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Seekers of the Grail (Inactive)

Game Master Matt, Garnished Game Designer

Join the ranks of an expedition on their quest to recover the history of their land and to recover the artifact which saved it in times of yore. A home made Play-by-Post Campaign.

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Seekers of the Grail

On the present day of the 1st of Highsun, 1045 BY, let it be known that King Alevander of Keddenmark and Queen Gwenehart of Nivmadas have granted the opportunity to the citizenry of the two realms to join in an expedition to the Borderlands to aid in the recovery of Avelonian ancestry. Applicants need be of mature age and of courageous spirit for the journey may be arduous. Applicants need only present themselves on the 10th of Highsun in Areillons at the Legion's Mortar Tavern. Please contact Captain Pelemynn of the newly founded Seekers Expedition. Expedition duties involve following military command, a weeks travel to the Borderlands, the search and exploration of the discovered ruins, translating and identifying found relics and remains and protecting the other members of the Expedition. Payment of 25 gp is offered upon signing on, with further compensation of 10 gp a week and a final payment of 100 gp upon return. As well, discovered wealth of strictly materialistic value will be divided equally between all applicants.

Signed, Head Archaeologist Erwynn Tallis

The Legion's Mortar Tavern is bustling with activity when you arrive, obviously having drawn a wide crowd of people from all corners of the two realms. Peasants, knights, mages, priests and nobles alike mingle among the tables laden with all manner of beers and meads. A roaring fireplace sheds a hearty light throughout the tavern. The sounds of merrymaking and joy fill the air, and the sounds of down payments being spent clinks all around. At the far end of the tavern you spot a large wooden table with a pair of well armored men, decorated in fine green capes with a golden chalice brooch affixed to them. They obviously appear to be in charge, especially the taller of the two, whose presence is quite daunting.

Perception DC 15:
You spot several individuals obviously rejected from the expedition who seem to range from sad to embittered.

Welcome everyone to the Seekers of the Grail Campaign. I'm immensely grateful to all of you for joining along on this journey with me. We have a large group (9-10) and therefore we'll have to be mindful that patience is required, especially during combats.

I will have Spoiler bars for information dependent on skill checks but that may not mean I will always ask for them. It is up to you to use your own skills at times to gather additional information.

As for combat, I will roll Initiative for all players, announce order and current Round and then proceed in order. I will Puppet any player who has not posted within 2 days if in combat based on the play style I've seen from you. You may leave me note on your character sheet for such events describing preferred actions. I will always try to maximize utility and avoid using limited use actions, especially items.

Once again, thank you.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim walks into the tavern and looks around to see whats in here and where the sign up table is.
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Staying clear of,and keeping an eye on, those angry people in the corner, he squeezes his way through to the table with the guys in charge, "Hello, I'm Tim Deamon, I'm here to sign up for the expedition."

Tim Deamon wrote:

Tim walks into the tavern and looks around to see whats in here and where the sign up table is.

GM wrote:
At the far end of the tavern you spot a large wooden table with a pair of well armored men, decorated in fine green capes with a golden chalice brooch affixed to them. They obviously appear to be in charge, especially the taller of the two, whose presence is quite daunting.

The taller of the two is most likely Captain Pelemynn, your contact. Currently there is no one in the line to apply and everyone else appears busy celebrating their good fortunes and spending their down payments on liquor and servant girls.

edit: The taller man speaks up. "Well met friend, I am Captain Pelemynn and this here is my aide, Lieutenant Curens." The Captain gives you a check over, listens to your qualities and answers to a few questions and shakes your hand. "You seem like a capable man and we need all the experience we can get. I won't say we're lacking in numbers but we have very few experienced men on the field. In any case, here's your down payment, twenty-five gold pieces as promised. Welcome to the Seekers. I suggest you get rested unlike the rest of the fellows. We leave in the morning."

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

I guess from now on Ill put my reaction to rolls seperatly. didnt think id be ninjad, but I should be used to that by now

Wasting the down payments on drink and girls when about to go down some unknown hole in the ground, I am not impressed by the general intelligence level in this room right now.

Tim Deamon wrote:

I guess from now on Ill put my reaction to rolls seperatly. didnt think id be ninjad, but I should be used to that by now

Wasting the down payments on drink and girls when about to go down some unknown hole in the ground, I am not impressed by the general intelligence level in this room right now.

I'll try and edit as little as possible and especially to avoid Ninjaing my players. I'll do refresh before posting from now to avoid this. And yes, we cannot say that the citizenry is doing a fine job of appearing educated at the moment.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Endrian strides into the tavern making his way directly towards the sign up table.

"Good morn Captain, I hear you are seeking those who would venture into the borderlands in search of important artifacts. I wish to offer my services for this noble quest.

"You'd be in the right place then my friend. I see you are well equipped for the task at hand and quite eager so I see no reason to refuse your application." Captain Pelemynn hands you a small pouch.This here's your down payment. I would recommend not spending it on frivolous things like the rest of our company. In any case, welcome to the Seekers. Make yourself at home. We've already had one other experienced looking gentleman arrive. He should be somewhere around the tavern.

Don't forget to do your Perception check next time my friend. Wouldn't want to miss out on potential key information.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

perception: 1d20 ⇒ 20

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

perception: 1d20 ⇒ 15

The man who enters is tall, broad shouldered, obviously quite strong and possesses a rugged attractiveness. In spite of that he is obviously a haggard and brooding man. He has not shaved in weeks and his hair is in dire need of cutting. His eyes are hollow as though he has sleep troubles.

On his back is a beautiful sword, obviously old but well cared for. It is sheathed into the back side of a canvas-wrapped kite shield.

He walks to the table slowly, waiting his turn in line, not really looking at his surroundings. At the table he looks down at the paper and then up to the recruiters.

"Leon of... Just Leon."

Well Leon, perhaps you haven't the best look about you, but I can tell a man by his character, not his appearance. And you have a definitive air around you that I feel will be of value to us. The man hands you a small jingling pouch. "Your down payment. Don't spend it all, that's a friendly suggestion. By the way, two other hardy looking fellows have already came by. Just look for those not looking too drunk and you should find them. Welcome to the Seekers!

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir slinks into the tavern, quickly and quietly taking in the occupants.

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Satisfied with the level of confusion and distraction, he makes his way to the large table. Brushing a lock of unwashed hair from his eyes, he speaks tersely:

"My name is Burrin, and I would pledge my hammer and my shield to this expedition, if you'd have me."

"Well met my dwarven friend. I am glad we are granted the chance to make acquaintance. We have not many others of your kind in our expedition and it is an honor to welcome you to the Seekers." The Captain hands you a pouch. [/b]"As with all the others, this is your down payment. I know that 25 gold pieces is a fair start but please try and not spend it all on liquor and women like the other fellows... in any case, some other fellows of stature are already here. I'm glad to see strong looking men amidst the rest of this rabble. At least we are better than those Grail Hunters... barely better than common bandits. In any case, welcome once again and make yourself comfortable. We leave in the morning."[/b]

Did you mean to give a different name than Koldir Shadowhammer?

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]


Yes, he's a naturally rather paranoid fellow, and sees no reason to give out his full name in this situation, especially since "Shadowhammer" isn't exactly a name he's proud of. Since he has an interest in making friends he will likely give his true name if engaged in conversation, but for purposes of signing up, and until he gets more of a feel for the situation, he's going to be Burrin.

Thank you for the clarification. I'll remember to use Burrin when a character addresses you until you've told that person otherwise.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

The harrowed man nods, looking at the writ in his hand proclaiming him a Seeker like it worries him.

Making his way to the bar he puts one of his new coins on the counter and says "Anything."

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir takes another look around the tavern, specifically looking for the "fellows of stature" he has heard about. Feeling awkward in such an overwhelmingly social situation, he looks for a table out of the way, to sit while watching those that enter, the others who have been accepted into the Seekers, and the malcontents he saw upon entering.

I wonder what the Captain meant by Grail Hunters, that seems like exactly what the Seekers are... Well, I won't be able to help anything without an idea of what's going on.

Perception check for general watching of the room, picking out the more impressive people, and keeping an eye on the rejects.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

The barman takes a look at the gold coin and grins. "Lot of gold flowing round my bar tonight my friend. Well, if it's anything you be having might as well give you 'yer money's worth." The barman reaches below the counter and slides over a fine bottle of what must be some very fine stout. "Just don't get yourself too worked up tonight my friend. Some of these fellows don't look too pleased about not being chosen."


As for the more impressive people in the tavern, two stand out slightly more than the rest, simply because of their current lack of mingling. As for the Grail Hunters, you know only that since the news of old Avelone ruins having been found and the potentiality of discovering the fabled Grail of Gods floating around, many other groups have set out besides the Seekers. Unlike the Seekers though, these men are little more than thieves and bandits.

Knowledge (nobility) DC 15:
One of the two appears to be of a certain noble upbringing judging by the way in which he holds himself

Knowledge (religion) DC 5:
The other looks to be a Paladin of the Church of Eveldine.


Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

As soon as Jevon walks into the Legion's Mortar he steps immediately to the side, back against the wall and surveys the chaotic scene.

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Bunch of drunken whoresons, and peasants with grandpa's blade. Maybe competition won't be as fierce as I anticipated.

After confirming that there is no one he owes money to, or anything particularly threatening in the room, he heads for the recruiter's desk.
"Hello boy-os! You look to be the ones in charge round 'ere. I'd like to sign my glorious hide over to your loving care for the duration. I'm good in a fight, and I know the borderlands like I know me own member." He ends with a giggle, puts his rough scarred hands flat on the table and leans in with a smirk to await their response.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

"I noticed." Leon said, looking sideways at the unsavory group. "Thank you."

Pouring himself a tall drink, he smelled it, then started sipping. He was in no hurry. He did not seem to enjoy the drink much, but it was clear that enjoyment was not it's purpose.

Finally looking around the bar, he noticed the dwarf for the first time and his eyebrows rose.

Never expected to see one of the stout folk in all my life. Then again, I never expected a lot of things. Why would a dwarf care about the chalice?

The Captain seems dazed as he glances up at you. A few seconds later, he catches his composure, breaks into a heart laugh, stands up and claps you on the back. "Now I haven't seen someone like you in many years. You remind me of my mentor back in military training, never a wasted word was heard from that mouth." He puts a pouch in your hands. "Consider yourself well and truly hired my friend. Welcome to the Seekers. Now, try and keep some of that gold for yourself and be ready for tomorrow, we leave early in the morning." He sits back down, still obviously glad to have such an imposing figure joining the group.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

@ the Captain:
"No problem mate, we mustering here? Name's Jevon Ryker by the way." He leans over and scrawls his name onto the page in a barely legible script.

"Pleasure's all mine Ryker. As it is, this happened to be the closest place to where we're heading that had such an... establishment. Not that I mind you see, men need their night of bravery if you get what I mean. In any case, their should be a few others arriving sooner or later but in the meantime you might want to mingle with the less desperate individuals among us... or not. I'm not the one to tell you what to do on your "off-duty" time."

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir watches the large man with the club, noting his quick assessment of the tavern as well as the way he carries himself as he heads to the table.

That's a man grew up on the streets, he'll be a good one to have around when we hit trouble, provided he's not it himself...

Seeing the surly man with the tall drink staring at him, Koldir's stomach sinks. He has been wanting to meet people and make friends, but he has forgotten his distaste for interaction. He grudgingly nods his head at the man.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

The tall man raises his glass to the dwarf in an earnest but self conscious salute, then turns back to the bar. He seemed embarrassed at having been caught staring, turning away out of politeness.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Hoping to avoid further direct attention, Koldir pushes back as far as he can from the main hustle and bustle. He continues his observation of the people around him as discreetly as possible.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"I'll be back in a bit Cap'n, got some business to wrap up first." He snatches the bag of coin from the table and ferrets it away somewhere almost quicker than the eye can follow. Executing a sloppy and borderline mocking salute, he turns swiftly on one heel and strides towards the exit. On the way he catches the dwarf looking at him.
That little bearder must fancy my bum! Lets put some rough in his feathers.
He slows for a second, looks 'Burrin' directly in the eye, and gives him a smirking wink before continuing his way out the door.

I want to see if I can find someone to sell me a Greataxe at this hour.
Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
If that doesn't work for some reason
Diplomacy (Gather Information): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
As soon as I've made my purchase I'll head back to the Legion's Mortar.

It's still early evening and it doesn't you take you too long to find an armory still open for business. Business transaction goes by quickly with only small chat being made. You obtain your desired weapon of choice without further hassle.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir grimaces and looks away from the man walking out the door.

So much for avoiding any more attention... I'd forgotten how much I hate street rats. A few years back I would have made sure he never winked with that eye again. Damn I need a drink...

Reluctantly rising from his table, Koldir walks to the bar, hoisting himself up on a stool near the man with the tall drink. He briefly considers a greeting, but decides against it.

At least this one didn't openly mock me, and doesn't seem to be particularly talkative.

"Barman, when you've got a moment, I'll take whatever's cheap an' strong"

"Cheap an' strong eh? Well, I think I have just the stuff. Mind you it's cheap and strong but you'll feel like a mule kicked your insides straight out your gut. The barman pours you a tankard of the stuff. The fumes emanating from it are enough to cause several of the more drunk rabble pass out or gag with horror. The barman winks at you before turning to the other patrons still able to walk.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Grimacing, both at the drink and the attention it has attracted, Koldir takes a full swig, hoping to get over some of his social anxiety and brain cells.

How cheap was it, exactly?

Copper coin cheap. You don't want to know what this is made out of.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

After an absence of some time Jevon strides back into the tavern, a large axe having replaced the club on his back. He immediately looks for the dwarf.
Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
Seeing the other patrons reeling away from him at the bar he strides right over, taking in Leon with a single long glance. He leans sideways against the bar, his elbow a few inches from 'Burrin's' drink. "Good Sir dwarf, my name is Jevon. You look the rough and ready sort...You don't happen to be one of my fellow Seekers do you?" While he speaks to Koldir, his eyes remain on Leon the whole time. Taking in his ancient clothing and equipment.
Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
"And you there, what's your name? I've never seen that sort of clothing before, you must have come a long way?"
Not really awaiting a response he pulls a wooden pipe out from under his armor, and begins to fill it with a sweet smelling herb from a pouch behind his belt. "Bartender, you haven't got any virgin cider have you?" he briefly sniffs in the direction of Koldir's cup. "Or really anything opposite of what he's drinking?"

The bartender looks at Jevon. "I've got many different and fine drinks to suit many a taste. Cider's just one of the many that I have. It'll cost you more than my dwarven friend's drink though and won't clear the area of rabble but it's your drink. The bartender hands you an unopened bottle of cider. "You can all pay up now or when you're done consuming. I have a feeling I'll be keeping tabs all night anyways."

Jevon's Knowledge (local):
You can't make out where the man comes from but the clothing is definitely not local.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

K Nobility 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
K Religion 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

"Thank you Captain."

He goes to the bar and quietly keeps an eye on those discontent ones, trying to recall if any of them are wanted.
Int to remember 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

In the meantime, he also notes who all sign up, particularly anyone who looks capable.
ouch dbl fours

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"No need, bring one more and keep the change. " Jevon slides three silvers onto the bar. Assuming prices here, I'm attempting to tip him aprox. the price of one of the drinks. The actual amount can be adjusted to reflect Jevon's knowledge that I as a player lack. Lighting his pipe he leans back and begins to smoke while sipping on his cider. He doesn't actually sit, but turns so that his back is to the bartender and his eyes are towards the room. Though at the moment they rest expectantly on Koldir and Leon.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

After Leon sits down, Tim strolls over, "I don't recognize your Tabard. Where do hail from? I am Tim Deamon of the Kjald Northlands"

He orders a lightweight drink from the bartender, and continues to watch those in the corner.
If they leave after someone or something else equally suspicious Tim will excuse himself and follow.

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

Looking at Tim Bloody hell, a noble. What have I gotten myself into. Outwardly he smiles at the newcomer. "Evening Tim. My name's Ryker. Jevon Ryker." He offers his hand to shake behind the backs of Koldir and Leon.

On the subject of drinking prices, they range from a single copper piece for the kind of weaponized liquor Koldir is having to a single gold piece which will get you the kind of fine ale that Leon is consuming.

You glance around the tavern and already get a glimpse of three people who seem to stand out. (Jevon, Koldir and Leon for now and you'll notice each other player who enters the Tavern.)

On the subject of Wanted subjects, there are none that you can remember. Of course, a lot of them are passed out on anything from tables to the doormat.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Definitely surprised by the sudden attention, the sullen man looks between the two outgoing chaps with wide eyes for a moment.

"Uh, it's... it was... my grandfathers." he stuttered, Composing himself he looked down at his chest where a faded red lion reared before a black throne.

His voice was smoother when he continued, holding a somber gravity that belied his relative youth. Somehow, he spoke with the lack of sophistication of a peasant, but with the poise and precision of someone far more educated. "I actually don't know where it's from. I've never traveled much and I'm not good with maps. I didn't really expect anyone to ask about it. It's just all I had that would fit over armor."

Looking up at the boisterous pair he takes a drink, then extends his hand. "My name is Leon."

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim shakes warily, looking at Jevon as though wondering whether he was likely to lose his purse from simply shaking hands. Deciding that Jevon was probably just trying to know others on the team he doesn't say anything about it, but he does keep an eye on his purse.

"Here for the expedition?" He asks Jevon.

M Human 1 Mnk 2Sorc [AC 16/20 CMD17] [F3R6W7] [HP16]

Tim laughs, not insultingly, "Some kind of lost noble or something Leon? Oh well, no worries, maybe you can find out when we make it back after all you'll be rich enough to find a library at the very least."
"It is funny the similarities." He turns to present his own crest which is a red set of scales on a black mountain.

HP 22/25, AC 20, F +4, Ref +2, W +1, Init +1

Leon smiles wryly, laughing with Tim for a moment, but there is little mirth in it. The laughter is clearly a social grace intended to allow the subject matter to die graciously.

"Never seen a library," he shrugged, self-effacingly, "but I like books."

Alright, well I'm off for the night. See you all later! Remember, 2 days before the true journey begins!

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"Yes I am. Just signed on with the Seekers. Muster out in the morning." He replies to Tim's query. "Grandpa's clothing eh Leon? No wonder I didn't recognize it." Noticing Tim's gaze lingering on his coin pouch Jevon decides to have some fun. He waits for an opportune moment and attempts to snatch it unseen.
Sleight of Hand: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Human Witch 3 | HP 20/20

Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Aldus steps into the tavern with a mostly calm expression until you meet his eyes. Aldus stands there bug-eyed, turning his head in swift, jerking motion he stares at the people here. Walking forward he steps up to the bar and quietly lays down a copper piece, taking his mug he walks over and takes a seat at the table of one of the suspected expedition members.

Holding his mug at mouth level he tilts it back every few minutes to take a sip but otherwise quietly stares at whoever happens to be talking.

Male Human 3rd Paladin |HP 25/25|AC 15|CMD 16|Fort +7|R: +4|W: +4|Init: +0|Perc: -2|

Still in shock from the quick processing of his application, Endrian collects his advance payment from the table saying "Thank you Captain, I will do my best in the borderlands to obtain that which is to be sought".

He then regards the rest of the room, attempting to find the others who had successfully applied while he had stood stunned by after his quick processing.

Noting that a small group had moved towards the bar, he makes his way over to their location, grinning widely and bellowing "Ho friends, how does the day greet you all? I too will be coming along on this foray to the borderlands."

Endrian isn't the kind of person to pay attention to most things, focusing more on what is involved directly with what he is doing than outlying factors. He won't be rolling perception all to often even if that means he will miss out on important information.

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir looks up from his nauseous drink after a little while to see the man who had winked at him earlier leaning rather nearby. He recalls that he was just spoken to, although the drink is taking up most of his attention.

"Ahh, yessir, I'm seekin' the grail..."

he trails off as he realized Jevon's own attention is now on Leon and Tim. He frowns down into his drink, wishing he could pull off a debonair attitude like the tall man who...

That greataxe is new... and he's definitely from the streets, there's no mistaking that look. I should keep an eye on him.

Perception to notice the pickpocketing: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

Since Koldir happens to be looking at Jevon at the moment, I rolled perception against the slight of hand, is there any other protocol I should follow in regards to opposed rolls?

EDIT: wow, didn't expect to make that one

"Hey, you! What's yer game? We all signed up for this together, an' if yer goin' to be workin' against yer team before we leave the tavern, well you might as well show yerrself out now!"

Koldir that's perfectly fine. If your character would have had the chance to witness the an action requiring an opposed role made by me it will usually be in a bracket like always, but for player actions, assume that if your character had a reasonable chance of witnessing said action, by all means go ahead and make an opposed roll. I trust in all your good judgement on such things

Welcome to the tavern my friend!

We're only missing three of our team in the Gameplay section but they've all been active on Recruitment and Discussion so I'm glad we have everyone still on-board this journey! Today's going to be tougher to respond as I might not be able to get on my laptop quite as often. Still, I have my evenings for that. In any case, keep up the great work so far everyone!

Urban Barbarian 1/Musket Master 2 (HP 31 | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +7 | R +5 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +7

"What this?" He holds up Tim's purse with an innocent look on his face. "I just noticed it lying on the floor and thought I'd ask if it belonged to anyone." Jevon dangles it above the bar waiting for a response.
Bluff: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Sir Shortpants Mcbearder here is sharper than he looks. If I'm not careful he'll ruin all my pranks.

Edit: Seeing Endrian come over, Jevon listens to his introduction, the purse still poised over the bar. When he see's Endrian's armor and the symbol of Eveldine, he involuntarily winces for a split second. By Eveldine's bountiful bosoms, a paladin! First nobles, now paladins. "Well met Sir...? This day greeted me as has every other, with a nice long piss."

Male Dwarf Cleric 2, [hp 19][AC 20][CMD 15][Fortitude +5][Reflex +2][Will +7][Initiative +4][Perception +10]

Koldir glares at the man, grudgingly respectful towards his fast hands and words, but more than a little reminded of the street rats he used to live with. They weren't pleasant memories.

"Yer full o' dung, sir, whether or not ye mind me sayin', an if we're goin' t'be traveling together I want ye t'be watching my back, not my wallet."

He doesn't interfere any further with the liar's tale, but he does make sure his own coin purse is securely tucked inside his clothing.

I left the cities to get away from people like him, now we'll be traveling buddies, what fun...

He turns to the newcomer, feeling somewhat more comfortable now that he's had a drink. It may have been awful, but it did it's job.

"Hullo there, good to see a man with some civility. Ye can call me Burrin, if ye do at all."

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