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SR's - Great Southern Isles (PbP) (Inactive)

Game Master stormraven

High-Power Pathfinder Homespun Game

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"I'm confused. Are we still talking about sex?"


Also, did we decide what we were doing? I mean, it's gotta be near sundown, right? If you wanted to have Kilcrist do her thing, now might be the ideal time to chat with her. I'd think her real work-day begins when she finishes with the animals. Or.. at least her 'friends'. Other than that, going to get a drink and dinner and fast-forwarding is fine with me. Unless you guys have other specific tasks.

"Do you really want to hear her answer that? You can only scrub your ears. The answer will never leave your brain."

Ushari stifles a giggle, "I will leave that to your imagination, Jayse!" After her giggling spell subsides, she turns a serious gaze to the monk, "We should have a chat with Kilcrist soon. I think HE may be able to help us here."


Perception checks, please.

By the time you get back in the vicinity of the Fish - it will be around 6 PM. I think the basic plan was dinner and drinks. If you want to catch Kil off-duty, that would probably be best done after dinner. You expect the stable is kept open later for late-arriving guests.

OK, so here are the list of threads we've got going:
1. Hook up with Bit - tomorrow at the earliest.
2. Get Belt - tomorrow at noon.
3. Go see Swan about potions - tomorrow after Belt.
4. Kilcrist - any time after work
5. Investigate what to expect in Shaudran ruins - any time
6. Track down L.C. - any time
7. Investigate the Invisible Ink Treasure - any time
8. Find Bent-Nose?
9. (Straehan) Get the Complaint lifted - any time
10. (Ja & Jo) Tie-breaking rematch to settle the Bag-Multiple-Babes game from Shiv?

Note: You can do all or none of these in Orfallen - it is totally up to you. I'm mentioning everything that we've kicked off.

My list for Ushari is pretty short:
1. Check out Kilcrist
2. Investigate Shaudran ruins
3. Track down L.C.
4. Track down II Treasure.

Other than that, she is willing to tag along with the other threads...well except for that last one...:P

OH, almost forgot...Perception 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (15) + 15 = 30

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Perception: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (9) + 16 = 25 < 27 vs. Human, human sub-type, undead.


You mean hitting Kilcrist up for info on L.C.? Or digging into who Kilcrist is?

Perception 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21.

Ushari wrote:
"We should have a chat with Kilcrist soon. I think HE may be able to help us here."

"Wait… so NOW are we still talking about sex?" And the joke keeps rollin', rollin'… and rollin' and rollin'…. :D

Ushari raises an eyebrow at the monk's attempt at levity. "Hmmm, Jayse...I think I will let Kilcrist make the decision on whether he (or she) wants to accept the position you are offering. In any event, it is your call."

AAARGH...Jayne...err...Jayse STOP this crazy thing!! (Just a little Jetsons humor there, he he.

Ushari Velnokal wrote:
"...I think I will let Kilcrist make the decision on whether he (or she) wants to accept the position you are offering."

Straehan shakes his head, "She's a Stable-boy not a Missionary."

Position? Missionary? Get it? : nudge nudge wink wink :


"But seriously, Ushari. What are you hoping to get out of Kilcrist?"

"Just information, mostly. It sounds like he knows his way around the underbelly of Orfallen. A person with contacts like those would be a valuable source of information, whether we try to track down L.C. or the location of this treasure on that note we found. That is, if we can earn his trust..."


Jayse nods, "Yah. There is that. Generally people with the kind of connections he seems to have respond to one of three things. Money, power, or loyalty. I guess we just need to figure out which it is for him."

Perception 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (11) + 15 = 26


Our heroes continue their banter as they walk along the avenue heading back toward the Fish. Thankfully the rain is lightening up and is now just a persistent drizzle. Night begins to fall. The slightly run-down working class neighborhoods slowly change as the companions enter the more dynamic and prosperous Merchant quarter.

In the wet and chill evening, the sight of a brightly lit and raucous tavern is welcome. The smell of roasted meat and root vegetables practically draws you in. The sign outside the tavern shows a pair of decomposing zombies, clearly in love, wearing their wedding finery. Without discussion, you head for the doorway - looking to get out of the wet and tuck into something delicious.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ushari sees a dark figure disappear from the roofline across the street - about 30' up and 50' away. It looks like the ?person? moved away. He/she didn't just duck down.

DM Stuff:
Stealth 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 6 + 2 = 15 Range, Circumstantial, +x skill

Ushari glances upward to the sky wondering how long the rain will last. As she turns to her companions she says casually, "Well, it looks like the rain will pass on soon. I did see a shadow of a storm on the horizon though, but it is moving quick. May bring more rain along."

Bluff check to pass hidden message 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

Straehan regards the sky. "Uh, yeah. Could be. You wanna eat now?" The gnome pushes through the doorway into the raucous tavern.

:) Great roll!

I know, really?

Ushari sighs in frustration as her message was not understood.

Well, I usually worked alone to begin with...

She follows the gnome into the tavern and once the group has settled in, with food and drinks ordered and on the way, she quietly tells the others, "I saw someone on the rooftop across from here watching this tavern, possibly US in particular. In any event, I don't think he was sightseeing."


Jayse is able to suppress the urge to look out the window immediately. He does, however, pick up the menu, as usual looking for the most exotic-looking meal. "Did you get a good look at them? Might be good to figure out if whoever this is is watching us or the tavern. Eat fast and make for another tavern to see if they follow? Or should one of us try to sneak out and watch them for a while?"

Ushari shakes her head. "From what I saw, it looked like he was moving away from here. Not sure if he noticed me seeing him." As she scans the menu she sees a couple of seafood dishes which looked appetizing. "Well, if he was following US then he will be back, but if NOT, then he was watching someone ELSE, and it would no longer be our concern. I think we have our meal here, then when we leave we can set an ambush for our secret admirer".


This time Jayse can't help but look towards the darkening window, "Wait. So they're heading away? What made you think they're watching us?"

Ushari raises an eyebrow at the monk. "I never said they were watching us, but I don't think the appearance of our shadow is an accident. Like Strae has said before, I don't believe in coincidences."


"Oh, i could have sworn you said something to the effect of 'possibly US in particular. I guess I mis-heard. Anyway, I definitely share your paranoia. Maybe in a few minutes one of us should see if we can sneak out the back or find our way to the roof unseen to see if we're still being watched. By our new friend or any of his friends."

Ushari nods in agreement, "Not a bad idea, Jayse. I can check that out if you want, as I can cast a 'Fly' spell. The only thing is the fact I cannot see well in the dark, which puts me at a slight disadvantage."

Straehan swirls his wine and smiles. "I think she wants you to loan her your nifty goggles, Jayse. Good luck getting them back afterwards."


Jayse pulls out the goggles and holds them in front of his own face, "Ya know.. I think I'll hold onto them for now. You think this place has a roof access from inside?"


A quick look around shows no obvious access to the area above. It might be in the kitchen however.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

"I will join you. Perhaps someone should keep their attention on the ground?" Jofram says, eyeing the gnome.

"I'll keep my eye on this glass of mulled wine and the roasted capon that should be resting on this table any minute."


Jayse looks at Straehan -- casually awaiting his warm meal -- then outside at the rain, then back at Ushari. His face darkens, "Dammit, Ushari! Now you're making me paranoid. Jofram and I will go check it out. Try to keep the Westside Brawler here from starting any grand melees."

Give me a while to think of a way to lie our way onto the ceiling.

No problemo.

Straehan grins, "I make no promises. So long as my plate remains empty of delicious hot roast bird... I might just wreck this joint. These folks are all on borrowed time until the Westside Brawler's appetite is sated."


The buxom redhead serving your table must have sharp ears. Even over the din of the many merry-making patrons, she catches the exchange. She bears an amused smile along with the massive platter of game birds, potatoes, smoking mushrooms, root vegetables, and freshly baked bread.

She places the heaping platter in front of the pint-sized sorcerer while distributing additional drinks, plates, and flatware around the table with exceptional dexterity. Her green eyes fairly glint with playfulness. "Oh, well, it's a good thing then that this meal is ready to stave off your considerable wrath, Killer. We can't risk you busting up our tavern, can we?" She leans over to pick up the empty glasses and mugs, giving the gentlemen at the table a whole new perspective on what 'busting out' looks like.


Jayse stands up -- enjoying the eyeful -- and slides his chair back under the table. "Jofram, let's roll." He smiles at the waitress, "Ma'am." Spinning away, Jayse times a look back at Straehan when the woman can't see his face that simply says 'Yowza!'

As they move towards the back of the room, Jayse pulls off his iconic near-white coat, getting the attention of the first man in the room with hair and stature remotely like Jayse. His voice comes out in a drunken slur as he tosses the coat into the man's arms, "Hey, buddy! Taaake this thing off ma handsh for me... b!tch'at gev it to me ain't worth my time... the lyin', whorin' wench!" With a fake laugh mixed with soulful pain, he lurches away from the man towards the bar, "Issh gotta getcha more luck thanitdid me!"

Bluff (act drunk) 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (15) + 12 = 27.

When the crowd separates them from the receiver of Jayse's jacket, he mutters over to Jofram, "There, hopefully that guy will walk out of the front door and we can see if our roof-top friend follows." He takes a look around, trying to determine if there are any obvious stairs or ladders onto the roof. Failing that, he's looking for a door that looks to exit into a back alley or some equivalent. As he looks, he continues whispering to Jofram, "So do you have some way of getting your bird to come back here without drawing attention to yourself? Assuming there's someone watching us, having a non-human set of eyes following them may give us a leg up if it comes to it."

Perception 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21.


The man left holding Jayse's coat looks on with quizzical amusement at the poor drunk bastard with the broken heart... However, sympathy doesn't stop him from possibly turning a profit on the coat. He pats down the pockets before throwing it on and modeling it for his laughing friends. He returns his attention to his drink and small plate of cheeses. It looks like he plans to finish the meal before leaving.

Jayse doesn't see a backdoor out but, from the rear of the tavern, his gaze passes the end of the bar and proceeds through the open doorway into the kitchen. He notices a ceiling hatch with a pull rope hanging down.

SM (General) 1d20 ⇒ 11
SM (Specific) 1d20 ⇒ 14
Tick Tock 1d5 ⇒ 3

Ushari rolls her eyes at seeing Jayse ogle the buxom waitress, and stifles a grin seeing his impromptu acting performance. After seeing the two companions exit the tavern, she turns to Straehan while taking a sip of wine, "How long do you want to give them before we check up on them?"

Straehan's cheshire smile confirms Jayse's assessment of the waitress. As Jayse staggers across the room, he vaguely catches the gnome's words.

"My dear, are you perhaps married?"

The auburn-haired beauty laughs, "No, Killer, I'm not..."

Jayse and Jofram can almost hear his mischievous grin, "Really? Would you like to be? I'm free this evening..."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (17) + 16 = 33

Ushari Velnokal wrote:
Ushari rolls her eyes at seeing Jayse ogle the buxom waitress, and stifles a grin seeing his impromptu acting performance. After seeing the two companions exit the tavern, she turns to Straehan while taking a sip of wine, "How long do you want to give them before we check up on them?"

Like a cat stalking a butterfly, the gnome's attention barely wavers from the waitress. "Peace, Ushari! Can't you see I'm making wedding arrangements with my soon-to-be fiancee?" He returns his attention fully to his target, "Now, dear, I should like to shower you with roses during the ceremony. You do like roses, don't you? I know summer is considered the ideal time for weddings but honestly, minus the rain, it is a lovely night and you are a bewitching bride.... so a night wedding, this night, seems appropriate. What say you?"

Ushari only shakes her head while she helps herself to some of the delicious-smelling food. Watching the gnome lose himself in the throes of passion, she makes a mental note to keep an eye out for any jealous boyfriends.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Is the rope hanging down IN the kitchen? I'm assuming it is well populated...

Stealth: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (15) + 17 = 32 (+2 vs. Human)

Jofram casually crosses over to the side of the room near the kitchen. Waiting a moment for a serving winch to exit, he ducks in behind her, and pulls the rope down. Signaling to Jayse, he links his fingers to give the man a boost up.

I hope this works...


The rope is in the kitchen. The kitchen is busy but not overly crowded. There are two cooks, one pubman, and three serving staff for the entire tavern.

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 13 w/o mods


Jayse - Are you going for it?


The waitress wipes her hands on her apron and listens to the gnome's pitch with more amusement than irritation. She's clearly heard innumerable pick-up lines from drunk patrons. Nevertheless, the gnome oozes enough charm and eloquence that she can't take offense. Her glance constantly shifts around the tavern - assessing who needs refills, who wants to order more, and what have you.

She laughs at his pitch as she prepares to tend to her other customers. "That was a better offer than most, I'll give you that. But I think I'll hold out for that summer wedding." She moves off with a wink and rewards the gnome's eloquence with a little extra wiggle in her caboose.

Straehan watches the redhead swish away. He tucks into the platter of food and regards Ushari. "Sorry, were you saying something to me?"

Ushari had not realized until just now how famished she was. Certainly this food (and wine) was doing a wonderful job washing away her troubles and cares...well almost all of them anyway.

I wonder if Kilcrist is related to whoever that figure I saw some coincidence I think if they were not related somehow...

When Straehan poses his question to her, she looks up at him wiping away some gravy which was dripping down the corner of her mouth.

He did not hear a word I said...oh MEN!!

"I was saying Strae, maybe we should...ahh never mind."

Straehan can't help but tease her. "Don't be jealous. Adventuring with long, wavy hair just wouldn't be practical for you. And that rich auburn color... it just wouldn't suit you, 'Shari. And really, all those nice curves would just get in your way in a fight."


Wow… that's ballsy. O.O

Jayse is stunned for a second at Jofram's approach, but -- seeing that the half-elf has already committed -- he shrugs and follows.

He tries to avoid notice, but walks with a level of purpose, with a slightly annoyed look, as if he's on a particular errand and has every reason to be where he is.

Stealth 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30.
Bluff 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32.


The jump rolls are a gimme so we are foregoing them.

Sometimes fortune favors the lucky...

The cooks have their backs to you as they frantically work the orders on the massive double-stove. All the wait staff are busy dealing with the boisterous and hungry patrons. In the commotion, Jofram pulls open the trap-door just beyond the doorway into the kitchen. Jayse quickly moves in and leaps up into the darkness some 10' above. He quickly pulls the ranger up and they shut the door.

It is quite dark in this musty attic space and you both have your feet planted firmly on rough cut, large rafter beams that run the length of the tavern. Each is spaced about 3' apart. Attached to the bottom of the rafters are the thin, plaster-covered slats of wood that comprise the ceiling of the tavern below you. Laughter and talk comes through clearly... you don't know if the slats could support your body weight and you aren't inclined to find out. There a pair of large louvred 'doors' at the far end (front-street side) of the attic which allow for ventilation and can be fully opened to bring in supplies. The louvres are half-way open and one of the doors is ajar, providing enough light for Jofram to see. Jayse, for the moment, is completely blind.

The attic has a few 'platforms' - areas where wood has been laid over the rafters. Most of the platforms are sprinkled nearer the louvres. They are stacked with all manner of supplies. The platform nearest you, at the rear wall, holds a dusty stack of chairs and tables. The ones nearer the louvres hold large burlap bags - probably full of flour, oats, salt, and sugar.

Jayse quickly puts on his goggles and gets a better sense of the space... and that he and Jofram aren't alone. Standing on and around one of the grain-bag laden platforms are a pack of very large, glittering-eyed, ferocious looking rats. And they don't seem pleased at the interlopers invading their nest. The squeak, ruffle their fur, and gnash their crusty teeth.

Jayse & Jofram - initiative please.

You are perhaps three-quarters of the way to the back-end of the building and slightly off the center-line. The triangular roof rises past you towards its apex at about a height of 15'. The rafters are pretty wide - about 8" - but that will still require a DC:10 Acrobatics check to move across them at half-speed.


Initiative 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17.

Jayse is surprised, taken aback, and kind of grossed out. "Um... that's not good."

How big are the rats? Halfling-sized or adult human-sized? Or more like cat-sized?
Also, are the louvered doors the only way out of this space? Or is there a way directly up on tot the roof above us?


Short of punching a hole through the roof, the louvres are your exit. The rats are big - maybe 2' long and 20 pounds. Rats on 'roids with an attitude to match.

I suggest you surrender now and pay homage to the Rat King. :)

How many rats in the 'Rat Pack'? 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9


Jayse's and Jofram's disappearance into the kitchen is noted by the watchful gnome and the cunning cleric. It is, however, also noted by another...

Straehan's sparky red-headed fiancee is paid to keep an eye on her customers... all of them. She comes back to the table after a quick trip to the kitchen and sets down drinks they didn't order. It is a testament to Straehan's charm and great roll that she isn't more irate. She casts a hard eye on the gnome and Ushari. "You seem a nice man and you have great taste in women," she says with a self-deprecating smile, "So, Killer, rather than tossing your small ass out of my joint along with blondie over here and then scruffing your two friends like truants... I'm just going to ask, why exactly are they running around my attic? If this is some dumb robbery - the wedding is off."

'Shari, feel free to weigh in if you want. Her question was for the table despite the Strae-specific references.

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