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Sardaukar's Legacy of Fire

Game Master Sardaukar

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Updated spell list.

Bahir shakes his head in response to Hazreem, "Just north of here I think we should take the stairs going up. There was that dark room with the alcoves. Hopefully the stairs will lead us to the same area as they are close."

Wild Shape: Medium Air Elemental Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

Hazreem shrugs, "Seems like a good plan to me." He turns to look at Pae, "Care to lead the way, my friend?"


Male Halfling Rogue 11

"Not really but I suppose I will have to.." pae quips his smile belying his words.

Stealth 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (13) + 21 = 34

Perception 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (10) + 23 = 33 38 vs traps

As you head leave the room with the sewer drain, you find everything just as quiet as when you left. Pae takes the lead. He reaches the corner where the passageway turns to the right. The door across the hall is the one you are interested in that contains the stairs going up. The Halfling quietly peers around the corner to find that the immense siege engine has been manned once again by several fire lizardfolk. The are looking to the north, so Pae sees their profile from their left side. They don't even notice your presence.


Hazreem, you just want to quench these guys again? I think Pae is away at the moment.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 19(ff17/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76)

I can go invisible and fly up and then fire an iceball at them.


That works too, not sure you even have to bother with the invisibility. Just cast and hold, pop around the corner and let fly with held action. Either way, let's do it!

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP 67/67 | AC 21 T16F17 CMD24 | Saves F9 R9 W14 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Hasted

Before Efreat launches, Mah'ysa bestows the Touch of Good on him.
Touch of Good (Sp) Grant +5 to skill checks, ability checks and saving throws for 1r.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 19(ff17/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76)

Efreat accepts Mah's touch and floats around the corner before firing an iceball at the group.
float up to ceiling and peek around the corner (cover) and fires an elemental (cold) fireball. DC 18 reflex for half.10d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 3, 1, 3, 1, 4, 4, 6) = 35

DM Rolls:

(includes penalty for not paying attention)
Reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22 Succeed
Reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5 Fail
Reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19 Succeed
Reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23 Succeed

Peeking around the corner near the ceiling you see four of the Lizardfolk, all with their attention turned towards the northern passage. Three are standing around the ballista while the fourth is partly down the stairs on the far side.

As the bead of blue streaks towards them, a couple of them turn at first with a look of something catching their attention followed by a look of horror. But it is too late and a massive ball of frost envelopes them to the sound of ice cracking and painful reptilian cries. When the frost dissipates, one lizardfolk is nice and frozen, slumped over the siege engine. The other three don't look much better and immediately begin fleeing down the stairs as fast as they can, yelling in Ignan that they are under attack.

As soon as they reach the bottom of the stairs, the three lizardfolk still alive turn the corner on the right and disappear from view.

Initiative Order!

Round 1 - Everyone is up!

Map Link


Initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21

As he starts to move down the hallway after them, "Well, we best not leave them behind us."


"Or we could ignore them and continue up the stairs assuming they are too frightened to investigate."

He'll cast Resist Energy: fire this round and move toward the ballista.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 19(ff17/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76)

Efreat looks to Bahir, [b]"Man the ballista just in case. I will follow invisibly and check them out."[/ooc]
init:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
cast see invisibility on first round and then invisibility on second assuming no one shows up in the mean time.

Since you didn't immediately pursue, drop from initiative order (for now).

Bahir climbs the 20 foot rocky side of the platform that blocks the passage to reach the ballista. Pulling the cold lizardfolk off of the siege engine, he turns the mounted weapon towards the direction the others went, waiting for word from Efreat. The echoing sound of something massive coming to a sudden halt with the scraping sound of iron on iron is heard momentarily.

Unseen, Efreat floats high over the platform and looks around the corner. There resides a pair of massive and elaborate double stone doors at least 30 feet high and about 10 feet wide each. They are closed at the moment, but it is the only place the lizardfolk could have gone given the vantage point you had. The imagery on the doors don't mean anything more to you now than it did yesterday.

Current Status:

Hit Points (Remaining/Max):
Mah'ysa 67/67
Bahir 88/88
Hazreem 99/99
Paellat 83/83
Efreat 76/76
Spooky 15/15

Damage: (Lethal/Non-Lethal)

Conditions in effect:
Efreat: Mage Armor - All Day
Efreat: Overland Flight - All Day
Efreat: Invisibility - ~11 minutes
Efreat: See Invisibility - ~1 hr 50 min

Heat/Fire Resistance:
Mah'ysa: Endure Elements (Spell Cast - 24 hours)
Bahir: Endure Elements (Spell Cast - 24 hours), Resist Energy(Fire) ~1 hr 50 min remaining
Hazreem: Endure Elements (Desert Endurance)
Paellat: Resistance 10 (Ring of minor fire resistance)
Efreat: Resistance 20 (Elemental Bloodline)
Spooky: Endure Elements (Spell cast - 24 hours)

Special Item Uses
Bag of Tricks: 1 use yesterday, 2 uses 5 days ago
Hazreem: Wild Shape - 0 today
Bahir: Divine Bond - 0/2 used today
Bahir: Lay on Hands - 0/11 used today
Paellat: Slippers of Spider Climb - 0/10 minutes used today
Mah'ysa: Bard Song - 0 rounds used today


Remaining vigilant, "Looks like we chased them off and they sound like they just put a big bar across the inside of that door. Seems they don't want a fight even though they did attack us the last time. Shall we just head upstairs? "

As an aside, my caster level is only 8, so my Resist Energy spell will only last 80 minutes and only protects against 20 fire damage per hit.

Wild Shape: Medium Air Elemental Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

Hazreem holds his hands out and utters a quick prayer to Gozreh and shimmers briefly, taking on an airy humanoid shape. Wild shape to Medium Air Elemental.

He then flies out to the Ballastae and looks out the corridors, making sure no other threats approach. "Go ahead in front Efreat. I will watch for ambush from the rear."


Looking around the air above him, "Hazreem, I'm not sure where he is. Efreat, what do you think? Do we want to pursue or go back and up the stairs?"

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 19(ff17/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76)

Efreat flies back to Bahir and states out of nowhere, "It appears they went down the hallway and through those great stone doors. I would suggest we either pursue or check the way that they were guarding."


Bahir frowns, "If they don't want to fight why should we pursue? I would like to help whoever is suffering upstairs first. Radia...Mah'ysa, what do you think?"

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP 67/67 | AC 21 T16F17 CMD24 | Saves F9 R9 W14 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Hasted

Mah'ysa nods at Bahir.
"That is my thought as well."
She looked at the doors the creatures had fled through speculatively.
"Still, we should prepare a warning if they open the door to come after us..."
Mah'ysa fishes about in her pack and pulls out a torch, a small cooking pot and a handfull of copper coins. She carefully wedges the torch into the crack in the doorway as high up as she can reach. She then puts the coins into the pot and then hangs it on the torch. She steps back and looks at her contraption critically.
"There. If the door opens, the pot will fall with a great clatter and so give us warning."
She grins at Bahir.
"Come my knight, let us depart! I understand there is a rescue to be made!"


Sarduakar: Pae will use disable device on the ballista before we go and probably help Mah'ysa set up her "trap".

Efreat: Do you want to scout a little ahead of us up the stairs while you are invisible and flying?


Male Halfling Rogue 11

I'm afraid my ISP deprived me of days worth of online time again..what is worse I'm off tomorrow on Holiday (ironically to play at Paizocon UK this weekend) and will have no internet access for a week...never fear I have not left you..but I do need to recharge my batteries.

With the fire lizardfolk seemingly locked behind the giant stone door, Pae ensures that the siege engine will never work again while Efreat scouts out the room above.

Heading in the previously explored northern room, Efreat quietly flies up the stairs. What he sees before him is that of a dark chamber of cavernous proportions, its vaulted ceiling held aloft by huge supporting columns. The stench of beasts is strong here. The gutted remains of a few battered war chariots are pushed against the walls. Campfires of burning coals can be seen towards the rear of the chamber.

Also camping along the rear wall of the chamber are three sleeping fire giants. In front of them are a foursome of hell hounds, who were originally sleeping, but something has caught their sense of smell and a couple of them get to their feet. They look around, sniffing. Glancing in your general direction, one of them begins growling getting the attention of the others.

The massive chamber opens up to the south, but travel that way seems blocked by a bunch of magmins like the ones you saw in the volcano back on the island of Kakishon. Past them, the chamber opens up into a much more lit area due to a lack of a ceiling above. The frightful screams and bellows of what sounds like an enraged bull that echo throughout this vast floor seem to be coming from that open area to the south.

Back down below, there doesn't seem to be any attempt to open the stone doors or set off the crude alarm.

For those downstairs by the stone doors...

Perception DC25:
Down the corridor to the far east, you catch a glimpse of someone or something peering around the corner on the north side. Who or whatever it is ducks back as soon as you turn to look in that direction.

Map Link


I kind of assumed we would be following Efreat from a safe distance when he was scouting. Meaning, probably just looking around the corner at the bottom of the stairs in case the sorcerer needs immediate assistance. But it look like a no harm, no foul type situation so I'll just roll with whatever others are doing. No chance at all the paladin makes that perception.

Sardaukar: Just as an aside, the scent ability generally only goes out to 30' feet (unless downwind which goes to 60' feet).

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP 67/67 | AC 21 T16F17 CMD24 | Saves F9 R9 W14 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Hasted

Percep: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12

Up to you where you are at. And I'm assuming that you guys are pretty ripe having not bathed for many days down here in this hot environment.


Lol, point taken!

I'll roll for Pae: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (9) + 23 = 32

Pae says quietly to the others, "Something's watching us from down that hall." The paladin gives a start and looks but doesn't see anything before stating, "Let's wait for Efreat to return before we go anyplace else."

Guess we'll wait to hear from Efreat.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 19(ff17/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76)

With the hell hounds growling, Efreat silently fly back down and finds his companions, "Well, looks like I need a bath..."Efreat will communicate everything he saw.
"If there is nothing else, then I propose that everyone equip as much elemental resistance magic and other protective magic. Then, we attack."
I can give out elemental resisitance spells which block the first 30 points per attack. Also, protection from evil as a circle or individual spell; however, it provides a +2 deflection bonus to AC and Resistance bonus so it won't stack if you have at least those bonuses already. I'll haste everyone once the attack begins. Additionally, I would suggest that I start with a cold version of Wall of Fire (at 20' long per level, I should be able to divide the room in half to keep some of the creatures at bay) Suggestions at which to block?

Wild Shape: Medium Air Elemental Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

Hazreem nods, "Sounds like a plan Efreat. OK who needs some protective magic?"

Hazreem can cast Protection from Energy twice so let me know if you need that cast on you.


I have fire resistance 20 going right now. I have a +2 deflection bonus but only a +1 resistance bonus. Once we are ready I will cast Deadly Juggernaut, Weapon of Awe, and use my divine bond to make my weapon both holy and keen. I have been totally forgetting to add in my fire outsider bane bonuses from Vardishal as of late.

"Hmmmm, a bull you say? Maybe it is some enraged monster they have captive. Perhaps they can be negotiated with. I have been a little uncomfortable with just kicking in doors and killing, even if they are evil. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Do you have any way of allowing me to speak and understand their language? I suggest that I go up and make myself known and try to talk to them, maybe even meet their leader."

Pae has only fire resistance 10 so he could probably use a resist fire spell. He has +1 deflection but +2 resistance bonuses already.

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP 67/67 | AC 21 T16F17 CMD24 | Saves F9 R9 W14 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Hasted

I can cast Resist Energy (20). I recommend walling off as many of the little guys as possible.

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