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SR's - Great Southern Isles (PbP) (Inactive)

Game Master stormraven

High-Power Pathfinder Homespun Game

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HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead
Ushari wrote:

Anyway, for the rest of the players, Skitter can imbue a weapon with the Sonic Weapon ability. This sets up resonance in weapon doing +1d6 Sonic DAM per hit.

So...that would prove useful against the golem I would think. Let me know if you guys want that ability for your weapons.

Does that work for ammunition?


Okay, a few questions (just to make sure we know what we're dealing with.)

1) Strae - How wide is the hallway? How tall is the hallway? How far is it from the corner to the golem and the crypt thing? How big is the golem (width and height)? How big is the crypt thing? Is there any way for the golem or the crypt thing to heal the golem (that would be known by already-rolled knowledge checks)?

2) Ushari - How many times can skitter make a weapon Sonic? (BAsicaly how many weapons can we affect?) How long does it last? Do you know how a crypt thing fights? Spell-caster? Melee fighter? Any other tricks we can know about? Like can healing spells hurt the crypt thing?

I'm not the cleverest of fighter, so I really only see two options (if other people have brilliant ideas, I'm all about them).

Option 1: Focus down one creature at a time.

    This is simple enough. We choose a target and everyone blasts the crap out of it until it quits moving. We have a lot of firepower, so it might go relatively quickly. I'm guessing they do too, though, so this one is just a "the guy with the bigger guns and the luckier dice wins" scenario. I'm guessing it's going to be difficult ot focus fire the Crypt Thing unless someone can pin it down. Which means we'd need to focus the golem… which is ouchie.

Option 2: Neutralize one and pound the other

    Really just a variation on the first option, but ths one might save us some heart-ache if we can get it to work. Hopefully one of us can nullify one of them, and basically that just means less damage incoming. I dont' think we can neutralize the golem… magic won't work and he's just too dang big (high CMB/CMD). This means we neutralize the Crypt Thing with one character while the others focus on the golem.

Personally I prefer option 2. We create a front-line against the golem and someone tries to slip past it to get at the C.T. or someone hits the C.T. from range to interfere with it's ability to get at us. It'll be tricky, but I don't know that it's impossible. If Jofram goes after the C.T., his bird can help. If Strae does it, he can keep boom-boom spells up on the guy (especially useful if he can ready an action to hit the C.T. if he tries to do someting offfensive). Jayse could try to slip past to the C.T., but numerically, he's our biggest damage-dealer in melee, so I'm hesitatnt to pull him off the golem (even though i know that'll mean he's gonna take a BUTT-LOAD of pain).

Both of these plans assume Ushari stays safely near the golem fight ready to drop heals when necessary (preferably with readied actions to heal anyone who gets hit hard). I'd suggest Skitter be deployed to try to get flanking on the golem as much as possible, and Fin be used against the golem as well, hacking away. Porter could be held in reserve in case anything funny happens with the C.T.'s powers.

Those are my thoughts.

OK Let me answer some questions here...SR, feel free to correct any mistakes here...

1. The Sonic Weapon can be used for bows, which bestow the effect on the ammo. Skitter can do it an unlimited # of times, lasting for 1 minute/HD. In this case, it would last 1 minute total. Skitter then can do three weapons before combat starts.

2. The crypt thing is strictly melee (except for the teleport burst effect which affects ALL creatures within 50' of it, that it is aware of and has LOS); However, it can also use a quickened Dimension Door as well, so not sure how we are gonna keep one character focused on it. Also I just noticed it does have a fear effect as well.

Ushari would be able to hurt the C.T. best by channeling, or using her wand against it, assuming it stays still. Keep in mind, the crypt thing will NEVER leave its appointed area, but we do not know what that is.


Correction - Skitter's ability only effects melee weapons, no bows and no ammunition. Second, the weapon has to be of a real material in which it can set up vibrations. I would argue that a bow made of force or a 'mindblade' would not work.

I've uploaded a map so you can see the dimensions. The roof height in the hallway is 15'-20'. The height in the main room is 25-30'. Straehan's position isn't correct. It was just the easiest way for you guys to see where all the baddies are.

Trolohain's Crypt

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead
Jayse wrote:

Okay, a few questions (just to make sure we know what we're dealing with.)

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 15 million

Alright, guns up, let's do this!!!!!!

Leeeeroooooooyyyyyyyy uh-Jaaaiiiinkinnnnnnssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So can Jayse have that sonic effect on his unarmed strikes?


Since Quivering Palm sets up vibrations and is done through unarmed attacks, I think that sets a precedent. So hand attacks are in. Jofram's gauntlet (as a melee weapon) or any other hand weapon he cares to wield are also golden. As are Fin's sword and Straehan's claws... Though if it comes down to that, he's in trouble.

FWIW - Strae may not be able to do much to the Golem but he can help to seriously jack up the Crypt Thing.


Okay, new thought. Skitter buff Jofram's gauntlet, Jayse's body (unarmed), and either Fin's blade or his own little slicin' claws. That's his three rounds of buffing.

I'd love if Fin could put Shield on Jayse and anyone else likely to get into melee. A +4 bonus is better than his Mindshield +2.

I'd suggest Jofram get his Inspire rolling, then give himself Allegro, then he has one more round of buffing he can use (he's already dropped a CMW into his bird, right?). Additionally, be ready to switch over to Rallying Cry. Ushari mentioned the C.T. possibly having a fear effect. If a few of us fail saves against something like that, you may be able to get us back in the fight... which will be crucial, though that's a last-ditch thing to try since your INspire Courage should already be boosting our saves against fear by +2 already.

Other than slugging down the potion of Bull's Strength, there's not much Jayse can prep. If anyone can think of anything else he can do to help the group, let me know.

Ushari, any group buffs that stack with what we already have would be awesome. I'im not sure what you have prepped. Also during combat, your focus should be on either hammering the C.T. with the wand (if no one is hurting) or channels (if someone is hurting). When we end up having to face the golem, keep in mind his big reach. Cast the healing spell out of reach then step in to deliver it. Avoid those AoO's cause those things are guaranteed to hurt you... and we're gonna need you on your feet. If we're able to take down the C.T. quickly enough, one good tactic you may keep in mind is casting a healing spell whie out of reach and moving to a good position one round, then the next round (if the spell isn't immediately needed) ready an action to 5' step to someone's side and deliver it when they look like they might fall. This might allow you to get healing where it's neded exactly when it's needed.

Straehan, you got another defensive buff you can put on Jayse or Jofram? If things go well, those two should be taking the majority of the punishment.

My suggestion on a plan:

Straehan, open with a Glitterdust on the Golem (either that or a Grease at his feet - if it's got a  big enough area). If teh golem has any kind fo ranged attacks (that we know of), then i'd definitely prefer the blinding thing. Hopefully, we can lock him down. Have Fin set up as a road-block between the (hopefully immobilized or blind) golem and the rest of the party as they blitz the C.T. Straehan continues to either ready actiosn to continue to lock down the golem or he helps everyone nuke the C.T. while Jayse does his best to grapple it. That should severely limit it's options as it gets pounded to kingdom come.

What do y'all think of that?

I agree with Skitters buff suggestions completely.

Ok I was thinking of Ushari opening up with a Bless in round 1, then getting a Prayer off in round 3, as that spell only lasts 5 rounds. Those 2 spells should stack with each other, but the Bless won't stack with the inspire courage, though.

Jayse your plan sounds like a good one (glad Ushari took Mobility last level, he he.) One thing too is Ushari can cast Fly on someone as well, I am not sure if she will cast it on herself or not, but it may give her an extra edge in the mobility department.

Other than that, the plan sounds good. If things go badly, we should be able to retreat as well.


If Bless and Inspire don't stack, I wouldn't cast Bless until it's needed. Go straight to casting the other. Jordan pretty much needs Inspire up for Allegro to work, and that's gonna be a big one for him.

Ok good to know. Ushari is thinking of casting Protection from Evil and Shield of Faith on herself, then Prayer on the group. While the bonuses from PvE ad SoF do not stack, the golem is not evil so it does not matter.

The Prayer spell will not affect the golem, as it allows SR, but the C.T. will be affected.


Jofram, you got any additional thoughts/questions on this thing? If not, then we can get to posting our three prep rounds.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

I agree - If I can get Skitter's sonic on my gauntlet, that would be awesome. I'll Inspire, Allegro, Mirror Image, then open up on the gholem with my bow, then join you on the dead dude, or keep the gholem busy if glitterdust proves ineffective.


Strae doesn't have grease... That's for wussies! :) But I can Glitterdust several times. When you guys are ready to post your three free rounds, it would be helpful (but not necessary) if you would include link to the spells you are using or list effects. It makes it easier on me if I don't have to look everything up. Thanks. I'll try to update the scene this evening.


Sorry for the slight deviation from the plan. With teh good initiative roll, I didn't want to give the Crypt Thing any more time to set up than he already has. Any way I can throw him off his game, I'm gonna take.

Here to hoping that decision doesn't come back to bite Jayse in the butt.


Sorry, my man. Consider your ass bit.


Nothing anyone can do about a nat 20 by the bad guy heavy hitter... just glad it didn't confirm.

It's why I opted to step out first, actually. The thought occurred to me that they'd had more than enough time to ready something nasty. And since the early rounds of combat hinged on other people's offensive actions working out, I figured it was best to take the damage myself.

Oh well...


Also, I saw your note on the order of Jayses actions. I realized I had not listed my actions in the optimal order, but figured you'd be forgiving of the over-sight...

... last time i'll make that mistake!

grumble grumble


LOL! And here I assumed you posted it that way because it is more realistic.

It may not be supported by the rules, but it seems a bit cheesy to me to go 'fully defensive' and then run from point A to point B. Fully Defensive to me implies ducking perceived attacks, weaving, covering up, making yourself a smaller target, blocking, parrying, etc. Essentially it is like 'bobbing' in your square. It seems a bit 'off' to me that you can do that while moving at your full move base to get from A to B efficiently. I see the whole thing as a deadly version of Dodge-Ball. The kid who is running across the court to get a ball is easy meat even while 'sorta' dodging, compared to the kid who is fully defensive, holding a ball, and using it to block.

Again, I don't know that the rules agree with that and if you had listed Full Defensive as your first action, I probably would have let your order stand and looked at the rules to see if there is anything directly on point.

The other bit... It's kind of a "damned if I do and damned if I don't" scenario as a DM. I'm leery to adjust the order of your actions because it could be seen as interference with your character. That's why I try to limit myself to reminders like telling Jofram his armor isn't up. I don't want to shanghai you guys with surprises because I've omitted key info your characters would have... but I also don't want to dictate what you do since it is your character. And the optimal order of actions may be up for debate. You know your characters better than I do. You might have reasons for doing things in a particular order that I wouldn't think of.

Back and forth on character actions - particularly if I suggest a new order you don't like for some reason - also slows down the game. And I do like to keep things rolling along.

Now if you'd like me to do more blue text on your actions and ask more questions, then I will. For instance, Jofram's three rounds of actions would be better organized as RND 1: Mirror Image, RND 2: Inspire, RND 3: Allegro. Allegro doesn't last very long and casting it in the 2nd round means it is burning for rounds 2 and 3 to no good effect.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Just to let you know, SR - I haven't added any kind of bonus to attack or damage for Sonic - I thought it was a DR thing, but I've added it to my damage, this round. I just keep it all labeled next to the attack for simplicity.


Not a problem.


So let me get this straight…

This golem has a ranged touch attack that hits for 8d6 (with a decent attack roll) that does some kind of randomized energy damage AND has a splash radius.

then, if you close on it, you have to find a way through its reach. Then, when you close, it has two big ole attacks - both of which apparently have some kind of additional (and randomized) energy damage.

And if all this weren't enough, if you actually score a hit on it in melee, it splashes you once again with some kind of randomized energy damage?


Simple math session here....

CR 9 players die rolls going cold...equals...PAIN!!!

Good thing we had that arrow....

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Later, it releases flying monkeys that juggle flaming chainsaws...


... can't wait for that ...


Yeah, the Alchemical Golem was clearly designed by a Marquis de Sade DM. It tosses bombs with one of four random effects. Even if it misses, the splash is guaranteed to catch the target.... there is no range mod on its bombs so it only ever misses by 1 square. :)

Each Slam does one of six random effects - either an additional die of random elemental damage OR the entangle that Fin soaked OR it sickens you... which is what Ushari saved against.

Whenever you hit it - you take 1 DAM (again random) and if you are lucky enough to crit it... yeah you take 1d6 DAM. :D

Clearly the guy who designed it wanted to wear down tough players. Now, here's the kicker. You ran into one of these - but you can run into up to FOUR of them at a time. :O

Oh, and I did modify this guy just a little bit. I gave him a single feat and also made him a 'transformer'... i.e. he can rearrange himself into 'lizard mode' so he could pursue you through 5' wide corridors.

Nice battle guys! I hope you liked it.


And here I was thinking we had a second construct rolling around this place.

Good to know that's not the case.

I had fun. Nearly wet myself on that opening round, but got redeemed against the undead guy.

All in all... fun times.


Yeah, if you hadn't one-shotted the CT, you would have found that out. :(


When I started this game, I was hoping it would last for 900 posts but I was braced for it to slide into the morass of failure by 500. You can imagine I was pleasantly surprised when we hit 1000 posts. And I was even more astonished when 2000 posts came and went. It seemed, at that point, that the game had decent longevity compared to others threads... as evidenced by the fact that our game was in the 'Top 50' by post totals. I don't know if that is a statement on my acceptability as a DM or your willingness to stick it out despite some missteps on my part. :)

In any case, we have now topped 3000 posts and I want to thank you guys, old and new players, for your willingness to play along with my flight of fancy. I really do appreciate that you guys are so diligent in playing and that you embrace the themes I keep throwing your way. Sincerely, thank you.

Since this thread has been alive long enough to have actually established traditions... I will remind you of one of them. At every 1K post level, your characters get a reward. I never imagined this thread would make it to 3K so the reward has to be decent, don't you think? :)

So, gentlemen, you are each entitled to a free FEAT from any of the official Paizo products. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, it is yours. At my discretion, I will even waive a racial eligibility requirement if the Feat is perfect for your character. Since I don't have the Ultimate Combat book yet, if you choose one from there, please include the relevent information so I know how smokin' badass it will make your character. :) And if you don't have a copy of it but would like to wait to pick your feat until you do - that is fine.

If you've got any questions - feel free to email me.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Awesome! As the the new guy, let me just say that I've really enjoyed everything so far, and I'm looking forward to the next 1k posts!


SWEET! Love me some DM love.

Hey, I'm really enjoying the game. You make it fun, engaging, and continually intriguing… for my money, that's what it's about. Seriously, thanks for running the game, man.

As to the feat, I'm gonna wait until I have Ultimate Combat in-hand. I've heard there are lots of awesome options for monks. :)

I'll let you know as soon as I know. Again, thanks, man.

Yeah I am digging this game as well. Justin you are doing a great job with this game and all of the challenges and plot twists you have sprung on us. I can hardly wait to see what comes down the pike, he he.

As for the UC book, being a subscriber I can safely say you won't be disappointed...

There are several feats I am looking at, but have not decided which one to pick yet. I'll let you know.


And now I have to kill you for your .pdf.

grumble grumble

My book is supposed to be delivered some time this week, but it ain't showed up yet!



Why it is sometimes good to live in Seattle...

I ordered the UC on Wednesday night and it arrived today. :)

And now...


Also be looking for a package from me early next week... ignore the ticking.


I'll be writing 'Return to Sender' on that one!

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

While I realize that this is small potatoes in comparison to some people <looks at Jayse & Stormy>, I am celebrating surpassing 1k personal posts on paizo!


Congrats! And it isn't like I have all that many more. I've only got 1200 as SR.
+5k in other aliases

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

LOL, I meant in total.


Mere trifling details, my good man! :)


Stormy, you care if i drop a skill rank i picked up this last level up and drop it into Profession: Sailor? It makes sense, and he can help on the Mako. :)


I can hardly object when I did the same thing with Straehan. :)

Feel free. Just let me know what rank you are dropping and your new score in case it is one of the ones I track.


Okay, I pulled one rank from Swim (so it has 2 ranks with a +9 bonus) and put it into Profession: Sailor (so it has 1 rank and a +8 bonus).

Also, I've been pouring through options for the free feat as well as the UC stuff (for possible tweaks). I'll be sending you an email because it's a lot of information. So be watching for that. :)


Uh oh.

I'll watch for it provided you respond to my letter about Straehan. :p


Well, kids, it sounds like Ben may want to do a fair bit of tweaking of his character based on the new UC stuff. If the rest of you want to play with some options based on that or the UM, feel free to check through them. I'm not giving a blanket 'yes' to changes but I'll consider them.

I would vastly prefer it if any changes you suggest are in line with your character builds to this point... so Ushari should stay roughly an acrobatic thief/cleric and not all of a sudden become a trap-finding troubadour.


So you're saying Jayse the ninja/gunslinger I've been cooking up is a no-go? :)


Oh you can TOTALLY build a ninja/gunslinger. Given that there are no guns in my world, you'd essentially become a single class Ninja. :) Feel free.

That is too bad. I was hoping to try out 'Dead Eye 'Shari' for a while.

Too bad there is no Man in Black for us to follow, not to mention the lack of desert, he he.


LOL. So it'd effectively become a fancy club, huh? Well, that's less than exciting.

But without further ado....

UC changes & free feat:
Switching Lvl 5 feat: Combat Expertise for Vicious Stomp
Per DM allowance: switching Perfect Strike for Stunning Fist (Lvl 1)
Switching Lvl 3 feat: Blind Fight for Dragon Style
Free Feat: Dragon Ferocity

Let me know if I have a green-light on this, Justin.


You have a green light on that.

Enter the DRAGON... style fighting Jayse!

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