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Shadow over Riddleport

Game Master Joana

"Rag End, Rotgut, Rat Street. Someplace out past the wharves that begins with R. Apparently it's really dangerous and crawling with thugs and murderers, but apart from the evil cultists this is the only time I've been attacked since I got here...last week. I think I've been there twice. I lost count. Can I have that drink?" -- Braddon Hurst

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Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:
Is it just me, or are the 'L' names getting a bit confusing?? Lil, Liry, Lalie. lol

Yeah, sorry, I never really noticed when I was running a game in Riddleport IRL, but there are a lot of Ls. I was going to say you just happened to meet them all at once, but on reflection there are a few more to come in the module. I believe the others are male, though, so this ought to be it for female L names. Be thankful for Samaritha!

Will have the text of Liry's flyer up, as well as Lil's answer to Tendal, within the next 24 hours, hopefully sooner rather than later. My cat had surgery today, and he's home in an Elizabethan collar, which he hates, and I have to give him medicine every 12 hours, which he also hates, and it's after 1 AM here and I just can't focus. Hopefully, I'll be more clever after I get a night's sleep. :P

Don't forget to put some thought into a new cantrip or trait for Daynadrian, if you choose to, before you get into a situation where you might want to use it.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Apologies again; my whole weekend got tied up with some work emergencies. Boy, have I got a lot to catch up with!

Male Human

Oh, poor cat. I hope he's alright. Most animals don't like to wear the cone of shame :(

Thanks for your patience. Typical Monday busyness combined with the guilt of walking past a pathetic cat with a lampshade on his head without sitting down to pet him for a while. One day down, fourteen to go, before the stitches come out and he can take off the collar. :P

Male Human

Nice quote for the campaign :)

It was a well-crafted turn of phrase and seemed an excellent summary of the situation so far. :) Borrowed the idea for rotating quotes from Alexander Kilcoyne's campaigns.

Everyone seems ready to move on the Gold Goblin. I'll assume Tendal and Daynadrian will be going with Liry (unless they duel over her honor first) and Braddon and Malkith will be with Samaritha. Phillip and Sarien can tag after with whichever group they wish; unless someone has a good reason to postpone their arrival, you'll all end up over there basically at the same time anyway.

Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:
Works for me : ) Is her response changing, being added to at all after his speech?

She'll most likely say something upon her return from her round of the tables. Crazy busy right now so it'll be later tonight before I get around to it. If ZetaGilgamesh checks in before I do, Tendal might have something to say as well. I owe the non-Liry-related conversations an update tonight too, but everyone can feel free to continue to make small talk if they care to in the meantime!

You can fix Daynadrian's trait while you're waiting on me. ;P

Joana, this is a mighty fine campaign you have going, I hate I wasn't able to join in. Perhaps next time. :)

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

I'll be away for the weekend, don't know if I'll have net access, so if there's the need to DMPC my PC, please do. See ya!

Hp :13/13; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Wastrel 2

Dang it, I was enjoying Tendal and Day's sparring.

Apologies, gentlemen; I've been sick all day today. Will hope to get a post up tonight. Also, Khaladon posted this in the recruitment thread several hours ago; I'm fairly certain he intended it for the discussion thread. :)

Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:

Every once in a while this needs to be brought up in a PbP and I prefer to have it done sooner than later.

So just want to state that, for me, In Game, Character interaction, is always very different, and seperate from, my RL thoughts and feelings. So I have absoloutely no problems with You at all ZetaG. And in fact I'm very much liking the way you're playing Tendal as he seems bang on based on your description of him. I'm enjoying the friction between our two PC's at the moment. It's always seemed much more realistic to me that not all PCs who are strangers to each other will instantly get along swimmingly and all buddy buddy like.

So all is great on my end, but if things should ever heat up too much or seem to uncomfortable please let me know and I can easily tone things down. This applies to anyone who may feel uncomfortable with PC friction, as this game is meant to be fun for all.

So game on y'all! : )

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Yeah, oops! Thanks Joana : )

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phil is only lingering for an affirmation from Sarien prior to heading off to the Goblin. Likely timed to arrive a little after the others and potentially a more circumspect route depending on how lucky he gets with directions from the good citizens of Riddleport ;)

Male Human Traveler / 8

Sorry, another busy weekend for me. Already posted Sarien's agreement with Phillip so we should be good to go.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

No worries this side of the fence Wander - weekends have become similarly busy for me now that I've two little'uns running around.

All right, I'll get the thread updated with the trip to the Gold Goblin later this afternoon/evening. If anyone wants to make more small talk while walking, feel free.


For their light refreshments at the Publican House, Sarien owes 5 cp for his wine, Malkith 1 sp 4 cp for breakfast and ale, Daynadrian 1 sp 8 cp for breakfast and 2 mugs of ale, Braddon 1 sp for breakfast, and Phillip 4 cp for ale; Tendal had the fancy wine and owes 2 gp. Samaritha's breakfast and ale are an additional 1 sp 4 cp that I'm guessing Braddon will pay for out of his gold piece. I'm assuming everyone but Tendal is going to pay their share -- he might still be smarting over his treatment by Lil and, by extension, the barkeep who didn't warn him what he was getting into. I don't intend to nickel-and-dime you guys for everything, but at this early stage of the game, I think it's important your PCs realize, as Samaritha has, how all the little expenses of Riddleport add up and how valuable gainful employment will prove if you intend to stick around. Once you're on the payroll, I'll assume you have access to petty cash to pay small expenses like ferry toll and such around town and are having room and board provided. Malkith, Daynadrian, and Braddon each paid 1 gp at the Publican House and are entitled to change unless they want to be big tippers. :)

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

4cp it is, and no issues with tracking incidentals until we are as you said 'made wo/men'.

hp 20 / 22; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 2

Braddon updated. He did not ask for change from the gold piece, but will be expecting more food and drink from Arnando. He hasn't explained this so next meeting may be interesting. :-)

Male Human Traveler / 8

Good to know!

Hp :13/13; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Wastrel 2

Tendal paid nothing! Such improper treatment hardly deserves a monetary reward! Harumph.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Op! Not sure if I minused the 1gp & 2 cp before, but just did it now.

I now have an annotated map of Riddleport up on the Campaign Info tab, with the places you've been marked (well, all of you but Sarien and Phillip, anyway).

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

We'll get there! - it's my short legs... find it hard to keep up :P

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Gah - sniped by Joana!

That was meant to come in prior to Brett's response... but after reading it over again I figure it still makes enough sense?

I actually thought you had typed remarkably fast after I got Scabb's post up. Makes sense to me. :)

A reminder that if you want to Sense Motive someone, that's a player-initiated action. I'm not going to give you gated Sense Motive spoilers , as that's as good as announcing, "HEY, THIS GUY'S LYING TO YOU!" If you want feedback on how trustworthy your character feels an NPC's words are, declare a Sense Motive roll. Otherwise, you are, of course, free to believe or not believe whomever you wish, but I won't be giving you any cues to roll for Sense Motive.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

I've been known to do that as well Joana, but not in this case ;) I've a bit of a bad habit of opening up a bunch of campaigns at once then working through them by process of elimination... but not always being diligent enough to preview for new posts.

Roger on the Sense Motive - I'll tend to be specific about what Phillip will be attempting to confirm / deny with the roll as well.

Hp :13/13; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Wastrel 2

That worked?!

Dayn, I was expecting Tendal to get turned away as well!

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Oh, I have no doubt our favourite snob will create lots more opportunities to get stomped ; D

For a PC with a 10 Cha and no ranks in Diplomacy, he's rolled remarkably well socially so far. :)

In case the reasoning behind that last spoiler wasn't clear, Brett successfully made his Bluff check to convey a secret message. No Sense Motive on your part required. :)

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phillip will be flying out of Malaysia and back into Australia on 28th September and will be visiting family for a couple of weeks through to the 15th of October. While I should still be able to check in periodically it will likely cause a few interruptions and my posts may involve a little more brevity than usual.

If needed at any point feel free to keep things moving with a DMPC :)

And roger on the secret message.

If Phil is still palling around with Sarien by then, I'll probably let Wander take point for the two of you. And depending on where we're at in the story at the time, I might PM you before you leave for some likely choices/tactics for upcoming situations.

Hope you have a safe trip! First visit back since the new baby?

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Aye, it'll be the first trip back downunder with our five month old and my brother also has a newly born two month old that we'll be seeing for the first time. Plus my sole surviving grandmother may be flying across from Adelaide to join the party. So should be a right rambunctious household when we get them all together for a barbeque.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Wow, that sounds like that'll be quite the reunion.

Sorry, guys; I'm going out for the afternoon. I had hoped to get an update in before leaving, but I'm not going to have time. Those of you upstairs with Larur and Saul can expect an update in about 6 hours.

hp 20 / 22; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 2

So- how do foreign languages work?
Is the Varisian you guys have been using from Babelfish, keyboard letter replacement or is there a fantasy language generator somewhere?

We've been using Google Translator. I'm using Basque for Varisian. I try to avoid languages I've studied (French and Latin) because I remember enough to know when Google is making a mess of the translation but not enough to do the translation myself, so I tend to spend too long trying to tweak the translation instead of just copy/pasting and not worrying about it like I can do with a language with which I'm totally unfamiliar. :)

Someone in another thread just pointed me to this translator for fantasy languages.

Alternatively, Tamil is kind of pretty for Elvish, although one gets no inkling of how to pronounce it. :)

விரைவு பழுப்பு நரி சோம்பேறி நாய் மீது தாண்டுகிறது.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

So just to double check after last time, did Laur purposely not respond to Dayn? Or was interupted? Or...?

Was interrupted. Feel free to bring it up again now his partner's in the room. Saul seems to be in a good mood.... ;)

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Just a heads up, folks - I'm organizing the PFS games at our local convention this weekend, so may not get to post as frequently as I need/want. If I don't, I haven't gone anywhere, just getting buried in last minute preparations and should return to normal early next week. (If anyone is going to be in the New York Capital Region this weekend, you should come check out the Council of Five Nations gaming convention!)

Male Human Traveler / 8

That's this weekend? If I weren't already occupied, I might have considered taking a trip over there.

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Yep, Oct. 5-7. We're running the Race for the Runecarved Key battle interactive Saturday night and have a bunch of Pathfinder products to give away too. Where are you from, Weir?

Male Human Traveler / 8

I'm in southeastern Vermont. It's a bit of a drive but not too crazy far. However, it's my wedding anniversary this weekend and I'm pretty sure my wife would be less than pleased if I ditched her for a gaming convention.

Added a link on the Campaign Info tab to a map of the second floor of the Gold Goblin. The furniture in the top room isn't quite right at the moment; that's the room they're using to hire waitstaff, and it's lined with chairs right now instead of beds. Sarien and Phillip haven't yet seen the leftmost rooms, Saul's office and waiting area.

Congrats on the anniversary, Wander, and good luck with your convention, the loreweaver!

Joana wrote:
Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:
Is it just me, or are the 'L' names getting a bit confusing?? Lil, Liry, Lalie. lol
Yeah, sorry, I never really noticed when I was running a game in Riddleport IRL, but there are a lot of Ls. I was going to say you just happened to meet them all at once, but on reflection there are a few more to come in the module. I believe the others are male, though, so this ought to be it for female L names. Be thankful for Samaritha!

Larur's one of the other L's, btw. I trust you won't get him confused with Liry, Lil, or (Eu)lalie. ;)

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

Haha let's hope not! ; )

Daynadrian Nirgassan wrote:
he holds up his hand to forestall any protest on the wheezy Dwarf's part

Ah, yes, Wheezy. The lesser-known Eighth Dwarf. :)

Hope you and yours get to feeling better, Mark. Traveling with sick kids is no fun.

hp 20 / 22; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 2
Saul Vankaskerkin wrote:
"... trying to translate a rune in an ancient language no one's managed to crack since before Aroden kicked the bucket and that probably says 'Clearance 350 feet; watch your head?'"


That was brilliant. :-D

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