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Seekers of the Grail (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

Join the ranks of an expedition on their quest to recover the history of their land and to recover the artifact which saved it in times of yore. A home made Play-by-Post Campaign.

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Human Witch 3 | HP 20/20

Aldus continues to stare bug-eyed at the people talking, to the point of awkwardness. Sipping his brew every now and again.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Sense Motive on Jevon's Bluff: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (3) - 2 = 1

Looking between the dwarf who introduced himself as Burrin and the man who introduced himself as Jevon, Endrian begins "Surely there is some misunderstanding here? This man seems to have recovered a mans coin from the floor.

You can call me Endrian. Sir is not a title that I am yet worthy of."

Turning and facing Jevon squarely.

"Jevon, I appreciate your attempt at wit, but surely such manners will only bring you trouble."

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon's eyes move from person to person, getting more and more concerned.

These are the sort that I have fallen in with. They seem like ruffians. Do I seem like a ruffian? The Grail should draw sorts of a higher caliber than this. This Endarian fellow seems a decent sort, but the rest? I'm not sure.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Rolled the Sense motive but Tim, considering the circumstances, he wouldn't believe Jevon if he still had both his purses in his hand."

Tim clears his throat, while casually putting his hand on his hip in an unimpressed fashion which "just" so happens to be where his coin purse should have been(checking for his purse without actually looking like it),
Bluff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21
"That is not the kind of skill to show off, particularly in a bar, in front of a bounty hunter, with a knight of the church, and a noble nearby."

Tim steps over with his hand out,
"Let me guess 2gold, 17 silver, and 20 copper. I know cause that's my drink purse."

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

There's a noble here? Leon thought, glancing around at Tim's words. "Good. Maybe they can inspire a more knightly behavior."

perception to spot the nobleman: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Didn't Jevon collect the bag for this man, and now he accuses him of thievery? Endrian thought to himself before addressing Tim.

"Surely there is some misunderstanding? This man has recovered your purse and you accuse him of theft?"

I worry about the success of this expedition if we cannot get along in a tavern...

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim looks at Endrian, "Aye, He recovered it from my belt, of which I can be sure of, having just paid for a drink and checking it after we shook hands."

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Maybe I jumped a little too quickly there... Endrian goes a little red as he realises he might have been a little too easily deceived.

"I am sorry for my quick judgment of the situation. I only saw the man hold up a coin purse asking for its owner. I may have to pay a little more intention to him in the future.

I did not happen to catch your name, perhaps you could share it with me?"

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

"I'm not sure what happened here, but that Dwarf seemed to have seen it." Leon said quietly. Standing, he spoke a little louder.

"Master Dwarf, will you tell these men what you saw, please?"

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Hearing himself called, Koldir turns back to the coin purse discussion. He nods to Leon, grateful for the vote of confidence.

Perhaps everyone here isn't so eager to be fooled as I thought.

"Aye. This man here swiped that one there's coin purse, right in front of me. An' then he tried to use the oldest tale in the book to get out of it. That's the truth o' the matter, and I advise ye not to trust everythin' ye hear, 'specially when there's evidence against it. An' if yer not sure of what's happening, ask, like this fellow here."

He raises his tankard in Leon's direction.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Growing redder, Endrian looks between the dwarf and the man who had stepped into the conversation before looking at the man who had lost his coin purse, beginning "I apologise for my hasty error of judgment.

He then turns to the man who had interjected "Thank you for aiding in clearing up this misunderstanding".

Turning to the dwarf "One such as yourself has a keen eye. I will be glad to have you at my side."

Finally, turning to Jevon, he threatens "You best watch where your hands wander. I dedicated my life to upholding all that is good and lawful, neither of which describes your actions."

Intimidating Jevon: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

Probably not enough.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Actually, Jevon is 1st level and has no Wis modifier, so the DC to intimidate him should be 11.

EDIT: intimidate is a sorta weird skill though, and he's a six-foot tall barbarian who grew up in a gang... we should probably wait for a ruling on that one.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

I guess that would make him Shaken then.

EDIT: Waiting on a ruling is probably a good idea. Thanks for the reminder about how Intimidate works. I always forget that it's a Wisdom based DC.

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Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Or else makes him friendly towards you for for 1d6 x 10 minutes :P

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Jevon hands the purse back to Tim. "I jus noticed the looks you was givin me and thought I might have a bit o' fun is all. Was just gonna see how long it took you to notice. Out in the borderlands, slow eyes lead to man-meat pies," he says with a wink. Jevon turns to look Endrian in the eyes. He is indeed a bit shaken at his underestimation of these newcomers. However he responds to the implied threat as he always does, with bravado.
"Nufin wrong with playing a wee prank, is there? Also nothin' wrong with making sure the blokes what'll be watching my back aren't as dumb as pile of rocks. Look, no harm done. Next round's on me Tim."
Dimplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

He leans in very close to Koldir's ear, with one hand on his back and whispers, "Thanks mate. I figured us gutter rats would haf to stick togetha, guess I was wrong. You really fink I'd still be alive if I was dumb enough to rob a noble in a room full of self-righteous grail wankers? Best learn to trust that I've got your minature hairy back or this is going to be a loooong road." Koldir is close enough to smell a mixture of herb, cider and garlicy meat on Jevon's breath, and see his crooked yellow teeth briefly bite his bottom lip as he finishes his whispered admonition. Jevon's eyebrows raise a quarter inch, as if to say "Yeah?"

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

"You would do well to avoid similar pranks in the future, a group on a journey through the borderlands needs to be able to trust each other. A group divided..." he pauses briefly, recalling some point in his past "is a pile of corpses."

Endrian moves to take a seat at the bar, opting for one close to the man who had stood up earlier to clear the air (Leon).

Alright then, we officially begin in a little more than 24 hours (8 PM on Friday, UTC/GMT -4 hours). I believe all players in Gameplay have currently signed themselves up except Cottontail and our three un-entered compadres. So far you guys are stunning me with your dialogue and I had to stop myself in the middle of Ethics lecture from laughing out loud. I am glad we have such a great team and I can't wait to see all your reactions out in the battlefields on your quest to glory!

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Looking at Endrian Jevon says, "True enough. I'll be on me best behavior Sir." His ever present smirk growing a bit wider.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon says nothing, but he does reach behind the bar for another glass and pours the man next to him a drink from the bottle in front of him.

Perhaps this won't be so bad after all.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir leans away from Jevon, but then thinks a moment. While he is put off by the man's attitude, he does still feel a bit of camaraderie for an fellow streeter. The alcohol has also made him a bit friendlier. Coin purse shenanigans aside, he supposes he could have worse men on his side.

"I've got a deal fer ye, Jevon was it? If you keep your hands offa what's mine, and tone down that attitude o' yers when speaking' te me, I won't holler everytime you're having a little fun with the stick-up-the-arses, eh?"

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Interpreting the smirk as enthusiasm, Endrian replies to Jevon saying "See thats the spirit. Trust me, it'll be a lot easier this way."

Perception to notice a drink being poured: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (6) - 2 = 4

Not noticing Leon pouring him a drink until the deed is done, Endrian attempts to politely decline the drink, maintaining a nice red hue with yet another embarassment. "No disrespect kind sir, but I'm not the biggest fan of alcohol... I had a bad morning after a long night. I haven't touched any of the stuff since."

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon shrugs and pours Endarian's glass into his own.

"I'll pay the price for you."

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

"Here you are, lad."

Koldir casts Create Water in Endarian's now empty glass.

"Ye can at least pretend te be enjoyin' yerself now."

Koldir tends to get rather liberal with his magic when tipsy, it's part showing off and part making sure it still works, not really knowing where his power comes from.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon blinks in surprise as the glass fills, and looks at the dwarf with confusion and awe.


Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Smiling a little bit and regaining a more natural skin tone, Endrian replies "Well that works for me. Say, I don't think we have been properly introduced, my name is Endrian Proche, Paladin of the Church of Eveldine, and you are?"

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

A tall woman strides into the inn. She has short blond hair and blue eyes. She looks pretty sporty for a woman, and could probably give half of the men here in the tavern a run for their money in an arm wrestling match. She is wearing new leather boots, a wool skirt, a white shirt and red leather jacket, and a cloak. She has a backpack over a shoulder, a swagger in her step, and is whistling a common tune. Those who see her enter could swear that she must have literally just bought the latest "generic female adventure's outfit" from the market today. (And she did!) She takes a quick look around the tavern, a dopey smile on her face and takes everything in. She looks pretty much just like the avatar image.

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Seeing the group that got turned down a horrible thought crosses her mind.

...I never even thought I could be turned away, do I have to try out of something?! -_-' I tooootally spent everything I had on this adventuring stuff.

...Oh well, I'm sure it will turn out well!

Seeing the green robed chalice people, Leylyn glides to them, like she doesn't have a care in the world.

"Helllooo~ ♥ I'm here to join the expedition. Is this where I sign up?"

"Well good evening to you there miss. We don't get too many of the fairer sex signing up for this sort of thing so you best be sure you know what you're doing." The captain looks around the tavern real quick. "In fact, I'm sure you can take care of yourself but I suggest you stick with the... gentlemen... at the bar. They seem to be of a slightly higher caliber than the rest of the rabble here. Now, you only need to sign here... and here's your down payment. Welcome to the Seekers! Mind you be ready though for tomorrow morning. We leave early. The Captain smiles at you, visibly happy to see someone less likely to cause mayhem... Or so he hopes

Love the choice of avatar image. She was always one of my favorite NPCs from the APs

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian sees the water filling up the glass before him. When its full, he holds the glass up to Burrin in salutation and drinks it.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Replying to Koldir, Jevon says, "Attitude..?" he giggles a bit. He seems to consider for a moment then says, "I'm sure I'd make you pay to put my hands on what's yours, but I doubt you'd find it an unpleasant sort of experience." With another wink he holds out his hand to shake and says, "Deal."

Noticing Leylyn enter the Legion's Mortar, his attention is immediately locked on her.
Yummy... His eyes follow her path to the recruitment desk, and see the Captain pointing her towards the group at the bar. Finally, the silver lining to this group. She looks a bit green though, have to watch out that the only thing to pierce that pretty flesh is me. He turns his attention back to Koldir and awaits the new girl's arrival.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Leylyn is anything but quiet, so I'm not bothering spoiling...

"You mean the ones over there that look like they are going to start a bar fight? You really know how to show a girl a good time cap'n!" She says with a wink as she gabs the pouch full of coins and turns to make her way to the ...gentlemen...

As she walks over she makes a show of shaking the bag of coins. Ohh~♥ what a lovely sound!

She puts the coins away into her inside jacket pocket and makes her way to the men at the bar. Hey, their poring drinks for each other now! Looks like they made up! That's great!

When she arrives to the group she greets the group with a sincere smile on her face. " Hi Everyone! Cap'n said that this is where the elite are hanging out! My name is Leylyn Rhydoc. Nice to meet'cha all! BARKEEP! Ale for all of my new friends here!"

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"Good evening Lovey. My name's Jevon." He scoots over a stool, leaving a space between him and Koldir. "Please, sit." His hand indicates the now open stool. "It's still warm." He says with one of his signature grins.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

"Glad to have you join us, but watch out I'm sure many around here would love to see a different side of you." Tim gives Jevon one of those "stay out of trouble" type of looks.

"You look new to this type of stuff, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about living out in the wilds. In fact I am about to go grab some last minute supplies if you would like to join me."

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

"Okaaayyy~ ♥ Thanks!" Leylyn says and takes a seat. "So, what is your role in all this?" She takes a good long look at Jevon. "You wouldn't happen to be... a cook would you? I'd totally be your best friend if you were, I love food! you think you can sneak me some of the good stuff? I won't tell anybody. It'd be our little secret!"

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Leylyn taps a finger on her lips. :3 "A different side of me?! Which side?" Leylyn stands up and does a flamboyant twirl. "I am a shower of all sides!" she says with a showy bow.

"New?! What makes you say that? I'm pretty good at taking care of my self, but it is true that I've never been out in the wilderness for a long period of time. Ohh you must be one of those outdoorsy types. Umm a ranger huh?! I've never met a ranger before. is it true that you sleep with packs of wolves and wrestle bears?" Leylyn says with a twinkle in her eye.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Doesn't supplies usually include food? I am gonna have to keep an on her, she seems too inexperienced for this. Guess it's up to me and the knight to keep her alive and well.... unless she has some sort of surprise up her sleeve.

"Thank you for the drink miss, see you in the morning." He nods farewell to the others and goes to collect some supplies before the shops close.
Alias inventory updated with small things, including the parts for my "hammock"

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

"Why hello there young lady, welcome to our merry crew," he slightly bows his head and gestures to the others around him.

"When we set off it would probably be a good idea to stick closer to me than some of the others..." at this he casts his gaze towards Jevon.

She really is very naive, even I'm feeling more aware of the innuendo flying around than she seems to be. Keeping her out of trouble just hit number four on the to do list

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"I'm great at spitting meat, but I can't claim to be no chef. Though with the right herbs anything tastes good, eh?" Jevon says as she twirls herself around. His pointed looks in the direction of Leon, Endrian and Tim are followed by a 'talk to me later' eyebrow raise. "Some people can't take a little joke."

Just cause she's got no willie don't mean she can't handle herself. Look at those arms.. He waits for her to sit back down then says, "You don't look like no innocent lamb to me lovey. Where you from?'

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

"I am sorry that I find theft offensive and not something to joke about, Jevon." Endrian says with a short sigh.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Leylyn turns to Tim. "Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa! You're not leaving are you? We've barley just meet! We've got alot of partying and getting to know each other to do tonight! We're about to embark on the most epicest of journeys, that in which these two kingdoms have not bore witness in over hundreds of years! We will be putting our lives in each others hands! Some of us might not even come back alive! This is not the time for ...going to bed early... this is the time to let loose and enjoy ourselves! Stay a while won't you?" Leylyn nearly begs.

When Endrian greets her, she gives him a good look up and down. She gives him a sly look. "Well Sir Knight, are you hitting on me? And you haven't even touched your drink yet!~♥"

And without missing a beat, she turns to answer Jevons question!

Ohh, I'm from Silverfall, Pride of Nivmadas~♪ I helped out at a tavern/inn... or maybe it would be more of an inn/tavern... An inn with a brewery...? Anyways, its called the Drunken Sheep. Hehehehe get it? Like counting sheep, but with booze! I always thought it was a pretty clever name! Anyway, I did the normal stuff, waitressed, ran the counter, sang, broke up bar fights, played my flute, among other things. How about you? Where are you from, what do you really do?"

Leylyn seems surprised. "Theft? Nononononono. You can't do that! Pranks have to be fun! You can't just go around stealing things, even as a joke! It just ruins everyone's trust. Believe me, been there, done that. Never funny. Devon, if you stole something you should apologize. Show everyone your a better man then they think. First impressions are totally important!"

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim laughs, "I'll be back before the party ends, but I need to hit the shops before they close , besides, what's better then shopping? Shopping and a party."

You are going to be a fun char to play with Leylyn, makes me wish I roll girl on this char. Wait it's not to late to change that is it? I could totally play off of this, but should I? mmmm

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

I think I should just change Endrian's skin colour to red.

Endrian goes a very deep shade of crimson at the suggestion of hitting on the newest recruit.

"Umm... Errr... Ah... Well... Umm..." he begins before taking a deep breath and trying again. "My dear lady, I errr... simply want to uhh... be there to ummm... protect you. You are very ummm... attractive but... ah..." Endrian's skin goes redder if that was at all possible.

"You see, my fair lady, I am sworn to protect and to do what is truly right and just. I simply wanted to offer my protection... to you... ummm" he attempts to continue, but only stutters, before managing "You are right about earning the trust of those with whom you will journey. Though epicness is a new word for my vocabulary, I think it manages to summarise the importance of our quest."

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"I didn't steal nufin, simply picked it up for a few ticks. I intended to give it right back in a comical-like manner, but fings got all serious. Name's Jevon luv, not Devon. I'm a travelin' merchant outta Sturmwatch, specializin' in procurin' rare and imported wares."
Assuming there is music playing in here.
Jevon stands up and offers his hand to Leylyn. "Wouldn't care for a dance would you? You're prolly right about puttin' our lives in each other's mits out there. Might as well start now, eh? Oh, and Timmy when you get back I'd love to see what moves the nobles are doing these days. He says without skipping a beat.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

A noble in my midst, his protection will go down as number five...

Endrian's eyes seem to light up at the opportunity to dance and noting Jevon's offer to dance with the lady, scans the room for another woman in the room.

Perception to see if there is another woman in the room: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (2) - 2 = 0

Endrian doesn't see anything. He looks a little crestfallen.

male human cavalier 3 [hp 26/26] [AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +2 Dex)] [Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1 ] [Init +2] [Perception +2 ] [CMD 18]

A nobleman enters the tavern.

He is dressed as befits his rank, in dark blue and deep green colours, and as if he could go riding at a moment's notice, with a cloak and woolen surcoat over scale mail armor, and with black leather riding boots adorned with gigantic spurs.

There's a longsword in a sheath on his left hip, and a truly wicked weapon dangling on his right hip: a long whip of hardened leather with a series of razor-sharp blades inset along its tip, that looks like it could make a grown man screams for mercy while being slashed to death.

The man walks unhurriedly to the recruiting table, taking in his surroundings.
Perception 1d20 ⇒ 7
He is of medium height and of medium build but with something muscular in his stance and springy in his steps which indicates strength and speed. He seems utterly confident. And he breathes calm arrogance.

He stops in front of the two officers seated at the table and adresses the one obviously in charge, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I am Baster of the Peacock. I am a… faithful… knight to our most merciful Majesty, the good queen Gwenehart of Nivmadas."
He has a mirthless grin that shows white teeth.
"I've come to join this Quest for the Grail. And perhaps he nods to indicate the throng in the tavern to save it from the riffraff and unworthy."
"Greetings to you, Captain Pelemynn." the nobleman adds belatedly.

Perception 10:
Baster's longsword is of exquisite craftsmanship (masterwork quality). Its painted hilt is in the shape of a crested bird's head: a peacock.

Knowledge (nobility) 15:

Baster his a noble from Nivmadas who was recently pardoned by queen Gwenehart. He had been apprehended after trying to carve a fief for himself in the kingdom's marches.

Knowledge (nobility) 20:

Baster has had a recent fallout from his family: the Thorns from Castle Thorn, preeminent nobles of Nivmadas.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

While waiting for Leylyn's reply, Jevon notices Baster's entrance. Sweet Eveldine, another noble. He tenses up and his right eye begins involuntarily twitching a bit. His smirk almost fades, but it snaps rigidly back into place after an instant. Just think of the gold Ryker, just think of the gold. You can do this. Paladins, nobles, fun-spoiling dwarves are all nothing next to the giant pile of glittering goodness waiting at the end of this. Hell, maybe some idiots will cast you as a hero afterwards. There'll be statues to your name. Yeah, statues... His eyes lose focus and drift upwards as he begins to lose himself in the daydream. After a second he remembers where he is and returns to offering Leylyn his hand.

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Sorry I'm late to the Gameplay. Didn't realize it was up.

A white cloaked figure, with his hood up, holding a quarterstaff in his right hand enters the tavern. He glances around the room.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Carefully makes his way through the room and walks up to the sign in table. Pulling back his hood and revealing that he is an Elf, he says, "Greetings and blessings be upon you good sirs. Is this by chance where one might sign up for the expedition of the Grail? For if it is, I would like to render my services." Puts his left hand, with his thumb against his chest, and bows slightly.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir was going to respond both to Endrian and Jevon, but Leylyn's entrance grabbed their attention. Bemused by her mannerisms and by his companions' reactions, he sits and watches the human men fall over one another for her affection.

I've never understood the big deal about girls, especially those skinny human ones... that one's got more muscle than any I've seen and she still looks like she could still snap in some harsh wind... ahh well, perhaps Jevon will be creepy towards her and leave the rest of us alone... a dwarf can dream...

Baster AND Ithriel:
Why not, we'll go with a double entranceCaptain Pelemynn looks at you two newcomers with a smile on his face. "It was sure getting late, I didn't think we'd be getting much more than additional rabble from here on end but it looks like you've proved me wrong." He checks you both over and at the same time glances at the rest of the people currently at the bar. "Well, not everyone's rabble here and I can tell you'll fit right in, especially a Knight for our fair lady Gwenehart and one of the fair folk, with that group at bar. If anyone's got the real skills here it'll be them. In any case you can both sign right here without further ado... and this here's for your troubles, don't spend it all at once." He leans back, visibly quite pleased with the arrivals for this expedition. "Welcome to the Seekers my friends."

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

GM Matt:
How much were we given? And can I assume the bar is within 30 feet, so I can see it?

"Thank you good sir. And may Eveldine light your way."

Turns and heads to the bar, placing money in one of his belt pouches on the way.

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