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Rites of Passage:Chapter 0 Legacy

Game Master Nimon

In this chapter of Rites of Passage you play out the events of the Nex/Geb war that created the Mana Wastes during the Age of Destiny.

Current Characters


(123 posts)
Dark Archive Nimon

Male Human Dungeon Master
(2,706 posts)
Nolzur's Orb
Archmage Nex

played by Nimon (16 posts)
Danse Macabre
Avatar of Monad

played by Nimon (8 posts)
Natisha Pavalanis
Companion of Lilly Talieb

Male Human Vampire Rogue 9/Assassin 1

played by mathpro18 (6 posts)
Gallus Helbreth

Male Azlanti Druid (Mooncaller) 20

played by Jonasty1031 (44 posts)
Gnoll Mutant

played by Nimon (17 posts)

Male Human

played by Nimon (23 posts)
Hag, Annis

played by Nimon (6 posts)
Baron Galdur Vendikon
Havandrier Meridoath

Male Pure Blood Azlanti Sythesist Summoner 20

played by Xzaral (19 posts)
Tentacle Monster Painting
Havandrier Meridoath - Fused

Male Pure Blood Azlanti Sythesist Summoner 20

played by Xzaral (45 posts)
Friendly Fighter
King Markadian V

King of Talingarde

played by Xzaral (1,641 posts)
Lilly Talieb

Female Elven Cleric

played by mathpro18 (71 posts)

hp 20/20 AC 17, 17, 15, fort +4 refl +6, will +7, bab 1, melee 4, ranged 3, cmb 3 cmd 15, init +6, perc +10 M oni-spawn tiefling monk (of the 4 winds)/2; inquisitor(preacher)/2

played by JAF0 (274 posts)
Karzoug the Claimer
Sir Allumbris

Knight of the Wrathful Skies

played by Calixymenthillian (44 posts)
Krun Thuul
Sir Vorag Tsugo

Male Half-orc Cavalier 1 (Honor Guard)

played by Nimon (14 posts)

AC 11/t11/ff10; hp 16/16; saves: F 1 R 3 W 5; bab 0, melee 1, ranged 1; CMB 1, CMD 13; speed 30; init +1 half-elf investigator/1 wizard 1
Acro 2, appraise 4, bluff 8, craft alchemy 13, diplomacy 8, disable 5 k arc 10, k nature 8, k local 8, k hist 9, k plns 9, k relgn 8, k dung 8, k engrg 8, perc 7, spellcraft 9, stealth 1

played by JAF0 (377 posts)
The Scribbler

Male Azlant Wizard (Universalist) 20

played by Azharten (98 posts)

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