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SR's - Great Southern Isles (PbP) (Inactive)

Game Master stormraven

High-Power Pathfinder Homespun Game

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6/6 Sorcerer/Scholar

HP: 53
BAB: +1
Saves: +1
Gain Combat Feat (Scholar): Improved Initiative

Gained 0 Level (Message) spell and 2 3rd Level (Fireball, Stinking Cloud) Spells

11 Skills (1 rank per):
Prof - Barkeeper
Prof - Courtesan
Prof - Sailor
Craft - Alchemy
Sense Motive
Disable Device
K - Arcana
K - Planes
K - Universalis

Due to increase in level:
Gained a +1 from Lore bonus to all Knowledge skills.
Gained a +1 from Trapfinding on Disable Device and Trapspotting skills.
Gained a +1 on IDing magic items.


Level 6 - Monk/Soulknife

    favored class: +1 pp (10 total)
    HP rolled above - new total 64
    +1 BAB (CMB, CMD)
    +1 all saves
    +1 Stunning Fist
    +1 Ki Point
    Speed Increase +10
    Slow Fall +30
    Monk Bonus Feat: Improved Trip, Weapon Specialization: Mindblade
    New Bladeskill: Rending Blades
    Skills: +1 Acro (+12), +1 Bluff (+11), +1 Escape Artist (+7), +1 Perception (+14), +1 Perform (+10), +1 Sense Motive (+13), +1 Stealth (+12)

NOTE: Acro to Jump went up to +30 due to +1 monk level and increase in land speed.

FWIW, I'm rethinking my second 3rd level spell. I might go with Slow or Tiny Hut instead of Stinking Cloud.

Decided to retrain Protection from Evil to Unprepared Combatant and I'm going with Heroism for my 3rd level spell since it stacks with both Ushari's Prayer and Jofram's Inspire Courage.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Hey - just checking in. I’m getting everything together for level 6! Will post it soon.


Thanks for letting us know!

*sigh* OK, so now I'm debating my choice of retraining Protection from Evil --> Unprepared Combatant. I rarely use Pro Evil and really that kind of buff is more in Ushari's bailiwick.

I think Unprepared Combatant is too scenario-specific and I'm trying to stick with Generalist spells except for his attacks. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Do you have a link to that spell, SR?

Yep, HERE.

So my current list of possible replacement spells are:
Protection from Evil -->

  • Feather Fall - the old standby, situational but a lifesaver when needed.
  • Detect Secret Doors - very useful but again situational.
  • Vanish - short term invisibility: what's not to like?
  • Expeditious Retreat - very useful defensively but has some offensive uses for a spellcaster like getting in advantageous positions to hammer baddies or delivering touch spells to allies that run out ahead of the pack... *ahem* Jayse. :)


Guys, I've been keeping the Events List updated and have included notes to indicate (roughly) your level-up points. You might find it fun to use as a reference or to reflect back on certain moments. I know I've enjoyed re-reading the whole adventure.

Oh when you were fresh-faced youths desperately battling against a small handful of goblins...


Sorry for the drop-off, guys. Work is kicking my tail. I'll try to get a post up after lunch or this evening, at least.

No worries man...been slammed at work here as well so I feel your pain.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

BAB = +6/+1
Saves = +5/+5/+5
Bard - Suggestion, Versatile performance
Ranger - Combat Style Feat: Improved Precise Shot
Arcane Duelist - Bladethirst, Disruptive
Favored Class Bonus: 2 hp (Ranger, Bard)

HP Roll: 1d10 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 + 2 = 12


Jofram, please let me know when you've fully updated your online character sheet so I can make the changes to my dice rolling cheat-sheets. Thanks!

Also, gents, I'll be going on vacation from about Sept-28 through Oct-16 with little internet time.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Feat changes - Manyshot, instead of Imp. Precise Shot.

Suggestion and Versatile Performance (Bard) are lost with the Arcane Duelist archetype.

put 1 skill point into the following:

    Kn: Dungeoneering

Sheet updated


You forgot to list your rank in "Prankin' bastard"... just saying'.

After much bouncing on spells, Straehan is going with Vanish at 1st and Haste at 3rd. Hopefully neither of those choices steps on anyone else's toes. If any of you guys feel like either of those spells are in your bailiwick, let me know, and I'll give Straehan something else.

::thumbs up::

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead
Jayse wrote:
You forgot to list your rank in "Prankin' bastard"... just saying'.

Psh. That's my level one class ability. Duh

Hmmm...I see no reason to lie here. Ushari is gonna give her real name here, unless someone objects....


I got nothing. I say play it straight.

I'm just going to wait for one of you three to speak first though, given his slight foible the last time he spoke up. :)


Hey guys, just to let you know, I'm looking for a good hiatus spot on the campaign. Work is slamming for all of us it seems. I expect to be working manic hours until my vacation and then I'm offline for a couple of weeks. So once we hit a good stop point, the game will be cooling its heels until after the middle of October.

I would get us settled into the Old Fish inn, that sounds like the best place to hit the pause button.


That was my thought as well. Though you are under no obligation to stay at the Fish. If you want to enjoy the squalor of Old Towne - more power to you. I just checked my handy-dandy map and the Fish was on it and centrally located so I mentioned it.


Landing at the fish and hitting pause would be good with me.

I know the game is currently paused, but this would be a good time for us to decide what loot we want to sell and what to keep. We do have a supply of cash as well so picking up some magic gear would be wise too.

SR, did you want to wait until we resume Isles to do this or can we handle this OOC?

BTW, SR I have a question for you:

I purchased a pdf called Book of Divine Magic and they have a goddess in there which would be perfect for Ushari to worship. Here is her profile:

The Lady of Pleasure, the Songstress.
Symbol: The silhouette of a curvaceous woman’s body, arms raised above her head.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolios: Pleasure, music, art, hedonism
Typical Worshipers: Artists, musicians, hedonists, prostitutes, courtesans, dancers, bards
Cleric Alignments: CG, NG, CN
Domains: Charm, Community, Pleasure*, Song*, Travel
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Let me know what you think.


Buying and selling can be handled in the OOC if/when we have time. If you guys want to put together the list of 'for sale' items, I can run the numbers. If you want to get better than 50% on the price, let me know and I'll throw in a roll for Straehan to sweet-talk the merchants.


Drop me an email and we can discuss it. I have some questions/concerns. First, I'm assuming the domains you asterisked would the ones you would adopt under this new deity. The Song one seems to impinge on Jofram's role as Bard. Second, why do you feel it is perfect for Ushari? If you like her singing, I get that part. But being the patron goddess of courtesans, prostitutes, and hedonists... I don't see that as being Ushari's demographic. But maybe you have a specific idea for what kind of flock Ushari tends?

Oof sorry about that, I didn't mean to imply she would take those domains, they are new domains detailed in the BoDM sourcebook.

Anyway, email sent.


Just saying' hey... hope everyone's doing good on the hiatus.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up...

Harry Nilsson...I hope?


.. I said DOCTOR!...


Resettles in chair.
arranges dice into a B and a J.
builds d6's into one single-stack tower as high as he can before they come crashing down.
Hope you're enjoying your vacation, Stormy. Just keepin' your seat warm for ya.


LOL! You are the man!

I'm having a good time, thanks. We're heading back to Barcelona tomorrow to catch a flight to Heathrow. Then a couple more days in London and back across the pond.

Sleight of Hand check to slip Whoopie cushion into SR's seat: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14



I'm back so... GAME ON!


Hey! Welcome back, man. Can't wait to see the game get kicked off again.

Yay! More epic destruction and mayhem! BRING IT ON!


RIGHT! No more kid-gloves on you guys with these wussy little CR:9 baddies. Time to bring the PAIN. :)


Sorry to do this so soon since you're back and online, Justin, but I don't anticipate being able to post today. Work is ridiculous.

Also, it looks like Jofram may still be level 5?


Not a problem, my man. Work is busy here as well. Post when you can - the game can wait.

Before vacay I recall seeing Jofram's character sheet and I think his level hasn't been updated but his stats and rolls have been. I could be wrong on that.


I know everyone is busy so I'm going to handle the selling of goods in the OOC.

Here are the items that no one has claimed and I think you guys want to sell. Let me know if I'm wrong:

  • Agile Breastplate +1
  • +1 Cutlass
  • Handaxe +2 Dragon-Bane
  • Ioun Stone*
  • Potion of Heroism*

  • Turkey Jerky
  • Greataxe
  • Shortsword
  • Shortbow

* The Ioun Stone and Potion of Heroism are carried by Straehan and I'm happy to keep both. The Stone could be very handy against hostile casters. However, if you guys would prefer to sell either or both, let me know.

My intention is to do a diplo roll (for both Jayse and Jofram) to see if you can get a better than average deal, sell the goods, and then divvy out the proceeds among you guys while keeping a small 'group' fund which will be used to pay for rooms, etc.

THEN, if you guys could let me know what magic items you'd like to find in town, I can do some rolls to see if they are available.

I think we should hang onto the Ioun stone and the potion. All the other stuff we can sell.

I cannot think of any magic items for Ushari, but let me know if you have any suggestions for her, like any potions or scrolls for instance.


Critical diplo roll...

Ja's Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
Jo's Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

... and apparently some poor shopkeeper has taken a shine to Jofram and cut him a bit of a deal.

I can't think of any 'must haves' for Ushari off the top of my head but I'll give it some thought. Cleric-wise, you can't beat the Phylactery of Channeling Positive Energy... but it is hell of expensive.

Unless either Jofram or Jayse ring in with a different opinion, I'll go with your recommendation and post the total GP amount for each of you, your 'Group' fund, and all that jazz tomorrow both here and in the Game google site.

Gee SR, I wonder where you got that idea for the Phylactery from...he he. You are right though it is expensive. Unless the others want some scrolls or somesuch, Ushari will bank her cash for now.


Well, in some campaigns that level of horse-power is mandatory just to survive. Isles is a little more benign so while it would be badass, you wouldn't get the day-in-day-out use of it that you might otherwise. ;)

OF COURSE, after your research is done... you may find a powerful reason to snap up a phylactery like that as quick as possible. Mwhahahahahahahahaaa...

Oh, I ran some preliminary numbers... assuming you don't sell the Ioun Stone, you guys will each be playing with about 4k GPs. :D

I'm allowing all Paizo official items as well as some 3PP stuff at my discretion. HERE is a pretty good source for your initial browsing.

Any items with a sticker price of 5k GP or less are generally available in Orfallen. Items that cost more will be at my discretion and a roll of the dice.

Straehan idly plinks his large stack of gold coins and thinks deeply...

Hmm... how about I spend a shade over 3000 GP and get a scroll with a single 8th level spell that can put a DENT in the planet!


Hmmm... I'd take the ioun stone, but using it requires readying an action, and Jayse's economy of actions is pretty important.

He won't take it, though he will take the Potion of Heroism.

Today's gonna be another crazy one. I'll try to get a post up at some point. I just don't know when that will be.


Hmm... I'll take that as a third vote in favor of keeping both the stone and the potion. OK, the 'ayes' have it.

Divvying everything up, you guys get:

4100 GP EACH

and your group fund stand at 72 GP.

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