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RotRL Gestalt Anniversary Special

Game Master Spiral_Ninja

A gestalt AE Rise of the Runelords.Thistletop L1; Thistletop level 2, Thistletop level 3

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HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

made it clearer.

"We should at least bury that dead before we go on."

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

Ryu nods. "Or burn them. It takes less time. After that we have to check out their camp, maybe there is evidence for what the gnome assumes, or there may be prisoners."

After a moment of pondering Ryu adds. "The lands here may have different rules on how handling a surrender should be done, but I also have the laws I follow. As such, now I have to ensure the well-being of those who surrendered until the authorities take them over. Which means I have to protect them unless they try to turn on me, on us."

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

"True in that burning is quicker, but may alert the camp that something is wrong.
And they will decide what is to be done with their comrade's bodies, as they knew them best.
As I would like to make sure their souls find peace."

"That is true, but a number of countries, and nations signed the "Ares Pact" which listed the treatment of prisoners of war as a standard, but not universal.
As some nations went with higher standards than others.
And this standard also applies to militia, and can apply to adventures under reasonable circumstances."

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

Ryu listens to Alkaid. "I only know I have my own rules I have to follow, and not just during a war. Anyway, if you want, we could let the prisoners dig the holes for their comrades, but in this case I can't perform any funeral for them so either no one does or someone else does. You are right about that the fire could alert others."

Did anyone in our own group take wounds from the fight? I don't think so but maybe I overlooked something.

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8
Ryu Kaijitsu wrote:

Ryu then walks over to the sobbing Cilyanka. "Here, take this. What you did was self-defense, the one you killed was attacking you and wasn't unconscious and didn't surrender to you either. You acted bravely." He places a blanket on her shoulders, then turns her away...

I can't leave him, not here, not like this. I ...... I thought he was dead, I .... I never imagined.

Turning back to hold the fallen man once more, Cilyanka sobs. You don't see it do you? He's, he's my brother. I thought him dead, and now, because of me, he truly is.

We can't leave him here, not like this. I murdered him, it is my responsibility. I, I will bury him.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

Ryu's attention turns to Cilyanka as he hears the weak voice say what it did.

"...what? What did you just say? He was your brother?" Ryu goes to her, checks the corpse, and the look on Cil's face. Did she really kill her brother, or was it just some close resemblance? Maybe she just felt tired and hallucinates.

The giant focuses and converts his blade into a two handed shovel.

Digging earth at prodigious rate, he quickly has an individual grave for each corpse. He then tosses all of them in except for the one that may or not be a sibling and covers them back up.

"Okay, I don't know how to do perform a Shelyn ceremony, but I am sure we can make a good show of it. I do think some sort of song should be included, but don't look at me, I can't sing."

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

"I know the basics of a Shelyn funeral, and have sung a few songs and hymns"

As the group debates tactics and honor, they hear a voice.

"I see you were able to handle this lot. Very good."

Shalelu is sitting on one of the larger rocks the bandits rolled down.

"I tracked their trail back to their base. There's no need to worry about the others - and there are 4 more prisoners to pick up."

She steps down and joins the group standing over the gravesite.

"Varisan law says they should eventually be taken to Magnimar for judgment. I don't think we need to take them there, though. We can take them back to Galduria or north to Wolf's Ear where they'll be held until a decision is made to try them here or transport them."

She stops to think a bit.

"Perhaps it might be best if I took them to Galduria and then went about my task, allowing you to continue with yours more quickly. I'm certain there's a reward for this bunch, I'll make certain it's delivered to Sandpoint in your names."

M Human Barbarian (Inv. Rager) 8/Oracle 1 | HP 84 | AC 21 | T 11 | FF 20 | CMD 26 | Fort +10* | Ref +5* | Will +8* | Init +1 | Perc +11

"Works for me. Thank you Shalelu."

DM to the rescue :)

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Sparrow remained silent during the exchange regarding the bandits. She could see both points on the matter. Was it better to leave the bandits alive, only to put them all as well as others at risk if they should escape, or simply do the deed now themselves. In the end, the main reason she stayed out of it was simple.

She didn't care.

The end result would be the same, the bandits dead. Sparrow didn't enjoy killing. But she wasn't opposed when it was needed. She'd rather not have to do it herself, particularly execution style. But this was more a matter of preference on her part than anything else. Bandit's were bandits and this was their fate. Maybe they had their reasons to turn, maybe they could be saved. And if the opportunity presented itself, she'd be fine with it.

In the end, Shalelu's offer seemed the best choice, and good riddance to them as far as Sparrow was concerned. She did feel some concern over Cilyanka's condition, but Ryu seemed to be trying to comfort her.

So, did Cilyanka speak? Just curious because I see no bolded text. Just asking.

DM Ninja/infinite

As the group heads northward (uless there's something else you wanted to do)Shalelu heads south with the prisoners secured by their own equipment.

You reach Wolf's Ear not many days afte and confirm the route to Ravenmoor. No one in town knows much about the place, regarding it as rustic and insular. The only thing you do get is from an old man who chuckles weirdly and tells you that 'those odd folkd even keep stirges as pets!'

A few days later you are aproaching the town along a little used trail leading up along the river’s west banks into increasingly dreary landscapes of bogland and bleak moors. During the day, the preponderance of ravens in the skies gives subtle encouragement that one
is on the right track to Ravenmoor, but as the sun sets, the mosquitoes come alive. The trail itself often winds away from the river and soggy boglands to avoid the worst of these pests, but once you near Ravenmoor insects become a constant annoyance.

As you think you must finally be approaching the village of Ravenmoor, you hear the sound of a young boy’s voice calling out,
"Aaaaaaplesaaaauce! Here boy! C’meer boy!” followed by some whistling, as if a child were seeking a missing puppy.

The calls seem to be coming from the tall grass to the left of the road.

DM Ninja/infinite


Alkaid Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21
Biter Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19
Brindolfin Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Cilyanka Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10
Kaddoc Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
Ryu Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18
Sparrow Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
Straehan Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

As the boy calls out, several of you [Alkaid, Kaddoc, and Sparrow] hear soft rustling from the grass on the right side of the road. Then something tiny and winged bursts from the grass, it's tiny wings fluttering noisily as it makes a bee-line for Straehan!

Alkaid Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Biter Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Brindolfin Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
Cilyanka Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
Kaddoc Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16
Ryu Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Sparrow Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Straehan Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16
Applesauce Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8
Sparrow Seacutter wrote:

So, did Cilyanka speak? Just curious because I see no bolded text. Just asking.

Yes, I apologize. I forgot my formatting

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

"Straehan, Duck."

DM Ninja/infinite

BTW: while I did want to move the plot along, if any of you wish to RP with Cilyanka about her interesting disclosure, go right ahead.

DM Ninja/infinite

"Are you sure?" She steps over to Cilyanka and the crumpled, bloody body. "I'm so sorry. Do you want us to try to save or raise him?"

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Could you??? I, I don't think I could ever live with myself knowing am kinslayer.

Looking down, at her still bloody hands Cilyanka gramaces. All I could think about was giving the bandits what they deserved. I was so angry, it was like a fog blocking out everything else. Now, it's like I've cut a piece of my own soul out.

The last thing I remember when my family was killed was my brother covering me with his own body. I, I thought he died. Why is he with the bandits .... after what they did. How could he. I wish had known.

DM Ninja/infinite

Shalelu responds "How could he? Remember what you found about Das' boy. And he was only held by that madman for a month. Think. Your brother saw his entire family slain, or so he thought, then he was dragged off. Who knows what they did to him? This may not even be the same group of bandits. If he was 'rescued' or protected from the others by one of them he may have thought this was his only choice. I will take him to the church in Galduria. We'll see if he can be raised. If so, then after's up to him...and possibly you."

She chuckles. "One good thing. He's already paid with his life for banditry. He can't be tried for past crimes now. Only those he might commit in the future."

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Thank you Shaleu says Cilyanka, giving her a big hug. A chance at redemption is all either of us could ask for.

HP: 24/24 - AC:15|15|11 - CMD:18 - F:+3|R:+6|W:+4 - Per:+7 Init:+3 - Spells: 1st 6/6

Sorry for the late response. I'm hoping the main action isn't waiting on me.

Straehan tries to make out the small creature - hoping it is a hummingbird not a stirge - and wondering if it is the mysterious 'applesauce'. The rumours of locals having stirge pets still sounding in his ears, Strae waits for the creature to close with him, preparing to avoid it.

Go Total Defensive - AC:22 CMD:19

DM Ninja/infinite

As the critter dives for Straehan and misses completely, it becomes cleat that the creature is, in fact, a stirge.

Just then a young boy bursts out of the tall grass from the left of the raod and seeing the stirge and the group in apparent conflict bursts into teats and calls out “No! Don’t hurt him! He’s just a-scairt!”

The boy appears to be about 8 years old, with a ragged mop of black hair, filthy home-spun clothes, and mud caking his hands and feet from his frantic searching for what appears to be his pet.

The creature reacts as the boy appears, ignoring Straehan and diving for the boy, landing and nuzzling his neck in a friendly, if disturbing, fashion.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

Sorry about delay, had a mild food poisoning

Timeslip to bandit/Cilyanka/GM:
"If you are certain he is your brother, at least take a lock of hair from him, revival is always an option."

If I missed it then sorry, but I didn't see anyone else than Ryu and GM/npc caring about the scene of her brother. Also, what about the bandits and their camp now? I still have that key and as mentioned earlier I wanted to go there with their leader to search the location.

"I thought I had seen many a strange thing. Anyone seen a pet like that before?"

Previously...once again Brin sees a tragic, then happy ending to meeting the brother of Cilyanka. Once again, a family scene leaves him wondering what he was missing.

He hugs Cilyanka in a big embrace, "Hold onto your brother when he returns. I am sure happy for your. Family is important."

Brin gets a stoic expression back on his face. "Ok, enough arguing about stuff. I watched a cluster(&^% happen on the island. And I watching one after the bandits surrendered. I am not having another one."

After the boy/stirge reunion: "We leave the boy and his pet alone and move one. Unless of course someone that is not huge and intimidating want to get some information out of him."

DM Ninja/infinite

OK, I really, really have to watch my typing. The boy burst into TEATS? Well, if the town triggers spontaneous gender-swaping, that might be the problem. ;)

After greeting and securing his pet the boy looks at the large gorup of strangesrs nervously and says "Can I help you folks?"

HP: 24/24 - AC:15|15|11 - CMD:18 - F:+3|R:+6|W:+4 - Per:+7 Init:+3 - Spells: 1st 6/6
The_Ninja_DM wrote:
OK, I really, really have to watch my typing. The boy burst into TEATS? Well, if the town triggers spontaneous gender-swaping, that might be the problem. ;)

Aw, I rather liked the visual... and 1 Lust point to the DM for Freudian slip.

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

Alkaid cringes slightly at the sight of the boy hugging the stirge

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Cilyanka looks up from the back of the wagon, where she has sat in somber silence for the past several days so see what the ruckus is about. Upon seeing the boy hugging his pet stirge, she silently returns to her morose contemplation of the blade resting in her lap.

To be innocent once again, to enjoy life without blood on my hands. I wish I could be like him. At least Mihai has a chance at redemption. I wonder if the same could be said of me.

M Human Barbarian (Inv. Rager) 8/Oracle 1 | HP 84 | AC 21 | T 11 | FF 20 | CMD 26 | Fort +10* | Ref +5* | Will +8* | Init +1 | Perc +11

Kaddoc suppresses a shudder, trying not to think about what the child must feed his 'pet'.

"Ho there boy, can you direct us to a place where we might find lodging for the night?"

DM Ninja/infinite

"We don't get many travelers here in Ravenmoor. My pa might know where you could stay. He knows everything. I'll take you to him."

The boy starts to lead you toward town.

M Human Barbarian (Inv. Rager) 8/Oracle 1 | HP 84 | AC 21 | T 11 | FF 20 | CMD 26 | Fort +10* | Ref +5* | Will +8* | Init +1 | Perc +11

Kaddoc follows the boy.

"Sounds good lad, lead on. If you don't mind me saying so, that is a mighty unusual pet you have there."

DM Ninja/infinite

Ryu, Shalelu went to the bandit's campsite. Note: most of their treasure was identifiable loot from their robberies. I'll post what wasn't later.

"My name is Ornigaard, Ornigaard Korzha. Applesauce, unusual? We've always kept 'em as pets. They're really quite nice. Most city folk don't understand 'em. He's...supposed to be in his cage, but I wanted to play with 'im fer a bit."

HP: 24/24 - AC:15|15|11 - CMD:18 - F:+3|R:+6|W:+4 - Per:+7 Init:+3 - Spells: 1st 6/6

The gnome looks intrigued at the unusual pet. "So, why 'Applesauce'? Is that his favorite food or something?"

Well count me as a confused city-folk. I wouldn't pick one as a per.

"Ravenmoor, sounds somewhat a somber name for a town. Let's go meet your pa."

The big half-giant trots along, picking a sword for his psychic weapon.

DM Ninja/infinite

"Nope. They usually feed on our cattle and some vermin - rats and such."

DM Ninja/infinite

"Our town's founder, Iola Krieger, named Ravenmoor for the flocks of ravens that live around here."

As you walk through the town the locals stop to stare at the strangers, but seem to relax when the see how calm the boy is.

Ornigaard leads you to his home—a simple farmhouse that lies just north of the town’s trading post.

As you approach, a handsome human male steps out into the street to greet his son (there is a resemblence) and this motly group of strangers.

"Good day, travelers. My name is Viorec Korzha. How can I help you?"

He also looks at his son and the stirge he's carrying. "I see. Well, Ornigaard, put him back in his cage and get back to your chores."

DM Ninja/infinite

Backtracking a bit. I appolgize for skipping this.

Shalelu will guide you all to the bandit's campsite while the surviving injured bandits are made ready for travel. As you approach the camp, a break in the trees reveals a clearing and the now deserted campsite. There are a few tents, one much larger than the others and several stacks of crates as well as a cart. Although the cooking pots still hang in place, the fires beneath them have been extinguished, though they still smolder slightly. You can find 300gp distributed among the bandits and their tents. A locked chest in Hedrun Tul’s tent contains 250 gp, 500 sp, 4 garnets (50 gp each) and a silver chain (250 gp).

Also, while of little potential value to the group, the stolen goods contained within the crates can fetch a reward (200 gp) from merchants in Galduria if they are transported back. In total the items weigh approximately 300 pounds.

Biter offers to travel back with Shaleu in order to monitor the raising of Cilyanka's brother and to collect and hold for them the group's reward, if any. Did anyone wish to speak to the bandits before Shalelu and Biter escort them back to Galduria?

Brin steps forward after an awkward pause and addresses Viorec,
"We are fresh from triumphing over bandits. Is there anything this group of accomplished adventurers can do to help you?"

DM Ninja/infinite

"No, not at this time. Why would such a group of accomplised adventurers want here in Ravengro? We are a very small town and, thanks to our founder, we have no real problems we need solved. We don't get many visitors. We don't even have an inn."

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

"Do you know where the mayor is?"

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

"I'm really sorry to hear about the lack of an Inn, I could have really loved the opporturnity to get something to drink and knock some of this dust off."

"I assume one can get something to drink where those gentlement are gathered"Cilyanka asks, gesturing towards the gathering of elderly gentlemen in front of the Town Physic. "If you don't mind, I'll head over there for a few minutes.

Without waiting for reply, Cilyanka will walk towards the storefront, making an effort to appear cheerful as she approcahes the gathering.

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Sparrow whispers to the others as Cilyanka wanders off. "Think one of us should stay with her, all things considered?" If no one volunteers or is opposed, Sparrow will nominate herself under the pretense of wanting a drink herself (only half a bluff).

HP: 24/24 - AC:15|15|11 - CMD:18 - F:+3|R:+6|W:+4 - Per:+7 Init:+3 - Spells: 1st 6/6

Straehan nods in agreement, more than a little concerned with the woman's recent emotional upheaval. "I could stand to get a drink myself. Mind if I tag along, Sparrow?" Expecting no objection, he sets off with the elf maid.

HP: 55/73 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Brawler 5

"Did I hear the offer of drinks!"

after a few moments

"On second thought, I won't.
Since I'm still burning the last bit of the last binge off."

DM Ninja/infinite

The group of old men sitting on the porch of the look up as you approach. One of them speaks up. "Can I help you travelers? Where are you headed?"

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Bending down on one knee, so as to be eye level with the gentleman who addressed her, Cilyanka smiles as she answers I would love your help. I've been on the road long enough my throat feels like its made of dust. You gentlemen wouldn't have any tea a girl could relax with for a few minutes.

DM Ninja/infinite

"Ain't many of us can afford tea in these parts. Would a pretty lass like yourself settle fer cider?"

He picks up a jug sitting on the porch beside him and wipes it with a cloth before offering it to you.

"Oh, it ain't the hard stuff. Too early fer that."

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Thank you

Sitting down on the edge of the porch, Cilyanka take a long drink of the cider before passing the jug back. Mighty fine weather we're having isn't it.

DM Ninja/infinite

"It's always nice for Founders Festival."

He looks at you with more curiosity than most of the rest of the locals.

"Are you folks stayin fer the festival. You and that other redhead could beat out some of our gals for festival queen."

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Blushing, Cilyanka shakes her head. Me? I would never stand a chance. I would love to see the festival though. When is it?

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