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Game Master Sardaukar

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Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

I'm not sure. New DM, any idea?

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

Efreat character background:

Efreat's mother was a rich sorceress by the name of Inferis. When Efreat was 10, Inferis disappeared on one of her adventures. No word has ever reached Efreat as to his mother's whereabouts. Shortly after his mother disappeared, all of her property was seized to cover some debt to an Osirian merchant. Efreat may have starved if not for his good friend Haleen.

Haleen showed Efreat how to live on his own. Soon Efreat learned to use his skills in persuasion to make a living. When Haleen told him that she was going off to be an adventurer, Efreat was disappointed. It was the adventurer's life that took his mother away; however, Efreat wished her well as she set off. Efreat expected that he would never see her again.

In the years that have gone by, Efreat has learned to harness his efreet bloodline. He plays up his connection both to gain prestige and to help with his negotiations between parties. Efreat claims to represent both sides in his negotiations but ultimately lies or bullies one side into an agreement.

All was well until the dreams began. Dreams of fire and screaming. Dreams of Haleen. During one negotiation with a western nomad, he heard the description of the city from his dreams, Kalmarane. From that point on, Efreat has been looking for a way to reach the ruined city. He lost his mother but he will not lose Haleen. He has joined Garavel's company as a means to an end. Such is the way of the market, such is the way of the world. Garavel will use him to retake the city and he will use Garavel to find Haleen.

After reaching Kelmarane, Efreat and his companions liberated the city from the vile gnolls that had taken it over. In the process, he found his dear Haleen. Once the smoke cleared, Efreat and his companions were given the title of Knight Protector of Kelmarane. Staying on for the year, Efreat split his time between a new business, his magical research and reuniting with Haleen.

Efreat and Haleen joined her companions in destroying the House of the Beast. After great danger and much blood, the Knight Protectors of Kelmarane succeeded in destroying the Gnoll master and gaining a great prize, a powerful magical scroll.

Efreat and Haleen next ventured with their companions to the market city of Katapesh. Along the way, they were attacked mercilessly but to no avail. Upon reaching Katapesh, they enlisted the services of a learned sage in deciphering the scroll. All was not well, the sage was kidnapped and the companions had to overcome the kidnappers. The companions were finally able to open the scroll; however, at great costs.

As the scroll was opened, the companions were sucked into a demiplane. As Efreat fell through the portal, he saw the mad genie general sneer at him as it escaped with its compatriots. When Efreat came to within the prison, he learned that Haleen was not with them and had been lost to him again. Since she disappeared, Efreat has been inpatient and quicker to lash out with his spells; however, that has not been much of a problem as the pocket dimension was full of hostile creatures.

Eventually, the Knights were able to secure their release from the prison plane and found themselves trapped again in the mad genie's palace in the City of Brass. The Knights have been exploring the palace. After rescuing a Madrid genie princess, they were promised a wish but have yet to cash it in. Efreat also learned that the mad genie general has taken Haleen and their sage friend from Katapesh. At a loss, Efreat discovered a divination devise to which he tried to locate Haleen and, for the first time in his life, his departed mother, Inferis; however, the scrying device could not locate either of them at the present time. Efreat continues to explore the palace with his friends with two thoughts on his mind, finding Haleen and punishing anything that has harmed her in his absence.

Scarab Sages

Am am still around but I will be overseas til mid-October. If you get things started before then feel free to have one of the original crew (they are familiar with him) run Bahir while I am gone.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Computer Consultant 23

Sounds good. At the speed I am running now you will be back before I restart this.

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

October check in; Still here!

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Computer Consultant 23

October check... sorry for the delay. I think I will need another week.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

Check, Check!

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