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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Second Darkness: Quest of the Shin'Rakorath

Game Master Kybryn

Current Characters

Rogue Elf
Dendarial the Ken Hunter

M Elf (Falconer) Ranger 2 (Per: +9/(11 Human) Init:+4, HP 19/19 AC: 18//14/14 F: +4 R: +7 W: +2/4 vs enchantment)

played by Skorn (978 posts)
The Killer Wasp

Female Elf Inquisitor (Infiltrator) 4

played by scottybomb (98 posts)
Ssythar Nahazir
Thallan Mourne

Male Elf Paladin 1/Ranger 1 | 13/16 | AC 18/14/15 | F 5/R 6/W 3 | Init +3 | Perc +6

played by Hassan Ahmed (160 posts)
Vhalas Rhun

(Male Half-Elf Rogue 4 AC 18 / HP 34/34 / F +5 R +9 W +4 / Init. +10 / Perc. +10)

played by Celeador (169 posts)

played by mishima (139 posts)

Previous Characters

Lantern Bearer

(281 posts)
Dark Archive scottybomb

Male Human
(33 posts)
Cinder Wolf
Dark Archive Skorn

(312 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Sczarni Adrien Duran Mandreiv

played by Kybryn (85 posts)
Talia Grace

Female Elf Cleric 2 / Wizard 1

played by Rojosama (49 posts)
Lord Glorio Arkona

N Halfling Wizard (Illusionist) 2 || hp: 14/14 || init +3, perc +4 || atk: 0/5/-1 || def: 14/14/11/12 || sv: 2/4/4 (+2 vs fear) || Blinding Ray 5/6

played by mishima (121 posts)

Previous NPCs

Vhalhisstre Vexidyre
The Exchange DM Drider

(298 posts)

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