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Ryuko's Forging of a Kingdom (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Watch five intrepid adventurers bring the whole of the Stolen Lands to civility.

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"I agree with you Marcus. Sadly, this group is irredeemable." She turns and walks over to Arkady to share the unfortunate news.

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady sighs, abandoning any hope for these folk, and gets ready to swing the sword himself. It's the least he can do, and he had hoped for so much more.

I'm assuming that Anton's insights to the other bandits' reactions are supportive of the notion that none of them could be trusted not to slit our throats in the night, given the slightest chance. If so then the following happens.

As Sir Arkady reaches for his blade, Anton asks Kata to question a bit further, "Kata, would you ask our new friend there, what his opinion of the courage of the others are, and if he would, if the situation arose, prefer to die sword in hand? I'll await the answer before ..." Anton jerks his head toward his sword.

"Sure Anton, I'll see what he has to say." Kata makes her way back to the bandit she has been questioning, "So, supposing your bandit days were at an end because the militia had finally caught up with you. Who among you would prefer to test your courage and die sword in hand and who would simply prefer to die as quickly and painlessly as possible?"

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Eh... I suppose maybe Jackil could want to die in a fight. He was always a fighter."

Not the best testament of that man's courage but the best I'll get in these forsaken lands.

"Thank you Kata, on that basis I'll offer Jackil the chance at the Eternal Battlefield. For the others I'll assist as needed for what must be done. We'll need to wait until the magic ceases before doing what's need there, of course." Anton seems rather sad that no one is salvageable, even for a savage land. He then will prepare for a battle, again not really fair, against Jackil, if the man wishes to die with sword in hand. It's still an execution but one with some quality of redemption. He'll assist Sir Arkady after.

"Our new friend here will be magicked for about two hours unfortunately. Of course, it can be broken if you threaten him. Perhaps even seeing you fight Jackil will be sufficient."

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor sighs and shakes his head "Tis rather sad that most of them seem unwilling to repent. I've lived a life somewhat akin to that of a bandit, out of necessity of course, and I leapt at the chance to leave it behind."

Male Human Paladin 2

"Some men... wallow in their evil." Arkady says tiredly. "Let them have the results of their choice, and let us be done with it." Frustrated anger leaks a little into his voice.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Back to regular posting, sorry about the break everyone.

The executions happen fairly quickly, with little excitement. Treia bids a fond farewell and thanks you for your help. Katarina takes a pack horse, tying her goat to the back, and you set off.

You approach Oleg's shortly after sundown, greeted by the two guardsmen on watch. Hrothgar the engineer is working upon one of the catapults and Silas stands near him, hunched to see things the dwarf points out. Johd sits in the courtyard, telling a few tales to the off-duty men (and the Corporal as well). The mood seems to be high spirited and the people watch Svetlana working over a large cookpot on the firepit. It seems you've beaten dinner by a bit.

As Katarina enters the place her eyes light up and a smile graces her. "Sister!" She yells in excitement, and her and Svetlana embrace like young girls. "It's been too long, little Kat." Svetlana says, and looks up at you as you dismount. "Thanks for making sure she got here safe."

No worries Ryuko! Good to have you back.

"Good luck Treia! I'm sure we'll see you out here again. Until then, take care." Kata spends the ride back to the trading post thinking about how nice it will be to spend a night in a real bed again. I wonder what Svetlana will be cooking this time? she thinking with her mouth watering as the walls appear in the evening gloom.

After riding into the trading post, she slips off her mount and smiles at Svetlana and Katarina's glee at seeing one another. "We're happy to help Svetlana. It was a near thing. It seems the bandits are still thick as ants on a drop of honey out there. We fought another group at Katarina's. Fortunately, everyone is safe."

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

"Apart from the bandits, of course. It would appear that the Stag Lord is able to instil loyalty through fear even at a distance. The sooner we are rid of him, the better," Marcus says as he slips from his horse.

"Yes, I agree with you Marcus. I had thought to wait a little before dealing with him, but with the size of forces forces and will, I fear it will have to be sooner."

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady is silent on the ride back, tired and depressed. As they near Oleg's he begins to come out of his funk, looking forward to food and rest. He stables Gildas and does the necessary work, then returns to the firelit dining hall. "Glad to be of service, ladies."

He turns to the food and eats his fill with obvious enjoyment, then finally joins in the conversation. "So far, I think, we have dealt with every bandit we encounter. The Stag Lord cannot have so many men, particularly in these empty lands, that he will not miss them. But all he can know so far is that none of them have returned. Perhaps he will hear of us from a traveller on the road, or a hunter who talked to Oleg... and perhaps not. In either case, though, he will likely send someone, or come himself, to see what is happening. I would rather face bandits outside his fort than attack them in their lair, but it seems to me that if we headed south and then laid a clever watch, we might see folk riding out and then attack only those left behind."

Anton is quiet too on the road back contemplating how little of worth in the people in this land he has seen. For every Oleg and Svetlana there seem to be a dozen worthless bullies, somehow the Stag Lord has a hold on them but how?

At camp he greets his fellow Gorumites and the proprietor and tacks in hugely as usual. "We have still a bit of time I think, he must have lost a third of his force at least or there's some support he's getting we don't know of. We still need to know a bit more of this land than we do. I'd like to see if any bandits are still traveling in and out of his camp but I suspect that they would see us long before we saw them. If we were stealthier they could be followed and confronted. Not many hunters about I suppose but is their one, at least, that could act as a guide to the encampment that would help us not blunder into an ambush?" Anton pauses in thought. "Perhaps this temple of Old Dead-eye his priest spoke of. If reconsecrated, it could bring the attention of some of the wilder folk that may know something of what we need. I'm not sure if we have that much time though. We could use a bit of additional godly help, Gorum mostly helps in battle not in subtlety."

"Well, I'd be willing to sweep west instead of east next time we head out and see if we can find that old temple. It will delay us from finding Svetlana's ring, but will show us more of the land around here."

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady perks up as he finishes a slice of berry pie. "Not just hunters or wildfolk, either. Many farmers or woodcutters might come and settle under Old Deadeye's gaze if there was a temple re-dedicated to his service. Particularly an old temple, for folk that follow the old ways. Let us speak again with the priest Jhod and see if he has learned aught of his goal. And it seems to me that folk might have sheltered in the forest rather than live in the open with so many bandits about. So we might find more help than we know about."

"Turning folk away from the Stag Lord will be hard." He glances over at Devlin, busy snoozing near the fireplace, and Linier, arguing with Svetlana over the relative merits of veal and venison by the kitchen door. "Even with their lives at stake, only two in twenty are willing to forswear his service. It cannot only be fear of him that inspires such loyalty. What else does he offer besides plunder?" Frustration shows itself again. "Who is he, where did he come from, what power stands behind him if not himself alone? With a name like that, is he perhaps some fey spirit of the land? Kressle was not very helpful, and much less Happs and these others. We need some way to take a prisoner if we are not to ride in blind."

He glances over at Anton, then rises to stay the wall of wanted posters beside the front door. "Devlin has some hunting skills, but I fear not so many. We need an experienced woodsman who can teach us how to hunt men and avoid their eye. Let me see... This Vekkel Benzen who wishes a deadly boar slain, he might know such things. Ho! Oleg! What can you tell us of the man who put this notice here?" And while you're at it, tell us of these tatzlwyrms whose heads you want!"

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor nods his agreement with Arkady. "I think saving the temple is our best move. Not only will it give us another base of sorts, but more importantly it gives whatever civilians are in these lands a beacon of hope. And hope is a very powerful weapon indeed.".

"Yes, and the Stag Lord's hold on his men might indicate some form of magic. Perhaps you are right to consider the fey in this land. Maybe Erastil's favor will provide more than hope. This seems a good path."

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

"I never considered he might be fey, but it would fit the anecdotal evidence that has been afforded us so far."

Male Human Paladin 2

"For all those reasons, this seems like a good idea. Now to get a little information before moving. Scout, then strike." Arkady seems alert again, alive; action rather than frustration shines from his features.

Anton listens to the conversations with growing amazement. "Well, this is more thinking than I put into it, I just felt that we needed something different to move events, in an unexpected way, in our favor. But there is much in what you say, attacking him in his base of power could still be over-ambitious given what we know of his powers and what we don't but, if I understand you all, this temple can be the center of a counter push. He truly has been the lord of this land for a while, a bandit king, but if we make a place for honest folk, he will have to respond against that, drawing him out." Anton looks around the now bustling post. "This place and the temple and soon other things happening, yes I feel that is the way. We have not been here long and this petty tyrant has lost a man for every day we have been here. Make him come to us and, if not, then his strength is shown as a lie and, better prepared, we go and dig him out." Anton leans back feeling expansive now that there is a plan coming together.

After the dinner Anton will go check on Silas and see how he is settling in to his instruction, then checks the camp to see what is going on.

I'm not exactly sure, how long has it been since the party arrived in the Stolen Lands?

Kata is pleased with the plan and joins Svetlana and her sister for conversation until it is time for bed, leaving the men to check on the former bandits and troops.

Assuming we're headed out in the morning again, Kata will prepare: Level 0: Detect Magic, Guidance, Message, Stabilize Level 1: Charm Person, Ear-Piercing Scream, Enlarge Person, Sleep

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Marcus Lanatov wrote:
"Apart from the bandits, of course. It would appear that the Stag Lord is able to instil loyalty through fear even at a distance. The sooner we are rid of him, the better," Marcus says as he slips from his horse.

"You don't understand." Linier says with a downturned eye. "It's so much fear. I know that I am no match for you, and so do some of the men before they die to you. But The Stag Lord." He shudders. "You know he has a pet Owlbear? Beaky, they call her. Keep her in the fort. Beaky happened to wander by, happy as could be. Stag Lord was on the walls. Fired a single arrow. Just one. Destroyed the beast's leg. Shattered the bone. The man strikes with a precision I've never seen. But he doesn't kill you unless he has to... that would be too easy." Linier sits with his face near into his meat and pained. "I saw Beaky once, when I was in the fort. Two years since The Stag Lord shot her in the leg and he still keeps her down there. Tortures her occasionallly. Keeps her damn near starved. He... enjoys hurting people. I'd rather die than have him after me." Linier's head raises and looks into Arkady's eyes. "To be honest, if you was to die against him. I'd rather fall on my sword than have him at my back."

Arkady Medvyed wrote:
Arkady perks up as he finishes a slice of berry pie. "Not just hunters or wildfolk, either. Many farmers or woodcutters might come and settle under Old Deadeye's gaze if there was a temple re-dedicated to his service. Particularly an old temple, for folk that follow the old ways. Let us speak again with the priest Jhod and see if he has learned aught of his goal. And it seems to me that folk might have sheltered in the forest rather than live in the open with so many bandits about. So we might find more help than we know about."

"That could be true." Oleg says with a thoughtful look. "Not many farmers here but I know a few of the Trappers and Woodsmen call Old Deadeye their patron out here. Odds are you could gather a few more, and a bit more support as well, with a temple to him at your back. Folks might take it as a sign."

"Arkady Medvyed wrote:
"This Vekkel Benzen who wishes a deadly boar slain, he might know such things. Ho! Oleg! What can you tell us of the man who put this notice here?" And while you're at it, tell us of these tatzlwyrms whose heads you want!"

Oleg looks up from his piece of pie and squints. "Ah... Vekkel. A good man, used to bring me boar meat and the occasional bauble he took from dead kobolds. He certainly knows how to keep a man hidden, but I doubt some of you would hold any aptitude for it. As for Tatzylwyrms..." Oleg stops for a second with a pensive look, then lowers his voice for a simple rhyme:

"Lo, there are dragons, who tear and burn,
But they are far off, who'd put you in an urn.
Tatzyl's don't fly, but stand on land firm,
But still you should fear, the Green Tatzylwyrms.

For the brave men fight, drakes with sword and spear,
The tatzylwyrm's not far, It's practicallly here.
Down by the river, In their nests of weed,
To leap from shadows, on man flesh to feed.

Fear more their breathing, it's harmful cold spell,
To breathe it is death, all struggles it quells.
To lie there quiet, moving only your eyes,
Close them at the end, to watch is unwise."

The hall is quiet at the end, each person falling under the spell of Oleg's careful recitation. The dark night seems to press against the windows for a moment before Alea shudders and announces, "I always hated that rhyme as a child. Gave me the damn creeps. Didn't realize it still would." She laughs and the spell is broken, the small chats beginning again as each man and woman pulls themselves from their moment of fear and shakes off their nightmares.

Oleg sits back, a grim look on his face. "Didn't realize I'd have quite that effect. Most of us are trained to fear the tatzylwyrms when we're kids. They hunt in mated pairs of two, or sometimes 3. Look like big snakes with the head of an eel and front legs of a claw-lizard. They'll leap at you from the brush and hit you with all they've got in a second, but the real bad thing is their poison. They can't breathe it like other dragons but if you're real near 'em you breathe it regardless. Saps a man's strength. Drains him to nothing. Till all he can do is lie there as a nightmare begins to eat him. I'd imagine it's fairly terrifying."

Anton Domnoff Lebeda wrote:

After the dinner Anton will go check on Silas and see how he is settling in to his instruction, then checks the camp to see what is going on.

I'm not exactly sure, how long has it been since the party arrived in the Stolen Lands?

Silas comes in shortly after you do, with Hrothgar claiming it's too dark to work. He eats near the dwarf and the priest, who seem to be fast friends. When Anton steps over he is regaled by tales from both of them, while Silas looks away in embarrassment. It seems Silas has quite the head for numbers and engineering, and has been helping Mr. Bronzepot to set up the catapults. At the same time he has made quite the progress at his letters, now knowing every letter and beginning to learn how they work together for the sounds he knows. It is obvious that whatever else he may be, Silas is quite the intelligent man.

You arrived on the 3rd of Pharast (March) and the morning's date is the 14th of Pharast. Roughly 11 days.

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady listens carefully to Linier. "So he holds them by fear of his capability, and his cruelty. I think I understand. We will have to slay him to break his hold on the others. Do not fear, Linier: we will take him down." And in the back of his mind, Arkady thinks, Might we somehow free this tormented beast and let it have its revenge?. Arkady speaks a while longer in a low voice with Linier, reassuring him if necessary.

Turning to Oleg, he says "It would be worth talking to Vekkel, I think. Where may he be found? Or if he comes here from time to time, would you let him know we wish to speak with him?"

Listening to the tatzylwyrm song, Arkady seems to turn slightly pale. "I had not heard that before; perhaps they do not dwell so far north. We should stay together in the brush. Even if one falls to their poison, the others can come to the rescue. Do they dwell mostly in the woods, or are they found elsewhere?"

Arkady listens to the reports on catapult repair with interest. "Glad to hear of Silas' learning. Old Deadeye is right that anyone can contribute. I wonder, sir Bronzepot, if we could use one of those catapults to attack the Stag Lord's fort. I doubt we could move them over the land between, but could we perhaps take only the fittings and build one on site? Perhaps bring along some jars of oil? We would still need a cart and some careful driving, but I know little of the employment of such engines, either for sieges or in the field."

And Arkady notices that Kesten seems absent from the evening. Is he on watch, or wenching? As no noise seems to be arising in either case, Arkady does not concern himself with the matter. Perhaps that's unwise of him?

After Linier's remarks Anton says, "I've seen brutal cruelty, in the end, one either joins it or resists, courage is tested in many ways; I honor the choice you have made Linier, in spite of reasonable fears. Still, many a brute has little control out of their sight, he seems to have a bit more hold than that; if he is not an inspiring leader, even by terror, then his most trusted aides must be reinforcing it, somehow."

"These Tatzylwyrms are fell prey then all the better to battle and rid the land of them. Still not the top thing we must deal with."

"Glad to hear you are doing well, Silas, I thought, with the talents you showed, it would be a waste for you to be a common laborer. I feel more confident that times are changing and you will do well in these lands. But let's not count the dragons before the eggs hatch." Anton turns to the other men. "What do I owe for, say, three months of instruction, Goodmen?

Anton checks out the camp, not looking for anything in particular, just seeing what's to be seen, anything that attracts his attention?

Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

If nothing else comes up off to bed.

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

"Don't you worry, Linier, it'll be the Stag Lord that falls to the sword, not you. However, the news that he keeps a rabid owlbear interests me. Do you think it possible we could sneak into the fort and release the owlbear? I suspect an angry owlbear could cause a great deal of harm," Marcus smiles at the thought of the Stag Lord's own malice being his downfall.

Marcus speaks with Hrothgar as to how best to expand the fort to fit their means, questioning whether they could add some more buildings such as a jail. He also begins to pick up some Dwarven. Useful, if more Dearven engineers could be hired.

"These tatzlwyrms sound like a good test of strength," Marcus says with a grin to Anton. Marcus continues to eat in relative silence before excusing himself for bed.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Vekkel used to be a pretty regular customer, but since he lost his leg he's retired. Now he has a small farm in south Rostland. Not too far from here but still a ways, maybe 2 days travel north?" Oleg rubs his beard in concern, then brightens. "Wait. My Sister-in-law mentioned you all met Treia yeah? Now there's a saucy minx, and one who could avoid eyes. Kat could likely tell you where she lives if you'd like."

"Wyrms are usually found on the river actually. There's at least 2 in the forest, and since they're pretty territorial I doubt there's much more." Kat cuts in to the conversation while grabbing a second helping of pie. "Perhaps a third, I've heard their males can usually handle two females, lucky for the females eh?" She grins and winks at Kata before turning away with her new plate.

"Absolutely no charge Sir Lebeda." Johd returns with a smile. "This is how we do the work of Erastil, bringing civilization to these savage lands."

"These catapults ain't made to move Medvyed. We'd ruin the whole mechanism if we tried. We could always order a catapult, but I hear they get expensive and forgive me if I don't expect you got the deepest pockets." Hrothgar shrugs with a grin. "And while the Priest over there may be doing Erastil's work I'm just doing mine. Boys a handy enough assistant, and he's earned his keep so far. He continues to do so until I teach him everything I need to and I'll consider it paid if he joins the unit. Not the first ex-bandit to call the Red Hawks home."

"One could likely release Beaky if one were careful." Linier claims thoughtfully in answer, "But odds are she's gone mad with pain. She'd likely attack whoever set her free as much as anyone else. Owlbear's aren't the smartest creatures to begin with and she's been in that cell for a long time."

Male Human Paladin 2

"Maybe someone could sneak in during the night, release the owlbear, and then get out? Something to keep in mind, anyway, but we need not worry about it until we are ready to assail the Stag Lord's fort." Arkady lazily toys with his second slice of pie, savoring the taste. "I think we will be hunting boars and tatzylwyrms and lost temples in the forest for a little while, yes?"

Arkady goes off to bed unless something else comes up

Kata giggles at Kat's comment, but allows the conversation to turn back to other matters. Overhearing the end of the conversation with Marcus, Linier, and Arkady, Kata adds, "I like your thinking Marcus and Arkady. I agree we can wait, but what a clever way to distract the Stag Lord and his men while we attack the fort. I have my own twist of course...why not use one of his own men?" she finishes with a cold smile. Kata then bids good night to Svetlana and Kat and turns in.

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

Marcus looks at Kata with a new appreciation.

"Kata, you're amazing! We capture an unrepentant bandit, hold him until we attack the fort and then charm him so that we can send him in to unlock the pen. The owlbear will likely take care of his sentencing and then rampage through the fort taking care of most of them for us!"

Anton thanks the priest and engineer for their contributions. Alas it seems that Silas will be working for others not us but at least it is a rare success in these twisted lands.

Anton listens to the plans with some unease. "Yes indeed, a clever plan and you know how I feel about those." Anton sighs heavily and unhappily. "But a tortured creature is likely weak and would be more of a distraction than a real threat. Combined with entry or an attack this could be useful and not dishonorable. We will need to think on this more as the time to finish this petty tyrant comes. But for now, let's rest and be off tomorrow."

Male Human Paladin 2

Devlin heads off to the stables to sleep in the loft, where the body heat of the horses will keep him warm and he doesn't have to put up with Anton's snoring. (Well, somebody's snoring, anyway.)

Linier sleeps in the kitchen near the fire. He's used to that, and if he gets up in the middle of the night he can sneak a bite of dried carrot or something from the stores. You can never get enough food.

Arkady rouses near midnight and takes a quick walk around the fort before returning to bed.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The morning is clear and a bit crisp, but not cool or stormy. The riders mount up and are ready to go.

Where to?

"West and see if we can find that bear?"

Male Human Paladin 2

West and south into the forest, searching for boars, bears, and tatzylwyrms

Arkady brings Devlin and Linier along, to care for the horses and share nightwatch duties. He seems cheerful and happy in the morning sunlight as the party rides forth to action. Gildas, rested overnight from his labors, seems equally high-spirited.

West and South looking for unexplored lands.

Anton has a quiet evening. I should write the Temple but I have no deeds of note to tell them, except for Sir Arkady. Best to wait for some valor to include in it.

Having not noticed anything unusual before Anton has no reason to check further on events in the Post. Before taking off in the morning, after services, he asks Silas to continue to make maps of their travels from the descriptions we give. Spend a couple of gold from the tab for this. Want me to track this, DM?

Anton mounts his distressed horse again, the abused animal giving a loud bray of utter despair as Anton settles his vast bulk on the poor beast. With a bit of cajoling the horse listlessly follows the others as we head out in the sunny and brisk but springlike day.

Male Shadeling Shadowcaster Wizard 5(Shadow Subscool)/Veiled Illusionist 1

Kheldor rises in dark before dawn, taking time to prepare his spells before the others wake.

As they head out, he bemoans as he looks around "Way too much sun, but plenty of shadows to hide in"

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

Marcus readies himself quietly, checking his horse over and then swinging up into the saddle with increasing ease.

"I think that sounds like a good plan," he says to the rest of the party, "A little hunting might reduce some stress."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The group heads to the southwest, through territory they've traveled once before on the way to the Thorn River Bandit Camp. They spend the day exploring the area carefully.

Fickle Hand of Fate:
1d20 ⇒ 16///1d20 ⇒ 8

Perception DC 15:
Through the tall grass around there comes the faint sound of moaning and groans. Upon creeping forward you see a clearing where six red-skinned kobolds sit, bellies bulging under the weight of the radishes they've consumed. A large radish patch grows here, the white, odd-shaped moon radishes rare in this area.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Kata stifles a giggle, points at the clearing and whispers, "Look, six fat kobolds that ate too many of those radishes that Svetlana wants for Oleg. Want me to see about putting them to sleep or do you want to try to talk to them or run them off?"

Male Human Paladin 2

As quietly as he can, Arkady whispers back, "Put them to sleep if you can. I want to know what they are doing here... I thought these creatures always lived in mines deep underground." He gestures to the rest to draw bows, and for Kheldor to have his magic ready to snare any who escape Kata's spells.

Kata whispers "You're sooooo full little kobolds...wouldn't a nice nap be wonderful now." while tossing a little handful of sand toward the kobolds.
Casts sleep (DC 16) centered on the group of them. Affects 4HD that don't make their saves, starting with the ones at the center.

Once the spell has taken effect, she says to Arkady, "Apparently those radishes are so good, they even lure the kobolds from their warrens."

Anton looks to where Kata points. Seeing the gorged Kobolds, he snorts saying "Little creatures with weak stomachs, no challenge from them. Yes, give them a much needed nap, so they don't hurt themselves. Does anybody know how to converse with them? They may know something useful about the lands around here."

To Kata comment, "I'm sure getting food is hard for them, any source would be used. It seems that this luxury has tempted them into gluttony."

"They look like little dragons. I could try that."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Will Block:
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (15) - 1 = 14
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (17) - 1 = 16
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (13) - 1 = 12
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (9) - 1 = 8

4 of the kobolds drop off to sleep, beginning to snore little lizard snores. The other two fail to notice their companions have been affected by magic, since the food has them sleepy as well.

Likely get one more action before the last one realizes what's up.

HP 15/15, AC 17, touch 14, ff 13

"I also speak Draconic," Marcus says, "Would you like me to try?"

"Sure, but let's see if we can get a little further cooperation out of one of our last two." her fingers twist again in the direction of the radish patch and she calls out, "Good afternoon friend, we're just here to talk about the weather and any interesting stories you might have for us."
Casts charm person (DC16)on the closest of the last two. Pretty sure they're humanoid and this will work, but if not, at least it's a pleasant greeting.

Anton waits for the conversation between Kata, Marcus and the Kobolds. He doesn't make any threatening moves as he considers the little creatures to be no threat.

Male Human Paladin 2

Arkady also waits. This doesn't look like a good place for heroics, and so far the little reptilian creatures don't seem to be a threat. He motions Devlin and Linier to stand down.

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