves

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Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Running a hand through his mop of shaggy hair and then smoothing out his mustache Phillip aims his steps towards the door and worries not as to canine aggression, moving within smoothly as he arrives. Letting his eyes take in the shop's interior for a few moments, and lingering upon Ethel for some of that time, he addresses Betta "Madam, two days have passed and in anticipation of beauty I have returned to you. Hopefully it would not be too much of an impost to see the garments properly draped and paraded?" The affectation given to the word beauty allowing for Betta to interpret it as attached to the clothes, and Ethel attached to herself.

Gristav wrote:

"I didn't go to the lobsterman's, I went straight to the arena, sans notes. Won as much as I lost, though I didn't stay long. Did some studying, a small mission of mercy, and fretted throughout that something would arise, to keep me from my duty here. I'd complain about the sunset rule, but I expect it allows you home with family, and that, would be a good thing. If a bachelor may judge."

"Was there, anything of blueberry, that I might take, as well? It's the favorite flavor of a favored friend, and I'd fain fetch, if fortune favors?"

"I've wrapped up some tartlets," she reassures him, handing over a warm and aromatic bundle. "You mustn't get too used to my cooking, now," she goes on flirtatiously, "or some poor young woman is going to have a hard time measuring up to your expectations when you put an end to your bachelor days, if I do say so myself."


Having served his purpose as the artist's pack mule, Piccolo finds that Williplunnet readily dismisses him, unpacking the sketches he made at the arena and arranging them across the drawing surface. His only response to Piccolo's polite farewell is a distracted grunt. It occurs to Piccolo as he shuts the older gnome's door behind him that Will's flat is far too small for him to produce the oversized paintings he saw hanging from the arena walls; he must have another workspace somewhere that allows him to create on a grander scale.

Reorienting himself by the top of the Cyphergate visible above the rooftops when he emerges onto the street, he bends his steps Goblinward. As he nears the Velashu, he spies the half-elf Gristav heading in the same direction, carrying a large and rather cumbersome bundle.

Fiating you two together, as you're both heading back to the Goblin. Gristav, assume you'll be going that way once you've taken leave of La Crispin.

hp 22 / 22; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 2
Gold Goblin wrote:
As he is approaching the door, Anya walks out into the street, does a double-take as she sees him, and demands, "You haven't been just waiting out here the whole time I was sleeping, have you?"

Braddon waves cheerfully.

"Nope. Don't worry, Lexy told me if I wanted you I should ask for you by name at the temple. I'm okay with that. I was busy working. I've had no time off at all. But I'll come see you if I get some free time. Is Lexy back yet?"

Anya looks at him for a long moment. "No, I imagine I'll pass her coming home on my way to work," she replies at last. "I'll tell her you're looking for her, shall I?"


As Phillip enters Betta's shop, both Betta and Ethel look startled and a little afraid before they see who it is. Malthus alone is unaffected, greeting Phil with the same dislike he showed on his last visit.

"Oh, it's you," Betta says ill-manneredly, though with an undertone of relief. "Yes, your garments are ready. If you still haven't brought the recipient in to try them on, however, I can't vouch for the fit being exact."

Female Halfling

"Oh, Phil," Ethel murmurs quietly as she passes by to retrieve the finished garments, "we've just had the strangest people in. Betta wanted to close up early to keep them from coming back, but I reminded her you were to come for the dresses today."

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phillip gives Ethel a wink and murmurs "Indeed? We'll talk of the them later... for now..." addressing the owner of the shop and placing a hand to his chest as though wounded "But milady that would betray the very reason for having it commissioned in secret would it not? Fear not, I shall hold you to no failing should the cut and stitch not fall as it should... Which do you think bears seeing first?" eyes earnest enough for Betta, though Ethel knowing better would see a puckish bent at work.

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