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Heroic-Level Eberron Campaign
Starting at 2nd lvl

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Female Genasi - Cindersoul Swordmage 2

Thringorn, I like the character description! So, maybe we wouldn't have been buds... ;)

I like the possible tension or competitiveness that could come from that...

Male Human Blackguard Level 2

"Let me out of these Chains!!!" Alester howls in his cell as he does every night. "I can do the world no good here and I can not amend my crimes if I am never given the chance!" But as usaul the Flame never hears him from his cell. It is too dark for His light to shine here...

I think my character would look upon any races that are unsual with some sort of past disdain. Kinda like an ex-reacist would never be truly comfortable around diffrent races(like Orla and Savi-kai). He would compsesate for this by trying to be overly protective of them in the jail. He would try to take a beating from the guards in their stead and so forth. His Fury is all he has left...

Female Githzerai Seeker 2

"(Githzerai) don’t speak at length when a brief statement will do."

Quietly breathing in and out ...

Female Genasi - Cindersoul Swordmage 2

Zvia! Yea, the gang's all here.

DM, do you want to pass along more information for pre-game discussion or move us into the game post area?

Female Eladrin Bard 2
Alester Redwyne, Blackguard wrote:
I think my character would look upon any races that are unsual with some sort of past disdain. Kinda like an ex-reacist would never be truly comfortable around diffrent races(like Orla and Savi-kai). He would compsesate for this by trying to be overly protective of them in the jail. He would try to take a beating from the guards in their stead and so forth. His Fury is all he has left...

"Thank you, kind sir, but I don't need protecting." Bluff 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

Here are a few notes for Jen's Zvia. Relating to her origins and such:

There are two realms (planes of existence) you want to know the names of:

Xoriat was your people's original home. It is the Realm of Maddness. It is home to the darkest, ugliest things in the known universe (imagine every nightmare from the Cthulu Mythos and it has a home here in Xoriat) Eons ago your race was enslaved by the illithid (aka: "Mind Flayers") dark creatures with squid-like heads that telepathicly torture people's minds before sucking their brains out to feed. Your people were the slave labor for the illithid for centuries, building large cities in Xoriat.

Eventually your people developed a resistence to the mental onslaught of the illithid, they banded together under a general called Gith, rose up and rebelled. Many of your people wanted to leave Xoriat and live in peace. They traveled to Kythri, the Realm of Chaos. In looks and behavior this plane of existence was very similar to Xoriat, so it made a nice new home far from the illithids. Those people that settled in peace became the Githzeria; your cousins who sought to punish the illithid and war against all who might enslave their people again are the Githyanki (they have small settlements/nomadic war bands in both Xoriat and Kythri).

Xoriat is now closed off from all other planes. It was sealed long ago by the druids of Khorvaire. Kythri remains open "for travel". Zvia, at some point you would have left your home on Kythri and traveled to Eberron. Maybe you like to wander, maybe you left for personal reasons, maybe your primal bond to nature (being a Seeker) forced you to leave the chaos of Kythri and find roots (pun) in the natural world of Eberron...


Give me a few minutes, and I'll have the game link up and running.

If it suits all, I have the following in mind:
You will be starting in Karrnath.

  • Orla and Savi-Kai have met (they have spent several weeks together in various prisons... more info coming, you two can decide if the meeting was easy/friendly/whatever -- you two know each other's characters so feel free to ad lib as much as you want).

  • Thringorn and Alaster have met (they too have spent a long time with each other while in prison... both are human warriors and that also made it easy to bond, but you two are welcome to make it whatever you like Thringorn worships the Host; specially Dol Dorn, the god of war (don't forget to make the change on your character sheet (Kord doesn't exist in Eberron for humans) -- Alaster worships the Flame, and is a bit of a Crusader/Templar... there's enough common ground if you two would like to be friendly -or- there's just enough conflict in ideology to create problems.).

  • Zvia is the new guy... not knowing much of her background, I didn't want to force anything on her -- but she's welcome to fit in with any of the above groups.

Here's the link to the new game page <<Click ME>> . I've started it up.

Everyone needs to switch over there and start making some rolls.

We can keep this page active, use it to track loot and such, or if someone just wants to track the loot as a spoiler at the bottom of their character, that works too (Annette does that in the other online game).

<<========= TREASURE!!! ==========>>
From the wardrobes in the guardroom:

Everyone gets to pick ONE level 5 item or lower and add it to their character. Equip immediately. Good picks might be weapons, armor, or implements. If you can't think of something you want, tell me what you're looking for and I'll set you up with something good... like, "I want a sword"

ALSO: The group finds (you'll need to decide on who gets what):

Three, lvl3 Herbal Poultices:

This pack of specially prepared medicinal herbs increases one's natural recuperative ability.
Power (Healing) Consumable (Standard Action)
Use before you or an ally takes a short rest. The target of the herbal poultice regains an additional 2 hit points when he or she spends a healing surge at the end of the short rest (+2hp PER surge spent).

Two, lvl3 Alchemist Spark Flasks:

Shattering the flask releases two clouds that quickly coalesce and release a dazzling blast of energy.
Power (Lightning) Consumable (Standard Action)
Make an attack: Area burst 1 within 10; targets each creature in burst; 1d20+6 vs. Reflex; 1d6 lightning damage, and the target takes a -1 penalty to attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

+1 Amulet of Protection:

A light blue amulet that gives off a slight warmth when worn.
Neck Slot item
+1 to Fort, Ref, and Will

A pouch containing: 4 small opals (75gp each), and 80gp in coin
A pouch containing: 3 small dragonshards no bigger than 3 inches, one of each type (Siberys, Eberron, Khyber)

Draongshards resemble precious gems, but their arcane power is easily felt and recognized. Most come in three varieties, each tied to a particular Great Dragon, Siberys, Eberron, or Khyber: gold, pink/red, dark blue/black/purple (respectively). They are used to amplify, store, bind, and even replicate arcane and psionic power. They are highly sought after items. Even the smallest ones can be worth hundreds of gold pieces depending on their rariy (Rosey Eberron shards are the most common, literally they are easily dug from the ground... and tend to be a tenth of the price of the others).
Arcana Check to learn more.

200gp of mundane gear from the Player's Handbook (as a group you can spend this on armor, extra weapons, backpacks,... but it's 200gp for the GROUP, and you can't save any unused gp.

Any questions?

:Go Ahead and use these pages to discuss who gets what... AND please indicate what items you are selecting:

Female Eladrin Bard 2

I have only a faint idea what "level 5 item" means. Is there a list somewhere online?

In general, seems like Orla could definitely use a sword, a bow, a musical instrument, and armor. Orla is proficient in longsword and not, as far as I can tell, in bow, but she's got powers which use both. I don't know if that means I should be looking for a weapon to accentuate her positives or cover over her negatives. I'm guessing a magical musical instrument is handy for a bard, but not immediately useful. Armor seems least important, somehow.

I suppose there might be something to be said for having one good bow and then staying as far from melee as possible, so AC is less important!

Orla does not particularly care about money. She wouldn't mind getting one of the spark flasks or the amulet, but she wouldn't make a fuss about them either.

Arcana Check to learn more about the Dragonshards:
1d20 + 11 - 2 ⇒ (17) + 11 - 2 = 26

Check your powers. Look for the melee weapon, implement, or ranged weapon key word. Your Vicious Mockery which you used a lot last fight has implement listed. That means if you have a magic implement, it adds its bonus to that spell (and any other spell with the implement keyword). There are a lot of +1 implements at lvl5 and lower.
Probably the most interesting thing for bards are the songblades and songbows. These are magic weapons that double as both weapon and implement. So, you would gain the bonus on both your implement powers and whichever weapon power you have (melee or ranged, respectively).

As for a list somewhere... if you have my access to character builder you can just shop online for items. If not, I can give you a quick list of cool songblade/-bows to pick from.

Good arcana check! Clearly Orla is well versed in Dragonshards.


Dragonshards are easily discernable from regular gemstones. Dragonshards have veins of deep color that pulse at their heart, and the touch of magic is like radiant heat to those that are trained in Arcana.
Siberys Shards (Golden Crystals aka sunstones and starmotes) fall from the sky (mostly from the Saturn-like rings that circle this planet) - highly valuable. They are used to augment powers.

Eberron Shards (Red and Pink Crystals commonly called bloodstones) these are collected from the surface (generally no deeper than a carrot) - very common. They are used to store magic and psionics.

Khyber Shards (Deep Dark colored Crystals aka nightshards or demonstones) these are mined from the deepest parts of the underdark - highly valuable. They are used to bind elementals and outsiders to sap and use their power.


You have one small shard of each type. They will magically fuse to specific items if you perform a minor magic ritual (see below). They have the following powers:
The Siberys Shard: This small shard boosts arcane attacks.
It can be attached to any weapon or implement.
When used with any Arcane Power (powers that list "Arcane" in the keywords), that power does +1 damage on a hit or miss (even for powers that normally do no damage on a miss).

The Eberron Shard: This small shard stores your attack power in case you miss!
Can be attached to any weapon or implement.
When used with any ENCOUNTER Power, that power gains the Reliable keyword ("Reliable" = If a reliable power misses every target, the power is not expended ).

The Khyber Shard: This puple crystal pulses with negative energy.
Can be attached to any armor or arm-slot item (like a shield).
Trigger: You are hit by a melee attack
Effect: Triggering creature takes 5 necrotic damage.

The Minor Binding Ritual:
Time 1 hr, no roll, no cost.
Anyone can use this ritual if they are trained in Arcana. It attaches a dragonshard to an item or removes the shard so it can be attached to a different item.

Female Genasi - Cindersoul Swordmage 2

Orla, the DM will email you with suggestions on what to take. We have an account with D&D and can search the entire Compendium for options.

I am picking up lvl 5 leather armor (+1 Doppleganger).

I think that we should select some basic necessities to use the 200gp. The standard Adventurer's Kit (15gp) contains a backpack, bedroll, rope, food, water, light sources, etc. We can "buy" more of those items individually (light sources, extra bags, rope).

We might also need to consider ammo:
arrows (30) - 1gp
bolts (20) - 1gp
sling bullets (20) - 1gp

We might also have people that need a holy symbol (10gp), arcane implement (5gp-15gp), spellbook (50gp), ritual book (50gp) or thieve's tools which give a bonus to a lockpick attempt (20gp).

I would like an Adventurer's kit (15gp) but if we need to use more money for other things, then a backpack, rope, sunrods and waterskin (8gp).

I am also taking armor as my special item and have a better weapon than many so we might want the amulet to go to someone having to choose a weapon over armor????

Female Eladrin Bard 2

O Wise GM, I'm definitely very interested in songblades. What are my options?

I'd also like to claim the Siberys Shard for myself (and eventually my songblade). I'm thinking maybe the Eberron Shard should go to Zvia's bow (I'm presuming she's going to get one), and the Khyber Shard to one of the boys. I will take them and attach them to the appropriate items as soon as we get a chance to sleep.

I'd be very happy if I could also get normal armor (presumably leather is all we can "afford"?) , a harp, a bow, and some arrows. But if something has to give, I can get by without the bow and arrows.

Female Eladrin Bard 2

Oh, yeah, I'm guessing Zvia is going to be interested in a lvl 5 bow. (Need to bug Jen about this at some point.) What are the options there?

Male Human Fighter 2

Thringorn would be interested in a Greatsword (30 gp) and/or an adventurer's kit (15 gp). I would take the adventurer's kit as a first priority for survival and then the greatsword secondary since I already have a longsword. I could use the Khyber shard being a tank, but rp wise Thringorn would just look at it as a silly crystal so he will have no interest unless someone encourages him to take it and performs the ritual for him. Alester would also be another good candidate being the other tank.

For Orla... Personally, I like #2, #4, #5, but that's just me.


All of these share the same primary characteristics:
Can be any heavy or light bladed weapon (longsword, rapier, dagger, greatsword...)
Grant: +1 to hit and damage
Can be used as both a melee weapon and an implement for Bards
Most add +1d6 on a crit (so, that's max damage for the power + 1d6 extra damage)
Most come with an additional Daily Power.

Here arethe 5 options:

1) Echoing Songblade

On a Crit: +1d6 damage per plus, and if the attack was a bard encounter power, you can use that power one more time on your next turn against a single target with a –2 penalty to the attack roll (you must still use the appropriate action to use the power).

2) Harmonic Songblade

Power Daily (Minor Action) One ally within 5 squares of you gains a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and all defenses until the start of your next turn.

3) Harsh Songblade
*This one does +1d8 on a crit.
Power Daily (Free Action) Trigger: You hit an enemy with a bard thunder power using this blade.
Effect: Each enemy within 2 squares of the triggering enemy is dazed until the end of your next turn.

4) Tuning Songblade
*This one does +1d8 thunder damage on a crit.
Also: When you hit an enemy with this weapon, that enemy takes a penalty to its next saving throw against ongoing thunder damage. The penalty equals this weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Thunder) Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You hit an enemy using this weapon.
Effect: The target takes ongoing 5 thunder damage. While the target is taking this thunder damage, you get a +2 item bonus to attack rolls against that target.

5) Venomous Songblade

Power (Poison) Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You hit an enemy using this weapon.
Effect: One target you hit is weakened (save ends).

For Zvia... All are really cool options, #1 has the most interresting constant power, #4 and #9 have great extra Daily powers, and #8 is a Seeker-only weapon - which make it cool for the class... just my thoughts.


These options can be any ranged weapon, but I'm assuming a Longbow
All Longbows Damage: 1d10, Proficient: +2 (to hit), Range: 20/40 (ridiculously far), Weight: 3 lb.

All of the following bows grant +1 to hit and to damage
Most add +1d6 on a crit (so, that's max damage for the power + 1d6 extra damage)
Some have additional Daily Powers.

Here are the nine options:

1) Duelist's Bow

Constant Property: When you hit an enemy with this weapon, that enemy takes a –2 penalty to ranged and area attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

2) Entrapping Bow
*On a crit: +1d6 damage, OR the target is restrained until the end of your next turn

3) Foe-Seeking Bow
*On a Crit: +1d6 damage, or +1d10 damage against targets granting combat advantage
Power Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You would use this bow to make an attack against an enemy benefiting from any concealment or cover.
Effect: The enemy loses concealment or cover and grants combat advantage to you for the triggering attack.

4) Poisoned Bow
*On a crit: +1d6 poison damage
Power (Poison) Daily (Free Action)Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes ongoing 5 poison damage and is weakened (save ends both).

5) Retributive Bow
*On a Crit: +1d8
Power Daily (Immediate Reaction)Trigger: An enemy hits you with a melee or a close attack.

Effect: Make a ranged basic attack against the triggering enemy using this weapon. This attack doesn't provoke opportunity attacks. On a hit, you also push the target 2 squares.

6) Screaming Bow
*On a Crit: +1d6 thunder damage
Constant Property: When you use this weapon to hit an enemy with an attack power that doesn’t have a damage type, the attack deals thunder damage, and the enemy is deafened until the end of your next turn.

Power Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You hit an enemy with this weapon.
Effect: That enemy gains vulnerable 5 thunder (save ends). Each creature adjacent to that enemy is deafened and gains vulnerable 5 thunder until the end of your next turn.

7) Targeting Bow
*On a Crit: +1d6 damage, AND the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Power Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack using this weapon.
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you and your allies can roll twice on attack rolls against that enemy and use either result.

8) Unraveling Bow
*A Seekers-Only weapon!
On a Critical: +1d8 damage
Constant Property: Whenever you bloody an enemy with a seeker ranged attack using this weapon, you can shift 1 square.

Power Daily (Free Action)Trigger: You hit an enemy with a seeker attack.
Effect: The attack ignores the enemy's immunities and resistances.

9) Wounding Bow

When an attack with this weapon deals untyped ongoing damage, the target of the attack takes a penalty to the saving throw equal to this weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Power Daily (Free Action)Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target also takes ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Female Githzerai Seeker 2

I'd like the Duelist's bow, I think.

I just read "herbal poultices" as "herbal poutines" on first pass.

Female Eladrin Bard 2

I'm torn between the Harmonic Songblade and the Tuning Songblade. The daily +2 bonus to an ally for one round sounds like the "good teammate" thing to have; but the ongoing thunder damage thing sounds really cool! Anyone out there have a good argument why not to go with the Tuning Songblade?

I also have a think it would be cool if she became known as "Orla Thundersnow". Don't ask me why.

Duelist is a good choice! The constant power property is a nice feature, use it against long range opponenets that shoot or throw spells. That -2 to their "to hit" will be very nice!

So, on your attack powers (which are all ranged weapon attack powers)
Your Attack Powers (all are based off your Wisdom) should now be:
To hit: +10
Damage: 1d10+6
(In case you're curious: for the "to hit" it's +2 for the longbow, +1 for its magic, +5 for you WISDOM, +1 for your level, +1 for your longbow feat)

Your Basic Ranged Attack (based off your Dex):
To Hit: +8
Damage: 1d10+4
(In case you're curious: for the "to hit" it's +2 for the longbow, +1 for its magic, +3 for you DEX., +1 for your level, +1 for your longbow feat)

Zvia, you probably also want to grab some Leather Armor (25gp). It will up you AC by 2, some arrows (30 arrows/gp), and maybe some adventuring gear (backpack, rope, ... check out Savi's post a few sections up)



The Tuning Songblade is a very nice weapon!
The daily power gives some extra damage that combined with the blade's property make it tougher for enemies to resist... It's a nice feature!

Make sure you grab some armor.

Orla and Armor:

Orla is proficient in: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail, and a Light Shield.

The shield is probably a good choice, it's 5gp, has no penalties, and adds +1 to AC and REF!

The armor is a tougher choice.
Leather: +2 AC, no penalties, cost 25gp
Hide: +3 AC, -1 penalty to Dex Skills, cost 30gp
Chain: +6 AC, -1 penalty to Dex Skills, -1 speed, and you lose your Int bonus to AC (becuase Chain=heavy armor), cost 40gp

Personally, I'd go Leather or Hide. Chainmail doesn't give you any bonus above Hide and only hinders you more.

Female Eladrin Bard 2

Okay, the Tuning Songblade it is for Orla. She'll also take Leather Armor (25gp) and a Light Shield (5gp). What's the cheapest musical instrument on the price lists? And is there any reason Orla should prefer a bow to a throwing knife? (She's not proficient in either, so far as I know.) Since her only range weapon power is a daily, and she's likely to prefer to use Mockery for normal ranged attacks, it seems like a throwing knife or two would be more portable and easier to use.

And holy moley, Zvia's attacks are awesome with that bow!

Orla is proficient in "simple ranged weapons" and can throw certain "simple/military melee weapons", which includes:
Daggers (throwing knives), javelins, handaxes, throwing hammers, hand crossbow, sling.

Most of these are 1d6 damage (except the dagger, that's 1d4). Most of these give you a +2 proficiency bonus to attack rolls (except the dagger, that's +3). Daggers run 1gp.

Instruments - here's a Player's Handbook list of non-magical instruments:
Drum 3gp, Flute 5gp, Horn 7gp, Lyre 9gp, Woodwind 10gp, Lute 12gp, Harp 15gp

Female Eladrin Bard 2

And now for a technical question: I don't actually know which modifiers affect which attacks. For instance, with Vicious Mockery I've been assuming that "Attack: Charisma vs Will" means I'm making a Charisma skill check versus the target's Will Defense. Should I actually have also been adding in +1 for my level? Er, wait, you always do that for skill checks, don't you? (Starting to feel stupid here, though I don't think I ever missed by one in those combats....) (And that's now an additional +1 because of the songblade.)

Likewise, your comment to Zvia makes me think that if I use, say, Guiding Strike ("Attack: Charisma vs AC"), that's actually something like +2 weapon proficiency, +1 magic, +5 Charisma, +1 level, for +9 total?

All attacks will use some Ability Modifier and then 1/2 your level.
As a 2nd level character, always add 1 (this goes for skill checks and ability checks and attacks -- BUT NOT DAMAGE!)

The rest is all about the keywords in your powers.

If it says "Weapon" you get to add the proficiency bonus of your weapon (generally +2 or +3) to the attack.
If it says "Implement", you don't.
In either case, if it says "Weapon" or "Implement", you will now get to add +1 b/c of your magic item.

It sounds like you have it correct for your Guiding Strike.
Your Vicious Mickery would be 2 less, b/c you wouldn't get the proficiency bonus (but that's okay, b/c your vicious mockery targets WILL, which is generally several points lower than AC in most enemies -- asside from spell-caster-types, their WILL is generally high).

Female Eladrin Bard 2

Okay, then:
Tuning Songblade
Leather Armor (25gp)
Light Shield (5gp)
Flute (5gp)
2 Throwing Daggers (2gp)

That's 37gp, Orla's share is more or less 40gp I reckon. If there's 3gp of decent food in there, Orla will take it; the prison food did not agree with her.

Female Genasi - Cindersoul Swordmage 2

So, so far this is what we've spent:

Total = 200
Savi - 15
Orla - 40 (incuding some food)
Cog - 45
Zvia - ? (need to buy arrows, armor?)
Alester - ?

We should use any balance to get more supplies.

Orla mentioned wanting the Syberis shard...what about the other two? Check out DM's earlier post:


The Eberron Shard: This small shard stores your attack power in case you miss! Can be attached to any weapon or implement.

When used with any ENCOUNTER Power, that power gains the Reliable keyword ("Reliable" = If a reliable power misses every target, the power is not expended ).

The Khyber Shard: This puple crystal pulses with negative energy.
Can be attached to any armor or arm-slot item (like a shield).
Trigger: You are hit by a melee attack
Effect: Triggering creature takes 5 necrotic damage.

Female Eladrin Bard 2

I'm adding a compass to my list, if that's at all reasonable with the prices hereabouts. :)

I suggested Zvia's bow as a natural choice for the Eberron Shard... I think all of her offensive powers use the bow. Even with her bow's +10 attack bonus she'd still have been missing those skeletons 30% of the time, which seems like she'd be wasting an encounter power every combat without the shard. Of course, I guess that's probably true for all of us?

Whereas the "hit by a melee attack" bit makes me think the Khyber Shard ought to go to Savi, Alester, or Thringorn. (Though I know Orla also doesn't really want anything to do with necrotic stuff... icky.)

Orla can do the rituals needed to implant the Shards in three hours. If (by some miracle) we actually get eight hours of rest tonight she could do it then, she only needs four hours of meditation a night.

Male Human Blackguard Level 2

I have picked the Lifedrinker Flail +1 as my one magical weapon.

Also I would like some plate armor 50 gp and a heavy shield 15G if the budget allows...if not I will downgrade armor as needed

I think I am good with those for now!

If Alester gets his plate mail and shield, that's It would leave 35 for Zvia who needs at least leather and some arrows... Leather runs 25gp, so that's 10gp in arrows, gear, and misc. stuff (a dagger or two or such)...

I would GUESS that'd be okay, but we haven't heard from Zvia yet (I understand she's starting a new job -- GRATS! -- so she may be slow on communication for a bit).

PS. About Food
The only rations that you find in this closet would be rotten or stale, nothing you really want to eat --- and certainly nothing that would improve your "effects of prison food", lol.
You'll have to wait till you're outside and able to forage and/or hunt (skills in Nature and Endurance)... so there's 3 more gp from Orla's loot that could go to the group if someone needs rope or another dagger... or if Orla wants 3 more daggers lol (My mage is known to carry almost a dozen daggers of various types -- you never know when an extra knife will come in handy!).

Male Human Fighter 2

It sounds like the everyone's requests are doable with the "gold" amount worth of goods we find so can we go ahead and update our characters with these items and push on? If anything else is pending that's fine, I just wanted to be sure before I update Thringorn.

Sounds like it's all set.
Go ahead and update your sheet.

Female Eladrin Bard 2

I talked to Jen at lunch about this, she definitely wants leather armor and arrows -- surely it's not really practical to carry more than 60 arrows (2gp) around at once? If anyone else has useful suggestions for things she should grab (as opposed to generic adventuring stuff I'm assuming we'll share) let us know.

By my count the group has 11gp left in gear if they want it (Zvia has 8gp left over, Orla had 3).

Things you might want for 8gp:

- backpack (2gp)
- sunrods (2gp each)
- waterskin (1gp)
- belt pouches (1gp)
- rope, 50' (1gp)
- Full Climber's Kit (includes: Grappling Hook, Hammer, 10 Pitons for 2gp)
- daggers (1gp each)
- extra clothes (basic adventuring clothes, rather than your prison rags 1 gp per "suit")

You're welcome to decide this as we go, since it's nothing too major -- it's just gear to round out your character.

Male Human Fighter 2

Haven't heard from anyone in awhile in either game, just checking in and hoping everything is ok.

Anyone checking in here?
Just wondering if anyone checks online anymore.

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