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Rise of the Runelords

Game Master agduvall

The town of Sandpoint needs you!

This is the Recruitment Forum for my campaign.

Just fyi, you might want to let folks know how you want them to roll their ability scores, what races you allow, classes, and all that other good stuff. :)

'Dotting' for interest.

Am thinking of going 'Asimar/Inquisitor'. Thoughts? Comments? Also, assuming that the basic 'Expanded race' stuff is allowed from said book. Not interested in the 'Build your own adventurer' stuff from there. *Bows*

Pathfinder Maps, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Dotting for interest and waiting for rules.

Dotting and waiting for rules.

Dotting and waiting for rules as well.

Same here - dotting for interest

Sovereign Court

Dotting as well

dottie dot dot

Sovereign Court

GM agduvall wrote:
This is the Recruitment Forum for my campaign.

I'm VERY interested!

Interested pending further details.

Interested, Waiting for further details

interested as I have wanted to play in this one for a while.

Dark Archive


Lantern Lodge


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I am interested, I have heard good things about this campaign.

here is my witch, will change as needed for how you want to make your game.

I hope, in our enthusiasm, we have not scared off out prospective DM?

I present Arabeth.

Currently there is no character behind the avatar as there is a dearth of information on character generation.

Ass i stated before, I plan on building an Inquisitor. though I must also admit my predilection for the 'Titan Mauler'. The said Barbarian class just adds so much to other builds. *Bows*

Might I ask, Miss Tessara, what were the parameters with which you built your Witch?

i used the standard 20 point buy, 2 traits, 1 of them has to be campaign. if i need to change something i will. but i had made this char for a few other pbp games and i seem to find the building of any char is the same mostly.

18 people interested...and nary a DM to do anything with it in almost 48 hours. Sad days.

Lantern Lodge

Sad, I really wanted to play a character for once but if he doesn't show I can run it.

If I run things:
Any ARG races, no custom
No NE or CE alignments
No 3PP except Dreamscarred Press
All classes and archetypes
18 point buy
2 traits + 1 campaign
Roll for gold

*Bows* Much thanks and appreciation DaWay for you offer and I hope I make your game.

I also hope the originator of said thread is doing well and that Real Life has not over come them.

Btw, 18 point buy is novel DaWay. I don't thin I've seen that point allocation before. Are you happy with people using the variant 'Race' traits and such from the Advanced Race Guide?

Much cheers to all.

So...some more questions of potential DM DaWay,

Will you allow "Blood of Angels"?

Character build so far:

'Garuda blooded' from "Blood of Angels" PG 23

Str, 11
Dex, 17
Int, 10
Wis, 17
Con, 10
Cha, 13

Trait 1) Human Scion (Change 'Type' to both 'Human' as well as native outsider

Trait 2) (Campaign) Favored Daughter (Ameiko)

1st Lvlv Feat(Generic)

1st Lvl Inquisitor Abilities.

Again, much cheers to all.

My fairly straight-forward barbarian. I'll adjust the stats, of course, for DaWay's game should he need to step up. Best of luck to you all.

Well, either DaWay or DM agduvall, would a ninja gunslinger be acceptable?

Lantern Lodge

If your gonna be a ninja gunslinger doesn't the boom stick make you not stealthy anymore?

DaWay wrote:
If your gonna be a ninja gunslinger doesn't the boom stick make you not stealthy anymore?

Only after you shoot it =)

Lantern Lodge

if your interested in doing my game please post here


Interested if I'm not chosen for The Past Returns RotR campaign. Looking for something a bit more standard ruleswise, sorry DaWay :)


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