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Sardaukar's Legacy of Fire

Game Master Sardaukar

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Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

Best of luck Daumari!

On vacation now, back Monday.

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

Good luck Daumari.

Everyone, I was looking over the list of unassigned loot and perhaps this would be a good time to assign some items to Haleen, namely the magical rapier and the ring of protection.

DM Sardaukar, I don't know if she has any magic items though that she had originally or were given to her by Efreat.


Haleen already has a +1 Rapier, plus a +1 Buckler. She was using Efreat's Ring of the Ram but that is exhausted.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

Sorry to see you go Daumari. Ultimately, we are playing a game and your life and your family's are more important. Best of luck with the Twin Cities, I haven't been there in years but I still have found memories.

Scarab Sages

As I suspect we will not be jumping anytime soon to replace you, I for one would be happy to see you return anytime you felt you had the time and energy. I really like all the personalities we have here, how they interact, and work together. Sorry to hear your going through a rough patch but maybe things will look up over the summer. Best of wishes Daumari...

And whoohoo, we've made it halfway through an entire adventure path, that is impressive all by itself!

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

DM Sardaukar,

I want to request you move your Legacy of Fire Campaign info from your DM profile to the Campaign Info tab. It would make it easier to find the info, rather than hunting for your profile in the game thread.

Thanks man!

Done. It is now on the Campaign info tab.

And we're done with these little peon guards. Now the real challenges begin.

Scarab Sages

Actually, this shield discussion got me thinking (because I reread the heavy shield and paladin descriptions - specifically Lay On Hands). I have been playing it that I need a free hand to heal others, not myself. I think my mind just automatically said "why would I need a free hand to heal myself?" I'm still unsure if that is the way it is intended or not. Anyway, not a big deal I guess. It just means he would be using a light shield instead of a heavy one (which leaves your hand free - it would simply be a -1 AC difference). What do you think?

Looking on the message boards, this was somewhat discussed:

Per James Jacobs, it works fine with a light shield. And by that statement, implies that heavy shield does not (asked later in the post). I'd have no problem switching to a light shield. We'll just use the new AC going forward. Still a 22.

Scarab Sages

It's interesting, he never addresses the question of whether a paladin is considered to always be effectively touching himself. What I get from that post is that with a light shield he can absolutely use his Lay Hands On ability on other people without compromising his use of sword and shield (a very nice thing indeed). Some people in threads have indicated that they think the paladin can heal himself without any free hands (partly because it's a swift action intended to not interrupt a full attack) and is always in contact with himself but as far as I can tell any official Paizo staff have refused to address that issue. I am good either way as both have their advantages. At least I see I am in alot of good company over my confusion around this subject.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

I'm going to be gone until next wednesday. please dmnpc Efreat as needed. All he has left for spells are his elemental ray abilities so the wands are the main weapons (2 charges left on wand of magic missiles).

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

Level Up Druid 8
+1 CON
Fort +1
Will +1
HP 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9
Spells Gained
3rd level: 1
4th level: 1
Skills: 4+1+1 Favored
Knowledge Nature
Survival x2
Wild Shape 3/day
*Switching to Desert Druid Archtype

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

Level up to Sorcerer 8

hp1d6 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

+1 base attack, +1 will save

Skills: Know(arcana)+1, Know(planes)+1, spellcraft +1, Diplomacy +1, Sense Motive +1

Spells: oL - mend; 2L - Invisibility (replace flaming sphere); 3L - Fly(favored class bonus); 4L - Ball Lighting (from Advanced Player's guide)

Scarab Sages

Male Halfling Rogue 11

Pae levelled up to 8

Hp1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

Gain Uncanny dodge

Gain Rogue Talent Resiliency

11 Skill points 2 ranks in Escape artist and Know.Local..1 rank in Stealth,Acrobatics Disable Device, Linguistics (adding Sylvan as a language), Appraise, UMD, and Perception

1 point to Dex taking it to 20

+1 to BAB now at +6/+1

Scarab Sages

Paladin 8

hp: 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5 Sigh, back down to average...

skills(3 ranks): +3 rank to Knowledge(Religion)

spells: gain additional 2nd spell per day.

Gain Aura of Resolve

Add 1 point to Cha (now naturally 21 or 23 modified)

+1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Will

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

Add another level of Cleric

hp: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

BAB +1

+1D6 channel energy

add 1 first and 2+1 fourth level spells

ability score increase: +1 Cha

add 3 skill points

Scarab Sages

Male Halfling Rogue 11

Suggested disposal off Unassigned / Party Loot
900 - Petrified monkey hand (Hand of the Mage CL2)Sell, we've had this for ages and no-one uses it
100 - Masterwork Surgical Tools sell..or Mah'ysa
50 - Crystal vials containing various astringents and antiseptics (+2 Heal Checks, 5 uses) Mah'ysa
200 - Alchemist's Lab sell
2000 - Ring of Protection +1 (from gnoll sorceress)Sell or get it upgraded to +2
TBD - 15 MW Short Swords sell for 2325gp
TBD - 9 MW Saps Sell for 1354.5 GP
TBD - 15 MW Studded Leather sell for 1312 Gp
TBD - 3 MW Thieves' Tools1 to Pae, sell two for 100 GP[/ooc]
1950 - 46 Rubies [b]Sell

4000 - Headband of Alluring Charisma +2
1320 - +1 Rapier (Medium)[b]Sell

2000 - Ring of Protection +1Sell or get it upgraded to +2
3330 - Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL3, 37 charges) (from Khair al Din)Mah'ysa
1320 - +1 Greataxe Sell
5650 - +2 Full Plate ArmorBahir
10000 - Red silk pouch full of small rubies sell
20000 - Large ruby the size of a goose egg (Stone of good luck)Pae..he has the lowest will save and it has counted againsthim so he needs every boost he can get
15000 - A twisted tuning fork carved from a single ruby (faint abjuration aura)Keep
1350 - +1 BreastplateDaumari
48 - 6 Throwing AxesSell
2310 - +1 Battle Axe Sell
4000 - Belt of Giant Strength +2 Hazreem or Daumari

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11

I have no issues with these suggestions.

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

works for me.

So selling absolutely eveything that is a definite sell on that list would net us 20289.5 gp

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

Mah'ysa agrees with Pae's proposal.
She sighs over the Headband of Alluring Charisma, but shoves it at Pae to sell.
She further proposes that the rings be upgraded if possible to +2; she would like one of them upgraded or not.

Items to be sold for sure:

  • Petrified monkey hand (Hand of the Mage CL2) - 450 gp
  • Alchemist's Lab - 100 gp
  • 15 MW Short Swords - 2325 gp
  • 9 MW Saps - 1354.5 gp
  • 15 MW Studded Leather - 1312.5 gp
  • 2 MW Thieves' Tools - 100 gp
  • 46 Rubies - 1950 gp
  • Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 - 2000 gp
  • +1 Rapier (Medium) - 1160 gp
  • +1 Greataxe - 1160 gp
  • Red silk pouch full of small rubies - 10000 gp
  • 6 Throwing Axes - 24 gp
  • +1 Battle Axe - 1155 gp

Total: 23,091 gp
If divided 6 ways: 3848.5 per PC

I'll update the list tomorrow with these sales, plus the following allocations unless someone states otherwise:

  • Crystal vials containing various astringents and antiseptics (+2 Heal Checks, 5 uses) - to Mah'ysa
  • Ring of Protection +1 (from gnoll sorceress) - to Mah'ysa
  • 1 MW Thieves' Tool - to Pae
  • Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL3, 37 charges) - to Mah'ysa
  • +2 Full Plate Armor - to Bahir
  • Large ruby the size of a goose egg (Stone of good luck) - to Pae
  • +1 Breastplate - to Daumari
  • Belt of Giant Strength +2 - to Hazreem

This leaves behind the following items to be left in the list or decided on:
  • Masterwork Surgical Tools
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • A twisted tuning fork carved from a single ruby (faint abjuration aura)

Let me know if I missed anything.

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

Sell the surgical tools. Assuming no one objects, I'll take the twisted tuning fork. I've read studies that tuning forks of various materials are often used as interdimensional gate keys. Perhaps I can figure this one out.

Including the MW Surgical Tools brings the per PC amount to 3865 (with 1 gp left in the kitty). I have updated the list with these changes. Be sure to update your characters to reflect any changes (e.g. Stone of Good Luck, Ring of protection, etc). Let me know if I made any errors.

I noticed that Daumari already has a +3 Mithral Chainmail. Not sure if assigning the +1 Breastplate to him makes sense.

Mah'ysa: Do you wish to spend 6,000 gp to upgrade your ring of protection to +2? You will have sufficient time to get this done (with a couple of days to spare). Not that you'd know how many days you'd have...

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11
DM Sardaukar wrote:
I noticed that Daumari already has a +3 Mithral Chainmail. Not sure if assigning the +1 Breastplate to him makes sense.

Good point there. I suggest we sell it then. That leaves the +1 ring of protection, which I think we should hang onto for now.

Scarab Sages

Male Halfling Rogue 11

if we sell that then let Haleen have the +1 rapier..

Male Human (Desert) Druid 11
Paellat Silvertounge Redux wrote:
if we sell that then let Haleen have the +1 rapier..

I believe Haleen already has a +1 rapier and a +1 ring. Guess we can sell them both.

Haleen started with a +1 Rapier and +1 Buckler when you met her. She does not have a +1 Ring of Protection.

So I will sell the +1 Breastplate (675 gp) and allocate the +1 Ring to Haleen. This will give everyone an additional 112 gp and leaves 4 gp in the kitty.

I will also assume that Mah'ysa wishes to upgrade her ring to +2 at a cost of 6000 gp. If this is not correct, I can reverse it.

Campaign Info tab updated.

Fem Half-Elven Cleric L10+Bard L1 | HP88/88 | AC (30)22 T17F17 CMD24 | Saves F8R10W15 | Percep +11 | Endure Elements | Status: Expeditious Retreat

Yes, I wish to upgrade the Ring to +2, and my staff and Sling Glove both to +1.

With such a large city, you are able to find other dealers with the available time to simultaneously upgrade you masterwork quarterstaff and masterwork sling glove with a basic magical enhancement. Cost: 4,000 gp.

List updated.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Hello everyone! It's been too long.

Good news; the chaos I was facing two months ago has subsided. If the game has not progressed too far at this point I can return. That said, I understand if there is no longer a place for me. In either case I wanted to say hello.

I'll start the process of catching up on the thread when I return from running some errands. Let me know if you'll have me back.

Great! Perfect timing. We are just getting started with Book four and you have just been NPC'd so far. A couple of days later I would have had you separated from the group.

Check the Game Information tab for your gear and gold amounts. You have 8 days (7 days since you picked up your +1/+1 Adamantine Meteor Hammer) to do some shopping or commissioning of magic items.

Also, level your character to Level 8.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Thanks. I'm working on getting caught up now. I can address a question you raised some time ago as well:

DM Sardaukar wrote:
Daumari: Looking at your last rolls, not sure how you got a +13 in meteor-storm style. (+5 BAB, +1 MW, +1 Haste, +2 Flank, +2 Bane = +11) Am I missing something for a +2? Also not sure on the extra 1d6 damage.

I have the Teamwork Feats Outflank and Precise Strike, and a class ability that allows me to treat any ally (in that particular case Bahir) as if he knows these Feats as well. The first increases my attack bonus against flanked opponents to +4, while the second allows me to inflict an additional 1d6 points of precision damage to a flanked opponent. Together they are my own little Sneak Attack.

Sure, I forgot Inquisitors had that ability to apply teamwork feats to others.

And I just purged the maps/images last night...

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

That's alright. A have a fair imagination, and you've always done a great job at describing the scene.

EDIT Though I could have done without such a vivid image of being nearly devoured by a hungry jello mold...

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Inquisitor 8
Stat Gain +1 Wis
(+1 bonus to Will Saves, +1/day touch of good, +1 monster lore, +1 Initiative, +1 3rd-level spell per day)
hp 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
BAB +1 increase (+6/+1 total)
Base Saves +1 Fort (+6 total), +1 Will (+6 total)
Existing Abilities +1 stern gaze (+4 total), +1 track (+4 total), +1 round/day discern lies
Skill Ranks +9 Ranks
(+1 Acrobatics, +1 Bluff, +1 Intimidate, +1 Knowledge (planes), +1 Knowledge (religion), +1 Perception, +1 Sense Motive, +1 Spellcraft, +1 Survival)

Caster Level 8th
Spells per Day +1 2nd-level, +1 3rd-level
Spells Known magic weapon

Second Judgement (Ex): At 8th level, whenever an inquisitor uses her judgment ability, she selects two different judgments, instead of one. This only consumes one use of her judgment ability. As a swift action, she can change one of these judgments to another type.

Holy Lance (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon you touch the holy special weapon quality for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

Scarab Sages

Wow, it is so very unexpected but cool that you have returned. Ecstatic to have my melee counterpart return! Welcome back!

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

I set a goal for myself: Get my life in order by the time I received the RotRL Anniversary Edition. Met my goal with a day to spare.

Seriously though, thanks for having me back. I'm looking forward to pushing toward the campaign's conclusion. Three books to go, though it seems things are getting decidedly more deadly; not sure if we're going to wrap things up by polishing off the final book or by getting munched at this point. :P

Scarab Sages

To Sardaukar: Just realized that little Zoe became 1 this past May 1st. Wow, time flies...

That last battle was intended to be overwhelming (EL11) requiring you to retreat. If you had met with the Captain of the Sunset Ship first, he would have given you a vial that would have neutralized the spawn. I actually thought maybe Daumari would have made a good sacrifice to drop him from the campaign, but you guys refused to leave a man behind.

I started this campaign (or took it over to be more exact) when my wife was pregnant with our first child. Since I wouldn't be able to go out and game like I used to, playing online seemed like a good alternative. My son is now 3 and is now learning how to play Pathfinder himself. Well, really I just say "Your turn, do you want to attack this zombie? Okay, roll the d20. That's this one. What did you roll? Okay, now add 3 to that. How much is that? Yep, you hit. Now roll for damage, that's the d6...." It is more numbers and counting exercise for him than anything.

Scarab Sages

That's how it starts and I give the game a bit of credit for improving my kids math skills too. My son, who is now 15, is now trying to run his very first game for his friends. I ran them all a game last summer and they are demanding more.

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

I have noticed second and third generation gamers tend to have a greater appreciation for the mechanics-side of the hobby. This is probably the reason for that. I can also corroborate Bahir's observation: As a math tutor I've noticed they generally boast greater math skills than their peers. Working with them helps restore my faith in humanity...

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Alright, did some looking through the books and I think the only think I will commission in those allotted eight days would be the addition of the defending weapon property to one of my hammer's ends. That will cost me 6000 gp.

Make it so!

Male Human (Keleshite) Sorc (Efreeti) 11 l AC 26(ff24/t15) l F9 l R9 l W11 l HP(99) 83 I images: 5

I'm just giving all my games a heads up. at the end of June all my supervisors quit leaving me the head of my department. Since I was given their duties in addition to my own, my time has been becoming very strained. I will try to continue to post as much as I can. If this is an issue or when it does become an issue, please let me know and I will bow out. I hope that this matter will be concluded by mid to late September. Thank you all for your understanding.

Scarab Sages

I don't think it will be a problem as two months is hardly a blip on the radar as long as this game has been going. I truly hope for your sake that the situation is resolved in September but from personal experience I know how long it takes them to find the "right" people sometimes. Now if you have a direct hand in finding the "right" people it tends to help a great deal. Best of luck!

CG male half-elf inquisitor of Sarenrae 8

Yes, Daumari can be a real jerk. His comment to Mah'ysa was not intended to illustrate this, but it applies all the same. I think I need to make more effort in noting the tone in his voice in future posts; I meant to indicate disappointment that his warning had been hollow, and the threat was minimal at best. Disappointment that it was safe enough for them to explore in peace.

That said, maybe I shouldn't worry about communicating every inflection. Misunderstandings can be great in a game, and Mah'ysa's response was too perfect; it had me laughing loud enough for the neighbors three floors down to hear. :D

Efreat: Shouldn't be a problem, we'll just NPC your character as needed until you are back. Hopefully you'll be able to hire people and not just have management decide that things are working fine with less staff so they can save some money that way.

I will be away from my PC from tomorrow(Tuesday) until next Friday Evening. Taking my Family for a Short Vacation before

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