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RotRL Gestalt Anniversary Special

Game Master Spiral_Ninja

A gestalt AE Rise of the Runelords.Thistletop L1; Thistletop level 2, Thistletop level 3

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AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

Oooh... does that mean Sparrow gets to NPC Kaddoc while you're on vacation? ;)

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3
The_Ninja_DM wrote:
I promise not to outright kill any characters NPC'd for vacation or personal issues.

LOL! How reassuring... of course, I note that you qualified the comment by saying "outright kill". So, killing us slowly and painfully is still on the table, eh?

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9
Kaddoc the Grey wrote:
I'll take an epic death over character retirement any day. Some of my most memorable characters were ones that died in less time than it took me to roll them up.

I rather prefer them live and reach glory and greatness, then have future characters be their relatives or servants

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

My tabletop groups rule is if you're gone, you can either let the other PCs control you, or you get put in a bubble with DR Infinite/TPK. And if you don't tell us, it's the groups choice. And if we don't have a sheet, we kinda use what we remember you can do. The best part is if you don't let the PCs control you, well we don't adjust things for it, hehehe.

The exception of course being important things like Work, Family Events, etc. Skipping to hang out with your significant other don't count (unless it's an anniversary).

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

I'm going to be slammed with work this week but I'll try to post as often as I can.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

I'm good with our previous order as being the default unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Also, did any of the folks who made the Religion roll to ID the type of undead actually tell the group the results? I don't think I see that... or are we going with the assumption that they automatically did?

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

I didn't, it was obvious to everyone they were undead, their type didn't seem to matter, plus no one asked either.
As far I know only me and Kaddoc made the check.

This seems to be another time the party is split. I guess we are keeping the DM on her toes.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

Actually Strae did ask here because their type is relevant.

As for the order, I figured we'd maintain the same order (minus the folks that are missing) that we used before.

DM Ninja/infinite

So, no one is going to actually search the rest of the room? What was so interesting about a hole in the floor of someone's bedroom?

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Hmm, I thought we had searched it.

DM Ninja/infinite

If so, sorry, I read it as just picking up the loose papers first.

I, too, thought a few perception checks had been rolled. IF not, my bad, I'll have Biter do it as well.

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

Someone's new traits for RotRL

DM Ninja/infinite

Nice. Did you want to use one? Somehow I don't see you as Tsuto's father. ;)

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

No, I'm not planning to take any of them, but some do seem to fit with some of the other playes.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

Do we have an updated battle map? I don't want to assume I've only got a 5' step to the baddie if I'm further away.

DM Ninja/infinite

Use the upper room on the original map. The furniture piece is the hole, the skeleton is the monster. The wooden door at the end of the corridor is the spiral starcase.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

OK, then I guess since at least Biter, Strae, and Alkaid were around the hole, we are close enough for 5' moves. I've thrown those three icons on the map. Feel free to adjust our positions if they don't match what was in your head.

DM Ninja/infinite

All I moved was Biter. He's still by the bedding pile.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

Cool! What was your decision on how we run combat? Are we going in initiative order so Ryu is up?

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3
Brindolfin Cloudcap wrote:
Will I get a lick in this time?

Don't worry about me poaching your kill, Brin. I'm going to wait for my turn to come up in the order to act. :)

You might as well pop your icon onto the map and get to mashing baddies.

DM Ninja/infinite

Post your actions and I'll resolve them in intitiative order.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

sorry about lack of activity, i had some issues coming up and so I will be able to post less frequently, will try to keep up however, no way in hell I want to quit.

I will read up and post soon, in upcoming battles Gm can use my char if I am away too long.

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Just giving you a heads-up that at the end of this month (July 31), I'll be leaving town for two weeks for work. I don't know the status of an available internet connection while I'll be gone, or how much free time I'll have, but I'll post as able.

After that, I'll only be back for a day before heading to Gencon afterwards, getting back home late the 19th. So between those two dates I'll be sporadic at best, possibly unavailable. Sorry for any inconveniences this may impose.

Hungarian Paladin of Light 2/ Bard of Serious Business 4/ Grand Master 3/ Judge 1
"Five years ago a serial killer known as The Chopper killed 25 people in Sandpoint. His last victim was the sheriff at the time. The struggle drew a posse who tracked the killer here. It turned out that the eccentric sculptor Jervis Stoot was the Chopper and that he was worshiping Pazuzu with his murders. What the papers in the secret rooms you found indicated is that he was converted by a bird-like being he called the Red Bishop."

Yeah, but is Red Bishop=Pazuzu? What notes was the talk about, before Strae mentioned notes I don't recall them being talked about, and is this Jervis Stoot still alive or dead? Was he the necromancer or is there still an unknown factor under the name of the Red Bishop?

Someone had to place that skull of a bird on the body of the kid, was it Stoot, the Bishop, or the necromancer who made the undead of the mother/infant?

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

Red Bishop=/=Pazuzu.

The Red Bishop is a Mothman cleric of Pazuzu.

DM Ninja/infinite

Nobody places an animal skull on an attic whisperer. They form that way from things belonging to the child when it was alive and an animal skull in place of their own. They do not use any portion of their old body.

There were notes in the room with the other bodies as well.

Stoot was found bleeding to death in the statue room after seemingly cutting out his own eyes and tongue and offering them to Pazuzu. The posse burned his body on the shore and scattered his ashes.

Since then people have been seeing a red bird they call the Stoot Bird. It's regarded as a harbinger of disaster.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9
"The creature appears to be a form of undead known as an attic whisperer. They form from the death of a lonely or neglected or abused child's death and are constructed of things the child cared about in life. They usually form without a head, taking the skull of an animal to replace their missing one. Destroying the manifestation and granting the child proper burial before it reforms is the most common method of destroying it permanently."

Constructed of things the child cared about

I thought there is a dead kids skeleton with a bird skull on the bed and an extra undead a.w. attacking us, was I mistaken? was the skull only on the undead?

an abused ghost kid body with a bird skull doesn't seem to be in any way "constructed of things the child cared about" to begin with

So, was Stoot the one making the other undead? or that mothman? where did the mothman come from anyway, and is that still around?
I am pretty confused now o.O

DM Ninja/infinite

I don't blame you. My orginal description of the monster was based on the descripton in both modules it's appeared in, neither of which mentions the #%&#!@!! animal head! I tried (and obviously failed) to imply that the ghost form appeared and pulled the things in the room to it to form the thing you fought.

The mothman is the necro as well as a cleric. And it's [consider this a mini spoiler] the so-called Stoot bird as well.

There will definitely be a point at which you can confront the Red Bishop.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

oookay, so I wasn't off that "this isn't over yet", Ryu needs to make a nice necromancer burning festival to fulfill the Oath properly, I have to admit I don't remember a mothman to be mentioned at all either, but maybe just because my last weeks aware more and more hectic

btw, completely off topic, do you plan to start another gestalt game in the near future? maybe something not from AP-s, and with an ability to greatly influence the world? (like a merchant who builds up a proper shop and expands, or a noble who becomes ruler, or just someone who sets up a settlement and has the city flourish)
I am looking for such a game, to have a go at it with one of 3 characters I imagined

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

PS: working on good ol' Master Ignatius now :)

DM Ninja/infinite

I've been considering it. If I did, it would be in my own homebrew world; Desteyn.

I don't want to even begin until I get RotRL/AE up and running, though.

Rest assured, I will post when any such thing is ready.

The Red Bishop/mothman isn't mentioned by the townsfolk because they don't know what caused Stoot's insanity. The notes here are your first clue that he/it exists and there will be more info as the main plot unveils itself.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

ah, I see, so I guess that the notes and mothman being mentioned by other players means it is not their first time playing this quest, heck I don't even know what a mothman is

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

Mothman is a monster found in one of the bestiaries,
though has ties to real life folklore.

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

Ah, man. I wish you folks would put spoilers under a spoiler tag. I didn't know anything about this module and now I know more than I'd like.

DM Ninja/infinite

Sigh. Sorry, Strae. I was thinking about how to phrase just such a request and blew the stuff myself.

OK, folks, with the note that the DM herself is included in this: ANY further discussion of monsters and events in the module or any side quests must be in spoilers or by PM to an individual to answer a question.

I am a rotrl newbie too. Thx.

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Much apprecaited Ninja! I too know nothing of this module, and I even own the Anniversary Edition (which is going to be sitting on my shelf until we finish, unread!), though I know nothing of the original. Well, besides what I've seen here now, lol.

HP 41/19 | AC:26/17/18 CMD:24 | F:7 R:4 W:8 | I: +4 P: +8

Same here. I know nothing of RotRL and have avoided looking anything up. I enjoy both figuring out plot lines and being surprised.

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

Have not read any RotRL, though Jade regent had some data.

DM Ninja/infinite

Just a quick note. Sorry about todays delay.
My normal schedule runs that I'm avaiable from around 6 am EST US to 2 pm same, then my husband gets home form work & takes over the computer for a bit (Hubby's schedule is 7am to 2 pm.)and we do family stuff. I access the computer again after 9pm until I'm exhausted.

I can post via my Kindle fire if things are going well, but the built-in autocorrect was designed by &%$^*&$!!! morons and comes up with the weirdest 'corrections'. Example: Sandpoint (a fairly common name even IRL) comes out Standpoint. So I prefer not to use it unless it's an emergency. Saturdays and Sundays are very hit and miss. so, if I seem to duck out or not respond in the afternoon, I'm still here, just busy elsewhere.

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

In terms of diplomacy
Alkaid +11, using the revised race version
Brindolfin -1
Biter -2
Kaddoc +2
Ryu +10
Cilyanka +2
Straehan +3
Sparrow +0

AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

I guess you and Ryu are elected. :)

Speaking of revised versions, when are we going to see your bright and shiny new character sheet?

HP: 31/31 Saves: +6,+6,+6, Cleric(theologian) + Monk(martial artist) 4

I am busy in the moving process, and got most of it done, just need a few finishing touches and double checks.

I think you might prefer her older version.

I am also making some racial feats and racial archetypes for my race.
Just need time to get them done and GM approved.

Edit: posted the most recent character data.

Sorry everyone. Work turned into a s#+~storm. I don't anticipate being able to put any mental energy into a post today… maybe not tomorrow.

So sorry. I'll try to get back on-board as quickly as possible.

DM Ninja/infinite

OK, sorry about the whole diety issue and my delay in getting back to you all. I've sent Ryu the info he needs to upgrade the Divine Phoenix to Golarion standards.

I also appolgize for the attitude and delay. I had a dental appointment which included the info that once my dentist gets back form vacation I may need my last wisdom tooth pulled. So I'm not in a good mood, since it will be two weeks before I even find out if it's necessary!

{HP 16/36 | AC13 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/6/4 | Inish +5, Per +9}Female Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger) 3 / Wizard (Foreteller) 3

Ouch about the teeth! I just had my wisdom teeth pulled (all five of them no less) a couple months back, and I just wanted to be mean to everyone. Hope it goes well for you.

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

yeah... and hope she doesn't want to be mean to everyone XD

Male Human Gestalt HP:24 | AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:15 | F:5 R:7 W:6 | Init: +3 | Per: +9

what the hell is going on with all those recent hostile outbursts?!


Cilyanka's atleast makes sense after I got to know the background, but Strae doesn't seem to have any proper ingame reason for it (as he either didn't even notice things to act like it, or it wasn't a major issue that would get non-family members headbutt-in like this)

If the kids remains not being handled is the issue, that is not Ryu's fault, it is totally natural for Ryu to go home to the inn and to his sister to tell what happened, then go to his father to inform him too.
What reason is there for Strae and the others to hang around at the inn and get drunk while carrying child bones?

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