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Seeking The Shards

Game Master GM Idyll

A Shattered Star PBP

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Hello, everyone and congratulations on being selected for this adventure. If you haven't already, please complete your character sheets using the character creation criteria below.

Character Creation Guidelines

1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Choose two traits. One must be a campaign trait.
3) Max HP at first level

4) Max starting gold for your class

If you use Hero Lab, I'd love it if you sent me your .por files. Just shoot me a PM with a link to download it (if you use Dropbox or a similar service) or for my email address.

Finally, please put the following in your character profile under the "Race" field: Race and Class (archetype if any) (Armor Class / Hit Points / Saving Throws / Initiative / Perception)

How We'll Play
I like to have fun and err on the side of fun over rules. This is usually in your favor, so if you show creativity, we may be able to avoid a dreaded dice roll (the dice roller on this board often hates my players).

I will roll initiative and use your passive perception for you when necessary. This speeds up the game considerably (so please include your initiative and perception scores high on your character sheet). If you wish to make an active perception check, please state so and roll the dice. If I don't want to use your roll (or if it's stupidly low) I will simply reject it.

As for handling initiative, to start, I'd like to just use individual initiative. If we find that the combat portions of the game are moving too slowly, we'll adjust.

When doing a skill check, go ahead and state what skill you're using and roll the dice. Again, I might reject your roll if it is unnecessary, but it speeds thing up if I don't have to ask for it.

Let me know if you have any questions and when your character sheet is ready for review.

I'm looking forward to getting started!

F Human

dotting in

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I believe mine is ready - I checked over it. Thank you for picking me btw. I'm putting up the critical stats in my headline.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Checking in, hope the header is good for you. As always, not to put you on the spot, but to better understand what DM's look for, what decided you on me? You had some very good entries.

Notice we have a 5 man team with two arcanists, I'll guess we'll find out why we need them :)

I do not have Hero Labs, the program it cheap enough but the datasets are not, at least with Paizo turning out too much good stuff; I've fallen behind and can't catch up!

I prefer individual initiative myself. Otherwise some characters are unfairly penalized.

I think my character is done and ready for play, since he is a minor mod from his earlier outing. If you see any issues or have any questions, as always, please ask.

Glad to meet everyone and look forward to gaming with you.

Role note: Volta is an intrusion specialist, and is equally at home in wilderness and the city, his combat skills are limited and I intend to keep it that way. However with the extra CHR, I could put a few points, next level, towards social skills, but I think Arasmes has it covered. Chime in with what you think, we are all in this together.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Alright, my complete character information is in my profile. Arasmes is quite diplomatic, and the Trade subdomain allows him to give himself a bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive that scales with level, so I should be able to cover many social situations. Being a lawful sort (and a poor bluffer), however, someone else may have to step in if the situation requires subterfuge.

Speaking of which, nice to meet all of you! Thanks for giving me a shot, Idyll; I'll try not to disappoint! :P

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Thanks for picking me. I am last to the part I see! Bedwyr and his spider familiar Rebecca should be ready to rock and roll. I also don't use hero labs or similar programs. The stats should be up in the header and thanks again

Welcome everyone! I'm glad to see you've all checked in already.

I'll be going over your character sheets and will let you know if I have any issues (Valtyra, I got your .por file just fine - thanks!).

In the meantime, you can go ahead and post in the gameplay thread, further introduce yourselves here or determine what connections your characters already have - family, friends, met at a tavern once, picked a fight with, etc.

I'm excited to get started!


I read your previous posts and did indeed like your tone and flavor with the character. It was a tough choice, but you won out.

One other quick note - I do the major items when reviewing your character, but I don't look too closely at your gear, so please be honest about what you've purchased and how much you've spent.


I've reviewed your sheet and everything looks pretty good. Here are a couple of notes:
What armor are you wearing?
Did you purchase a dagger?
With your masterwork tools, I'm showing that you actually have a +13 to disable device.

F Human

do you want the por file for our character if we have it?

I can send mine after I get home from work

Yes please, Noro. Send me the link to it via PM.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

I'm as honest as PCGen is :), which does have its quirks, the Pathfinder datasets are in various alpha and beta stages and PCgen itself is undergoing major changes, but I've used it for almost a decade now.

Quirk one, it does not output the armor in the equipment section though it adds it into the inventory ok and to the AC calcs. I'll add it to the character sheet.

Quirk two, it's random when outputing weapons in the equipment section as well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'll add it because I did indeed buy one.

I do not normally add a temp bonus to my skill, just the base mods. I can mod the sheet to show it. Since I'll use it often, I'll put it in the header.

Just noticed that PCgen put the MW thieves's tools as weight 1 lbs rather than 2 lbs. Dropped blanket, changed weight.

Hope that works for you, anything else I'll adjust.

Thanks for taking me!


Taldane isn't a language, is it? I think you can pick one more.

Everything else looks good.


Are you taking the Winter Witch archetype or just the Winter patron?

Is the Frostbite Water spider just a personalization of the Scarlet Spider or is it an actual familiar class?

Is Gifted Adept boosting Ray of Enfeeblement? I assume so, just want to clarify.

Everything else is fine.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Taldane is Common; I just like using the in-universe name, because it sounds fancier. :P

I might actually have another language pick, but only if we're going by the rule that human ethnicities get all the languages listed for them in the Inner Sea World Guide for free. I know that Pathfinder Society does that, but not all GMs I've gamed with do, so I only too three languages, just in case. If I do get common and kelesh for free, I'll go ahead and add Varisian to the list. :)

That's how I game, so I'll add Varisian for ya.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Cool, thanks!

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Just the patron of winter not the archetype and you are correct making Rebecca a frostbite water spider is just a personalization of the scarlet spider. And yes ray of enfeeblement is the gifted adapted boosted spell I chose.

So do you guys feel adequately acquainted?

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

I think so; don't feel like I have much more to say until we know our objective.

F Human

you had to ask when I have drinking as much as Noro did.

I am aquainted with the fellow pathfinders but if I find another jar of olives ... Vodka martini's!!!!

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Yep, at least until we find out what's up.

I'm still here - crazy work days. Will update asap. Likely this weekend.


How much knowledge do each of you have about Magnimar? Do any of you have City of Monuments?

F Human
GM Idyll wrote:
How much knowledge do each of you have about Magnimar? Do any of you have City of Monuments?

just recently bought the download but haven't had much time to rally rad it. just browsed enough to create some charcter backgrounds (for chaacters I probably will never use)

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14
GM Idyll wrote:

How much knowledge do each of you have about Magnimar? Do any of you have City of Monuments?

None, really. Have no idea of its geography, never seen a map of it, only info I have read is from the Player's Guide to RotRL, Shattered Star, and Jade Regent. I do not have City Of Monuments. Volta's also very new in town, even with K:Geography, it'll take him a while to know where things are. Just tell me/him what he sees as he goes and I'll react to that. If, for your convenience, you need to do an info dump, by all means go ahead.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I have the City of Monuments book, but Valtyra has no Knowledge(local) :)

Do you have it? Or want me to look up something in it for you? I can copy and paste the relevant sections to you.

And the future answers to all 'do you have Paizo's X book?' is 'yes.' I've been a subscriber to all their stuff since the beginning.

I have the book, I was just wondering how much additional exposition and narrative about the city was necessary. I will do more in future "walking to your destination" posts.

None of you have knowledge local, correct? Are any of you natives to the city? I could look at your stories, I suppose, but I'm on my phone at the moment.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I am a local 'outcast noble', but have been away in Absalom for a while becoming a Pathfinder.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

I also have the book but haven't even cracked it yet. As for Bedwyr he is not from the area and just recently arrived in Magnimar. By the Way, I love the campaign info links you posted very nifty.

Thanks, Bedwyr. Hopefully they'll be helpful and updated regularly.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; I don't have City of Monuments and my knowledge of Magnimar doesn't go much beyond what you can find on the wiki. I guess it's good I decided not to play a local; my ignorance is more-or-less in character. :P

Oh, and, no, Arasmes doesn't have Knowledge: Local; just History and Religion here.

Sorry (again), everyone. Launching a client web store this week and it's going poorly. I'm updating the game this morning. Thanks for bearing with me.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

Been there before - good luck!

Did my infrequent posting kill this game? You guys still on board to continue?

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

I'm on board, but I'm waiting on Arames to continue the bargaining, Volta has little to contribute there. The slow posting has drawn down the early energy and people may be checking less often. I notice that a lot of players depend on dotting, and subscribing or other board indicators to see if there are new posts, it's not a good idea those services are unreliable at best, I check direct.

F Human

still here just nothing for Noro to do except to bust some heads.

she has no skills that will assist the party at the moment.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

Sorry guys; having problems with my laptop so I haven't been checking the gameplay thread as often. I'm having a good time, but if we decide we need to speed things up I'll do my best to post more frequently.

I hope Volta won't be disappointed that I already settled on a price; Arasmes is eager to move on and I don't feel like pushing my luck after that initial embarrassment. Plus, he seems like he can genuinely help us, and good information deserves good coin.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Yeah I'm down to continue playing. Anyone else having trouble access the Paizo site for days at a time? It seems like it is down for maintainace every Tuesday.

F Human

I noticed that many of the threads are no longer connected (discussion to gameplay to recruitment threads.

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I definitely want to continue! I used my 'campaigns' page to check a couple of times a day. Valtyra is not as much of an interaction character as many I play, only some bluff.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Yes, major board problems, causes delays, and notification failures.

Ugh...the boards are nasty. Be sure to check the actual thread and not rely on the "New" post counts. Glad to see everyone's still on board!

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Busy tomorrow, will check board, if it lets me, very late.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

I hope my last post didn't come off as too hostile toward Volta. Arasmes doesn't focus as much on Abadar's role as the god of laws as he does on the other parts of the god's portfolio (the spread of civilization and trade, particularly), but robbing Zograthy because we feel like he charged us too much for the information he had is more than he's comfortable with.

That's not to say that Arasmes is necessarily going to throw a fit if we have to break the law. Both he and I (as a player) know how Pathfinders (and, for that matter, adventurers in general) operate, and he wouldn't be here if he wasn't okay with operating outside the law to some degree. I just hope nobody gets upset if he complains when he feels that an illegal action wasn't justified by our duties to the Pathfinders.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

I'm not in the least offended, I expected some reaction from the priest of law and trade. Volta's is ducklike, Arasmes's disapproval will roll off of him. On the other hand Volta's not really a thief, he's just has an inner-directed morality, he doesn't care about society's laws or approval. He thought he had been swindled on the info and wanted a discount; Volta doesn't care about complaining, he just acts as he sees fit. And he'll make the point that the Pathfinder Society is often regarded as a den of thieves, by some, in character.

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

I now consider this thread stalled. I hope you are alright, GM-Idyll, many people are not. However a week without explaining means you are unable to post, or else are not treating your players right. Noro is already submitted to another recruitment post.

I'm not sure about the mood of the other players. I'm disappointed of course but I'll keep checking for the rest of this month, after that, with no further word, I'll consider Volta released for other recuitments.

Male Human (Keleshite) Cleric of Abadar 1 (AC 17/8 HP/Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6/Init +2/Perception +3)

I'd like to apologize, because I haven't posted in some time either. I haven't been feeling well lately, and I guess my enthusiasm for the game has waned quite a bit... but still, I feel like I should have made more of an effort, and I'm sorry.

F Human

just so you know I have various versions of the same character.

the Noro for this game remains in tact with this game.

no worries about loosing Noro

Female Aasimar (Emberkin) Tattooed Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline) 1 (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +2 W: +3 | Init: +2 | Per: +3 [Darkvision])

I'm still here too!

Male Human/Rogue(Trapsmith)/AC:16,14,12/HP:8/ST:F0,R6,W1/Init:3/Perc:7,Traps:8/ Dis Dev:12/14

Oh, sorry, it would drive me nuts (Nuttier?) to play the same character in mulitple games. My bad, making assumptions. And I'm still here, willing to play, but this is not a good sign.

Grand Lodge

Male Dwarf Witch (Winter) 1, AC 11, HP 8, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3, Init: +1, Perception +3

Same here... It's good to hear from ya'll hopefully everything is ok with everybody.

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