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Sfounder's Curse of the Crimson Throne PbP

Game Master Chris Marsh

MAP OF SCARWALL - Second Floor
MAP OF SCARWALL - Ground Floor


Ominous dice rolling: 3 Days
  • DREAD: The very existence of such supernatural energy is draining. If you try to rest, you must make a Will Save DC 16 or gain no rest and be fatigued.
  • MENACE: Morkeleb has warned you. Trying to detect either undead or evil is likely to overwhelm you. Will DC 25 or be stunned for a round.
  • UNHALLOWED: All denizens are constantly protected from the foul light of good. They receive a +2 Deflection bonus on AC and +2 resistance on saves versus whatever Odric, Sandor, Grym, and Ferox throw at them. Bucho, Gaius, and Morkeleb are unaffected. They receive a +2 on saves regardless of the source against any [compulsion] effects, nor can they touched by any good creatures summoned by you. Finally, invaders (all of you) are dimensionally anchored and may not escape except the traditional way out the door.
  • SOUL TRAPPING: Best not to die here... Things happen if you do.
  • ALERT: You are no longer thieves in the night. The undead know you are here....

  • Curse of the Crimson Throne Initiative:

    • [dice=Baddies]d20+[/dice]
    • [dice=Ferox]d20+10[/dice]
    • [dice=Gaius]d20+3[/dice]
    • [dice=Grym*]d20+7[/dice]
    • [dice=Morkeleb]d20+5[/dice]
    • [dice=Odric]d20+4[/dice]
    • [dice=Sandor]d20+4[/dice]

    Curse of the Crimson Throne Perception:

    • [dice=Ferox]d20+22[/dice] (Traps +2)
    • [dice=Gaius*]d20+16[/dice]
    • [dice=Grym**]d20+13[/dice]
    • [dice=Morkeleb]d20+0[/dice]
    • [dice=Odric]d20+0[/dice]
    • [dice=Sandor]d20+15[/dice]

    *Does not include Trapspotter.
    **Does not include Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, or Bucho

    Door Protocol:

    Ferox, Grym, Gaius, and Bucho listen
    [dice=Perception, Ferox]d20+22[/dice]
    [dice=Perception, Grym]d20+15[/dice] +2 underground, +4 urban
    [dice=Perception, Bucho]d20+11[/dice] Add Favored Enemies
    [dice=Perception, Gaius]d20+18[/dice]

    Gaius then checks for traps
    [dice=Perception, Traps]d20+20[/dice]

    Current Date: 25 Lamashan 4715
    Days Remaining for Zellara: 4

    Current Characters

    Liberty's Edge Antoine Gagnon

    (2 posts)
    Jessica Price
    Jessica Price

    Female My doctor says I'm probably an alien
    (1,752 posts)
    Nar'shinddah Sugimar
    Liberty's Edge Mardigan77

    (10 posts)
    Cayden Cailean
    Odric the Stout

    Male Human, Savior of Korvosa, Initiate of the Korvosan Guard
    The Kegerator:
    Power Attack (Furious Focus) with MW Keen Falchion +1: [dice]1d20+19[/dice] for [dice]2d4+11+9[/dice] damage.
    Murder Hobo/11 Initiative:+4 - AC:26, T:15, FF:24 - HP: 141/141 - THAC0:9 -
    Fort: +12, Ref: +8, Will +7/+10 vs. Fear - Perception +0 / Stealth +0 - FAME:29/37

    (1,636 posts)

    Reagh Greenleaf 738

    (0 posts)
    Sandor Stouthammer

    Male Dwarf Fighter 9 Urban Ranger 2 AC=28; T=16; FF=24; HP120/120; Init+4; Per +16; +14F+12R+7W
    (1,218 posts)
    Thorgrym the Tracker

    Male Human Ranger 11, AC 23, HPs 122/137, Int +3, Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +6 (Bucho AC 25 HPs 97/117, Fort +16, Ref +11, Will +6 +4morale)
    (1,533 posts)
    Harrowed Summoning
    Dark Archive Brillig Tove

    Per Diem:
    Spells 1st 2/2 | SM1 4/7
    Male Human Summoner 1 | HP 10/10 | AC 16 FF 14 Tch 12 | CMD 11 | F+2 R+2 W+2 | Perc +0 | Init +4

    played by Mardigan77 (20 posts)
    DeGrog Coarse-Hair

    Male Half-Orc Fighter 8 (Corsair) AC=20/23 Lt.Fortification; T=12; FF=18/21; Init. +4; Perc. 0; Fort 11; Ref 6; Will 4(6); HP 86/86

    played by Reagh Greenleaf 738 (200 posts)
    Headless Horseman's Horse

    Male Horse
    [dice=First Hoof]1d20-2[/dice] for [dice]1d4+1[/dice] damage. [dice=Second Hoof]1d20-2[/dice] for [dice]1d4+1[/dice] damage.
    Horse/1 Initiative:+2 - AC:11, T:11, FF:9 - HP:15/15 -
    Fort: +6, Ref: +5, Will +1 - Perception +6

    played by Odric the Stout (7 posts)
    Dungeon Master S

    Break-Fist Club | Wardens of the Reborn Forge | All For Immortality |

    played by Chris Marsh (9,471 posts)
    Grand Lodge Edward W.Fell

    Male Human Oracle 1 Paladin 4 AC= 19; T=13; FF=16; HP 52/52; Init +3; Per +0; +10F +8R +10W

    played by Sandor Stouthammer (550 posts)
    Ferox Kerr

    Male Human Inquisitor 11 AC=20; T=15; FF=15; HP=82/89

    played by Mardigan77 (759 posts)
    Lantern Bearer
    Gaius Lirsiiv

    Male Half-Elf Rogue 4/Cleric 7; Trapspotter 21; Init: 3; AC: 22; T: 15; FF: 22; HP: 71/69

    played by Antoine Gagnon (1,599 posts)
    Marcos Farabellus
    Harold's Discount Heraldry

    played by Odric the Stout (3 posts)
    Radi Hamdi
    Kappi Matarito

    male Human Rogue 5 HPs 35/43, AC 18, FF12 Touch16), Init +5, (fort +2, ref +8, wil +3), Trap Spotter +12

    played by Thorgrym the Tracker (746 posts)
    Blood Vol Cultist
    Morkeleb the Mighty

    Male Human Wizard (Enchanter: Controller) 11 Init +5; AC=11; T=11; FF=10; HP 67 / 71

    played by Bofus Beerswizzler (1,787 posts)
    Liberty's Edge Sumac

    male Halfling Druid 3, AC 16, HPs 16/20, In +3, F +4, R +5, W +7 (Grip AC 16, HPs 9/26, F +5 R +5 W +2)

    played by Thorgrym the Tracker (562 posts)

    Previous Characters

    Liberty's Edge Bofus Beerswizzler

    Male Halfling Thief/9 Init: +12 HP: 53 / 53 AC: 30 Touch: 21; Perception 15 (19 traps; TRAPSPOTTER)
    Rapier: +15/+10 (+6 BAB, +6 Dex, +1 size, +2 ench); Bow +14/+9(+1) (+6 BAB, +6 Dex, +1 size, +1 bow/+1 acid arrow)

    (2,777 posts)
    Grand Lodge Chris Marsh

    Male Unknown All
    (1,405 posts)


    (1 post)
    CotCT Dungeon Master

    played by Chris Marsh (53 posts)
    Liberty's Edge Hérwë Felthanilal "Fel"

    Perception +2 / Stealth +3 | Fort: 0, Ref: +6, Will +1/+2 vs. Enchantment | FAME:12/12 - XP:6/9
    Short Bow:
    Shoot Short Bow: [dice]1d20+5[/dice] for [dice]1d6-1[/dice] damage.
    Bard / 3 Initiative:+0 - AC:16, T:13, FF:13 - HP 16/16 - Bardic Chant 11/13

    played by Odric the Stout (511 posts)

    Grand Lodge Keftan

    Male Human (Kelish) Gunslinger/1

    played by LordJosh (5 posts)

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