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Shackled Souls

Game Master Wareagle

Evil schemes are afoot in Cauldron and a dark corruption hides in the shadows pulling everyone's strings and no one is the wiser.

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ALL OF THEM!!! Goblin 20 Grandmaster DM/10 Charismatic Salesman/10 College Professer/4 Average Lad/6 King

Bluecrater Academy

One of the tallest buildings in Cauldron, Bluecrater Academy is also the primary place of learning here. The building has five stories, each of which is dedicated to an increasing level of education. Financed by partially by tuition fees (but also by the support of nobles like Lady Ophellha Knowlern, the Aslaxins, and the Taskerhills) Bluecrater Academy is where the lucky youth of Cauldron go to learn a trade. The upper floors consist of extensive libraries and researcher’s offices.

The Brass Trumpet

An abandoned tavern.

Cathedral of Wee Jas

This towering structure is one of the most impressive and beautiful in Cauldron. The church of Wee Jas has always been powerful in Cauldron, but not as well liked as the churches of Kord or St. Cuthbert, since the clerics of this church tend to be standoffish, curt, and even creepy. The clerics of Wee Jas are responsible for dealing with the unclaimed dead of Cauldron, and maintain vast catacombs for anyone whos rich enough for burial but doesn’t have a personal crypt. Most of the dead in Cauldron are cremated. The cathedral is run by Embril Aloustinai, although she rarely sees visitors and leaves the day-to-day operations to a cleric named Ike Iverson. The cathedral is also staffed by a cleric named Calmus Vel and several lesser clerics and ten acolytes in training. The cathedral maintains a supply of healing potions and scrolls as well as other religious equipment that may be purchased. The most common items are listed on the table: Cathedral of Wee Jas Goods & Services.

Church of Saint Cuthbert

The two-story Church of St. Cuthbert, its white marble walls suffused with veins of vivid blue, stands in stark contrast to the buildings of bare black stone that flank it on the north end of Obsidian Avenue. A pair of white marble statues depicting armored warriors stands on either side of the temple’s heavy oaken door. Each of the statues raises a great mace to the sky. Above the door’s marble architrave are boldly inscribed the following words: “WITHIN LAW LIVES HOPE.” Sarcem Delasharn was the high priest until he was recently murdered. A foreboding man in his middle years with iron-gray hair, whose reputation for firm fairness probably stemmed from his policies about protecting the downtrodden, particularly, his interest in the Lantern Street Orphanage. In the last few years the orphanage has received much outreach support from the church of Saint Cuthbert and his faithful congregation. It is now up to Jenya Urikas the new high priest to carry on Sarcem's Legacy. She has several subordinates who handle additional duties around the temple and around town. A paladin of St. Cuthbert, named Alek Tercival guards the temple and occasionally patrols the city. The church maintains a supply of healing potions and scrolls as well as other religious equipment that may be purchased. The most common items are listed on the Table: Temple of St Cuthbert Goods & Services.

Church of Pelor

This small yellow tower is tended by a single cleric named Kristof Jurgensen. His resources are limited of late. The shrine to Pelor has always been fairly small and minor in Cauldron especially since Kristof’s three superiors recently died under mysterious circumstances, leaving him in charge of the entire shrine. The shrine maintains a supply of healing potions and scrolls as well as other religious equipment that may be purchased. The most common items are listed on the Table: Shrine of Pelor Goods & Services.

City Gates

Citizens of Cauldron are allowed to pass through the city gates for free; visitors are required to pay a 1sp gate tax. A frequent visitor to Cauldron can purchase a month gate pass for 1gp after a rigorous interview process. Gate passes are a hot-commodity on the black market.

Coy Nixie

The Coy Nixie is a high-class tavern and dancehall owned and operated by the Aslaxin family. Although the prices here tend to be nearly double the normal asking price, the food and drink are rivaled only by the cusp of sunrise. These two locations have a healthy competition—while the Cusp is generally held to have better food, drink, and entertainment, there are no membership fees at the Coy Nixie.

Cusp of Sunrise

The Cusp of Dawn is a well-known dinner club and Inn for nobles. Access is by invitation from a member only, and the membership list is reputed to be quite exclusive. A trip along Obsidian Avenue reveals an ivy covered cross-shaped building with a circular tower that stretches as tall as the city walls. An engraved sign on the ironbound door says “C.o.S.—Members Only.” Soft music and laughter can often be heard from within. This high-society club is a favorite place for Cauldron’s rich and powerful to meet and relax. It is owned and operated by Lady Ophellha Knowlern.

Dark Angels Charter House

This building until recently was Ghelve’s Locks but has since been purchased by the Dark Angels Adventuring Company.

Drunken Morkoth Inn

This is perhaps the most popular inn in the city. A regular stop for many merchants and traveling adventurers, the combination of comfortable beds, good food, and reasonable prices make it a favorite among the city’s returning visitors. Each of the rooms here is decorated with a humorous painting of Cauldron’s legendary lake monster, a large morkoth. The paintings depict the morkoth in any number of embaressing and ridiculous scenes, always with the morkoth drunk and confused, and often in incongruous locations.

Garthun Imports

This well-kept building houses the offices of Adrick Garthun, a prominent merchant whose import of alcohol, tobacco, exotic sweets, and seafood has catapulted him to the height of success.

Ghelve’s Locks

The former residence and shop of Keygan Ghelve, a gnomish locksmith, reputed to have been one of the finest locksmiths in the world. A small Turret dominates the façade of this two-story black stone building. Iron bars are embedded in the thick window frames. While Keygan owned the shop you could see a lovely display of locks from large to small, simple to complex beyond the Turret’s ground-floor windows. To the left of the turret, above a heavy oak door, swung a simple sign that read: “GHELVE’S LOCKS.” The storefront smelled of wood and pipe smoke. Two padded chairs used to flank a hearth containing a small yet lively fire. The fireplace’s carved mantle often bore a tinderbox, a small vase of dried smoke leaves, and a finely wrought collection of pipes. A burgundy strip of carpet lead from the entrance to the wall across from it, where you could see dozens—perhaps hundreds—of keys hanging from tiny hooks. A handsomely engraved mahogany counter stretched along one wall. Behind it hung a red curtain that neatly hid the rest of the store. Keygan liked his customers to feel comfortable. The padded chairs, hearth, smoking pipes, and other accoutrements were intended to put visitors at ease. The keys on the wall open various locks. When Keygan sold a lock, he would point to the key that opened it and allows the customer to remove it from the wall—a bit of ceremony goes a long way.

Gurnezarn’s Smithy

This smithy is generally regarded as the finest such establishment in the city. Its owner, Phalian Gurnezarn has long held his own against the relentless aquistion and domination of his trade by the Lathenmires, and has his own skill and loyalty of his customers to thank for the fact that he’s now the only non-Lathemire smith in town. As a result, his prices are the highest in town but as he is the only source of masterwork weapons and armor this doesn’t hurt his business too much.

House Rhiavadi

This may well be Cauldron’s most conspicuous display of wealth. Lady Rhiavadi has long been one of the city’s wealthiest nobles. Common knowledge holds that much of her wealth is inherited, but rumor holds that she has her hands in a large number of illegal enterprises as well.

Lakeside Pavilion

This open pavilion is one of the oldest structures in Cauldron. Said to have been formed via magic cast by Surabar Spellmason himself, the pavilion is traditionally where the lord mayor issues announcements and decrees. It has also become a favorite place after dark for illicit meetings.

Lantern Street Orphanage

The orphanage rests on the corner of Lantern Street and Lava Avenue, it’s charcoal-colored stones held together with mold encrusted mortar. The windows both sides are tightly shuttered, but a few slivers of light manage to escape from within. Lanterns hang on either side of the oaken front door, mounted to which is a green copper knocker shaped like a smiling gargoyles visage, its nostrils pierced by a copper ring. The ground floor of the orphanage is dimly lit and contains a main hall (with a staircase leading to the second floor), a kitchen with stairs leading down to a cellar pantry, a dining hall, a playroom for the children, a schoolroom, a small bathroom and staff quarters. The second floor is divided into three rooms: A spacious bathroom with two large tubs and two large bedrooms filled with cots. One of the bedrooms currently holds 19 girls; the other holds 31 boys.

Lathenmire Manor

Given another few years, the Lathenmires could be inducted into Cauldron’s nobility. As it stands, the family is as rich as most of the other nobles, having effectively cornered the market on the local arms and armor trade. The Lathenmire manor is a sprawling structure with several training rooms and trophy halls on it’s ground floor.

Lord Mayor’s Residence

This Large Compound is the oldest structure in the city. The traditional seat of power for the town, the estate’s ownership has been held by the Navalant family for the last 200 years. The current lord mayor, Severen Navalant is well liked.

Maavu Imports

Although he keeps a home in Redgorge, local merchant Maavu Arlintal spends much of his time here in Cauldron at his office. The modest two-story building has several meeting rooms and a bookshop on the ground floor, and a small apartment on the upper floor.

Maavu Warehouses

Local Merchant Maavu Arlintal keeps several in Cauldron. As with most other merchant warehouses, about 50% of the holdings here are various forms of food stores for the city that are kept and sold by the Grocer’s Guild. In return for donating half his storage space, Maavu enjoys a greatly reduced tax rate.

Meat on a Stick

Just north of Magma Avenue is a well-weathered red-brown tent adorned with a tattered banner featuring a simple red sausage. The tempting scent of spices and roasting meat drift out of the open flap. Inside a jovial gnomish merchant serves stuffed sausages on a stick to a surprising number of patrons. Meat on a Stick has been a fixture in Cauldron for more than twenty years but the smiling proprietor is new, the gruff but well meaning Deamer Ardol retired less than a year ago and sold his business to Hobart Lund.

Minuta’s Board

This low cost inn and flophouse caters to anyone who can’t afford to stay at Cauldron’s better inns. Prices here are 75% normal but the owners make no guarantee against theft or loss of property.

Orak’s Bathhouse

Orak’s Bathhouse is a squat, windowless building of dark stone. The baths are open from noon to midnight everyday.

Shrine of Heironeous

If anything the Shrine of Heironeous is smaller than the church of Pelor. The shrine, a relatively recent addition to the city of Cauldron was established only 150 years ago when a noble family dedicated to the worship of Heironeous settled in Cauldron bringing the worship of their patron deity with them. About fifty years ago when the patriarch of the family disappeared in the wilds surrounding the city while hunting some ancient evil, the small support in the city for the shrine dwindled. Today, an aging priest and two acolytes staff the shrine.

Skie’s Treasury

Numerous Stores in Cauldron sell some magic items and gear, but only one of them makes its sole business buying and selling magic items to adventures: Skie’s Treasury. Skie’s Treasury is a modest building crafted from blocks of volcanic stone the façade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds of sigils and symbols that have been carved in the face of the stone with chisels. One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door a sign proclaims the establishment to be “Skie’s Treasury”, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure—rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrollsand more—that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime. Inside, the stores shelves are fairly sparse, but never empty. Skie sells enough magic to keep herself in comfort, and has no real ambition to make a fortune at the job. Each of the items on her shelve is kept in a glass cabinet under lock and key, displayed on a silk pillow with a small placard that describes the item’s known history, powers, and what party sold the item to Skie. She doesn’t normally allow shoppers to physically inspect items. A current list of what is available for purchase in Skie’s Treasury is available from the DM.

Slippery Eel Tavern

The Slippery Eel is a favorite tavern for the city’s miners, plantation workers, and other working class citizens. The food and drink is cheap, and the town guard tends to ignore the place, making it a handy site for illicit deals and clandestine meetings.

Sure Foot Livery

Sure Foot Livery is the largest (and only) livestock and livestock accessory business in town. The business is run by a no-nonsense halfling-woman named Tippys Surefoot.

Taskerhill Manor

This massive manor is four stories in height, and is easily the most ostentatious of Cauldron’s nobles homes (with the possible exception of House Rhiavadi). The manor is home to the fantastically rich Taskerhill family. Lord Taskerhill is the wealthiest noble in Cauldron. He owns several mines in the nearby mountains as well as a prominent workshop that ships exquisitely crafted obsidian furniture and knick-knacks to the indolent cities of the north.

Temple of Lordly Might

The church of Kord is nearly as popular and powerful in Cauldron as the Church of St. Cuthbert, if only because they sponsor numerous sporting events and demonstrations for the people of Cauldron through out the year. This church is currently headed by a male half-orc cleric named Asfelkir Hranleurt he is attended by other lesser clerics and a dozen acolytes in training.

Tipped Tankard Tavern

This tavern is typically regarded as the best place in the city for common folk to get a drink (the Coy Nixie and the Cusp of Sunrise both held better reputations but are generally out of the price range for the working citizen). It’s a favorite place for off duty city guards, and as such, brawls are fairly rare.

Town Hall

Cauldron’s town hall is a single-story building and one of the oldest structures in the city. The building serves as a place for the Lord Mayor and his advisors to hold meetings with the nobles and other movers and shakers of the city, but they don’t live there. Records of ownership, historical documents, and similar archives can be found here. The town hall is patrolled regularly by guard detachments.

Tygot’s Old Things

Tygot Mispas, a 120-year-old halfling retired from adventuring for two decades, owns a small but well-stocked antiquity shop on Lava Avenue. “Tygot’s Old Things” specializes in non-magical art objects gathered from across the known world. Tygot himself has excellent commercial contacts in the capital city of Sasserine, and frequently buys old documents and art objects from local adventurers. Tygot’s best customers include the lord mayor himself and many nobles in Cauldron. His shop is a two-story structure with a small flat on the upper floor and a well-organized business area on the lower. The main shop itself contains an impressive assortment of less valuable antiquities, mostly vases, statuettes, small furniture, and tapestries. Apart from the occasional trip to the Coy Nixie for a frugal meal, Tygot spends his time writing his memoir and casting diminuative plaster replicas of Cauldron’s monuments (Town Hall, the Cathedral of Wee Jas, the Lakeside Pavilion, etc.). He sells these replicas in his shop for 1gp each

Vanderboren Manor

This large manor houses the members and servants of the Vanderboren family, Cauldron’s newest nobles. The Vanderborens are the equivalent of real estate tycoons. Less respected by the other nobles because they are self-made, they constantly look for ways to make the other nobles look bad to increase their standing among their new peers. They also own and fund the Lantern Street Orphanage. Both Vanderborens got their start on their feet: Premiach as a runner for a messenger service and Aeberrin as a server in a tavern.

Weer’s Elixirs

Owned and operated by Vortimax Weer, a retired adventurer this cramped shop is the go to place in town for alchemical items and potions. A wide selection of potions, magical dusts, elixirs, and other similar wondrous items may be found here. Vortimax himself is a cranky old curmudgeon who has little patience for youngsters, and even less for anyone who tries to haggle his high prices. He is one of the most practiced wizards in town and spends much of his time teaching alchemy and magical theory at Bluecrater Academy.

Westkey’s Map Emporium

Bolar Westkey, a gnomish cartographer, who recently settled in the area, runs this modest shop. He sells maps of all manner, including regional and local maps as well as a fair collection of treasure maps. Standard maps run from 2 to 20gp, while his treasure maps are sold for 100gp a shot (with no guarantees of the map’s validity).

Zanathor’s Provisions

While to the untrained eye there may seem to be nothing unusual going on at this general store, its owner, Bjellkir Zanathor has the unique honor of being the only living citizen in Cauldron who has seen the Crater Lake Monster. He’s always ready to tell the story of how his small fishing boat was attacked late one night and sunk by the fantastic creature several years ago. The thing bit off his leg and left one of it’s teeth lodged in his hip. Zanathor is willing to show off his scars, wooden leg, and the tooth, which he’s mounted on a wooden display that hangs above his counter.

Campaign Start

In general, life in Cauldron is good. The town guard deals with the local troublemakers but leaves the bigger problems (like marauding monsters) to the lord mayor or one of the many churches in town. Both the lord mayor and the churches hire local adventurers to deal with such problems immediately.

Townsfolk are generally pleased with the lord mayor, although a recent string of disappearances and robberies worries them. People have been taken from their homes during the night, and the town guard has been unable to identify the culprits or locate the vanished citizens. Moreover, the victim's homes were stripped of portable valuables. It seems that no place is secure.

The town gaurds investigations have brought up little and no matter how hard they search and investigate the kidnappings they can find no ties between the victims only that they seem to strike at young to middle aged townsfolk usually those in healthy condition. To make matters worse recent heavy rainfall indicate the coming of the Flood Festival but with the citys current state the people of the town may not even be able to hold the festival or even worse, hold back the flood! Almost two whole months have passed since the first kidnapping and lckily enough the rain has held back since then two but still the town has no leads on the perpotrators.

To make matters even worse for Cauldron, sightings of goblin raiders has increased signifigatly decreaseing the number of shipments to Cauldron, but the town gaurd is no state to send men out to surronding roads with the current trouble in the city. Many have fled from the city to Redgroge some even farther and took ship to far off places some evenproclaim the city to be cursed and take thier chances with the greenskins outside. Through all this choas Sarcem Delasharn high priest at the Church of St.Cuthbert has been found murdered, A foreboding man in his middle years with iron-gray hair, whose reputation for firm fairness probably stemmed from his policies about protecting the downtrodden, particularly, his interest in the Lantern Street Orphanage. In the last few years the orphanage has received much outreach support from the church of Saint Cuthbert and his faithful congregation. Jenya Urikas took his death hard and found herself promoted to the head of the Church and now must carry on Sarcem's Legacy. The most recent kidnapping was that of four children from Lantern Street Orphanage has outraged many locals and prompted the distraught cleric of St. Cuthbert to use ,Jenya Urikas, to use a holy relic kept in the church to St. Cuthbert to cast a divination spell to reveal several important clues into the recent kidnappings she swore to take up Sarcem's Legacy and she planned to do just that. Through the last few weeks Jenya and her clerics have been looking into the kidnapping at Lantern Street orphanage though they did not get much farther than the guard they have learned several important clues very important clues though she cannot piece them together.

Since her Search began Jenya has received several ominous letters all signed J, each very threatening and ominous trying to dissuade her search, she did not listen to these such letters and her search has continued for many days. Rain seems almost constant now and only perhaps a day or two each week the sun shines bright and the rain doesn't fall things are not looking good for the city for if these mystery's are not solved by the flood the city will be put in a much more dire situation than before. Your everyday lives have been hardly affected by this chaos although rumors spread but yet all are blind to the true threat as evil schemes are afoot in Cauldron and a dark corruption hides in the shadows pulling everyone's strings and no one is the wiser....

The night was dark the rain thick but such weather is not uncommon with the upcoming Flood Festival and as fate would have it six misfit citizens of Cauldron each have ties to Cauldrons past each has an important piece of a puzzle to seal the fate of Cauldron and perhaps the whole world of Greyhawk.

Crispin Turanor::
You’ve led a particularly tough life since the day you were born you have always had a run of bad luck, even now in your little shack as you drink away what little remains of your fathers trade you cannot help but fear the fate of the town. Living in the poor area of town closest to the lake you would be one of the first to be brought down by the flood should this rain continue and if it doesn't what will it matter your almost dry on cash and would be homeless sooner or later either way. If only something would happen in your life something good for a change then maybe it wouldn't be this bad maybe if you got out there, but those thoughts are beyond you if only you could break away from your memory and start life anew but until such time arises you'll just stuff your face in the few old tomes you have laying around and pray that perhaps Barek your good friend will find you a lead then you can both get out of the gutter and get you life together, if only your past didn't drag you down. You try to ignore the towns current problems as you have enough yourself and drown your sorrows at the Tipped Tankard Tavern (For affordable ale.) and sometimes Jennis can get you into the Bluecrater Academy library. However no matter how much ale you drink how many books you read you cannot forget your dark past every time you look at your amulet it reminds you of that horrible day and that deep and empty feeling fills you, nothing can make you forget you realize you will have to live with it. That feeling fills you know as you sit in your small shack it digs into you a feeling all to familiar perhaps a drink yes a drink would do it it...has to and maybe just maybe while getting this drink something, a miracle will happen and flip your life back up onto it's feet. You look out the single window of your house rain is heavy outside and the lake grows ever more full every minute counts now, matters have to be taken into your own hands.

Barek Laigin::
You find yourself at your usual drinking place this fair evening lone at your usual table downing pints like nothing and giving the wink to the barmaid who occasionally passes, but you cannot get the disappearance of your uncle out of your head, sure you never actually met the man but the idea of one of your family kidnapped by gods know who weights heavy on your heart. Never before did you take the recent kidnappings very seriously until now, you received the news from your brother only a week back and you just can't get it out of your head. The city has been through utter chaos as of late and several times you have considered leaving your family behind but something in you keeps you going keeps you in this hell-hole of a city. One way or another your family will respect you and you will be back on their good side, you have been scheming ideas for year but not without the occasional help from Crispin, Hagin and few other close friend but your time to act is now as you are slowly wearing out your welcome with your brother and your missing Uncle might just be that one chance, you have been pondering the idea for days and the kidnappers have dragged your family into the mess you realize that if you were somehow able to find your missing uncle and stately return him to the family you would be more than honoring your family and they would welcome you arms wide back into the family, the idea is flawless though the thing is you have no leads as to were to start no one has a clue about who the mysterious kidnappers even are the guard would likely not tell you anything and you highly doubt they have learned anything useful anyway your only chance is at the Church of St. Cuthbert but the idea of even stepping foot back in there sends a shiver up your spine but as rumor has it Jenya has some important leads on the matter and maybe just maybe would be willing to help you, but right now you must tend to your ale is it desperately needs some drinking.

Your belief in your faith has served you well for your years in service to the temple you have lead an average life as a faithful until most recently when the kidnappings began, as mysterious and ominous as the kidnappings were you did not fear being a potential target unlike many of the city residents you felt something completely different that this could lead to your great destiny. At first you waved off the idea but you could not help but feel the urge to look into the manner to help the poor sods who's whereabouts are now unowned. The recent kidnapping of one by the name of Deakon Stormshield is what prompted you to your decision. He was one of your fellow acolytes at the church of Pelor, you got to know the young dwarf well during your days there and his recent disappearance drove you to take the matter into your own hands. Your destiny awaited you knew that it had to of, a week has passed you have consulted with the guard asked around town but your investigations yield much in the ways of information just more loose ends. You have kept your investigations a secret to all but the head at the Church of Pelor who you often consult your findings with you do not wish for others to be dragged in and hurt by his actions or words as this sort of investigation is usually not permitted for citizen to poke their noses around. This morning you received a letter most ominous regarding your search: "You have been stuffing your nose were it doesn't belong give up the search now and nothing bad has to happen. J" Who and why would send to you such a letter you wonder and who knew of your search? These are questions in which you have no answers evil is afoot you realized as Clergy of Pelor it is your duty to rid of it, but you have no leads as to who sent it J is all it said but that brings you nowhere you consider what to do were to go and you realize your quest is secret no longer. You remember Barek talking about his latest scheme to get on his family's good side (His uncle in who he never met was one of the kidnapped victims few weeks back he had some crazy idea to rescue his Uncle from the kidnappers though he has never actually made any attempts at trying his schemes if the two of you were headed for the same goal...) You shake off the idea in your head perhaps it is best to consult with Kristof and hopeful he can shine some light on your note.

Things you have learned: People have been kidnapped from every district in town. The crimes are not particularity localized. Most of the victims are low-to middle-class citizens, but otherwise nothing seems to connect them. The perpetrators always pick the locks of the victims dwellings and make off with their pray and any easy to carry loot no screams are heard from the dwellings and no creeping figures have been seen at night. The burglary's always happen at night.

Jennis Silgerk::
Your days at Bluecrater Academy near it's end and soon enough your old pa will see your worth and you will return home, only you would if the Academy were open the recent kidnapping of many academy students and two of the professors lead to a temporary closure of the Academy and until the perpetrators are found then your last days are put at hold. Life has been such a bore without the Academy and your pa won't even talk to you since your training is finished. One of the students who had been kidnapped was none other than Elethor Ashstaff one of your fellow Academy students also training in the Arcane art he was the only in the class to match you skill and with him gone your class would be a bore even if it were open, perhaps if you wait things will just fix itself but the way the current investigations are going that seems like a very unlikely possibility. The possibility's are slim that the town guard will actually uncover anything before the Flood Festival and if that happens god's know what the fate of Cauldron will be, but this could be the opportunity of adventure and if you could perhaps find yourself a group of adventures you could end this incredible bore and in the process get the Academy back up and running. Problem is you have no leads none at all you don't often get out of your apartment and have no knowledge if any such group is forming or the true level of crisis, well then it's time to get out there and look then in the dark and rainy day what better a day for something exiting to happen...hopefully.

Trane Loften::
The troubles in Cauldron as of late have startled you, you feel a strange presence that of evil you know it to be out there but were and what you know not. Though you were not a very religious man you still visit the Church of St. Cuthbert to honor the god you served and sometimes just to remind yourself of the days growing up there. The recent death of Sarcem Delasharn filled your heart with sorrow and you often return to the chapel to honor your old friend, you did not mind Jenya taking up the new place of high priest after Sarcem's death but you knew that the Church would have a hard time recovering and Jenya had a lot to learn she is still young and you do not really believe she can head the Church, but she is the one Sarcem chose as his successor and you trust his word. Jenyya was just finishing he training when you had first begun though you both had separate training and you never spoke to her you remember tat Sarcem did take good care of her almost like she was his daughter. After Sarcems death you visited the Church much more often to honor him and check up on the Church's status. Your life continues as per normal apart from your more frequent going to the Church but you could not help but think about Sarcem he was still in your head and his death still heavy on your heart, one day you decided to visit his grave to perhaps end your sorrow. It was raining that night but rain was very frequent lately with the Flood Festival coming and hardly a thing to note, you gave him proper farewells and placed upon his grave your old holy symbol which you had received during your training. An image flashed in your mind at that moment you saw shadowy figures all cloaked in black hooded robes stalk the street and head to a nearby alleyway were one takes a key from his pocket and unlocks the side door they creep inside grab a young man a few finite pieces of loot and exit the building they then crawl on to the rooftops and silently leave the scene the vision then blurs and you retract you hand from the amulet. Sarcem had should you a vision it must have been but of what and why you quickly relate the vision to the recent kidnappings and then to Sarcem, if the kidnappers are responsible for Sarcems death you would, you wipe the thought away and return to home to sleep on it. You do not rest well this night come the morn you are no closer to any answers than you were the night before, but you realize that you are the only one to have ever glimpsed at the kidnappers even it in only be a vision. Perhaps Jenya can shine some light on your situation she has already begun a search of her own and with your combined knowledge you might be able to get somewhere, maybe they aren't demons but your ancestor had to have started somewhere and this could be your chance to fulfill your legacy as descendent of Surabar.

Yvette Gallowfall::
You have lived alone with your father all your life but never have you seen him like this before he hardly speaks and you can tell that something is weighting down his heart something he keeps secret from you. No matter how much you ask him he always responds saying he is fine though you can see it in his eyes he definitely is not. Since you lost your job as city guard you have felt more free, although you have had little work as a freelancer and your pa is not proud that you lost your job you can tell that life as a freelancer suits you a lot better than your days in the guard. Your life has been mostly unaffected by the abductions and chaos save for that it turns the attention of gossip off of you and onto the kidnappers and abductions, you have had several freelance jobs as a caravan guard for merchants headed out of Cauldron due to the goblin activity arisen as of late few will walk the streets outside Cauldron. Out of these few trips you have only encountered the goblin raiders on one trip, it was a massacre you counted at least thirty goblins and many of their foul dog companions many of the other guards fell but luck shined on you that day and you survived the battle though few others did the merchants returned to Cauldron and have stayed ever since not wanting to encounter the beasts again. It was strange the normally cowardly goblins raiding the weak and even the strong goblins are not organized like the group you fought that day you have thought about it ever since and even looked up some information at the city library on goblins to further pursue your assumption. Those goblins they could not have thought up such cunning tactics it is not goblin ways, those goblins are clearly under new management. You did not share the events of that ill fated caravan with any it was your own little secret. Eager for more work you have spent more time at the tavern with Barek, Trane, and Hagin. Barek as always was scheming new ways to get back onto his family's new side he told you he had a new plan though he did not explain it any further, you know Barek he has never actually gone through with any of his little schemes but this time you saw something in his eyes something that told you this time it was different. Maybe he has a need for a good sword arm, perhaps you'll have a little work something big this time.

Above is the events of each character on this cold damp night and any important events that have happened before the events of the game.

Female Human Fighter 1

“Where are you going, Yvie?”

Yvette sighed and shut the door to keep the rain out. Despite her best efforts to sneak out of the house, her father had noticed her leaving. “I’m gong to the Coy Nixie, Pa.”

“The Nixie?” Roderick Gallowfall looked at his daughter in disbelief. “What business does a girl without a regular job have drinking at the Coy Nixie? You’d be better off going to the Tankard.”

“You know I’m not welcome at the Tipped Tankard,” Yvette said then quickly looked away from her father and muttered. “Not since the other night at least.” Gotta be careful, she thought. If I start acting glum because of what happened at the Tankard, Dad will start worrying, and he seems to be worrying way too much lately.

“Besides,” she said giving her dad a lopsided grin. “I’m going to meet someone about the job situation. I don’t think the Tankard is his kind of place and there’s no way I’m buying a membership at the Cusp of the Sun.”

“What kind of caravan master hires guards at the Coy Nixie?” Roderick pondered. “Don’t tell me you’re getting mixed up in another stupid hunting party!”

“No, Pa, I’m not going to do that again,” Yvette smiled. “At least not until somebody does something about the goblins, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Barek puts together a goblin hunt.”

“You’re hunting goblins?”

“Sorry Pa,” Yvette said shaking her head. “I was just kidding about the goblin hunt, but that may not be such a bad idea. Weird things are going on in Cauldron. Weird things the town guard just can’t deal with. Maybe now that I’m no longer a guard…”

Yvette stood by the door and thought for a few minutes then said, “Anyways, I won’t find out what Barek’s planning if I stay here talking to you.”

Yvette ran over to her father’s chair, gave him a quick kiss on the forehead, and then bolted out the door.


Even though she ran all the way to the Coy Nixie, Yvette was soaked to the skin by the time she got to the pub. She inwardly cursed the fact that the rainy season had started and the only cloak she owned had been part of her guard uniform. Not only had she lost her job, she’d lost a good rain cloak and hadn’t bothered to buy a replacement. At least the sword is mine, Yvette thought as she felt the greatsword’s weight on her back. She was in town, so she was unarmored, but she’d rather run laps around Obsidian Avenue naked than be on the streets without her sword.

Yvette walked into the Coy Nixie and tried to find a place to dry off near the fireplace while she looked for her friends.

Ha! Posted in character this time. Hope you don't mind that I borrowed an NPC to prompt dialog.

Shadow Caller Summoner

At some point during the night Crispin wakes up with the constant ponding of the rain in the roff of his shack. By Olidammara its still rainning! I dont think there are enough clerics left in town to push back the waters this time. My house is going to turn into a ship, a sunken ship!

With feverish haste he gather all his belongings of some value, takes a sip of spirits to scare away the bad taste in his mounth, takes another one for courage, and leave his house. Before going he nails a note at his door.

"Ran away for the mountains! Find me at the Drunken Morkoth"

At the Morkoth he got the cheapest bed avaible and a chest to store his stuff. Its still early night, maybe some soup and drink before bed...definitely a drink, maybe two.
And with that thoght he went back to the rainy streets again.

Hagin knew what it was like to have people wanting him to shut up. In his youth- Youth? It had only been a couple of years unless one counts the incident with the baker's daughter and that was clearly Barek's doing not his- his mouth was a constant source of trouble for him. But this was different. This was not about his honor or his pride. People's lives were at stake. His inquiries were not from some child butting his nose in, but from a priest of Pelor looking to do good deeds. No matter what, he was going to find out who is behind the kidnappings and make them pay. It would do Cauldron some good to know that the blood of Surabar was still out there keeping them safe.

Hagin took another look at the letter.

Of course Surabar did have some help. Perhaps it was time for him to get some help too. He knew just the people. It would cost him a round of drinks or two, but they were just crazy and loyal enough to do it. He headed out into the rain...

At the Coy Nixie, Barek kicks tips his chair back, starting into another ale. The cute barmaid has just stepped away and he turns his attention back to the dancers on stage, Damn, just can't get the disappearance of Uncle Valor out of my head. I should be enjoying the company of one of these women or at least getting up to sing. Maybe another drink will get me back to myself. More likely to sing. Jenya is too much to think about tonight. Gods, I can't believe she's in charge now. I wanted out of the Church, but hitting on that I need her help, I can't imagine going back."

Female Human Fighter 1

After a few minutes by the fire, Yvette decides she's dry enough not to leave a puddle if she were to sit at a table. Then she notices Barek watching the dancing girls. Weird, he's looking at them, but doesn't seem to notice them tonight. Yvette walks over to Barek's table and sits next to him. "Hey, Barek," she says. "I'll buy you another if you sing something pretty."

One of these days I'll learn to set the alias before I press the Submit button.

Barek looks up as Yvette enters, "Yvette, good to see you. You know, I'm just not feeling it tonight. I'm really getting worried about my uncle. He still hasn't shown up and it seems like more people keep disppearing."

Female Human Fighter 1

Yvette shrugs her shoulders, "Guess I wouldn't feel like singing if Pa was missing. I suppose your uncle's too smart to just go wandering off on his own with the goblins acting up. If you have any idea where he's gotten to, I'll help you bust doors in or heads together to get him back."

Barek takes a drink of the ale, "I don't have any leads at all and I'm really not enthusiastic about showing my face at the Church of St. Cuthbert again. Any chance you have any connection with the guard?"

Female Human Fighter 1

"I should stay away from the guard for a while. I guess Pa might know someone in the guard who'd talk to him," Yvette considers what to say next. "But he's been acting real strange recently. I don't know what's going on with the old man and he won't tell me."

Male Elf Wizard 2 HP 9/9; AC 13 T 13 FF 10; F -1, R +3, W +1; Init +10; Per +7; Shifts 7/7; Elf Wizard 1

"Maybe some traditions should be changed!, the slamming door cuts off any reply from his father as Jennis storms out of the library.

[i]An elf must be serene. An elf must remain aloof from humans. An elf seeks guidance before any action.[/b] Jennis rolls his eyes at more of the platitudes he has heard from his father for the last few decades, it never seems to get any better. Jennis found that hanging around humans was FUN! No stodgy old conversations that took weeks.

Jennis looked about the cramped room of the manor that he had lived in for the last 90-odd years. At least his father was letting him rent a place closer to the Academy. He found that the humans might not have as great a depth of knowledge in arcane arts, but they sure taught it a lot faster than the elven university. It was only last week that he mastered the ability to fire a missile of pure force, and that after only a day of teaching from the humans. His cousin Tessara had been working on that spell for nearly three months, and her teachers were only just now considering letting her try a casting!

Well, maybe his friend Crispin would be at one of the inns...

Jennis dresses for a bit of adventure and shoves his spellbook into a handy bag and pulling the hood of his cloak over his ears, heads out the door for the Coy Nixie.

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

Trane had heard you can never go back. A prophet is never respected in his home town. Blah, blah, blah...

But Trane loved walking the familiar streets, going to the beautiful temples, and seeing those he grew up with many years later. But with the death of one man the balance may change at the house of the man with the big stick--and it makes him sick.

At least I am no longer drawn to Redgorge anymore. There is enough to do in Cauldron. No need to relive fights with demons when the young are no longer safe in the town.

I had everything I needed but a desire to succeed here while Hagin had nothing but the desire to succeed. Then I went away and found out what you could do when you loved what you were doing and the training began. Religious training gave you time to rest while you were praying and meditating, but those monks--they never let you relax mentally or physically. They thought of life as one big test. Now that I passed all their tests, it is time to find out if they were right. 'Once you have faced your fears, the world has no surprises for you', they said. That is easy to say when you hide behind the monastery walls.

Now to see Cauldron's night life. But the sticky bar floors grow old as Trane wanders from place to place. The Coy Nixy -- maybe Hagin is there.

Hagin shakes off some of the rain as he enters he Coy Nixie. If Barak keeps to his regular, he'll be here in the company of a lady. There he is, with Yvette. Hagin signals for a round of drinks as he goes over to them. "I have some interesting news." He says as he sits down. "It seems my inquiries into the kidnappings have drawn some attention. I received this this morning." He pulls out a letter and hands it to Barek.
"You have been stuffing your nose were it doesn't belong give up the search now and nothing bad has to happen. J"

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

Trane steps out of the rain and into the Coy Nixy. Last time in Cauldron Trane would worry about drying off or going to the fire, but wet was something he could deal with like blisters and sprains.

Quickly scanning the room he sees Hagin talking to Yvette and Barek. I should have known they would end up together.

Trane seems to hesitate and then quickly make up his mind. He approaches the three. This would have been awkward before, but worrying about what people think seems silly now.

"Barek, Yvette, Hagin it has been years. I am Trane, I was supposed to be a priest, but the training didn't take. My parents let me study with monks instead. Now I come back and everything seems wrong somehow. Hagin you still have some pull with the Pelor crowd, don't you?"

Changed a little after being ninjad.

Female Human Fighter 1

I told Pa I was coming here about a job, but this is going to be a lot more fun.

"Hello, Trane, welcome back to Cauldron, Land of Sunshine!" Yvette grins at her stupid joke. "And I'm glad Pelor could give his best young priest a little break. Good to see you Hagin. You have any idea who this J person is that is so interested in what you stick your nose in? Only J I can think of is that Jenya gal at St. Cuthbert's, and I think she'd want the kidnappings stopped."

Jennis's last post said he was going to the Coy Nixie. I don't want to assume he's arrived yet in case he wanted to do something more on the way.

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

Trane looks up at Yvette--maybe she remembers me.

Trane looks quickly around the room alert for anyone eavesdropping, and drops his voice to a level where he is barely heard.

"I was looking for you Hagin because I visited the grave of the assassinated priest of St. Cuthbert and was granted a vision. I clearly saw the kidnappers and how they are operating. We have to put a stop to this now! I saw men in black cloaks grabbing young ones out of homes, stealing, and scrambling away on rooftops. I think Jenya is in over her head on this one. We need to do this ourselves. I don't think I can sleep tonight knowing they might grab someone tonight."

"I haven't been around in a while, but I take it from that letter someone dear is missing. Remember that bookish kid who was always studying his magic books. Maybe he can use his magic to find one of the missing. I always believe the gypsies had magic. I bet the missing are together one way or another."

Shadow Caller Summoner

After a soup and a couple of drinks in the town's cheaper taverns Crispin arrived at the Nixy. He have no bussiness in this place but he was hoping to bump into Barek. He stops at the tavern's entrance and scan the tables.
There he is, crap, it looks like a bloody high school reunion.
Crispin stays at the door trying to decide if he goes in or looks for Barek tomorrow.

Male Elf Wizard 2 HP 9/9; AC 13 T 13 FF 10; F -1, R +3, W +1; Init +10; Per +7; Shifts 7/7; Elf Wizard 1

Jennis pushes through the door of the Coy Nixie and steps to the side as his eyes adjust to the murky interior.

Jennis' dark grey cloak blends well into the smokey shadows of the tavern while he searches for his friend Crispin. Unfortunately he did not seem to be in attendance this evening. Just as he was turning to leave, he saw the Gallowfall girl. He seemed to recall she knew Crispin...

Pulling the hood back from his face Jennis strode over to the table Yvette was sitting at.

"Excuse me, are you not the daughter of Brevick Gallowfall?"

sorry, you had the name of an ancestor, but not your father or grandfather

Female Human Fighter 1

lol It's cool. I named Yvette's dad in the super duper secret character relations post. Didn't remember that wasn't public, but...

"Well, uh, hi," Yvette stammers to the elf who has addressed her. "Brevick was my Grandpa, my Pa's named Roderick--like the first Gallowfall. My name's Yvette, and your name is?"

Just a little fun with Jennis being old enough to remember Yvette's grandfather.

Male Elf Wizard 2 HP 9/9; AC 13 T 13 FF 10; F -1, R +3, W +1; Init +10; Per +7; Shifts 7/7; Elf Wizard 1

Jennis doesn't wait for an invitation and seats himself at the table, "Ahh, it seems like only last year that your fa-, grandfather and I were running through the back alleys of Cauldron before he joined the guard.

How is he these days? Still in the guard? I haven't spoken with him in quite some time. And you? Are you following your family's tradition of guard service?"

Jennis raises a hand and motions over a serving wench, "mead for me, and ale for the table, please." Jennis nods to the others sitting at the table.

Female Human Fighter 1

Wow! You knew my grandfather before he joined the guard?" Yvette has a look of amazement on her face. "Grandpa died when I was little, I hardly knew him myself. Pa retired from the guard last year, and I... I tried being a guard, but... Well, things sort of went bad for me." She turns her attention to the mug of ale the server just set in front of her.

Yvette takes a long swallow then turns back to the elf, "Thanks for the drink. You, ummm... you... You still haven't told me what your name is. N-not that you have to or anything."

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

Trane looks at Jennis and speaks softly, "Mage, would you perchance know of black cloaked figures in town that can crawl from rooftop to rooftop? If not, would you have any means of tracking them or any of the missing. I hate to just skulk around Cauldron all night trying to stumble upon them."

"Black cloaked figures? And you Hagin? You've been warned off your searches. Have you heard anything about figures such as Trane describes?"

Hagin had only planned to recruit Barek and Yvette, but the unexpected arrival of the others as nothing less than divine intervention. He says a silent prayer of thanks. Pelor rewards an industrious spirit"No." He says simply. "But I have a plan... of sorts. The thing is I could use some help. I came hoping to find some. Are you interested?", he says including all of them in the question.

Female Human Fighter 1

"When things are as weird as they are now, a plan of sorts," Yvette says smiling. "Is often the best plan of all. I'm interested. What do you have in mind?"

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

"I am normally not impetuous, but I feel immediate action is required. If this plan is an immediate one, count me in."

Shadow Caller Summoner

Jennis passed right by Crispin at the entrance of the tavern but the elf didn t seem to notice him. Now the elf is here too, what is going on with that lot. And they are giving away free drinks.

Crispin moves to the table just in time to intercept the waiter with the drinks, pick one before he serves them and sit down.


Male Elf Wizard 2 HP 9/9; AC 13 T 13 FF 10; F -1, R +3, W +1; Init +10; Per +7; Shifts 7/7; Elf Wizard 1

A frown darkening his face at the news of Brevick's death, "my sincere apologies, I forget how quickly the human candle burns." Turning to Trane, Jennis shakes his head slowly, causing his hood to slide further back across his head. "I am sorry... good sir, but my studies are light on divinations. Such is generally left to the clerics and priests."

Jennis smiles at Haggins request for aid, I knew it! Humans are always doing something without forethought! This should be fun. He nods to Haggin, "I will assist, for the time being."

Jennis turns and smiles as Crispin helps himself to a tankard. "well met, well met. I was just looking for you when I came across these fine folk."

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

"Hagin, I had a complex, three phase plan (1) look for guys with black cloaks (2) find guys with black cloaks (3) hurt guys with black cloaks."

Female Human Fighter 1

Dang! The pretty boy still didn't tell me his name. But he does seem sorry Grandpa's dead. Oh, well, must be an elf thing, Yvette muses. Then she notices that Crispin has joined the party. "Hey, Crispin," she says. "What brings you here on this gloomy night?"

She looks at the assembled company. We might not be professional soldiers, but we'll do. "'Hurt guys with black cloaks.' I like the way this plan ends. So, do we head out right away to start this three part sort of plan, or do I have time to run home and grab the rest of my gear?"

Shadow Caller Summoner

Turning to Yvette Crispin says:
My house is sinking like old man Zanathor's fishing boat and I don't think there is enogh clerics left in town to push back the waters this time. If the rain kepts up like this downtown is going to be a swimming pool pretty soon.

He then turns to Barek.

Barek old friend, I wonder if I could have a private chat with you mate. How is that middle brother of yours faring this days?...

"Sure Crispin. Be right back." Barek stands and moves a little away from the table so Crispin can talk.

"Interestingly enough, Trane, my plan is very similar to yours. The big difference is that I have a more specific plan of action for the first part." Hagin waits for Barek and Crispin to return to finish his thought.

He continues, "We ask the gods." he says as his big reveal. "Jenya, the high priest of St. Cuthbert, has already sought divine guidance, but doesn't have the manpower to make good use of it. We can also go to Kristof at my temple. He'd probaly be willing to do the same thing. Then using the information we get, we complete parts two and three of the plan."

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

"So we talk to Kristof and Jenya first. Great idea. Maybe even visit Sarcem's grave too--one of us may get another vision."
Trane prepares to leave. He turns to Crispin and Jennis, "Your arcane powers would be greatly appreciated in this endeavor. I have to believe magic is involved in this somehow."

Trane approaches Yvette, "Yvette, when we were younger I always admired your confidence. I always hoped you'd talk to me and was always afraid to start a conversation. I guess I can do that now, good to see you again."

Trane seems somehow pleased to get this short, spontaneous speech out.

Shadow Caller Summoner

To Barek when they get a little away.

With this rain the lake's waters were rising to my door step. I was starting to get afraid to drown in my sleep! Crispin moves his hands in small nervous gestures. So I temporarily reassigned my sleeping arrangements to the Drunken Morkot. But now my funds are sinking like my house.

Say, Barak my good friend, if worst come to pass, could I maybe...
...crash with you at your brother's place for a couple of days?...

Female Human Fighter 1

Yvette ponders Trane's statement. "Afraid to talk to me? I don't bite. Well, there was that one time, but I was unarmed and the jerk pulled a knife," she lets the rest of the thought fade away. "Any ways, I'll be happy to talk whenever you want, Trane."

She then turns to the rest of the group and says, "I think the mysterious men in black cloaks will try to fight back, so I'm going to run home and put on my armor. If the flooding's as bad as Crispin says, I also want to check on Pa. I think we should start off by asking Miss Jenya what the Saint told her. I'll meet you all at St. Cuthbert's in an hour." She downs the rest of her ale then heads back into the rain.

ALL OF THEM!!! Goblin 20 Grandmaster DM/10 Charismatic Salesman/10 College Professer/4 Average Lad/6 King

Great to see all this Rping can tell this will be a great group :) +100xp all for Rping. keep it up :)

Through some mishap of events the band of old friends meet at the Nixie to find themselves all headed for the same goal, to stop the vile kidnappings before Cauldron becomes a big lake! The towns luck will soon run out and the town will be flooded to the rim, now they all find themselves joined to a mutual cause the party of novice adventurers was formed to stop the threat.

Only moments after the party decided upon their plan something happens, you feel a rumble at your feet it is minor at first but it grows stronger and stronger, the tavern patrons jump from their seat and begin to panic and yell in fear, chaos can be heard from outside as well but no crashing noises or any of the such luckily, after several moments the quake stops but that does not calm the people as half of them run from the tavern in shock screaming into the open streets and some just to see if what damage if any was caused by the earthquake. A large man comes crashing out of the open doors to the kitchen to calm the people the bartender is already long gone and those of who remain in the tavern still lie on the ground in shock nothing like this has happened to Cauldron before why now, looking around the earthquake seems to have done no damage not to the tavern at least, like the city doesn't already have it bad enough, then the lake comes into mind if it was already flooding than the effects of the earthquake could have filled all of downtown you pray such is not the case as you lift yourself from the ground (or seat) and anticipate your next move...

DC 15 to reflex to avoid falling down.

Assume this happened before any of you actually exit the tavern.

Male Elf Wizard 2 HP 9/9; AC 13 T 13 FF 10; F -1, R +3, W +1; Init +10; Per +7; Shifts 7/7; Elf Wizard 1

Reflex 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

Jennis sways back and forth, easily maintaining his balance as the tavern rumbles around him.

After the quakes subside, he quickly moves to assist anyone that fell.

Female Human Fighter 1

Reflex Save:

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Running to the door when the quake hits, Yvette isn't able to keep her balance and falls to her hands and knees. A stream of obscenities flows from her lips as she regains her feet. "Of course tonight the ground's against us, too."


"Crispin, were you able to get everything out ok? Should I help you before we head out? Of course you're welcome to stay with me. My brother may boot us both out. Gods know, he's already annoyed with me. But, as long as I can stay, so can you."

As we return to the table, "Well, I'm not crazy about seeing Jenya again. Clerics can't turn men into newts can they? I guess eventually we'll need to go see her. But can we see Pelor and maybe the latest kidnapping scene first? Wasn't there news about an orphanage?"

Reflex Save 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Barek must have some preternatural sense about the earthquake because he is already adjusting his footing as it hits and easily maintains his balance.
Knowledge (Nature) on the earthquake 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

Ref 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Trane fights to keep his balance and barely fails.
Jumping nimbly to his feet, "I hope no one is hurt in the town center. We have to stop these evil forces."
Trane joins the others outside.

Ref 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Hagin finds himself on the floor.

Shadow Caller Summoner

Thanks mate, i really appreciate that. Lets hope it doesnt get that far, maybe the rain will stop...

Crispin says to Barek as they return to the table. After sitting down he turns to the others.

Very good gentleman. It sounds like a good idea Hagin. Yes, you and Mister Trane can count on our help as Jennis here have said.

Quickly turning to the elf he says:
Its nice to see you too lad.

And then back to the others.
And since you all ha-have such good connections with the churches, and they indeed need help. Do-do you think they would maybe offer a reward for it?
Crispin looks with expectation at Hagin and Trane.

The table starts to shake, the young wizard tries to secure his tankard and then notice the world have follow suit with the table.

Reflex Save
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Ending up on the floor with most of his drink spilled.
Damn, did i drink that much already?...

Female Human Fighter 1

Yvette regains her feet and quickly checks her arms and legs for signs of injury. Other than minor abrasions and a ruined pair of pants everything seems to be alright. Yvette then turns to her companions and says, "I guess someone doesn't want me going home tonight. Still not going to keep me from hunting guys in black cloaks. Are you all OK?"

Shadow Caller Summoner

Yea, yea...
Crispin says getting up from the floor.

I have to keep in mind not to wear my black wool cloak around you people.

And looking around the damage in the room
What was that?!

ALL OF THEM!!! Goblin 20 Grandmaster DM/10 Charismatic Salesman/10 College Professer/4 Average Lad/6 King

After lifting your buttox off the ground and helping a few of the citizen that had fallen in the quake you quickly make your way outside. The wretched drizzle continues to fall from the ash-grey sky, the streets are quiet, to quiet almost strangely so as only moments earlier the streets were full of chaos. Looking around there appears to be no sign of any damage at least not this high up from the lake, listening intently you do hear peoples voices farther down towards the lake other than that the night is silent and the roads free of all people except for the six of you.

If that was indeed an earthquake it was a very subtle one as no damage appears to be caused, but Cauldron has never been effected by earthquakes before at least not of your knowledge and the cause of the tremor was most likely just from a shift in the earth far below. Whatever it may have been it was that caused it it was only but a minor tremor but even a minor tremor could have flooded the lower levels of Cauldron.

Female Human Fighter 1

"Who's up for seeing what all the commotion is lakeside?" Yvette asks the guys. "I bet Jenya and Kristof are both down there already giving orders and what not."

"Sure, let's go. That was definitely an earthquake. First one I can remember in Cauldron. All of that shaking may have caused problems down by the lake."

Human hp=47/47(AC21/ff20/t12) {F=+5/R=+2/W=+7} CMD 17 Druid (lion shaman) 6--Wild shape(2/3) Totem Xformation (3/3)

"I'm in." with a nod.

Shadow Caller Summoner

Crispin looks at the lake direction trying to discern anything. My poor house. he thinks.

Yes...lets check it.

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