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Ryuko's Forging of a Kingdom (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Watch five intrepid adventurers bring the whole of the Stolen Lands to civility.

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Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Will Save:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (18) - 1 = 17

The two remaining kobolds leap up at the sight of you approaching. "البشر! سوف تحصل على أي محادثة من لي القبيح القشرة الناعمة! أحمر الكشافة المخلب، إلى فؤوسا الخاص بك!" The remaining two kobolds rise and grab their nearby halberds in desperation. After having a whispered conversation, they begin to approach Kata from either side, halberds held high. "كل ما قمت به لرجالي سوف تتوقف عجلة الإملائي، أو أنني سوف القناة الهضمية حيث كنت أقف."

"Humans! You will get no conversation out of me ugly smooth skins! Red Claw Scouts, to your halberds!" Then, "Whatever you have done to my men you will cease spell caster, or I will gut you where you stand."

Kata reels back, hoping to slip behind Arkady and Anton, she responds to the kobolds. "يا سهل يفعل ذلك الرجل قليلا. أعتقد أن لدينا لكم قليلا فاقت ونحن نريد فقط لاجراء محادثات!"


"Hey easy does it little guy. I think we have you just a bit outnumbered and we only want to talk!"

Diplomacy 1d20 ⇒ 19

As Kata falls back from the halberds Anton steps in front of her and glowers at the little creatures from his enormous height. He lets a low growl escape his throat as he stares down the Kobolds.

Intimidate 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Another whispered conversation follows, then the kobolds step back warily, halberds still raised. "إذا كنت أتمنى أن نتحدث لماذا كنت سحر الرجل الخاص بي؟ هو ما كنت قد فعلت دائما؟ ما هو عليه كنت ترغب في أن يطلب من قبيلة المخلب الأحمر؟" The kobolds wait warily, halberds raised, but not quite to ready positions.

"If you wished to talk why would you magic my men? Is what you have done permanent? What is it you wish to ask of the Red Claw tribe?

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady waits for someone to make sense of what's happening... Sometimes you just have to trust other people to do their best.

Kata turns to the Anton, Arkady, Marcus, and Kheldor, "They just want to know what we want. They say they're from the Red Claw tribe."

She turns back to the kobold, "ورجالكم استيقظ عندما يأمر به. وكنت لا تريد يا صديقي مع أسنان كبيرة غاضبة هنا. أنا مسحور الرجال بك لأنني في حاجة فقط إلى التحدث مع الاقوى والاكثر حكمة واحد منكم. ومن الواضح أن هذا هو أنت. ما هو اسمك"


"Your men will wake when I command it. And you don't want my friend with the large teeth here angry. I bewitched your men because I only need to speak to the most powerful and wisest of you. Obviously that is you. What is your name?"

Bluff 1d20 ⇒ 19

Anton waits as well for the talking to be done.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Gonna go ahead and lose the language and assume Kata or Marcus is running a translation.

"I am Giklek, Second Scout of the Redclaw tribe, ruled by the glory of Hargulka King of Monsters, far from home and enjoying a meal before you attacked us. What is it you would like to know, human mage?"

Male Human Paladin 2

When Kata translates, Arkady's ears perk up at the mention of some kind of kingdom out here, and he studies the kobolds carefully to see if they look like any kind of organized army (uniforms, identical weapons, signs of military training) as opposed to just annoying pests.

Perception 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (20) - 1 = 19

In a quiet voice, he comments "Kata, see if you can draw him out. Who is this Hargulka, what does he want, where does he live? Is he a threat, or just another kobold with delusions of grandeur?"

No, Arkady has never heard the story of Tucker's Kobolds. Why do you ask?

"Attacked us? Come Mighty Giklek, your men are merely taking a nap as they were probably about to do when they arrived anyway. Tell me more of the great Redclaw tribe. What part of these lands do you rule? What is Hargulka, King of Monsters, leading you to accomplish?"

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"We rule nothing here. We are Scouts, are you deaf human? Hargulka is Monster King. King of the troll tribes. He lives far to the south, farther south than the big water and the Redclaw tribe." The reverence in Giklek's voice is obvious at the mention of anyone strong enough to unite the trolls. "He take lands for monsters, keep humans out."

Anton ears snap forward at the Kata's mention of a Monster King. Interesting turn of phase, most people think themselves as people, others are the monsters. Uniting Trolls? This is another with ususual leadership.

Sotto voice, "More strong leaders in these lands? Be nice if Brevoy had so many." Anton face twist in a wry smile, indicating exaggeration, but just a bit.

Personal issues arising, posting may be spotty over next few days. Do not wait for me posting before going ahead.

"My apologies. I thought Hargulka might be a kobold king. So what does the Redclaw tribe scout for? Do you seek battle and plunder or do you gather food and trade? What do you know of the human bandits in these lands?"

Male Human Paladin 2

"Far south?" Arkady puzzles through this for a moment. "Perhaps we can worry about them later, then. The Stag Lord is a nearer threat. But if Hargulka's scouts are this far north -- and a troll king is not good news! -- then... " he breaks off before his rising voice betrays his concern to the kobold. He takes several deep breaths to calm himself.

He whispers in reply to Anton, "Too many strong leaders, few willing to follow."

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor, able to understand the Kobolds on his own, chimes in Draconic "Forgive my friend here, she is not familiar with your kind, nor really this land. She is also unaware of the mighty power that runs in the veins of all Kobolds."

Male Human Paladin 2

The kobolds seem to be little threat, with the conscious ones mostly groaning with full bellies. Arkady watches nonetheless; Never turn one's back on an enemy unless you must, his father had said, and then spur your horse as hard as you can. Still, his mind cannot help wandering to the thought of just how many radishes there might be in the field, who planted them, and how many Svetlana needs.

Replying to Arkady's comments on leadership Anton whispers back, "Yes, but even more worrisome, humans are better at following than these savage folk, most of the time. Still, most likely, some troll with more boasts than truth. I hope so..." Anton trails off. Could it be true? Are these lands so cursed that only the most brutal can live here? But I should not think so much trouble exists on the word of a drunken Kobold. Anton waits, not so patiently, for this talk to end in action or agreement.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Bandits are annoying. A real threat if they catch kobolds, but mostly our Scouts are unseen." Giklek says with a scowl. "When we are not incapacitated with the first food that wasn't trail biscuit we've had in a month." He looks over Kheldor carefully. "Your friend is wise. He knows kobolds hold the blood of dragons!" He stands preening, then looks around again. "Redclaws not after anything yet. Hargulka asks what is happening north, tells Chief Redclaw to learn. Chief Redclaw send Giklek. What are humans doing here? You are not bandits."

"We explore these lands for the Swordlords and slay the bandits that will not turn from their unlawful ways. Perhaps the day will come when Hargulka faces the same justice. Where then will the Redclaws stand?"

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

Marcus groans inwardly at Kata's lack of diplomatic grace.

"What my friend here meant was that you can inform the mighty King of Monsters that the humans are taking care of the bandits and that he need not turn his attention northward to protect his own borders. Once we have rid this land of bandit threats, then we will be able to open talks with the great Hargulka so that our two nations may work together."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady nods approval.

Anton thinks, Best one enemy at a time. But I doubt a 'Monster Kingdom' would be a true friend. Good way to get more information, though. Anton is stoically waiting.

Kata rolls her eyes at Marcus's words. Like the King of Monsters is going to be a friend? These kobolds probably only understand strength. Whatever.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"Well said my friend. We seek to clear out this immediate area of bandits, so your king and chieftan need not worry too much about any trouble from us." 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16, +2 if the Brigand trait would apply. Aid Another on Marcus

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"The Lord Hargulka turns his attentions where he chooses, but I will relay your words to him." Giklek nods respectfully. "Now if you will... I think we may part ways now." He gestures to his sleeping comrades. "If you will awaken them, we will be gone, with no need for violence."

Kata asks everyone that cannot speak Draconic if they have any more questions and then goes over to shake the kobolds awake.

Male Human Paladin 2

"Nothing, I think, that they would answer," Arkady says. "'Where is the secret entrance to your master's lair?' is not a question even kobolds are likely to answer. We know enough for now; we can discover more later." He watches carefully to ensure that nobody attacks Kata on waking.

Anton agrees. " Nothing to be gained for now, we can consider this news for a time." He too keeps alert for any treachery.

After the little ones leave."Much to do, little time, fewer people, the Stolen Lands lives down to its name and reputation. Move along on our present plan, I see no better answer."

Male Human Paladin 2

"let us be sure to return here on our way back," Arkady says, "so that we can supply Svetlana with her basket of radishes... Unless anyone fancies carting them all around the forest for many days first."

"That sounds like a good plan Arkady. They'll be nice and fresh when we return too."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The kobolds depart without menace, with Giklek waking the others, who each lash out until he barks at them in Draconic. Then leaving to the west of the clearing. "Thank you humans. I will relay your message to the Lord Hargulka. Perhaps we will see one another again."

It's getting to be near night.

"Well, the radishes may attract nighttime visitors, but other than that, this would seem to be as good as place as any to camp for the night."

Male Human Paladin 2

"Let us move on a mile or so. Besides night visitors, or things trying to feed on rabbits, the kobolds might come back."

Arkady considers the possibilities of some kind of troll kingdom or united realm of monsters. Not good, but it can be dealt with after the Stag Lord, assuming everyone is telling the truth so far about where everything is. Maybe it would be a good rallying flag for other bandits -- join us, fight the enemies of civilized folk, retrieve the treasures they doubtless have deep in their caves. Worth a try, at any rate. If that fails, maybe we all need to hang together, or the trolls will hang us up in the larder separately.?

He brings up the idea over the campfire later that night. "Could we use the threat of this Monster Kingdom to attract heroes or treasure-seekers? The combination of gold, heroism, and glory will attract many more than any of the three singly. If we cannot make peace with this Hargulka, we must consider other options.".

And is this the darkness I am sent against?

"Arkady, have you every noticed how small dogs make a ton of noise, while the larger ones seem to have no need? Think of our kobold friends as the small dogs...and probably not very truthful ones at that. Let's concern ourselves with the bandits first. When the times comes cousin, we will defeat the troll, not make peace. Heroes and treasure-seekers will only make these lands more chaotic."

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady winces slightly and holds up his hand as if o parry a direct blow.

"Bandits first, cousin. I agree with that. And we certainly need to find out how dangerous this Hargulka is before we decide what to do about him. But there will always be seekers of gold and glory born in every land. Old Deadeye teaches us that each should work at what is needed and where he is most skilled, so men of blood should work at trades of blood. We might manage to direct such of those as come here or dwell here into useful service rather than banditry or trouble-making."

He turns away and roasts a sausage over the fire for a little, turning it this way and that to achieve an even blackening. "Still, let us not stir up these monsters till we are ready to deal with them. Each day brings enough evil that there is little need to go seeking more. But we should take some thought for the future, too, so when danger comes upon us we will know what to do. I mislike this thing of trolls and kobolds working together. Let us hope that you are right and they are merely liars instead of scouts."

"Moving from the patch but staying close enough to tell if others come nearby, may net us more information."

At the campfire.
Anton chimes in, "All good points but do not discount the possibly of a charismatic leader arising. Some troll or orc or other leader comes to power and successfully unites many tribes, causing much havoc, has occurred and will occur again. Often they are inspired or even Chosen by Gorum. It is a situation to be looked at in the future but, for now, these endless bandits are to be broken of their hold on this land."Anton stares at he fire, hungry for the glory so far denied him. "There are many types of heroes, some are already in the making. The glory-hounds and the greedy will come here if it becomes safer; keep a place for them as friends or make unneeded enemies." Anton sweeps his arms as to encompass the whole of the land then gestures at the other party members. "We seek all the evil we can, for our few numbers, but any unsought will find us anyway. All we can do, we are doing, the rest is up to others. We can lead by example; if fortune favors us, we do and will have a part in that for some time to come."

Next day: "After checking the area should we head west or southwest or some other path?"Anton seems oddly unsure of himself, at least when he has to ask directions.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Hunting Rolls:
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16///1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

After a short hunt, Arkady and Devlin are able only to find a few rough tubers to supplement the meals. The night passes easily and without issue.

6 Trail Rations Used

So... which way?

Male Human Paladin 2

I think west and then south, making a loop throuh the forest.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

We're off to that temple, yes? Which direction is that in again?

Our characters do not know exactly, according to the dream that Father Johd had, it's in forest somewhere south of Oleg's, that's a really big area. I'm OK with Arkady's plan.

Male Human Paladin 2

If we run into anyone in the forest we can ask them if they know where it is We're also looking for tatzylwyrms and that giant boar the hunter had a wanted poster for. Since we don't know exactly where ANY of these are a systematic sweep through the forest seems best. And there might be other bandit camps out there as well.

I'm in agreement with the west then south plan too.

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13


Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

In the morning the group moves out, deeper into the forest, finding the upper branch of the Thorn River and continuing along it.

Fickle Hand of Fate:
1d20 ⇒ 5////1d20 ⇒ 4

Perception DC 25:
A pair of strange nests sit in the trees about forty feet above, one made of some kind of waxy substance and the other made of twigs and sticks and shiny things, though much larger than the average bird would be able to build. You hear a slight giggle coming from the waxy nest and see the slightest movement before something ducks back inside.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Soooo close

"What do you all think, time to turn a little south or should we head west to the edge of our charter and then turn back?"

Male Human Paladin 2

"It seems to me that we should head west to the edge of our charter and see what the land is like. If we complete our task here, we will not need to ride over this ground again and again.". Arkady glances through the trees, wondering what they hide.

Linier gathers mushrooms. Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"Aye, that makes sense Arkady." He looks closely at the gruff warrior "You seem to have a pretty solid head on your shoulders for one so young"


I'm pretty sure you've not really done anything to show your a Paladin yet, hence my using warrior.

"That is good, we may not have time to look for a while, that far, later. We still must seek out more of this land's mysteries. Every time we look, more trouble is revealed. But, if settling here was easy, it would have happened long ago." Anton checks his horse to see if the poor beast needs healing to keep going.

Heal:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24 Check condition of Anton's horse.

Perception:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Anton's paying too much attention to his suffering mount to notice anything.

"Sir Arkady is like most of the devout followers of Ol' Deadeye. Be practical. We can't challenge the Stag Lord just yet, we don't know what to do, if anything, about a King of Trolls, but we can do the task at hand. So he does that and will let other worries wait their turn. Often a wise policy. I myself am sort of worried but, court raised, I look for plots behind every bush, that's tiring and pointless. Most bushes wouldn't dare conceal a plot, would it?" Anton gives a mock ferocious stare at an innocent bush, then laughs.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"I sure wouldn't!" comes a comically high pitched voice from the bush, which seems to shrink away from the stare.

Perception DC 15:
There is a much more audible giggle from above as the large warrior jumps back from the bush.

Spellcraft DC 12:
This looks and sounds like a Silent Image combined with a Ghost Sound. Neither one can be cast from too far away.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

"What in the hells?" Kheldor says, looking around. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20 Perception

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19 Spellcraft

"Seems we have a trickster in our midst. I'm guessing a fae."

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