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Seeking The Shards

Game Master GM Idyll

A Shattered Star PBP

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Hello, all, and welcome to the latest recruitment thread for Paizo's newest AP, The Shattered Star. I've just finished reading the first AP and decided that this will be the next PBP adventure I GM.

A Quick Note: I don't have a very good track record of completing games that I start. In my first round of GM'ing games this summer, I bit off more than I could chew, faced a work crisis and came back with a scorched earth policy that retired all of my old games. I believe things have calmed down for me and I am confident that I will stick with this and my one other PBP. I just wanted that out there for folks to know before applying.

To Apply:
Download the Player's Guide to provide the framework for your character's background.

Create a character with the following guidelines:
1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Core races are preferred, but Featured Races from the Advanced Race Guide will be considered if the backstory is interesting and the crunch isn't too overpowered.

3) Choose two traits. One must be a campaign trait.
4) Any non-evil alignments.
5) Max HP at first level

6) Max starting gold for your class

All Paizo-published books, classes, archetypes, and equipment are allowed.

No 3pp material will be allowed. I apologize if that causes any character development issues.

Submit a Background: Tell me why your character's decided to become a Pathfinder. Are they from Magnimar? If not, where are they from? What are his/her driving goals? Keep your background tight and focused. You can tell the full story in-game if you're selected.

Some Miscellaneous Information:

I'm looking for 4 players. Because of this small number, it's important to have all four roles filled - martial, arcane, divine and skills. If you want a better shot of getting picked, don't apply with a character that already has a lot of applicants in that role.

I'm looking for at least one post per day, more if possible. If you can't post, just let us know. During combat, if you go 24 hours without a post, your actions will be botted.

If you lower an ability score to 8, there will be roleplaying consequences and should affect how you play your character. No score may be lower than 8.

This last one is just personal, but I am biased against summoners and paladins. While submitting one won't keep you from getting selected, it's important for you to know that.

Recruitment will be open until I feel like I have enough characters/players to choose from - I'm not certain when that will be, so get the apps in sooner, rather than later, if any of the other recruitment threads are any indication.

Good luck, everyone.

Definitely interested. Never played a pbp game before, but plenty of tabletop both as a player and as a GM. Currently thinking of a ninja or some other rogue variant. I'll make an alias with all the info, at least that's how I think people do characters here.

And yes this is my first post here on the boards... :)

Grand Lodge

I would love to submidt Bedwyr Glimerbeard for this. He was created for another Shattered Star game but didn't get in. He is fully equipped, stated and has a complete bio on his page which can be viewed here.

Definitely interested in this and will be throwing together a character concept soon.

would like to submitt:

Tynan Kaddren

she was an applicant in some other shattered star games but was never picked.

click the link for the profile

I am submitting Darcenius Scarnetti for your approval.

Thank you for offering to GM!

Do you mind a young or middle-aged or old PC?

(The Player's Guide inspired a couple fun character concepts.)

Dotting for interest.

May I present Volta, Pathfinder born and bred with a mission of his own?

This character was in a First Steps campaign that sadly ended with DM abandonment, please let him live again!

Do look at the posts I made with him, I think you will like what you see.
Daily posts should not be a problem, and I'm in the Central Time Zone of the USA if that matters.

In brief, a young rogue, a master of traps, a good scout, all around generalist, and modest combatant. Check profile for background, appearance and all details.

If there is any question, comment, or problem, please ask, make it, or point it out.

@davidvs: What do you have in mind? I'm not opposed off-hand, but some more details would be helpful.

I am currently playing a young character in a Carrion Crown game

it is fun (sometime annoying) but mostly fun

you can check her out Here

Brutis Boyle
Male Human Barbarian (Titan Mauler) 1
CN Medium Humanoid (human)
Hero Points 1
Init +2; Senses Perception +5
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 15 (1d12+2)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee (L) Warhammer +4 (2d6+6/x3)
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Skill Focus (Intimidate), Weapon Focus (Warhammer)
Traits Bully, Serpent Runner (Intimidate)
Skills Acrobatics +6, Climb +8, Craft (leather) -2, Intimidate +9, Perception +5, Survival +5
Languages Common
SQ Big Game Hunter, Hero Points (1), Rage (6 rounds/day)
Combat Gear Warhammer;
Rage (6 rounds/day) (Ex) - 0/6
Special Abilities
Big Game Hunter (Ex) +1 to hit and +1 dodge bonus to AC vs foes larger than self.
Hero Points (1) Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Rage (6 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Serpent Runner (Intimidate) +2 trait bonus to demoralize opponents.
Burtis is a Large man who cares around an even larger warhammer, This man is from the land of Giants and Dragons. He has a very muscular body with a very large upper chest and arms. He wears no shirt but a single piece of scale mail over his right arm. Every place else is uncovered. His shorts are covered in mud and tar and other things. This man loves his drink and he loves his battle he will battle anyone anywhere. Growing up he was taught how to kill and kill fast. He came into town to gather some information that might lead him to his next trophy kill.

Ratchet is a cross between macguyver and indianna jones, only with a more impressive beard. He has a passion for archeology and for engineering that is only really surpassed by his love for a good pipe and a hearty beer.

He never really planned on becoming a pathfinder. He just took the job of guiding a group of them through an old temple of Lamashtu. At some point on that job he discovered that making history was a whole lot more enjoyable than reading about it...

Crunch-wise, Rachet is a gadget-centered Crypt-Breaker Alchemist who will serve the party in the "rogue" slot. He was built for another game that died so I have a few things to change to suit this game, but the majority of the character sheet is ready to go.

As a player, I'm reliable and experienced. If you chose me you won't be disappointed.

I present John Johanna, he is currently trying to find somewhere to adventure, so his stats aren't in place because each GM has different rules, but his backstory is all there.

Also, if you don't like Aasimar's, he will moonlight as a human.

Submitting Cartholus Kaddren, a NG Human Sorcerer (Seeker) with the Sage Bloodline. Background to come later.

Here is the current list of applicants - let me know if I've missed anyone.

Bedwyr Orious Glimerbeard son of Basalus - Dwarven Witch (Winter)
Tynan Kaddren - Fetchling Wizard
Darcenius Scarnetti - Human Sorcerer
Cartholus Kaddren - Human Sorcerer


Brutis Boyle - Human Barbarian
John Johanna - Aasimar Inquisitor

Volta Delbove - Human Rogue
Rollibard "Ratchet" Piper - Dwarf Crypt Breaker Alchemist

I am dotting with a cleric. Will have something up later today.

if there ar to many arcane types applied I can also throw in a divine caster since there is only 1 potential so far (that I can see)

but I would prefer my wizard

I have ready a young ratfolk Street Performer bard to fill the "face character" and the "next room scout" party roles. (Imagine a mix of Reepicheep of Narnia and Face of the A-Team.)

This PC would allow melee-based sneak attacker to really shine. I have longed to be part of a group where flanking and sneak attack were significant enough to give positioning and terrain the tactical importance they deserve!

But there is no point in my bothering with creating a forum alias and typing out the character unless someone is interested in that complimentary role.

Being young is actually a hindrance for this concept stat-wise, but I am interested in the challenges of playing a Tiny size character. Being middle-aged allows the best stats; I am open to that more serious and optimized version too. There is also a gnome version of either age to allow Effortless Trickery and Threatening Illusion, but I would rather use the PC's feats for whip combat that helping the sneak attacker even more.

If anyone wishes to play a melee-based sneak attacker, please reply and say so, and share your preferences for this character's race and age. Otherwise, best of luck to you all in your adventures!

Backround added for Carth. Doubling it here:


Cartholus was born in Magnimar, one of the many offshoots of the rich and powerful Kaddren family. As with most young Kaddren, after coming of age he has been sent abroad to study wizardry, to the Twilight Academy in Galduria. Initially he performed up to the standards expected from a Kaddren boy, however upon learning his first few spells he quickly found out that his talent is unlike that of other wizards: while some spells came to him effortlessly, most others he could not perform at all. When he failed to graduate, first in his family line in centuries, his mother was suspected of infidelity and he was disowned by the family as a bastard.
Cartholus was determined to find the root cause of his predicament. While he lost many of the privileges he used to enjoy, his name still opened many doors for him. He eventually found his way into the Pathfinder Society, where he could gain access to money and information in exchange for his services. His outcast life has made him bolder and more adventurous than most wizards, traits which made the Society choose him for the next risky mission...

I'm expressing interest. I am looking into a cleric at the moment. I will post the character as soon as I get it done.

Question for GM Idyll: Are you planning on running this AP as part of Pathfinder Society organized play? In other words, should we be submitting official PFS characters?

I would like to apply this character for your game.

Alanthian was raised by the Pathfinder Society and has come to Magnivar to look for clues about his parents deaths. He is all about seeking knowledge for the pathfinders and himself.

@Logan: No, this won't be a PFS sanctioned game, so the rules for character creation don't need to be accounted for.

Grand Lodge

I would like to apply Thorgal, a Inquisitor in the service of Pharasma. He became a Pathfinder to be able to join the Silver Crusade, and to fight the evil that a Pathfinder invariably encounters.

@GM Idyll

I made this character for another Shattered Star game. It was a 25 point buy. I changed the stats around, they should equal 20 now. I will need to go through my character sheet again and check the numbers, take another feat and buy equipment. But for the most part it is complete.

You can find my character submission here Brodrick Leafgreen, Cleric (Cloistered) of Erastil.


Brodrick was expected to be a great woodsman like his Father. His Father, Brodrick “the Bold” was a member of an well known adventuring company called the Seven Swords. The Seven Swords roamed up and down the hinterlands of Varisia, saving village and thorpe alike, culminating in a fierce battle with a green dragon known as Chalroxistalix. The Seven Swords slayed the mighty dragon, but the cost had been high, four of the seven companions lay dead. After the battle Brodrick “the Bold” retired and returned home to Magnimar. Brodrick and his new wife Jannia had a son named Brodrick shortly thereafter.

Brodrick “the Younger” was trained in swordsmanship, forestry and hunting by his overly eager Father. Brodrick however had no real interest in any martial or ranger skills. He would rather read about nature in a dusty old tome. He enjoyed any subject no matter how obscure or trivial. Brodrick sensed his Father was disappointed and would make an attempt to please him. Of course it never went well and they spent many hours arguing why Brodrick did not enjoy the life of a woodsman. After a few years of impasse, Brodrick's Father found a new person to train, his younger sister Eliza. Eliza took to the skills of a ranger, like a fish takes to water. Finally Brodrick had found peace from his overly eager Father. He was free to study has much as he pleased.

However Brodrick's life of quite study did not last long after Eliza completed her training. Shortly thereafter she left Magnimar with fellow companions to seek adventure and fortune. Once again his Father tried to persuade him to train. Brodrick would not hear of it and decided he himself would pack his bags and leave like his Sister.

After leaving, Brodrick realized that he had little chance of survival without companions. He rejected the notion of returning home and being even more of a failure to his Father. It was then Brodrick noticed, that he was standing at the doors of the Deadeye Lodge, a temple dedicated to Erastil. Brodrick took the event as a divine sign from Erastil. His family had worshiped Erastil for generations. He presented himself to the church staff and petitioned to become a member. At first the church staff were a bit leery of taking on Brodrick, due to his dislike of being outdoors. They soon realized that Brodrick loved to do any sort of paperwork that the church needed done. Brodrick's love of books allowed the church staff to spend more time in the wilds outside of Magnimar. Brodrick was then initiated into the clergy of Erastil as an Acolyte. Finally Brodrick had found his place in the world.


Brodrick is a rather mild mannered sort. He is reserve and quiet. However around close friends and family he does loosen up a bit and enjoys telling others of what he has read no matter how trivial. Of course trivial tidbits tend to get groans from others in the conversation. Secretly he wishes that he would have enjoyed the outdoors a bit more and leaned to swing a sword, so that he could have been a great ranger like his Father.


Brodrick is a young man of 22 winters. He stands a lanky 5'11”. His facial features are unassuming, with sandy brown hair and matching brown eyes. Brodrick can certainly blend into a crowd and not be noticed.

Just dotting for interest will post a character up later.

dotting for interest

Silver Crusade

Wonder if the a Tiefling Magus would be a approved? This would be my first PBP. Think scholar adventure type person.

@Trailjava: The concept would be approved. Let's see what you got in mind.

Here's the latest list:
Bedwyr Orious Glimerbeard son of Basalus - Dwarven Witch (Winter)
Tynan Kaddren - Fetchling Wizard
Darcenius Scarnetti - Human Sorcerer
Cartholus Kaddren - Human Sorcerer

Thorgal - ??? Inquisitor of Pharasma
Brodrick Leafgreen - Human Cloistered Cleric of Erastil

Brutis Boyle - Human Barbarian
John Johanna - Aasimar Inquisitor

Volta Delbove - Human Rogue
Rollibard "Ratchet" Piper - Dwarf Crypt Breaker Alchemist
Alanthian Darlok - Elven Rogue

Grand Lodge

I present to you Aritian, a Human Cleric of Sarenrae.

Liberty's Edge

Just stumbled across this thread; I'm pretty much brand new to these forums, and I guess I'm jumping in pretty late, but I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring with this character:

Arasmes ibn Fadlan

Lawful Neutral Male Human Cleric of Abadar 1

Str: 10, Dex: 14, Con: 10, Int: 14, Wis: 16, Cha: 14

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Selective Channeling

Traits: Exalted of the Society, Ruin Raider

Skills: Appraise +7, Diplomacy +6, Knowledge: History +6, Knowledge: Religion +6, Profession: Merchant +7, Sense Motive +7

Languages: Kelish, Taldane, Varisian

Special Abilities: Faint aura of law, Channel Positive Energy 6/day (1d6, DC 12)

Domains: Protection, Travel (Trade)


Arasmes is a handsome Keleshite man with smooth, bronzed skin and rich brown almond-shaped eyes, the curly black hair on his head and chin cropped sensibly short. Although he dresses in the simple garb of a traveler, Arasmes still manages to exude a certain air of opulence through his carefully groomed appearance, cultivated posture and stride, and easy, self-confident smile.

When he speaks, he does so softly and in a flowing accent foreign to these northern climes, approaching each new encounter as diplomatically as possible. Only the immaculately maintained light crossbow that he wears holstered across his back gives any indication of his very real capacity for violence.

A middle son in a large family of Katapeshi traders and seamen, Arasmes had seen more of the Inner Sea region by the time he learned to read than most do in their entire lifetime. Never in line to inherit much of the family business or fortune, as a boy he chose instead to focus on religious studies. His family were more than happy to support his education in the faith of Abadar; after all, it behooves any mercantile house to have a strong working relationship with the god of cities and trade.

Arasmes first visited distant and exotic Varisia during a voyage of economic exploration captained by his eldest sister, Atossa. During a stopover in Magnimar, he grew enchanted by the mystery of the city's great ruins, and even moreso by the tales of untold wealth (and terrible danger) lying hidden within similar structures further from the civilized coast. Arasmes saw at once in this rough frontier the perfect means to honor his god and his family by by protecting and fostering the spread of civilization and making a fortune of his own, and he soon began making plans to return.

Unfortunately, Atossa was far less impressed with the wealth of Magnimar and the other Varisian cities, deeming them not to be worth the long voyage from Garund. Futhermore, Arasmes' parents proved reluctant to aid their son in seeking out such a dangerous line of work as ruin-raiding, and encouraged him instead to settle down in one of the cities of the Inner Sea coast and dedicate his life to working his way up through the byzantine hierarchy of Abadar's priesthood.

Arasmes, however, was undeterred. Seeing his ambitious dreams as a divine inspiration from Abadar himself, he began looking into other ways that he might find financial backing for an expedition to Varisia. So it was that, after completing his training as a neophyte at the great bank of Abadar in Absalom, he immediately turned around and applied for membership in the world-reknowned Pathfinder Society.

After three long years of training and tests, Arasmes is, at last, a member of the Society. Moreover, though it took a little cajoling and a lot of persistance, he has managed to get himself sent back to Magnimar to assist the pathfinders of Heidmarch Manor in a matter of some urgency...

(I can get you a complete character sheet at your request; I've written up everything for Arasmes but his equipment, since I always seem to take forever working on that. Hopefully what I've posted will be enough to give you a pretty good idea of what the character is all about, though. He's a pretty standard cleric and a solid support/party face-type divine caster who is also fairly capable with a crossbow when when the need presents itself.)

Mechanically, Ratchet is ready for review. All I have left to do for him is to purchase equipment.

A full background will be written up tomorrow.

I'd like to submit Valtyra, she's an Aasimar Tattooed sorcerer I made for a previous Shattered Star campaign. We never made it past the introductions in the mansion. I'd planned to take a number of the Aasimar racial feats as she went along to explore the continuing player evolution of slowly becoming an Aasimar.

Her background story, stats, etc are in her profile. I'd love to be in the campaign to find out what happens after the Venture Captain says 'hi' :D

Grand Lodge

Thorgal Ironfist

Lawful Neutral Human Inquisitor of Pharasma 1
Str: 7, Dex:16 ,Con: 13, Int:12 , Wis:15 , Cha: 12

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Traits: Latent psion, ease of faith

Skills: Diplomacy +4, Perception+4 , Sense Motive +4, Knowledge Nature +4,

Knowledge Arcana +4, Knowledge Planes +4

Special Abilities: Judgement 1/day

Domain: Fate

Thorgal was born in the city of Magnimar. His parents died in a house fire, and little Thorgal was taken in by the local temple of Pharasma.
A short while ago, he was ordained as an inquisitor, to seek out and destroy evil, but also to spread the influence of Pharasma's church.

He is a tall, but slender man with a friendly face. Always thirsty for knowledge, he can often be found in a library, or at a bard's recital. Because he is still a little insecure in his new role as an inquisitor, and because he acknowledges that his knowledge is still limited, he likes to work with other people.

Ok, everyone. I think I've got enough applicants to begin deliberating. I'll be driving most of the day today, but I intend to make my selection tonight or tomorrow morning. So if you're still interested in applying, get those apps in soon!

Current List of Applicants - The "*" indicates you haven't yet submitted a background.
Bedwyr Orious Glimerbeard son of Basalus - Dwarven Witch (Winter)
Tynan Kaddren - Fetchling Wizard
Darcenius Scarnetti - Human Sorcerer
Cartholus Kaddren - Human Sorcerer
Valtyra Valdemar - Aasimar Emberkin Tattooed Sorcerer

Brodrick Leafgreen - Human Cloistered Cleric of Erastil
Aritian - Human Cleric*
Arasmes ibn Fadlan - Human Cleric of Abadar
Thorgal Ironfist - Human Inquisitor of Pharasma

Brutis Boyle - Human Barbarian
John Johanna - Aasimar Inquisitor

Volta Delbove - Human Rogue
Rollibard "Ratchet" Piper - Dwarf Crypt Breaker Alchemist*
Alanthian Darlok - Elven Rogue

I would like to change my entry.

Tynan is withdrawing and I would like to submit:

Noro Kasuri the drunken barbarian

No interest in my Street Performer, so I'm fading away. Best of fortune to you all! Save the world!

Interested. Thinking of a former Gray Maiden hopeful turned adventurer.

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for the submissions.

I have made my selection for the party:
Bedwyr Orious Glimerbeard son of Basalus
Arasmes ibn Fadlan
Noro Kasuri
Volta Delbove
Valtyra Valdemar

I apologize to those who didn't have time to get their applications in and to those who weren't selected. Best of luck in future applications.

To those who were chosen, please head over to the discussion thread to check in and finish up your character sheets.

Happy gaming!

Well, dang, I was working on her background as you posted this. Grats to Noro for getting in a game. Should have a lot of fun with that one Idyll.

good luck to those that didn't make it in hope to see you around the gaming boards

congratz to the team

Woo! Thank you! And good luck to everyone else.

Grand Lodge


Congratulations and happy adventuring!

Congrats all who made it. That will teach me to go out of town for the weekend, lol.

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