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Shadow over Riddleport

Game Master Joana

"Rag End, Rotgut, Rat Street. Someplace out past the wharves that begins with R. Apparently it's really dangerous and crawling with thugs and murderers, but apart from the evil cultists this is the only time I've been attacked since I got here...last week. I think I've been there twice. I lost count. Can I have that drink?" -- Braddon Hurst

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A tad anachronistic, most likely, but I couldn't resist. :)

Hope no one's getting too bogged down in the quotidien. I'm really not going to make you play out the day in real time, I promise; once everyone gets agreed to terms, they can declare their intentions for the remainder of the day, as Tendal has. For those so inclined, there will be time for a few Gathering-Information checks about topics of interest or getting to know the area around the Goblin or meeting your fellow employees or whatever else you want to spend the day on. :)

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Apologies for the terrible post, haven't slept yet!

Also, I know that spoiler gave away Waay too much info for the DC, but, well, I figure you can just decide how much of it your PC got out of all that yourself : )

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

The convention is officially over. Once I get caught up on my sleep and reading posts (in that order), I'll jump back into the action.

Hope it was a success! :)

Male Human Traveler / 8
Joana wrote:
Congrats on the anniversary, Wander, and good luck with your convention, the loreweaver!

Thanks! 3 years of blissful matrimony is its own reward, but it was still nice to get away to celebrate the anniversary.

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Huge success! Initial estimates are about 40 tables of PFS over three days. Going to try and get caught up on reading posts during lunch today.

Glad you both had good weekends!

Map of the main floor of the Gold Goblin is up on the Campaign Info tab. Saul will walk you through it IC shortly. The eastern wing contains the guest rooms; they're not fixed up as nice as they look in the map at this point, but they have beds and chests of drawers. I'm presuming the casino floor, kitchen, and bar are self-evident.

I didn't make these maps, btw. They were created and provided for use by Simonutti Pierre in the Second Darkness fora. Credit where credit is due. :)

Male Human Traveler / 8

Very cool maps.

Yeah, when I have to make my own map for something, you'll notice the difference immediately. Mine won't be nearly so pretty.

Will update the game thread in an hour or two. If Tendal or Daynadrian want to weigh in on Samaritha's employability, now's their window.

hp 29 / 29; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 3
Gold Goblin wrote:
Perception 17** spoiler omitted **...

Can Braddon take 10?

I think being in a room of other people milling about and talking counts as distraction when you're trying to overhear a whispered conversation down the hall, so I'm going to say no taking 10 in this case.

hp 29 / 29; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 3

Oh, look- I took 10 anyway :-P

For clarity's sake, there are 9 guest rooms: 4 to the north of the hallway, 3 to the south (one of which has already been given to Tendal), and 2 directly off the anteroom. The tiny room at the end of the hallway is the linen closet.

Whenever you're done asking questions/settling in/whatever, let me know what your character's plans are for the rest of the day until opening time.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Sarien's plans for the day is to generally get a feel for the area the Gold Goblin is in so he can know what his options in case things go horribly wrong and he needs an escape route. So he just wants to have a mental picture of the nearby streets, possible places to hide, etc. It's all part of his desire, should he seek employment there after the grand opening, to have a solid understanding of the environment.

Hp :17/17; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Fashionable Merchant 3

Tendal is going to clean the room, get cleaned up, then get out his nice clothes (the courtier outfit) and get ready for the evening.


The website will be offline for scheduled maintenance Tuesday, October 16 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

The downtime is expected to last between 3 and 10 hours.

...just in case anyone's missed the announcement at the top of the page. That's an awfully big window of possible downtime. I'll be working on a "How the PCs Spend the Afternoon" post to get us to the grand opening.

When you say you'll conduct a Harrowing regarding Samaritha, is that for your benefit or the reading you told Samaritha you'd perform for her? Because she'd probably like to be present to see the cards and hear them interpreted for herself. You could probably find her in the kitchen later on and persuade her to slip away to your room for a while to have her Harrowing done. Also, just to be clear, your Prophetic Visionary ability works as an augury, and
An augury can tell you whether a particular action will bring good or bad results for you in the immediate future.

So the particular action you want insight about is watching the vault?

Sarien and Phillip:
The two of you are both interested in getting to know the neighborhood around the Gold Goblin, although not necessarily for the same reasons. Do you want to continue to work together to case the surrounding area or split up and work separately?

What are Dayn's plans for the afternoon? Still interested in going out on the town with Liry and her handbills, or will he spend his time doing something else?

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

I'm officially back in the saddle and will be reading up on Sarien's adventures with me in tow to get back up to speed.

Sarien and Joana:
I'll put up an IC post soon to the same effect - but Phil will be looking to split up and case separately.

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Geeze, I missed that notice. Guess it's good timing for a dramatic fade out in the story.

The reading regarding Samaritha is for Malkith's benefit. He still intends to do a personal reading for her later on.

This seemed like a good opportunity to the Prophetic Vision, but phrasing the divination in such a way to conform to the requirements of an augury was tricky at this point in time. But, yes, I'm seeking insight about keeping an eye on the vault.

Well, depending on the length of the messageboards outage, I've taken a few notes offline so I can go ahead and work on the summary post if I get some time this afternoon.

Glad to have you back, Mark!

Male Human Traveler / 8

See you all on the other side!

Apologies, but I'm not going to be able to get a post up tonight. I'd blame it on the site being down most of the day, but honestly, today was just hectic. I should have some free time tomorrow afternoon (or within 18 hours or so of now, for everyone scattered across various time zones) to get it done. So, Khaladon, if you check in before then, Daynadrian still has time to be included in the big post o' summary. :)

All right. I'm here and should be for the next couple of hours, typing away. :)

Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:
Sorry for the lateness of my post!

Not a problem! I'm obviously still here and working on my afternoon summaries. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist about these things. You should see the notes I made for the first campaign I DMed. I had color maps of the area, present-day and historical, and a timeline since the founding of the nation and a list of all the kings and when they reigned and a huge ruined castle with dozens of rooms with the exact contents of each one detailed down to the furniture and pictures on the walls. I even had notes of which room the rats would run to next if they were chased out of the room they started in. And then the PCs decided to climb the outside wall and go straight to the upper floor and bypassed most of it. Of course, the last laugh was on them because they missed out most of the treasure, too. :P

Almost 1 AM here. I'll get your summary up tomorrow, Dayn, and then on to the grand opening!

Sorry, guys, it has been one of those weeks in RL, but it's almost over now. We're caught up with everyone's afternoon activities, and I'll get the grand opening started tomorrow, hopefully much earlier in the day than I found the time to post today. If you want to clarify/respond to/inquire about anything that happened to your characters during the afternoon, feel free to do so either now or retroactively as you have time.

A note on the map: There's a small room with a staircase going down halfway down the west side of the Gold Goblin. None of you have seen that room. It actually had curtains already hung over the door before any of you entered the casino, as it's not accessible by the public. Probably won't come up, but just be advised that your characters aren't yet aware of it.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

What are the two rooms behind the prives Laura?

The two rooms that open off the white antechamber? Those are additional guest rooms that you could have chosen from, in addition to the ones off the hallway. Right now, they are locked as they aren't in use.

EDIT: I assume you mean those and not the bar area, which could also be described as "behind the privies."

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Yes thanks Joana, meant the guest rooms : )

Those are nice rooms! But I guess Dayn will stay where he is, he's not fancy and doesn't need a lot of space for now ; )

The map of Riddleport on the Campaign Info tab has been updated with a few more locations.


The website will be offline for scheduled maintenance Tuesday, October 23 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

The downtime is expected to last about 3 hours.

Another site outage expected tomorrow, but this one hopefully won't be so long. The doors to the Gold Goblin will open afterward.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Hey Joana, not sure if it would have made a difference or not, but Dayn was specifically looking for street urchins, wise, tough, street-smart 'orphans of the street', not just normal 'children'.

Finian is about as close to what you're looking for as you'll find in Riddleport; his friend is a tad more domesticated. Think of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, or the Artful Dodger and gang in Oliver Twist. The major temple in Riddleport is a temple of Calistria, which are specifically known for taking in orphans (not to mention providing the means to not have a lot of unwanted children running around in the first place), and the presence of the docks and activity of press gangs means most boys any older than 14 have joined a crew (willingly or not) or become a part of one of the crime lord's associations. Riddleport has an enviably low unemployment rate, if a less enviable violent crime rate. You could find unaffiliated toughs up north in Lubbertown where the Varisians aren't really integrated into the daily life of the city, but there really aren't the gangs of homeless ragamuffins and street children sleeping in alleyways you'd find in Magnimar or Korvosa.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Ok cool thanks, that works out perfect : )

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Sorry! Been a full week, Posting later today.

Anyone in the way of Sandy other than the loreweaver? Is the storm expected to cause problems as far up as your way, Wander?

Male Human Traveler / 8

Yep, we've had to put away all our Halloween decorations and patio furniture. The wind is supposed to be pretty high today with a high chance of damage from debris and trees toppling over. There's also a good possibility that we'll lose our power for a few days. My fingers are crossed that this won't happen, since my wife works from home and needs to have the internet up and running to telecommute. :)

We'll see how it all goes!

Male Human

Will continue to check in daily so long as I have power and access to the Internets. I wouldn't be overly concerned, except that unlike Irene last year that produced crazy amounts of rain and flooding, it's the high winds that are suppose to be a problem for us with Sandy.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Well I wish y'all good luck - in Aus we spend some time watching emergency weather broadcasts - though it's more for bushfires nowadays.

Here's hoping that nothing untoward goes down.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Yeah, the high wind could be pretty problematic.

Hope you guys avoid the worst of it. There's a reason I live well inland. :P

Kind of waiting on Daynadrian to finish up with his informants before I push too far ahead in the timeline....

Male Human Traveler / 8

So far I've been doing well. Still have power and very few branches have come down. I'm pretty well inland myself, and sheltered by mountains to boot.

Male Human

We've been spared most of it. Other than some rain and blustery winds, there's really nothing noteworthy to report. Heck, my wife and I took the dog for a walk in the park this morning before I had to report to work.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Was merely windy up here in Toronto, but lots of rain and a few people did lose power from downed lines and such.

Hope everyone's ok!

Male Human Traveler / 8

All in all, this time around the storm wasn't as bad for people in my area as Eileen was. I'm glad I don't live in NYC anymore, though, they got hammered hard.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Sorry for the delay. I ended up driving down to NYC over the weekend to help out some friends swamped by the hurricane, and brought a few of them back here to stay with me until things improve down there. Things are a bit extra busy right now but hopefully will be able to keep up during the week.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Good work! You Samaritan you! : )

Hope all your friends and loved ones are alright

Busy weekend here; I'll update for Phillip later today.

I presume Wander is off being a good host and is happy to just let Sarien gamble for a while until something more interesting starts to happen.

the loreweaver, I need to know what, if anything, Malkith is going to do about the gamblers sneaking in to see the statue of Desna. Intervene or observe or something else? Leave their offerings where they are, or pocket them like Braddon did?

Male Human Traveler / 8

Sorry, I've been meaning to post for days but things keep getting in the way. Yeah, Sarien will just keep gambling and keeping an eye on things. I apologize for my silence; between the refugees (most of whom went home over the weekend) and various other busy events, I've had a hard time keeping up with my online commitments.

With the holidays coming, it might be a little while longer before things start to settle down.

Yeah, I'm in the midst of my own downward spiral toward the holidays. Hard to believe that in two weeks time, Thanksgiving will be over and I'll somehow have gotten the tree up and the house decorated. Sometimes I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving in October with the Canadians instead of plopping it down right in the middle of the busiest time of the year. :P

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

I'm of the thought that we aught to just roll Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanika, Kwanza, and any other holiday that falls in this time of year into one month long celebration - let's call it Festivus - have it culminate on the New Year and just be done with it until the following year. That's what this time of year is turning into anyways.

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