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Seekers of the Grail (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

Join the ranks of an expedition on their quest to recover the history of their land and to recover the artifact which saved it in times of yore. A home made Play-by-Post Campaign.

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Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Seeing Endrian put Baster in the saddle, Ithriel mutters, "We all have our personal demons. May you wake at peace friend."

I apologize if I had no reply to make up here. The trip was meant as an RP break after two consecutive battles so I felt it best to leave you to your devices. Which in my opinion gave us quite another interesting bar scene. As soon as everyone's back at the encampment, you can expect the adventure to continue indeed.

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Funny I was half expecting you to say the camp was obliterated when we got back, Matt. But then again, I'm mildly morbid IRL.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Don't figure out my future plot devices please.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon shakes his head at Sir Baster, leaves a few coins on the bar and follows Endarian out, helping get the drunken knight saddled up and pinned in place between them.

Patting his new steed's neck he sighed.

He and I are not so different really. The cup is where we hide. Is it as hard for the others to watch me as it is for me to watch him? These two knights teach me so much. It's time I stopped hiding.

On the way back to camp Leon empties his flask into the road.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Terribly sorry everyone, I just returned from NYC and crashed out for a long while.

To Baster, discussing the hammer:

Koldir doesn't answer Baster immediately, his eyes on his new weapon as he walks away. "I will be fine, Ser Baster. I'm sure yer no stranger to the stories o' the mind. I'm simply doin' some rememberin' right now."

To Jevon, in the tavern:

"Ahaha... don' worry about it. Koldir gratefully accepts the wine. "It was arrogant o' me to even bother hidin' the name in the first place, there's not a one here who's heard o' me anyhow." He drinks deeply, completely draining his cup...

Fortitude Save for alchohol: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

though none of the alcohol he has drunk thus far seems to have made even the slightest difference in the dwarf.

Hmm... ye mean the man ye all so kindly rescued from the evil nobles?" There is a definite tone of bitterness in Koldir's voice. "He had an odd pendant on, 'specially for one so raggedy-lookin'." Koldir grabs some charcoal from the fire and has begun to sketch out the shape of the necklace...

Perception to notice Baster's gaze: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30

when he notices Baster staring at him from across the room, clearly not in a friendly way.

Sense Motive on Baster: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

Koldir stares into Baster's eyes.

He's angry... And he's afraid of something. Fear is nearly always the source of anger, but fear of what? Me? Himself? He's caused a scene before, and he's drunker now...

Koldir's hand tightens on his new hammer below the table, and he prepares to force Baster into slumber if necessary. It's soon clear, however, that Baster is perfectly capable of doing that himself. Koldir finishes showing the symbol to Jevon, and leaves the bar with the rest of the party. If nobody engages him in conversation he rides back alone, though he is content to respond.

If there's anything else that Koldir might have noticed from the Perception or Sense Motive checks, let me know.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim checked the wanted boards, then went and checked around for news and bandit reports.

How do we gather information in this game anyway ( is this really my first time using that in this system? I have been in the wild to much)
1d20 ⇒ 13

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Diplomacy check

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Not too bad a change I guess. +4 for a total of 17

There a few bandits here and there that seem to be wanted, but the big news is that a large band of mercenaries marched south from the Northern Coasts and was last seen going cross-country south through the forests.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

DM Matt:

I know that I probably didn't find anything out with that above gather info check, but how long does it take? Does Leylyn get back to the tavern before or after everyone left?

Human Witch 3 | HP 20/20

Aldus steps into the bar late into the night, a touch of red colors his cheeks and his eyes seem just a tad bit glazed over. Staggering over he laughs and shakes his head. Walking over to everyone he gives everyone he can recognize a reaffirming handshake. Staggering over to the bar he trips over his own feet and nearly falls, catching himself on the edge of the bar. He reaches into his pouch and takes out a pair of coppers that seem to be covered in a colored dust of some kind, licking his sleeve Aldus hands the man his money and drinking horn, waiting for him to refill it before stumbling back outside and into the cold night air, sloshing beer onto the wooden floor.

Leylyn Rhydoc wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

As you didn't find much information I'll say you can arrive before everyone leaves.

The night is getting late and the supplies you purchased for the camp will need returning sooner or later.

Nevertheless, the weather looks to be getting bad again.

Do you wait it out here in town or try and hustle back to the encampment?

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Hearing the signs of another storm brewing, Ithriel suggests, "It appears that another storm is brewing. May I suggest that we wait the night out and journey back in the morning if it clears?"

male human cavalier 3 [hp 26/26] [AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +2 Dex)] [Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1 ] [Init +2] [Perception +2 ] [CMD 18]

Obviously, Baster won't wake up till tomorrow morning. So I'll keep mum until that moment.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

I thought we already left a while ago...why are we still in the tavern?

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

I know we are all outside the tavern, some people made reference to leaving. I guess Matt says we are all still outside the tavern.

Ithriel wrote:

"It appears that another storm is brewing. May I suggest that we wait the night out and journey back in the morning if it clears?"

Endrian looks at the 'merry' shaman, the sleeping Baster and then to his other companions. "You know, even without the weather, its probably a better idea to stay here anyway. I am more than happy to cover the cost of the inn if that is the consensus. So, what say you?"

Endrian looks around at the less intoxicated members of the party after asking his question.

EDIT: Someone (me) can't spell 'quote'

I simply want to know, are we all returning to the camp or sleeping in town. Nothing more. Some people still seemed to be in the tavern or just outside of it.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Leylyn arrives back to the tavern, as the others discuss returning or staying the night. She is a little unsteady, and obvious tipsy. Wherever she had been, she had been drinking. She latches onto Ithriel's arm to keep steady.

"Hey everybody! Why is everyone stand'n around outside the tavern?! That seems toooootaly counter-productive. This place doesn't serve ale outside, encase you didn't know! See, Aldus here has the right idea, at least take a drink out wit'cha! Oh yeah, Ithriel..." Leylyn starts to speak in a jumbled gibberish that makes no sense. She then gives Ithriel a kiss on the cheek.


It is apparent that Leylyn has lost much of her capacity for elven while drunk...
"Ithriel, I am apologize? I myself was not in my ability to lost the somebody that you have tasked for me."

"So, it looks like it is go'n ta rain. At least that is what everyone has been say'n. Are we stay'n the night or are we go'n ta get wet?" Leylyn says as she looks around at everyone. She looks around again. "Hey. We're miss'n somebody... Where is Basty at? Still drink'n 'nside?" Leylyn doesn't care if they stay or go. She wants to stay and drink some more, but she finds the idea of riding her horse during a storm hilarious.

With 1/3 of the party out of commission, I vote stay the night. Besides, Leylyn doesn't need another RUI.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Sorry, my previous post was poorly worded.

Jevon, already being mounted upon his horse will point out to the others, "Drunk or not, we need te get these supplies back to camp. A little rain never hurt nobody. What if there's another attack? What if those nobles we pissed all over publicly today decide they want our throats slit tonight? We've got what we came for, lets f*ck off." His mount, sensing its rider's, irritation stamps its hooves and snorts before a sharp tug on the reins settles it.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Upon hearing Leylyn's question, Endrian simply points at the propped up noble 'seated' in his saddle.

Turning to Jevon, he agrees "Perhaps you are right. Saddle up ladies and gentlemen. Let us ride out."

He then leans in closer to Jasper and whispers "Can you tone down the language, I really do not appreciate it."

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir may have left before his companions, but if not he is on the side of leaving.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon shrugged. "I rather like the rain.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Yes, I can tone down the language.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Seeing as that wasn't in ooc chat I'm thinking that was just Endrian bein' paladinly, and not an actual issue with the language being used by us the players. I could be wrong though.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Well, in character Jevon would ignore him. Especially since his name's not Jasper :P

Human Witch 3 | HP 20/20

Back to the camp yes.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

That was IC not OOC. It was more a paladin thing than a me thing.

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Turns to Leylyn and whispers.

Elvish: It's alright my dear, I've been searching for years and have yet to find a single clue. Now come along young lady, lets get you back to camp.

Escorts Leylyn to her horse and makes sure she is situated in her saddle for the ride back to camp. He turns to the others and says, "Well if we are set on leaving, then let us not waste time." Climbs upon Tauredae, and gets into his usual position.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"Agreed Ithriel." With that Jevon wheels his mount and begins heading back to the camp.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

"HAHAHA! This is going to be fun!" Leylyn laughs as she tries to put the horse's new barding on all wrong. Once Ithriel or whomever is willing to help has fixed the poor horses armor, Leylyn tries to mount her horse and literally falls off. Unluckily for Ithriel, he broke her fall. Saved by Ithriel's assistance, Leylyn finally manages to seat herself wobbily onto her horse. "Lets sally forth into the wet unknown! hiccup! Hahaha! I've go-hot the hic-icups! Hahah-ahaha" She proclaims to the brewing storm.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

With a small sigh Leon hands Endrian his reins to help keep Baster upright between the two horses, dismounts and moves to help Leylyn.

After a few minutes of tightening straps, he mounts up behind her to keep her from falling out of her saddle.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian takes the reins as Leon hands them to him.

I hate horses. I guess you still haven't forgiven me for last nights complaints, eh Eveldine...

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Is Leon mounting his own horse and riding behind Leylyn, or is he riding the same horse with her?

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

He's riding with her since they undoubtably fell behind due to messing with her barding, and because she's drunk and he doesn't want her to fall or steer the horse into a pothole

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

So is this picture close to what's going on:

Jevon is riding out in front
Endrian is juggling three horses (one that he is mounted on, Leon's and Baster's)
Leon is riding behind Leylyn on her horse keeping it steady
Tim, Aldus and Ithriel are on their own horses


HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Sounds right to me.

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

"Teehehehe! This is ge-getting better by the min-minute~!" Leylyn coos as she leans back against Leon. "You're fine-finally opening up! How Cu-cute~!" She lays her head back so that the back of it is on Leon's shoulder and her forehead is nuzzling his chin. It would be a lot more tantalizing if it wasn't for the hiccups!

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon raises an eyebrow. "I suppose I could have let you ride on your own, but then you'd have fallen in the mud, and gotten me covered in it too when I helped you up. This just seemed like less work."

hp 26 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Init +4 | Per +4

Leylyn places a hand on his chin to close his mouth. "Liiiies~! You're worr-worried I'd fall and hurt my-myself! Don't cheapen the moment! I think it's very sweet of you Lee~" She pulls his face towards hers and their lips meet. They share a hiccup together. "Hehe. Lets enjoy our ride ba-ack~ unless you'd rather take the lo-long way back to camp." Leylyn says as her other hand captures Leon's free arm, drawing it tightly around her waist, and in-twining their fingers.

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Riding to far ahead of them, and hearing the conversation, Ithriel ponders, Now she is after Leon? I thought she wanted Endrian. I could never understand the human female mind, so fickle. At least elven women when they select a mate they stick with them until death parts them. Shrugs and continues on.

male human cavalier 3 [hp 26/26] [AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +2 Dex)] [Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1 ] [Init +2] [Perception +2 ] [CMD 18]

Baster's formidable warhorse, Skein, lets itself be lead by Endrian's wary hand, probably appeased by the presence of its sleeping master, slumped almost comfortably in his military saddle.

Rainy clouds pass by the moon in the night sky, making the barbs on the nobleman's whip glint intermittently like silvery thorns on a black vine, while the mount treads confidently on the uneven road.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Nothing but trouble. Reminds me a little of Cara.

Leon smiled in spite of himself and was glad for the rain than masked the tears that silently welled up.

He could practically hear her voice. You knew this would happen the moment you got on her horse. You wanted it to happen and you knew it would hurt.

Did you expect anything different?


Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian spends the trip back to camp in a state of constant awareness.

Watching the road for potholes in the rain and maintaining a balancing act between the three horses is almost too much for him.

As they ride through the storm, thoughts bubble up inside his head:

Just keep going.

Next time, I'm petitioning a little harder to just stay overnight.

Yeah, let the Paladin manage the horses, he definitely didn't just scrape through his riding classes...

I may have to speak to Baster on the art of riding.

So far so good.

Perception: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (15) - 2 = 13

Almost too late, he notices a pothole right in front of his horse, barely reacting in time to maneuver the horses around it.

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

Seeing Endrian struggle to keep the horses inline, Ithriel trots his steed up towards the Paladin. "In need of assistance my young friend? Leans over and takes a hold of Baster's reins. "By the way, I never did manage to ask you, how are you doing after being covered and bitten by spiders?

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian can't help but show a sign of relief as a horse is taken from his responsibility.

Thank you Eveldine.

"Why Ithriel, thank you."

He then goes on to answer the question posed to him, "I've actually pulled up rather well, magical healing really eases the irritations they cause."

Endrian then alters the course of the conversation asking, "So what interest does an elf such as yourself have in becoming involved in the Seekers? From what I hear, most elves are fairly reserved and tend to keep to themselves..."

And I'm back after losing my laptop for 3 days... not the right timing either. I'd ask everyone to give me until tomorrow to post as I have a lot of catching up on work to do... I apologize ahead of time for the delay.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

No problem, we'll just keep roleplaying the ride back

Male Elf Oracle 2 / Fighter 1 (HP 17 | AC 15 | T 12 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | F +2 | R +2 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7)

"A dream." Ithriel then recounts the dream that first lead him to take this path. "I was in the forest near my home when I started to hear a voice on the wind. Come and save me from the dark, it kept repeating. So I followed it, which lead me to an ancient tower. The cry for help was coming from within, and as I headed towards the door, an image of the lost grail appeared. Then I awoke the next morning, only to hear the town crier announcing the formation of The Seekers. Taking it as a sign of Eveldine, I gathered my belongings and set out to fulfill my destiny." Turns to Endrian, "and what of yourself Endrian? Why have you come?"

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian replies, "Much like yourself I believe Eveldine has her hand in my life. I was born with a birthmark covering my back in the shape of Eveldine's grail. I tend to try to keep this to myself for it lead to no small amount of bullying throughout my youth and Paladin training. You see, people do not like those who believe they were chosen for great things and they despise those who bear proof."

Endrian pauses briefly before continuing, "I always knew that Eveldine had something planned for me and upon learning of this quest with the Seekers, I petitioned my superiors in order to join in. They agreed, noting that it would be wise to have one of their own keeping an eye on things. They did tell me not to get excited about it, but I know that we are on the verge of something big."

"So Ithriel, am I a fool for believing that I was chosen for this? Or do you think we are onto the real thing?" Endrian asks.

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