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Seeking The Shards

Game Master GM Idyll

A Shattered Star PBP

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F Human

wait a minute... I thought thish wash a Psthfinder thing? what'sh with all thish Shczarni shtuff? she starts to tense up looking over everybody to guage their strengths. her lisp much more pronunced than before.

I am not going back !!! She says firmly as she moves to a better stratiegic postion in the room.

"Unfortunately I know very little about Natalya," Sheila replies. "She approached the Pathfinders and offered to be a sort of double agent among the Sczarni. I don't know where she frequented or with whom she associated. Oh! But she did contact us through a third party - a man known as the 'Amazing Zograthy.'"

Hearing and seeing Noro's reaction, Sheila raises her hands and attempts to disarm the situation. "No, no, Ms. Kasuri. You are not being asked to work for the Sczarni, nor are we asking to you go back to their employ, if you ever were in such a position. I do need you to interact with them, but if it is uncomfortable for you, you may stay behind while your comrades go. That makes me uncomfortable, though, as you are the most equipped to...resolve...any type of scuffle or physical confrontation that may or, hopefully, may not occur."

F Human

Noro calms down once she finally realizes. now it seems to become clear why she was summoned here.

now thingsh are making shome sense. I don't have a problem bonking few Shczarni heads. I jusht wanted to be shure I washn't being shet up.

after a moment she asks

if a physhical confrontation doeshn't occur maybe I can make one.

she smiles at the thought of taking down some of thoses that have caused her so much grief in the past

By the way, I don't go by the Kasuri name anymore, at leasht until I have reshtored my family honor. I will not have that name asshoshiated with the Shczarni.

"Ah. My apologies - shall I call you simply 'Noro?'" Shelia asks.

F Human

Noro ish fine

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Volta doesn't know what to say after Noro's statement, he fumbles for words when the Venture-Captain rescues the situation. "Well, good then." Volta huffs, "Uhm, concerning the matter at hand, I'm not yet had time to learn the ins and outs of the city, perhaps those who are from about here have ideas about the local situation?"

Volta's hand sweeps toward the box, "Maybe checking out the contents of the box would be a good idea as well. It looks like a few gems, a ring, and a great looking dagger. Is any of it magic?"

Appraise: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14 What do I learn?

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Raising an eyebrow, Arasmes' gaze shifts back to the contents of the box. "Ah, yes, I almost forgot... I may be able to help with that."

Arasmes will cast Detect Magic and roll Appraise to assist Volta

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

Valtyra looks at the items at the same time as Arasmes.

Detect Magic

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29 if anything is magical.


The three garnets would fetch about 150gp each, the dagger is a silver masterwork weapon and the ring is giving off an aura of transmutation. Valtyra immediately identifies it as a ring of feather falling.

Sorry (again) for the delay, everyone - are there any other questions for Sheila?

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Asssuming Valtyra tells the group what she has discovered.

Volta looks a bit surprised at the wealth before them, "An auspicious beginning for the financially motivated among us. Each of the gems are worth 150 gold crowns, the dagger is masterwork of silversmithing, and a magic ring is worth ... more, two grand at least. I have to admit I fancy that ring, I could take lunatic risks in my Ahem, 'undesired entry' skills with it. But it's valuable to anyone. Perhaps our friend the devotee of the Law-giver could propose a fair method of distribution?" Volta looks appealingly to the priest.

Turning to the VC, "Pardon me for my distraction Venture-Captain. What do you know of this 'Amazing Zograthy', even a description of his appearance could be useful?"

F Human

While many are engrossed or distracted by the items of the box Noro moves to look out the window crossing her arms and seeming a bit lost in thought.

where indeed would this lady get off too, all I can think is that if those Sczarni find her first then she is as good as dead. I wonder though there might be some that could help .

Noro turns from the window the fight ring, thats where we shtart. I know a few people there. they might be able to point ush in the right directshion Noro suddenly blurts out without even realizing the others probably have no idea what she is talking about.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

I have no qualms with yaw keeping the ring especially since it may keeping yaw from going splat...

Bedwyr turns towards Heidmarch.

I have a couple of questions Lady. What does this missing Natalya look like, anything distinctive about her and where can we find this Amazing Zog character.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

Valtyra does indeed tell everyone.

"I do not recognize 'The Amazing Zograthy' at all, any pointers to where he is would be greatly appreciated."

"Zogarthy is an aged, bald, Varisian man who fancies himself a fortune-teller," Sheila replies. "I've discovered that he often serves as a middle-man between the Scarzni and He has a permanent tent and fortune-telling business in Washers' Row in Dockway, specifically, at the end of a narrow alley that serves as a permanent street fair." She thinks for a moment and then says, "Natalya is an exotic beauty - she has olive skin and dark black hair. I only met her once, but she was charismatic and engaging."

"As for the fight rings, I have little information. If you think there may be information of value there, then by all means, make it a priority."

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Hmmm alright. I say we try and track down this "Amazing Zogarthy" at his tent. It seems straight forward and easy enough to find. If we can't track him down or he can't lead us to Natalya then we follow up on Noro's plans and check out the fight ring. Maybe we get lucky and see Noro bash a few Sczarni skulls and earn herself a little coin on the side.

The dwarf smiles at the thought of the gambling on the barefoot human woman to pummel her opponent into submission.

F Human

Noro smiles at the dwarf's suggestion.

Sho when do we leave she says as she cracks her knuckles.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

"I think my curiosity is sated, if no one else has any questions. I'd say I'm prepared to begin our investigation."

Arasmes casts a sidelong glance at the spoils from the paradox box "I'm sure we'll have ample time to divide our gains from this endeavor later. For the time being I have no objections to Volta keeping the ring, since it sounds like he is the one most likely to make use of it."

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

"Thanks, I will make good use of it." Volta scoops up the ring and puts it on his left hand. "I think it would be best if the gems were left 'On account' at the Lodge, Venture-Captain, I doubt we need them at once anyway. We could treat the dagger the same way but if someone wishes to carry it just in case we come across the few creatures it's good for, I certainly won't object. Maybe Miss Noro as our strongest warrior?"

Volta waves toward the exit. "I believe we are done here for the time being. Let us go, adventure awaits." Volta bounces to the door, and pauses to see if the others come with.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

"I'd suggest the dagger may come in handy due to it being silver, someone should carry it."

"I hope I've been helpful," Sheila says. "Please consider my home a 'base of operations.' There are rooms upstairs that you may occupy and each has a chest where you can store any gear you don't want to haul around. I eagerly await your return." She bids you farewell and good fortune and then returns to her study.

You leave the manor and begin the trek from the Alabaster District in the east of the city to the western district of Beacon's Point. (Sidenote: Do you all as players have a working knowledge of Magnimar? See the discussion thread.) Arriving at Washer's Row - a tangle of open-air washhouses, launderers, and Varisian wagons and tents - you pick your way through the crowd and eventually discover a tattered banner hanging over the entrance to a small side street. In big, bold letters, it advertises "Professor Callivario's Stupendous Exhibition of the Outrageous and Sublime."

Beyond this overly exuberant advertisement is a squalid setup consisting of little more than a series of rundown sideshow booths and cards with assorted games and amusements of the meaner sort. To one side, urchins pitch pennies at lily pads floating in a small, scum-covered fountain while a bored carnie looks on. Nearby, the sound of cats hissing and fighting arises from behind a cart where a small crowd of ne'er-do-wells has gathered to cheer and place bets. Everywhere lurk faces pinched with suspicion or hunger - expressions worn by carnival workers and visitors alike. This is not the sort of place to be careless with a coin pouch.

You don't immediately spot Zogarthy's tent.

F Human

noro takes the time to learn the new places of the city she has never seen before having spentmost of her time at th docks area and parts of the underbridge region.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

Valtrya looks around for the closest carnie, goes over muttering something about, "if I don't ask for directions, the men'll have use wandering around here forever." When she gets to the carnie, she asks, "Do you know where we can find The Amazing Zograthy? We'd like to give him some money in return for some information." She takes out a silver and places it on the carnie's booth.

F Human

Noro seems to be enjoying the carnival sights despite the sour demeanor of the patrons as well as the workers.

She goes to the kids piching coins she watches with a smile as the kids play.

soon one of the kids wins and the worker failed to notice. at least until Noro points it out (in Noro style) and the kid is awarded his prize.

as she engages the amusment worker,

by the way I am looking for shombody known as the Amazing Zograthy, ever hear of him?

she looks at him sternly almost daring him to lie to her.

I know Valtyra asked another worker as well, just thought we could get a couple of answers to compare notes (make sure we are not being led astray)

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Volta goes out with the others, enjoying the sights of this city so new to him. Even from someone from fabulous Absalom, a city full of wonders, the many relics and cosmopolitan sights are near overwhelming. He tries to remember that path taken and look for alternatives if a quick escape is needed.

Approaching the area where Zoggy is suppose to hang out, Volta smiles, seeing that no matter the city some places are always the same. He then looks sharp for the inevitable pickpockets such an area has in droves. Not adept at finding thing out from people he lets the others do the talking, he watches and waits.

Knowledge: Geography: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18 Not a question, a process, Volta attempts to learn the city.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21 Looking out for trouble and Zoggy, in that order.

The man Valtyra approaches picks up the silver coin, bites it and nods towards a a small, well-patched tent crudely painted with mystical symbols and decorated with chicken bones and other odd-looking, mystical elements. He speaks with an almost intelligible accent, saying, "You wil have to pay heem more for ze information you'ze want, so you may az well ask me for your fortune. I eez cheaper and az reliable az he'z." He laughs loudly.

The man Noro asks points to the same tent, clearly intimidated by her imposing figure and threatening glance.

I've posted a map of Magnimar in the Campaign Info. That tab will be updated constantly throughout the campaign, so check there often for information about treasure gathered, NPCs met and a key to the city.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Alright let's see if Zog the $&@n fortune teller knows we're comming shall we.

The dwarf marches toward the ragged tent pulling the tent flap open and gesturing for his companions to enter.

By all means ladies and rogues first

Within the stuffy, cluttered tent is a table covered in blue velvet stitched with moons, stars, and arcane symbols. A dusty crystal ball and a dog-eared harrow deck sit upon it. Behind this table sits an aged, bald, Varisian man with threadbare purple robes and piercing eyes. Upon your entrance, he gestures broadly and states in a tremulous voice, "The Amazing Zograthy sees all and knows all. A double fist of silver for a turn of the cards or a vision in the crystal; a treble fist of gold for the secrets of the multiverse."

F Human

for the shake of good negotiating I think I'll remain outshide.

Noro finds a rock or stool to take a seat outside the tent.

might accshidentilly break shomething, like a noshe

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Arasmes, keeping his holy symbol judiciously tucked under his shirt for the time being, surveys the scene as his companions question the locals about Zograthy. As perhaps the most obvious outsider among the group, he focuses on acting casual and blending in, doing his best to look like a tourist in hopes of not raising undue suspicion. As the group approaches Zograthy's tent and the old man makes his pitch, however, his expression goes from idly detached to keenly focused.

Arasmes approaches the elderly Varisian with the easy confidence of an experienced negotiator. "And how much, I wonder, for the secrets of a beautiful woman?"

Zogarthy breaks into a wide grin. "Oho! The exotic visitor needs help wooing our Magnimar women, eh? I can provide advice, but it is twice the price of the secrets of the multiverse - women are more complex and mysterious, are they not? 100 GP and you will know all there is to know to bed any woman you meet."

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Arasmes gives a small smile in return. "Ah, but you see, oh wise one, I am a man of very particular tastes. The woman I am looking for is a creature of singular grace, clever enough to charm her way into the highest manors of the Alabaster District or the lowest den of thieves... but perhaps not so clever as to keep her out of trouble with the same. I think, perhaps, you may know of such a woman... and where to find her.

Here's a diplomacy check to try and get any information Zograthy might have about Natalya's whereabouts, assuming I'm not being too subtle and talking right over his head.

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

Ack! So much for "the easy confidence of an experienced negotiator"!

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Volta looks around the area once more then follows the others into the tent. As his more sociable teammates chats up the proprietor, he looks him over for anything he should notice and to assess him and his truthfulness.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8 Anything odd about Zoggy?
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 Assess him and truthtelling.

Zograthy frowns. "You speak as if I should know of whom you are talking. Speak clearly now. You obviously want specific information, but my services have been retained by countless women who could meet that description."


You notice nothing odd about Zograthy and he is telling the truth about his being employed by multiple people - he clearly doesn't know who Arasmes is talking about.

F Human

Noro looks a bit quizzical at the conversation

Ya know, Arasmes, You don't need to ashk him, All you really need to do is Ashk me. she comments trying to look as attractive as she can.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Arasmes closes his eyes for a moment and rests his forehead in his hand, doing his best not to look embarrassed. At length, he looks up again at Zograthy, ignoring Kasuri's comment and speaking softly to discourage eavesdropping.

"I was led to believe that you've done business with a young woman named Natalya Vancasterkin. It so happens that I have business with her as well, and I was hoping that you might know how I could get in contact with her."

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Humph! I would have to disagree with yaw there Zograthy, women aren't more complex as the multiverse. We are all simple creatures. You just take those 100 gold coins we were going to give to you and spend it on them. You buy them something pretty that sparkles, fill their bellies with good food and lots of wine and take um to bed. In the morning one of you slink outta bed and if its love they will try and find you again. I think that's what happened between ol'e Arasmes and this lass Natalya .

A wry smile can be seen through the beard of the Dwarf. The twinkle in his eyes tell you he is planning to have much fun teasing Arasmes regarding this.

I don't know why your chasing after her Arasmes. Especially since Noro seems to taken a shine to you. And what's not to like about Noro. She got her natural good looks combined with the bruises that let yaw know she can handle the ruff stuff and the iron grip that every man enjoys.

Of course the heart wants what it wants... Sorry Noro. Oh well, can you help a longing heart and point Arasmes in the right direction Zograthy?

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Volta seems a bit confused at Noro's and Bedwyr's comments. Are they just trying to help Arames or are they just weird? He turns his attention on them.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13 Noro, what?

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26 Bedwyr what's he up to?

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

Valtyra leans over and whispers to Volta, "My bet is on weird."

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Italicized comments are thoughts not spoken words. Good for a player deciding to react to appearent demenor but shouldn't be a direct mind-read. If posting thoughts bothers anyone I'll stop doing it.

F Human

Noro wasn't really paying alot of attention to what Arasmes was saying and only cuaght small pieces of it. she soon realized what he was doing and decided to kind of play along pretending to not know this woman we are supposed to be looking for.

Noro is not a subtle type of diplomat, now if you need someone to rough up the fortune teller, then by all means ask Noro

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I thought it sounded like a facetious off-hand comment by you, so I added in a fatuous one of my own. I was just joking around, as I thought you were too.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

That's ok, it kinda was, I just wrote it to give context to his studying his companions as he tries to understand them and be amusing to the other players. I sort of thought that the others were "playing along" but sometimes it's hard to tell, without tone or body language.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Hey the site is back up! Personally, I like the italics "thought" in the post and think we should keep them up. As for Bedwyr through the course of the adventure you’re going to understand that he is an odd duck and ignore half his comments to NPC as part of his natural weirdness and flavor.

Bedwyr isn't being malicious in his comments. It’s more of a very low charisma dwarf thinking he is funny by busting the chops of his teammates when he saw an opportunity to embarrass them

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

I know I haven't posted in a few days, but for the record I don't have any problem with the good-natured ribbing. I'm just waiting for a reply to my more direct questioning. Arasmes might be a little more irked than I am, but he'll get over it :P

Zograthy's smile falters for only a moment. He listens to your group's ribbing of Arasmes before continuing. "Ah, yes. I know her. Beautiful, indeed. And popular. You are not the first to inquire about her. Secrets are my greatest trade - 50 gold is all it takes for me to answer the questions you have."

F Human

Noro will whisper to Arasmes

Want me to intishate the haggling processh dear? as she cracks her knuckles and smiles

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Arasmes raises a hand slightly toward Noro, gesturing for her to hold off, for the moment.

"Fifty pieces of gold is a high price for the word of an old charlatan. It seems we have wasted our time coming here... I'm certain that the Venture Captain can suggest a more reliable source of information with the good sense not to mistake Pathfinders for common fools.

Arasmes is, of course, trying to coax Zograthy into offering a better price, assuming that my first disastrous Diplomacy roll didn't already ruin my chances of success. I'm also rolling Sense Motive to try and ascertain if he's telling the truth about others showing an interest in Natalya, and ideally to interpret that waver in his smile, as well.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

As the bargaining begins to really happen, Volta turns his look back on Zoggy. Volta thinks, What does he know? What is he really willing to sell? Is this a false sale where he sells us lies, for profit or mischef or worse, to set us up? Or does he have real information? Where are his true loyalties in this matter?

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26 Volta indulging his paranoia.

Volta's hand, once again, acts on its own, twirling the rope in his fingers, expertly untying and retying knots, loops, etc. one handed. Add some performance skill, it could make for a good carny act!

", please. No one else knows the city - or Vancaskerkin - as I. Please, surely we can come to a mutual agreement. You have the gift of a golden tongue - we could be great friends. I will give you my "friend" rate. How does 35 pieces of gold tickle your fancy?"

Arasmes and Volta:

It seems that he really does have information of value - but is unwilling to part with that information without receiving a fee.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Arasmes turns around, still frowning, and looks thoughtful for a moment.

"Well... while I am reluctant to pay so much, I suppose we are already here."

Arasmes reaches into a pocket sewn into the inside of his cloak and removes 35 coins from a pouch inside. Withdrawing his hand he shows the coins to Zograthy in his open palm.

"We will hear what you have to say."

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