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Save the Greenskins (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

17th Century North America inspiried game set in a possible future of Golarion.

Please post to confirm you are ready to go, after I give everyone's characters a final once over I'll get the gameplay thread going.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

I'm ready

Lantern Lodge

Give my spot to Adviar if you'd like, actually hitting rock bottom on Burk :S

Made an alias but I just can seam to really get him going.

Here it is..thanks Cuan. I will get an alias set up for Tamimay shortly.

up and running ... this is the dual cursed oracle of flame.
good to go except i think i didn't get the def bonus thing in.

Sounds good to me, as long as I end up with four players. No worries Cuan, sometimes something sounds fun/cool and then when you actually go to do it, it's like...bleh. I understand.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

Adviar, the def bonus is easy in Hero Lab. You just have to make a permanent adjustment Armor Class +5 in the Personal tab.

kk will do

Tekumsah is here! Ready to strike down the foul incursion that plagues my people (or whatever).

K, just waiting on our last player now.

yeah I have made the adjustment and am raring to sink my proverbial teeth into something or someone :)

by the way I am on west coast usa time

Male Greenskin Gendarme Beastrider of the Order of the Lion

I'm here... Finally... I have returned from the land that has a dissapointing lack of internet.

There is a land like that...wait a minute ....its were i grew up as a child...well atleast physically grew up. :P)

Looked over your character sheets. Kaiyohos yours is missing your mount's stats. You can find the base animal companion stats on the campaign info tab inside the house rules spoiler. Everyone else either didn't apply the defense bonus rules or didn't break down their AC. I would appreciate something like: AC 21 (+4 defense, +4 dex, +2 NA, +1 deflfection).

Now to work on the gameplay thread...

Gameplay Thread is live.

Notes on formatting:

Bold is speech out loud

italics is thoughts

OOC is for out of character stuffs. Actions, questions etc.

If you have a question that doesn't directly pertain to the current in game scene please ask it here.

In combat I roll initiative for everyone. I prefer everyone label their posts like this:

Round 1
Initiative XX

Thogzard charges forward swinging his salami wildly at the rabbit!

Attack (charge) 1d20 + 999 ⇒ (18) + 999 = 1017 and grease stain
Damage 1d1 + 50 ⇒ (1) + 50 = 51

Male Greenskin Gendarme Beastrider of the Order of the Lion

Right fast, does this work for you?

Also, I had a crazy chef character who would fling Frying Pans at people, but that Salami idea is inspiring.

My profile should have the AC broken down already. Just checked, I think it's right.

You two are fine now.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

My profile should now be fine. Hero Labs seems to ignore Monk AC Bonus and Defense in the breakdown.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

I'll be from the 14th until the 19th at the Summerbreeze festival. But I try to post from time to time.

Think my is correct please double check

Well the numbers look right, but it should be a defense bonus instead of an armor bonus. That's what confused me. Armor bonuses don't get added to your touch AC.

There's usually no reason to wear armor in this game, because your defense bonus is usually better and doesn't hinder you. Also, everyone has guns which cut right through armor, but not defense.

Male Greenskin Gendarme Beastrider of the Order of the Lion

My character would wear it, so thus he does. I think he'll figure it out eventually.

Yeah, couple bullets in the chest will convince him it's better to be quick on his feet :P

ok I will just add it in as a dodge bonus then so that it stacks properly

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

Will post at ca 18.00 GMT+1, I have a very stressfull bringing into service order at work.

It will stack right, if you add it as an Armor Bonus as an Permanent Adjustment in the Personal Tab. It is just ignored in the AC breakdown.

kk thats what you suggested originally so that is what I did. I am assuming you are somewhat familiar with Herolab. If true I may ask a few questions here and there as I am running/creating some things in editing.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

No problem. I have a little experience with the program.

Tamimay waiting on you in Gameplay.

Nice speech, Tamimay!


Next level Tekumsah's gotta take Perform (oratory).

Tamimay, haven't heard from you in several days. This is just a warning to say if you hit the eight day mark, and I haven't heard from you, you will be dropped from the game.

Male Greenskin Gendarme Beastrider of the Order of the Lion

I have to admit, I find it funny that Gromsch is the only person in the campaign to actually have an Orc/Half Orc avatar while the rest of us have something completely different.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

I won't post till sunday evening because I'll be on a LARP.

It seems that we're down to three players. It's probably my fault, I haven't been putting a ton of effort into this. I'm gonna shut down this campaign. My real life gaming group just started back up, and my creative juices have been really stretched lately. I don't want to jerk you guys around with some half-ass effort. So, thanks for giving this a try, I'm sorry it's not gonna work out.

I know I'm in other games with all of you, so I'll see you around the boards. Again, sorry to fail you, and thanks for giving it a try.

Male Greenskin Gendarme Beastrider of the Order of the Lion

Thats funny, this was one of the more successful games I was in. I thought it was going along great.

Agreed. Any chance someone wants to take on the role of GM? I could try it, but no promises on quality.

I suppose we could also go to Recruitment to try and grab a GM, heh. But I doubt that'd work.

Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 | AC 17 T 12 FF 15 | HP 19/28 | F +5 R +7 W +3 | Init +2 | Perc +11

I thought that we were all still here. But real life is more important than pbp.

Tamimay posted that he was quitting... Ah well.

Yeah, that was the trigger. When you're already running six other games, finding the motivation to run for three players is lacking. Again, sorry guys. The IRL game planning is taking all my extra time, because unlike PBP you have to come up with 3-4 hours of material all at once.

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