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Sardaukar's Legacy of Fire

Game Master Sardaukar

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Male Human Druid 2

As the healing magic washes over him Hazreem sighs in relief. He had been getting truly worried for the goat there. Keeping up his quiet and calming chatter to the animal, he indicates with his head for Bahir to try and free it from the cactus.

Thanks for the heal :). And grats Daumari, hope it all works out for you.

Liberty's Edge

Haz continues to sooth the goat with his soft voice, the words make no sense to Behir who is standing next to him but grateful for the help in calming the animal, it would be very difficult to get the screaming wounded goat up out of the ravine they now stand. As both men begin to head closer to the goat a wave of energy hits them, one of warmth and peacefulness. They both feel refreshed and can see the goat is effected also as it calms down even more and the blood no longer flows from its wounds. Relief in its cry also gives a clue the energy given through Mah'ysa is working wonders. Pae smile broadens as his minor scratches close up and he feels much better about things, even huge cacti. Daumari takes no notice of the gift as he carefully watches the scene below, somewhere danger is out there, this goat had help gettng where it is now but how and who or what. Off to the side of his vision at the edge of the light down below to his new friends left side, Daumari notices something not right, a glint of light off metal maybe, ahhh he's just seeing things he thinks to himself, but.... but there it is again.........the darkness and the light source fight over the shadows causing problems for the half-elf to see if its danger or his imagination...............

Scarab Sages

Seeing Haz and Mah'ysa are making progress Bahir watches and waits silently ready to provide assitance at a moments notice.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Daumari makes his way to each party member overlooking the ravine, whispering to each in turn. "They aren't alone down there; something's just beyond the light. Say nothing, but be ready."

The ranger then takes up a position with a clear view of the area below.

I'd like to ready an action, if you will permit; it's a little odd to do so without an initiative order as of yet, but meh. Ranged attack against first unknown to reveal itself and make a hostile action towards those in the ravine.

Pae draws and loads his hand crossbow, recurls his scorpion whip and stows it on his belt as he hears Daumari's warning...

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

Glancing in the direction, Efreat raises his hand ready to unleash the fire of his heritage. May you be a water elemental enslaved in the city of brass.

Male Human Druid 2

Realising Bahir hadn't picked up his siganl to free the goat, Hazreem decides to try himself. He quietly moves up and saws through the rope holding the animal to the cactus. Taking the remaining length of rope as a leader, he tries to lead the little animal back up the defile.

Handle animal 1d20+7=21,1d20+7=11 to try and get the goat to move up the smal embankment.

Scarab Sages

Hazreem Al'Shakar wrote:
Realising Bahir hadn't picked up his siganl to free the goat,

Doh, I totally did miss it!

Liberty's Edge

Bahir waits calmly while Haz quiets the goat down but misses the his signal to help cut the goat free. Up top Daumari warns the others of the danger he thinks is below lurking in the shadows by going to each memeber and whispering in their ears. Everyone takes his warning seriously and draws weapon or readies spells to defend their fellows below. Pae begins to load his crossbow and Efreat calls forth arcane energy to himself. Realizing Behir did not notice his gesture he moves over to the goat still talking in a calming voice starts to saw through the rope to free the goat. The goat stays calm with soft cries but the rope is giving Haz a hard time as he tries to cut through it. As he works on the rope the goat cries out in panic and rushes in one direction till the rope won't let it go any further then bolts a new direction running around Haz entangling the rope around his legs, luck does not seem to be with Haz today as the rope is starting to cause him to fall over. In the confusion with the frantic goat, movement from out of the shadows appears racing towards the man cutting its dinner away. Its looks to be like the most revolting lapdog(about 2 feet tall) you have ever seen running on two legs, filmy white eyes darting this way and that, clothed in filthy rags, the nasty looking thing snarls and yelps at Haz with its arm raised holding an oversized rusty dagger.....

Roll init! Daumari ready action noted! Roll attacks and state your actions! Haz roll a balance check to see if you fall from the rope around you! Remember to roll two seperate rolls on any d20 roll called for!

Male Human Druid 2

Accrobatics 1d20-3=2, 1d20-3=11. Initiative 1d20=17, 1d20=7.

With a shout Hazreem topples from his feet as the goat tangles his legs. He looks up to see the ugly dog creature bearing down on him with a dagger. With the way his luck was running today, the druid was beginning to wonder if he had upset great Gozreh in some fashion and was being suitably punished.

Scarab Sages

Initiative: 1d20+1=16 1d20+1=11

Realizing things are quickly getting out of control Bahir immediately steps up with his blade out to defend and assist Haz.

Pae judges the distance, and attempts to move closer to get a "good" shot (and by good shot I mean sneak attack

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Initiative = 1d20+1 = 15, 21

Daumari takes a quick bead on the dagger-wielding creature and lets fly. He prepares another arrow, attempting to recognize the creature while doing so.

Readied Action - Longbow: 1d20+2 = 12, 19

Daumari has access to Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography, and history) at a +6 bonus, and Knowledge (nature) at +7. As I don't know which, if any, are apprpriate here I'll just roll the base 1d20 and let you add the appropriate modifier.

Knowledge Skill Check: 1d20 = 7, 18

Paellat 'Pae' Silvertongue wrote:
Pae judges the distance, and attempts to move closer to get a "good" shot (and by good shot I mean sneak attack


Female Half elven Cleric 1

Mah'ysa, slightly startled by the appearance of the strange creature, simply takes in the situation and sees how she can best help.

Initiattive: 12,16

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

Init: 1d20+2=13, 1d20+2=13 don't see that everyday. Fire ray against creature: 1d20+2=9, 1d6=4, 1d20+2=13, 1d6=5
Eyes blazing with internal fire, Efreat fires a blast of fire from his outstretched hand toward the ugly beast.

Liberty's Edge

The creature darts out of cover and slices a trail of red across the goat torso as it giggles and shrieks in glee at the sight of blood on the goat. The goat screams and looses control bucking wildly and pulling on its leash till it meets resistance. Pae seeing this moves off to try and get into a better position to attack with his special abilities. The only way closer is to climb down the ravine either with help of the rope that Bahir and Haz used or just try to use the rocks to get himself down.(Roll climb check(2 rolls)). With eyes ablaze Efreat reaches out with his arm and points at the ugly creature unleashes a blast of fire which just barely hits the he little thing but does have the power behind it to turn the mutt to a singed corpse leaving the others to stare and wonder who this fellow in their party really is. The weird feeling everyone felt a second ago is gone and everything seems normal now until Haz falls over in a tangle of ropes, at the feet of Behir, with a crazed goat pulling on the rope still trying to escape the smell of burnt flesh. Mah'ysa feels a giggle in her throat at the sight as does Daumari who holds his shot now that the creature has been destroyed but still weary of more danger......

Male Human Druid 2

Hazreem untangles himself from the ropes and exclaims "What an extroadnarily ugly creature! And look what it did to the poor goat". Again he attempts to calm the animal so he can check it is not too badly hurt.

Handle animal, and heal check if required to check its wounds and try to stop any bleeding. 1d20+7=20, 1d20+8=25. WOW! It's almost like invisible castle realsised the bad luck zone or whatever it was had gone :)

Scarab Sages

It's all over in a flash - literally. Bahir immediately begins to help Haz free himself from the entangling rope. Looking at the smoldering corpse, "Nicely done Efreat." He picks the things body up and moves it away from the goat so Haz can work without it's presence. With a look of disgust he pauses with it in his hands, "We must bring it back to show Mistress Almah and the others."

Female Half elven Cleric 1

Mah'ysa was surprised how quickly it was all over. As she calmed her quickening heart, she lets the giggle slip out as her gentle voice carries on the wind, before asking, "How is everyone down there? Hazeem, how are the goat's injuries?"

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

Taking a breath to calm himself, "They didn't hire me for my personality. Perhaps we should get back before any more of those things show up."

"I agree, the goat may not last another assault."

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

"Agreed, but be quick about it. There's no telling what other dangers the night might be concealing."

Liberty's Edge

All goes quiet except for a few bugs and bird noises in the night air. The goat under the care of Haz calms down now that its wounds are healed and Haz's soothing words reach its ears. It takes a little time and the help of everyone to get the goat up the ravine, Haz and Behir follow easily now that the spell of bad luck is gone from the area. The trek back seems easier to you all also getting into camp in short order. Garavel and some of the guards spot you right away, Garavel races off to inform the mistress. The whole camp turns out as you trudge back into camp with goat in tow, burnt critter, torn clothing and multiple scratches. Almah comes out of her tent and meets you as you walk up, Garavel on her left a step behind. The wife and husband come racing up speaking in excited tones and praises for bringing their treasure back to them. Almah waits with a smile on her face for everyone to settle down and asks what happened and what did you all find out.......

Scarab Sages

Bahir bows to the Mistress Almah. He displays the creature for all to see, "With Dashki's advice and Sarenrae's guidance we were able to find this evil creature and put an end to it. It had hidden itself in a cactus filled ravine with but the goat's cries lead us right to it. It looks to have been the cause of the fire here also due to the strange misfortunes that seem to surround the creature."

Male Human Druid 2

Hazreem hands the rope which holds the goat across to the married couple and bows low. "Gozreh looks after us this day, my friends. The creature that took it was surely cursed, to be so ugly and bring about such misfortune, but our enigmatic friend over there managed to save us from futher trouble.". He says this last statement while nodding his head towards Effreat.

Turning, he listens as Bahir sums up the trouble in the cactus grove so easily, and nods his agreement. "Indeed, it would appear as if this pitiful thing was indeed the casue of the unfortunate fire. With such cursed luck, it is a wonder the things can breed and survive. Or perhaps birthing such offspring is bad luck enough" he makes light of the situation as best he can, hoping some humour will help unwind the tension of the afternoon so far.

Pae thinks about the situation...

"That's possibly the only thing that scares me, robbing me of my luck..." Pae states bluntly...

then bursts out in laughter.

Liberty's Edge

Almah listens to Bahir's account with Haz's interjections here and there then a burst of laughter off to the side makes everyone pause and give the little one a look before Behir finishes up. She looks thoughtful for a minute or two and then Almah says, It seems you have concluded this investigation quickly and found the one responsible for the fire and the death of Eloais. For this I thank you all, you have proven yourselves and I would like to hire you all on to our mission. The pay is 200 gold coins each for the duration, the successful freeing of Kelmarane of malign influences and the opening of trade if you so choose to help that is? She pauses as she waits for each of you to decide if you will join up!

If everyone decides to join she continues It seems this place is not a safe place to make our base camp, too exposed I think. I know of a monastery to Sarenrae that stood near the village of Kelmarane and the ruined building will make a better base of opporations for the coming battle for the gnoll-held village, yet the village has a good chance that it is far from abandoned so I will need you all to go and investigate the ruined monastery and take care of any potential problems there as we here break camp and begin to make our way there! She nods to Garavel to take over as she expects her orders to be carried out!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! The weather was perfect here, had a good time being outdoors playing in the sun! Is anyone here going to be going to Paizocon II?

I wish! Had I not lost my job last year, and had to take a lesser paying job, I most likely would have been all over PaizoCon! Maybe I can make PaizoCon III!!! I'm even missing ComicCon this year, first time in the last 10 years =(

Scarab Sages

Bahir nods his acceptance of both the hiring on and the clearing out of the monastary task. Afterwards, stepping off to the side to speak with Mah'ysa, he asks, "Is it acceptable for them to use the monastary as a base camp? It seems like a good way to ensure it's safety while we cleanse it."

Yeah, I would love to attend but just can't justify the cost this year :(

Male Human Druid 2

Hazreem bows and agrees to the ladies terms. Afterall, he was going to Kelmarane for a reason, why not get paid for it as well. Maybe he could use the money to better establish balance in the region.

Unless some one is willing to spring for the airfair to America from down here in Ausland, then I won't be able to make it this year I'm afraid. But you guys have fun :)

Adventure and pay...what more could Paellat ask for?

"Done", says Pae as he spits in his hand and offers it heartily, an immense smile splits his face.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

"The money will cover some of my expenses. Let us get nearer to our goal." Efreat runs his hands through his hair. Soon. Soon we will find her.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

"I came with the promise of beastmen to fell, and don't plan on taking my leave before that promise has been fulfilled."

Female Half elven Cleric 1

Mah'ysa simply nods her head in agreement with the others as she whispers a short prayer to the Dawnflower to bless their coming mission. She then says, "I don't know about you all, but I have to agree with Lady Almah's assessment, if we can secure the monastery, it will make retaking Kelmarane that much easier...I think."

Liberty's Edge

Garavel pulls you all aside as Almah steps into her tent, About a mile from here stands the Monastery of St. Vardishal, once a holy place for the faith of Sarenrae now long since empty for the past 2 decades or so. Go now and secure the place for us to make a base of operations. We will break camp in the late morning and follow along behind you, hopefully you will not encounter to many problems, good luck and we will see you tomorrow! With that said he walks off to begin preperations for tomorrow mornings leave taking.

The night is cool which will make the hike an easy one. Moon light appears after a few minutes of travel helping the pace quicken but it only lasts till you are in sight of the monastery Click Here! Something to give you a little idea what the place might look like only picture it a lot darker out and a few more scrubs and cacti about! As you make your approach you can see the monastery's walls remain intact though a few of its towers have collapsed and gaping holes mar most of the structures ceilings. Once you are just outside the place you notice most of the wooden structures have rotted away and nature has begun to intrude upon the monastery's interior. Signs of the sun's birth appear behind you as you look upon the monastery. Scrub brush and a light , patchy carpet of weeds invade the monastery through two huge fallen sections of the western wall. The exposed nave beyond is a huge hallway littered with bits of debris ranging from tiny rocks to enormous sections of collapsed masonry. Most of the roof above the long promenade is gone, but several jagged pillars remain..........

You are standing just outside the building right now! I hope to have a map for you a little later today which will be sent to your email, I think I have everyone's. This will make things a lot easier on all of us I think!

Scarab Sages

Bahir takes out a woven mat and places it upon the ground. Deep in prayer he kneels and faces the first rays of the morning sun as they pierce the sky. A warmth seems to infuse him that was lacking just moments ago as he stands and rolls up the mat. Facing the ruins, "This place shall be reborn just as the sun is every morning. Let us cleanse any darkness that lingers here." Waiting for acceptance from everyone, he takes out his round shield and slides his scimitar from its well oiled sheath before advancing up to the gap in the wall.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Sun catches steel as Daumari unsheathes his own scimitar, executes a few brief combat maneuvers, and returns to weapon to its resting place beneath his robes. The ranger turns and hurries beside the paladin, pausing to offer a short nod before ducking inside to survey they site.

Perception Check: 1d20+7 = 8, 16

Male Human Druid 2

Hazreem felt weary, but he refused to let it show. They had travelled all day to reach the caravan, fought a blazing inferno and faced death at the hands of some crsed dog creature. Now to cleans the building before them they had travelled through the night again. He sighed as he too drew forth his scimitat and shield, prepared to face what things inhabited this area.

He speaks quietly, but with enough volume to carry to the others "Perhaps we shoudl look for signs or tracks around the outside of the building that might gve us a hint of what's inside. To better prepare our defense I feel."

Wathcing as Daumari dashes inside the building, he sighs again and whispers "Ah well, perhaps not"

Female Half elven Cleric 1

Mah'ysa lets out a low giggle at the groups antics as they prepare to move into the building, once Bahir enters the building however, her face takes on a serious expression as she too move towards the gap in the wall. As if calling on the power of the sun itself, flame seems to gather around her slim hand as he enters the compound and takes a look around.

and....#3 attempt to post this today...

Pae sneaks up to the wall and begins to scout...


good thing for all those bonuses...sheesh

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

Efreat pulls his scimitar out and prepairs to unleash fire upon the first gnoll he sees. "Let us clear this desolate ruin."

Liberty's Edge

I hope everyone recieved the map I emailed to each of you! West is the top of the map and I have you entering the nave through the southwest opening! Each square is 5 feet so this place is a nice size place.

As you enter the darkness the sun rises up a little higher sending faint beams of light through the cracks of the ruined monastery giving you a small glimse of the room even with the roof gone, the exception is Daumari who has no problem seeing. The shadows still rule this building making it difficult to navigate the debris-laden chamber. A few passages can be seen exiting into the interior of the ruins. At the northern end of the ruins a large room most likely the chapel stands in darkness. As Mah'ysa enters the room brighten a bit from the glow of her hand but does not pierce the darkness coming from the chapel being over 150 feet away. The group is very weary of their surrounding and continue to check for signs of danger, weapons close at hand. So far none is spotted but you all can feel something is close by, a familier sensation like the one just earlier in the day while braving the cacti forest to help a poor goat.......

Scarab Sages

With a quick glance toward Mah'ysa he could see that she felt it too. More of those accursed creatures were plaguing this holy place. Advancing slowly behind Daumari when he indicated to do so, so as to not disrupt his ability to scout stealthily. Narrowing his eyes to try and make out forms beyond Mah'ysa's light, he looked forward to ridding this place of the vermin.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5

Feeling that sickening feeling again Efreat states, "Treklimar" Cast Mage Armor

Male Human Druid 2

Hazreem follows the others into the building, and again sighs when the familar feeling of clumsiness comes over them. "I am thinking we are lucky there are no cacti around. Any more of those thorns and I'll be needing new leggings"

The druid carefully positioned himself behind the more vulnerable looking of teh group, guarding the rear of the party. If these Pugwampi were at all cunning, it would not do to have them attack from behind.

The email came through Zoo, but I can' open the attatchment. I'll try it on our other computer later tonight. I'll be standing guard towards the rear of teh group in case of ambush.

Liberty's Edge

The email came through Zoo, but I can' open the attatchment. I'll try it on our other computer later tonight. I'll be standing guard towards the rear of the group in case of ambush.

Wrath check your email I sent you the map again! Will post later today to give the others time to get their post in! Cheers, Zoo

Female Half elven Cleric 1

Mah'ysa looks around nervously once that familiarly odd sensation settled on her and suddenly she was wishing that she had parayed for something that offered a bit more light than the bundled boll of flam that encased her hand. Eying Bahir, she will fall in behind him, ready to lend aid, however it was needed.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Rolling his eyes at the druid's words, Daumari begins making his way toward the northern room, keeping his thoughts to himself. At least in a cactus patch there's be no one to hear this little social gathering.

The ranger keeps his senses alert, but abandons any hope of exploring the site unnoticed.

Perception Skill Check: 1d20+7 = 12, 19

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 23(ff21/t14) l F7 l R7 l W9 l HP(76) 60 I images: 5


Could you send me a copy of the map. I don't think that I got it. email:

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