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SeanDM's Return to Brim

Game Master Mur

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Female Revenant Assassin 2

I am not the healer, nature-loving type but I do believe I am very perceptive...
I take another moment to look at the scuffs and marks on the floor Perception Check 1d20 ⇒ 11
I shake my head and walk over to my shell-shocked team as the dwarf walks up.

We do look like we've seen the underside of a boot, but we're still here which says much about the other fella, kels? They were shiny at the start, but they're no worse for it and the legs are starting to move like a Talenta centipede. Said more to Thorren than my team. Glad we stepped in when we did as well. What's a little more blood, kels? We've got some things to clean up about a length and a half back where we came but I will be glad to burn and zee here while the skirts check out the door.

Male Human Level 1 Battlemind

Rive stirs himself, wiping a trail of drool with the back of his hand. Streetwise check on the names: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25. He'll the rise and begin walking the perimeter of the room. He's not especially perceptive, so he'll focus on determining the best way to put defenses in place for a nap. After zoning out for two weeks, he realizes he may need a good sleep....

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Been a long time, just wanted to make sure everything was okay with everyone. Would be great to game again.

Female Revenant Assassin 2
Cog wrote:
Been a long time, just wanted to make sure everything was okay with everyone. Would be great to game again.

Cog! You are right. We must get the band back together. I will send out an email to bring everyone back online (hopefully).

Male Changeling Artificer

Apologies about the long absences. I am back and I have updated both Aurr and Atreos to lvl 2.I should be good to get started again!

Aurr stands for moment trying to get his orientation. He sees his companions looking around and he chooses to help.

Perception check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Aurr's vision slowly returns to him...

Male Deva Invoker Level 1

Atreos's usual monosyllabic banter is, as always, incredibly helpful to the group...


Perception check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Whoohoo! The gang's back!

I'll get us a bit of a recap here in a second, and answer everyone's skill checks. You will be taking an extended rest, so:
- HP is reset, surges are reset, powers are reset
- You are back to having one action point
Don't forget to check into the discussion page, we were splitting up loot there.

A Quick Recap:

Each of you has been drawn to Karrnath for various reasons.
Once here you were hired by House Tharashk (the Finders Guild). The local House Tharashk Lord is Lorbask Torrn (a half-orc), and you were hired directly by a minotaur named Codrus (an excellent tracker).

The job:
Martush, an emissary of the crown, went missing in the Ironroot Mountains. He sent word to Karrnath of his condition and also that he had witnessed an Arcane Device powering some sort of portal. You have been tasked with finding Martush, some evidence of Martush, and/or any evidence of this device. Several groups were sent out to look for it and each group was given a guild page and bodyguard (Kartus is your page and Theeb is his guard).

Your group traveled to your prescribed location, and fought your way into the mountian. You have run across a group of House Cannith soldiers and artificers. They seem to be after something in these mountians. It was House Cannith that relayed Martush's communication to the Karrnath Crown, and House Cannith is well known to desire any magical artifacts, so it's a good guess that they are after the device that Martush observed.

Characters present:
Thorren - a stereotypical dwarven paladin "in charge" of another adventuring group. Thorren is willing to chat with anyone, and is most thankful that you saved his group. They've lost their guild page and his bodyguard (plus one more from their team) due to some traps a few rooms back. They are down to Thorren + 4 other adventurers.
Vendis - a half-elven bard "in charge" of another adventuring group. He is rather surly. He seems to know Katsuye (which would be strange since her new undead body is not the same as her previous form). His group quietly talks near the doors. He too has lost his guild page. They are down to himself and 4 other adventurers and the page's original bodyguard.

Katsuye - undead assassin (striker/dps)
Rive - human battlemind (defender/tank)
Cog - halfling warlock (striker/dps)
Aurr - changeling artificer (leader/healer)
Atreos - deva invoker (controller/dps)

Some of the Questions that might remain:
You think you found Martush's remains in a rat infested room...
What was House Cannith doing in this room, they were casting on the large double doors?
What's up with this room, you know it is ancient dwarven in design, but is there more?
The lead artificer yelled out a few names before dying: Danieth, Torvel, and his boss: Terris D'Cannith.
There may be a connection between Vendis and Katsuye.
You may have other questions too... feel free to add them.

It is sometime in the late afternoon/early evening, as far as you can tell. The room seems secure, and all of the doors could be closed and perhaps locked to prevent surprises. There are plenty of you present to make setting up watch very easy. Thorren is willing to help Cog (or whoever) set up a camp fire and prepare an evening meal. This is a good place to rest. As safe a place as you will find in the Ironroot Mountains.

Anyone want to do anything else before the rest?
Any questions?
Anyone else want to make other skill checks based on the info above?

I'll be posting the results to the last few skill checks in a bit.

Male Changeling Artificer

I would like to do a History check on the name Terris D'Canntih. My character's obession with House Cannith may have turned somethign up int he past.

"Terris....That name seems familiar"

History check 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Besides that Aurr will socialise with some other adventurers. Try to be polite and of good spirits. He spends most of his time with the rest of the party however. Ready to take a rest and get to adventuring again.

Male Deva Invoker Level 1

Until I hear otherwise of course I will keep Atreos in play.Not sure yet if Ron will join us.

Atreos feels the Gods deciding on his fate. So he decides to make the most of the little time he has left!

Atreos wakes up to Aurr and asks him to make TWO bowls of his special soup.

Aurr exicidtly prepares his father soup. Atreos starts to get worried when he asks Katsuye for ingredients. He though he heard some mention of Lamp oil and rat tails...Hopefully he urvive the night after Aurr's Homemade soup!

Endurance check to see if he survives Aurr's soup???

Endurance Check 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 Lol that was a Bad roll!

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Cog will assist the group with the looting and then assist with setting up the campsite. I have already leveled him up so he should be set to go.

It's good to see you all still standing, that fight seemed like it lasted for months!


@Rive: Streetwise Check on the names (good result!!)
Danieth sounds like a common enough upperclass Brelish male name (Breland is the country where Sharn, the City of Towers, is located). It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that Danieth might be a fellow artificer of House Cannith or perhaps a captain or some other ranking person.
Torvel does not register to you. You can't place from where it would be, how common it is, or even gender... There could be a dozen reasons for this.
Terris D'Cannith is definitely a recognizable Khorvaire Dragonmarked House name. The "D'Cannith" indicates House "royalty". Terris must be a dragonmarked member of House Cannith.

Rive, you're also fairly confident that the other doors that lead to this room can be locked, those locks still function (it's a simple slide bolt on your side of the chamber), and it would be extremely difficult to get through from the outside.

Perception Check: You notice much of what Katsuye already discovered. The room has seen recent activity (and not just the fight you were in). You can see that Vendis (the half-elf) is inspecting the huge double doors and is quietly taking with his group (if you try to get closer to listen in, they get quieter), but you do overhear something about "The seal will be very difficult to break" and a word motor? modus? it was tough to tell whether it's a name or a thing.
History Check: Terris D'Cannith is the name that brought you to Karrnath. You head the name from a warforged, Spike, as you traveled past the Mournland. You know that Terris is connected to your father somehow, but Spike didn't know much more than that. There is no Historical significance to "Terris D'Cannith", so he is not the leader or any high ranking member of House Cannith, but he bears the last name, so he must be dragonmarked.

Female Revenant Assassin 2

While everyone here is resting, we should pop over to the discussion board and divide the loot up. There are some items which could be used now. Kat already is wearing +1 armor that we found earlier. We should look at everyone else and make sure everyone gets a little something if they haven't already. If Ron does join us, I am sure that Mr. DM will catch him up.

I think that Ron will be joining us... sounds like he might want to play a Pally (which will help in tanking and healing... both will be good additions). You'll be losing Atreos's AoE powers, though, so some of you ranged combat folks might want to look into an AoE power or two down the road if you're able...
Anyways, yes please head over to the Discussion pages and pick your magic items! (Otherwise, Cog is taking them all) And don't worry about Ron, I will give him items so you don't need to save any for him. You also won't need to outfit Atreos with any items. If Atreos returns to the group, I would catch him up.

Male Deva Invoker Level 1

I don't mind trying to keep Atreos in play. If it gets too much(My lack of posting starts getting way too tardy and such) I will let you know. But I should be back full time for posting. Amy is going back to work next week and I have a Job again so Moral should be good. But it is your call of course SeanDM!

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Does our group still need to go back and retrieve the loot from the last fight or is everything already calculated into the loot? If not, Cog will organize a few members of the group to go back for it. If we have everything then I will go ahead and update my character with the items Kat listed and will be ready to continue.

Now that the camp is ready and everything is dispersed, I am taking some sleep. Wake me up if I'm needed for watch.

Nope, that loot was already figured in.
I think everyone has agreed on the loot (except Rive), I was going to give him a bit to check in...

There are plenty of people here to set up watches. Camp is constructed quickly, a fire is started, a quick meal cooked up, and sleep watches established. With so many of you, you're able to have 2-3 awake at any one point, and shifts are fairly short.

Someone suggests that each party can take a 3-4 hour watch window and split it up within their team. Thorren volunteers his team for the first window, and Vendis doesn't mind his team taking the second window -- you guys would be left with the early shift.

Meanwhile, Kartus pulls out a ritual scroll of sending and begins to check in with his guild house.

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Before we crash for a bit I wander the groups, spending a little time near the leaders and seeing what they think about what happened here. (The casting and the strange names.) It means nothing to me but that doesn't mean much considering what I remember from my past. It feels important. Although I can lie and misdirect when needed, I will go about this in a much more up front kind of a strike team getting a sit rep.

I don't know what you need for rolls so I am throwing some options out there.

Diplomacy for the leaders who need a little ego stroking
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
Intimidate to encourage the Legs to spill anything they know
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20
Streetwise not sure...gossip, word-of-mouth, overheard info?
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Figuring that most of my group is already sleeping, I will choose someplace with my back to a wall and grab some z's.

Male Human Level 1 Battlemind

Rive is fine with the loot he got! Thanks, Katsuye, for the reminder! Rive will also do what he can to lock the doors around the room, having observed their lockability. He will then sleep -- but as soon as he's reached his needed rest limit, he'll spend any remaining time before his own gang watches to crack his eyes and make sure everything continues kosher with the new allies. He's not exactly a trusting soul when it comes to protecting his companions....

Before heading off to sleep, when you go around the room and check on the other leaders, you don't learn much.
Thorren is willing to chat, but he doesn't know much more than you already found out: he can't place the names, he's not sure what's going on in the room, he knows that his team interrupted something -- some ritual on the door... but that's it.
Vendis seems jumpy around you. He doesn't talk much -- it's as if he's waiting for you to say something; but for the death of you, you can't figure it out.
However, you do happen to intimidate his companions. When you walk up and start looking for the "sit. rep." they start talking before Vendis can shut them up (Good initmidate roll!). Eventually Vendis confirms that the door is locked. The artificers indeed locked the door with a fairly strong ritual. He intends to try and see if he can break it during the night... but it will take some time and work. Translation, stop bothering him.

... NIGHT TIME ...
If you have not reset your character, do so. All hps/healing surges/spells/Action Points.

About 7hrs into the night, after you "reached your needed rest limit", you crack your eyes open and sneak a look about the room. Thorren is snoring loud enough to warn all the orcs of the Ironroot Mountains... and Vendis is no where to be found.
In fact, Vendis and all but one man in his crew are missing. They should be on watch right now, and they're gone. The only remaining member of his team seems to be sleeping near the fire. You also notice that each of the doors that you locked before bed are now wide open (the massive double doors remain closed, but all other doors are open).
Your spellcasters (Aurr, Atreos, Cog) could still use some sleep time, but Katsuye and yourself should be rested if you wish to get up and investigate.

Female Revenant Assassin 2

I am going to check out the big double doors first. Closed does not mean locked. If someone opened all the doors to make us wonder which way they went, it seems like they would just as easily try to distract us from the right doors with a bunch of wrong ones. So, I try the doors. Any luck?

Good Thinking! That would be tricky of me :)
But, no. The doors seem to be just as locked as thry were before bedtime.

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Ok. Can't blame me for wondering... :)

I walk over to the area where Vendis' group used to be. Does it look like they left with a fight or unexpectedly or is all of their stuff absent? Regardless, I then go to the last sleeping man of Vendis' group and give him a swift kick (enough to wake him up, not break his bones).

Up, Leg.

Vendis's group clearly left organized. Their gear is neatly packed up. No sign of struggle. He's abandoned you all (and taken the lead artificer's ritual book).

When you kick the last member awake, he doesn't budge. He's dead.

Male Changeling Artificer

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......hope nobody is abandoning us while we....zzzzz...sleep...because...zzzzzzz...we would have

Male Deva Invoker Level 1

Zzzzzzz......I second that!...zzzzzzz

Male Changeling Artificer

zzzzzzz How can you second that if you are sleeping? zzzz That makes no sense!....zzzzzzz

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

C'mon, just 10 more minute Ma....


Assuming, Rive and Katsuye don't do anything crazy like running off without you, I imagine they'll wait till you've completely rested and then wake you all. I also imagine, they'd fill you in on what you've missed...

Wakey wakey!

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Hands off snakey!

I take a bit of a closer look at the dead guy. How was he made dead? Does he look like one of the boss' men or just another merc?

Aurr, did you get a good look at that artificing book? Was there anything in it that looked...especially valuable? Worth killing a friendly for? It seems that some of the mercs wanted a jump start on the rest of us, which I can understand, but I wouldn't normally belly-up a friendly without good reason.

DM, I'd like to do some kind of memory roll to see if I recall anything about Vendis or his men and their strategy during the last fight or their story about what they went through getting to here.

@Katsuye, "what type of roll is needed?"... It depends:

  • If it is something that Katsuye would remember and you forgot (because it's been months for us, but only 1 day game time), I'll just tell you -no roll necessary.
  • If it's something that may have come up in character chat "off camera"/out of game chat; something Katsuye might know, that you were never told... that's a Perception Check or straight Int Check.
  • If it's a question of behavior or combat motives... that's an Insight Check
  • If it's something else, you'll have to be specific and we'll see if any rolls are needed.

How was the guy "made dead"
Katsuye, you find a thin, but deep, knife cut at the base of his skull: very neat, little blood, and a fast and silent death. He was assassinated in the night. You know he was in Vendis's group, you vaguely remember seeing him back at Karholm (The town where you were hired). But you have no way to know his affiliations.

The Artificer's Ritual Book

Now that you think about it, you were never really given much of a chance to read the book. Vendis was very smooth with it (He has an extremely high Bluff and Diplomacy, higher than Atreos's and Cog's Passive Insights)... Aurr and Cog, you can make Arcana Checks to see if you remember anything special about the book).

What you've been told about Vendis (previous info given)
Vendis, the half-elven bard, was in the original group recruited for this mission, he seemed experienced and accomplished, and you have now confirmed that he fights well. He may or may not know Katsuye (or Katsuye's previous life). He is a bit surly. His group kept mostly to themselves. He mentioned their team lost their guild page and the page's bodyguard, but didn't say exactly how. He implied it was the same way as Thorren's group's page (who died in a trap a few rooms back). You know Vendis was interrested in the double doors and whatever arcane seal was placed over them.

Finally, you all remember a couple of strange things about the fight last night (Links to posts are included, you may have to look in the spoiler code -- that's okay, everyone is welcome to check these old ones out).
* Vendis call Katsuye by a different name after she charged into the room and dispatched one of the Cannith soldiers (<<This Post>>, there's another comment a few posts down when Vendis starts singing the bar song about the Last War where you all refreshed an encounter power).

* One of the guys in Vendis's group reacted stangely in the fight - he got hit by one of the artificers and looked betrayed (<<This Post>>).

* There was a moment in the fight where Vendis nearly attacked Rive. It was in response to an insult (Rive called him a gnome), but his reaction was waaaay over the top, and he also sent a strange look at his companions before going back to the fight.(<<This Post>>)

<<CUURENT MAP of the room you are in>>
You entered through the SE hall (T11/T12) (<<here is a rough sketch>> of your path to those doors... the rest of your route took you over a chasm and into a rat cave that has since caved in - you know you cannot get out that way). Thorren entered from the WEST hall (O1/P1) and said that it was heavily trapped and near impassible. Vendis came from the EAST hall (O16/P16), but didn't give much info. You partly explored the SW hall (T5/T6) and it seemed to head further into the dwarven complex, but you didn't go far...

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Arcana Check on the Ritual Book
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28

Bam! Can I rewrite the whole thing from memory? hehe.

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Thanks, it was more of a player memory thing...stuff that would have probably stuck with me had it not been so long.

Hmph. I know this work. Pointing to the injury on the dead man. Any one of my Thuranni brethren could have done work this neat. This was no argument gone wrong. This man was a danger to Vendis' group. They are hiding something.

I flop the corpse back onto his face. We are not being paid to care about this man. Nor would it help him. Two questions for we care that the book and the other men are gone? And if we it more likely that they returned down their original path or went back through ours?

Cog, with your great recollection of the arcane, you remember that the book contained some rituals (you remember seeing an Arcane Lock variation which was what was probably used to seal the door). You also know there were several other non-ritual pages that you noticed as Vendis flipped through it. Maybe a map?
Make a straight up Int check (that's your int bonus + 1/2 your level) and I'll give you another +2 on top of that. This is to see if you can reconstruct the "map" from memory.
...Beyond that. I never let a nat-20's on skill checks go to waste. I'm going to give you some arcane bonus down the road that I've got planned.

As a side comment, you're getting used to Katsuye talking in strange codes, but this time she threw out the name "Thuranni brethren". House Thuranni is an entertainers guild. That's a strange comment to say they could kill someone quietly like that.

If you are trained in History or Streetwise, open this:

It's also pretty "common knowledge" to those with History or Streetwise that House Thuranni is also a guild of assassins. They use Entertainment as a cover story. So, not that strange of a comment, really. Just a little FYI.
Katsuye is a shadow assassin and was probably trained by House Thuranni.

While the group sits and thinks (or just stands in the corner, as is the case with some). Kartus hears back from his sending ritual that he cast last night. Within a few minutes he approaches you all:

"I mentioned our findings; it's been passed up the House. Codrus can't be reached, but I've been told we should bring back Martush's journal and effects. This chamber has been marked, more official finders will be sent out. I think you can head back and get your payment..." Then he adds a bit under his breath, "besides, then I can get out of this cave."

Do you wake Thorren's group? If you're moving around much, you will naturally wake him and his men.

What's the plan? Katsuye voiced some good questions about Vendis and the book. Kartus needs to return to Karholm. There's another assassin somewhere. You're in a large chamber. There are several open exits from it. There's a huge set of double doors that are locked.


Male Changeling Artificer

Hmmm this sounds fishy Insight roll on Kartus to tell if he hiding something1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10 dang it I doubt that is useful for anything. I am trying to get some information on if we should actually leave or just go on...

Diplomacy Roll to try to talk Kartus into letting us pursue House Cannith [/b] roll 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10 Dang it doubt I will convice anyone to do anything with that roll.

Due to crappy rolls I doubt I can find out anything usefull as to what course of action we should take...

Male Deva Invoker Level 1

Atreos will also try his Insight Check 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16 Better roll but still not sure if I can tell anything...

Trying to get a fell for Kartus's intentions and if he is beign truthful and if we should turn back or continue on...Without knowing anything more I would vote on moving forward and trying to track the assasin and or explore the rest of the area...

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Intelligence Check

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 +1 = 5

ouch, not so much.

Aurr struggles a bit with the person-to-person skills...
Atreos, though, makes a good Insight check!

You guys have traveled and been through combat with Kartus for a few days now. You think you have a fairly good read on him (In fact, I remember Cog and Atreos making solid Insight checks on him in the past... so you *know* when he's trying to lie -- he doesn't Bluff well).

Kartus is being very honest about his message and his intentions. House Tharashk hired you to:
- Find Martush (you're pretty sure you found the remains of his body)
- Find any evidence of Martush (you have his journal)
- Find the arcane device he mentioned (it's probably safe to assume that it's behind the sealed huge double doors -- Arcana Check to learn more).
So, in the House's eyes, you've fulfilled your contract. Time to come back and get your payment.

Also note, "chasing after Vendis and/or the ritual book" might not be different from "getting out of this dwarven hole"... It's probably a safe bet that Vendis is trying to get out. Why would he want to go deeper into the dwarven dungeon??

Cog, you can't remember the "map" well enough. You tried. But you ust have a vague impression of halls and rooms. You're not sure where it's to or even which way would've been up.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Arcana Check on the door

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Male Changeling Artificer

Arcana check 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 10 = 24 Woohoo not bad!

The door is sealed by some powerful arcane locks. You will not be able to break them with what you have. Karholm is a small town, but maybe something/someone there can... There may be something in the artificer's journal, too...
Aurr, you can also sense some sort of Conjuration Magic beyond the door (Your high arcana check tells you that the arcane portal/device is probably beyond those doors (Teleportation/Portals are a form of conjuration))

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Kartus said that we should bring back Martush's journal...that is the book we found earlier and not the artifer book right?

At Kartus' direction I leave the door and return to our camp to put my remaining things into my pack. As I adjust my pack, I look at my new leathers and mumble to myself.

It will be nice to get these properly fitted. I feel like I am wearing my brother's hand-me-downs.

For a moment I pause and blink a few times but then like a shrug, I finish packing and sling the pack onto my shoulders.

Shall we go? Payment awaits.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

I think we should go as well, get our affairs squared aways and then return when we are prepared to handle getting through this door. Perhaps we can follow Kartus' trail and find out what he is up to in the process.

Katsuye asked if the book you had in your possesoin was Martush's journal. The answer is, yes. There are actually 3 books. Martush's journal (which you still have), one of the lesser artificer's spell books (which you still have), and the lead artificer's book (which Vendis now has).

If you would like to look for Vendis's trail, you will need a solid Perception Check. Otherwise, you'll have to guess his direction. Available doors:
West: Thorren and his group came in this way, he says it's heavily trapped (and you trust he is telling you the truth)
SW: you don't know anything about this hall
SE: you came in this way. You know the way you came is blocked, but perhaps there are branching halls that might lead you out.
East: Vendis says he came in this way, and implied there were traps too.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Cog will spend some time looking through Martush's journal and the other Spell Book in tandem with a Perception Check to see if we can descern which way Vendis' (not Kartus hehe) group went. Perhaps there will be a clue in one or both, or something that relates.

1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

Cog, you know that given some time you'll be able to learn the rituals that are in the spell book you have. And you've already checked on Martush's book once, it will take sometime to translate his jibberish (you know that you have some time on the trip back, and you will be able to spend it looking through those books). No real hints in those books.

As for Vendis (Vendis, not Kartus -- Kartus is your guild page, I hope he hasn't gone running! hehe). Your roll tells you he did NOT go back down the tunnel you came from. That leaves:
West: Thorren and his group came in this way, he says it's heavily trapped (and you trust he is telling you the truth)
SW: you don't know anything about this hall
East: Vendis says he came in this way, and implied there were traps too.

Anyone else want to make a skill check?
Anyone else want to propose a plan, lol ?

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

If Vendis is trying to be tricksy, then he may have said he came that way and that it was heavily trapped so we would avoid going that way. Maybe that is the way he is taking (East). Or perhaps he was telling the truth, the SW hall has apparently been unused and maybe that is the way to check. If we just want to get out as fast as we can, we could go back the way Thorren came in, if the traps have already been set off, or if they know where the triggers are already (West).

Thorren, what are your impressions of backtracking the way you came? Did your group identify a way to avoid them or is it too dangerous to try and use going back?

"Lad, we lost three men back thar and couldne even retreive thar bodies -- it was that ugly. The traps are still active, and bloody deadly! But if ye determined to go, the path is clearly marked and a short run to the surface."

Your group does have a good Perception, which is needed to find traps. But you'll need a good Theivery and/or Arcana rolls to disable them (it depends on the type of type as to which is necessary).

"I do think we'll stay behind and watch tha door. I'm not fond of the look of it; it needs watchin." Thorren and his team are volunteering to stay behind and watch the door... waiting for the rest of House Tharashk to show up... now that his group has rested, they should have an easier time of things.

Male Changeling Artificer

I propose we go South west also! I beleive Atreos will agree with me!

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