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Rigor Rictus' Carrion Crown - Game Thread

Game Master LastNameOnEarth

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As you look around town, there are no clues to be found - apart from worried looks, nothing seems out of place. Most people seem to be more than a bit uneasy, and as people go about their morning business, they do their best not to talk about it, save for a few who's minds run wild with errant speculations - mostly those with reputations as incorrigible gossips. It takes a measure of prodding, but with a few well-placed words and carefully asked questions, you are able to get the populace to open up to you.

No one recalls seeing anything suspicious last night, but few of them were out late, and the superstitious citizenry makes sure to stay away from the southern side of town after the moon rises, none of them wishing to be caught in the night by Harrowstone's haunts. Several of them exchange with you worried whispers, though, even swearing they knew this was going to happen, on account of 'bad omens' they saw in their dreams last night. Most of them proudly point to their affinity for knowing of trouble before it happens, and a few suggest that it was some evil spirit invading their dreams.

Kendra is very slightly disheveled and hastily dressed. She seems buried in her research on the Whispering Way, but you are eventually able to pry her from her books. You suspect that she'd forget to feed herself if not for your reminders!

Marta is leaned over the counter whispering to her eldest daughter as he enter the grocery, though she looks up and greets you warmly as you enter. "Oh, good morning, dearie! Have you heard of the what happened to the Harrowstone monument? Emma and I were just talking about it." She looks to her left, and then to here right before beckoning you over. "It seems that someone smeared blood all over it!" she whispers. "They say it was positively splattered with the stuff. The town is all abuzz over it, and the sheriff is stumped as to whodunnit! And it don't surprise me in the least. Emma knew something wicked was coming ever since she want to bed last night."

Marta's daughter nods furiously in agreement. "That's right! We all saw it last night, in our dreams - the whole family has a talent for that sort of thing, you know. Dark images of red splashes, and such an evil presence..." she trails off, a tinge of fear creeping into her excited musings. "I never felt such hate as I felt last night."

"There's something not right happening in this town," Marta concurs. "You make sure you be careful dearie, and come to us if you need anything. But look at me, still chewing your ear off when you come for vittles! Please, don't let me keep you, and let me know if you need anything!" Marta continues whispering to Emma as you pick your way through the shelves, and when you inquire about opening a line of credit, Kendra is most insistent on paying for the food that will be stocking her home.

You are all currently (just barely) liked in the town, and as such you gain a +2 bonus to diplomacy checks so long as you can maintain this level of trust.

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Orlok Jr:
Delia feigns surprise and worried looks as the women describe the events of the night, after all is said she inquires, "Dreams have been know to be portentious at times, if it wouldn't be too upsetting could you perhaps give all the details of the dream? If I ask too much from you, maybe there is someone in town who has the gift of second sight, maybe someone who can read the harrow, tea leaves, or the stars?" she adds with the curiosity of a student, "I would be most eager to study the nature of your visions, or how they relate what everyone is talking about the monument being covered in blood. Where do you think all the blood came from? Is anyone missing livestock... or... you don't think" she covers her mouth with her hand in shock "It's not human blood? No one in town is missing are they? That would be most dreadful."

Bluff for pretending to not know, 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15, Diplomacy to get more from them, 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

Emma wrings her hands nervously. [b]"I couldn't really remember the dream too well. Just a lot of red, some letters, I think, and wicked intentions. In any case," she continues, clearly uneasy about the experience, "I think they're still looking for where all that blood come from, but it must've been something big, if there's as much of it as I heard! They've been taking a headcount of the folk in town, and so far, no one's missing, but they haven't checked everyone yet..."

"And I'd watch out for those what claim to command the future!" comes Marta's hypocritical admonition. "Only folk I know of who've got business with the Harrow and stars are them Sczarni that pass through from time to time, and I'd not be caught dealing with such folk!"

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Orlok Jr:
Her interest is piqued "Letters you say, you wouldn't by chance happen to remember what they were would you? I would like to help in some way, how do they take count? Who is in charge of the count, and how will we know when everyone has been accounted for?" She takes the girls hand in between her own and tries to make her more comfortable to help her remember better.

Emma just shakes her head and leans towards her mother as a youth half her age might. "Sorry," she whisper. "I just can't quite remember..."

Sheriff Caeller and his deputies are making rounds," Marta explains, "He was in here earlier, and said he ain't found nothing that might indicate a murder yet."

Male Human Ranger (Shapeshifter) 3 { AC 13 | 18 of 35 hp }

Val will search the alleys and back streets of the town, such as they are. He hasn't been in the city for years, but the instincts of his youth are still strong. If there is anything happening *behind the scenes*, maybe he can stumble upon a clue. He will do his best to stay out of sight and avoid people.

Skill Checks (if required):
Stealth: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Much to your delight, you find that in this small town, bereft of the hustle and bustle of the large city, there are few stimuli to masks your senses. For the most part, you find no more than what you would expect in the nooks and crannies of Ravengro. The bones of an old roast, a discarded scrap of clothing, and the traces of young dalliances in one instance. However, as you creep behind the Laughing Demon, the faint scent of blood tickles your nose. Following the source, you find an old blanket stuff into the corner of the ally, a thick cloud of flies filling the air around it. Pulling back the cloth, you find a large covered in what at first seems to be a mass of pale worms. A closer glance reveals these to be its entrails, dangling haphazardly from a yawning gash in the things belly. You find it odd that there is minimal scabbing around the wound, and the pool of blood you'd expect to find around such an injury is suspiciously absent. This rat has been bled dry.

Male Human Ranger (Shapeshifter) 3 { AC 13 | 18 of 35 hp }

Valachi grimaces, recoiling in horror. After a moment, he uses the old blanket to fan away the flies, then carefully wraps it in the blanket. He is careful not to touch the thing directly, and does his best to keep it intact. That done, he will head back to Lorrimor's and show the find to the others, including Kendra.

Once we're all together. "I found this in an alleyway behind the Demon. Prepare yourselves, this isn't pretty," he says, unwrapping the bundle. Inside, you see a rat corpse, its entrails hanging from its torn belly. Noticably, it has no scabbing and is completely drained of blood.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Looking at the corpse that Valachi showed to the group closely Agnar than says "Well that seems to be where the blood came from. Now this seems very odd to me. Why would someone use a rat when there are other animal blood you can use after you butcher them for food?" Turning to the group he asks "Any of you seen anything like this before?"

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Knowledge: Religion 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21 Anything occur to Zhan about religious rites or undead that would explain this presentation?

"It could have been used for an augery perhaps; the foretelling of futures in entrails. Or it may simply have been the most convenient animal available to our suspect. Barefoot, and scavenging rats: we could be looking for a poor man, or a feral one."

Zhan leans close, examining the wound.
Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17. Is Zhan able to detect what type of blade made the cut? Are the edges clean and smooth (a sharp blade) or jagged and torn (rusty or dull), or do they bear the marks of teeth? He'll look to see if they entrails have been pulled out in order to be 'read'.

"We should perhaps see if there is any significance to this being placed behind the Laughing Demon. Perhaps our suspect was there late last night; either before or after his vandalism. He may have left the Demon, killed the rat and collected its blood in a vessel; or killed the rat elsewhere, used it to mark the cenotaph, and then dumped it there on his way to get a drink afterwards. It may have been dumped at random, but since that gets us nowhere, we should assume it wasn't. We could go and ask who was there last night. We might let our vandal know he is being followed, or be told off by the proprietor and learn nothing, but then we might also learn who was there and narrow our pool of suspects, if indeed we care enough about this vandalism to use the time. On the whole, the blood on the cenotaph still appears to be a minor mystery, and perhaps one that should not distract us from our original purpose."

"What do you think? Should we check out the Demon, or the Harrowstone. If we choose the Harrowstone, we will still need to decide what to do about the Sheriff's edict."

Kirill wrinkles his nose with disgust upon seeing the rat and swallows some bile trying to creep up his throat. He had seen worse things in musty old tombs, but that didn't mean he particularly had a stomache for such disturbing sights.

"Are we happy now? Nobody is hurt. We found the source of the blood- probably some homeless scamp or backalley amuser having a sick laugh to pass the otherwise drab times in these parts. Just to be thorough we could grab a quick mug at the Demon and loudly boast about how we know who's causing such trouble and are planning to report it to the sheriff to try to scare them into knocking this nonsense off. Who knows, maybe we'll strike some luck and some brat will bolt from the tavern so we can point out exactly whose responsible and get to Harrowstone before our first trail gets any colder."

Knowledge [Local] to see if there are many homeless or street orphans that are known to hang around the tavern in question:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Orlok Jr:
Delia prepares to leave, waving to her new friends in town. "Thank you Ladies, I will see if I can find the Sheriff and aid in any way I can."

She heads out of the store, trying to find where the man may have gone.

Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

If she catches sight of him she asks:
"Sheriff, I'm glad I found you. I know this whole thing has the townsfolk in a bit of a scare. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to aid in your head count or investigation?" She thinks, suggesting, "If you have a list of those that live here, I could take part of it to maybe go door to door or such"

Male Human Ranger (Shapeshifter) 3 { AC 13 | 18 of 35 hp }
Zhan wrote:
"What do you think? Should we check out the Demon, or the Harrowstone. If we choose the Harrowstone, we will still need to decide what to do about the Sheriff's edict."

Valachi thinks for a long moment before speaking. "As little as I care for the 'edict', if we're going to stick to it, we may as well give it a day or so. Perhaps we can stake out the Demon, see if any suspicious characters use that alley on a regular basis. Might lead to nothing, might give us a clue."

To Kirill, he adds, "I don't think threatening alley cats is going to help - maybe befriend them instead with a sweet treat or a silver coin. They'll still give you the information, but thank you for it in the end." He gives a wry, knowing smile. "Delia, Sagaar?"

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

"If we must solve this simple problem first, then so be it, lets be about it."

Zhan will depart for the Laughing Demon with anyone who chooses to accompany him.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Agnar follows Zhan to the Laughing Demon so they can clear up this problem.

The laughing demon is not difficult to find. It's nearing luncheon, and the clatter of plates and the raucous din of Ravengro's working class sitting down to a meal is more of an indicator than is the poorly painted sign above the door.

You are first greeting by a blast of noise as you open the door, followed immediately by a hearty [b/]Hullo!"[/b] from a squat, broad-chested man running from table to table. You recognize him as one of the mourners from the funeral, though today he is far from somber as he grins at you from cheek to rosy cheek.

"Sorry we haven't had a chance to meet proper yet," he says as he rushing to your side. He grabs Zhan's hand between both fists and begins shaking vigorously. "Name's Zokar Elkarid, cook and proprietor of the Laughing Demon, where you never know which laugh will be your last!" He issues an overly dramatic, and overly practiced, chuckle, reminiscent of the mad laughter of wicked archmages and sadistic villains. "Here for lunch, are you? Well, they say you're good sorts, and your more than welcome under this roof! Good job talking down Gibs the other day, by the way," he adds as he jerks his thumb towards a familiar-looking old man sitting in the corner. "Whadda ya say to a plate of wolfballs, on the house?

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Zhan moves into the tavern casually and takes a spot at the bar next to Zokar. He looks the man up and down at a glance without being obvious about it, and positions himself in sight of the man Gibs. He tried to get a read on each.
Sense Motive 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28

"Thank you, Zokar, you are too kind. Though I have heard a great deal about your exotic dishes, I am afraid I've just finished breaking fast. Some bread and ale would be welcome though."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

"Mr. Gibs is a loyal patron, I take it? I'm sure he meant no harm..." He salutes the aforementioned undertaker with his pint, before turning back to Zokar, "Have you heard anything about this morning's excitement? Seems someone bloodied up the monument." He keeps a weather eye out for any shifts in Mr. Gibs demeanor.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Agnar looks at the man who walked up to Zhan than says "What are wolfballs?" Once he and Zhan are seated his stays silent as to let Zhan gather information better. He is looks all around the tavern as Zhan does this. Thinking to himself "I hope we can finish this quickly."

"Starting early, eh?" Zokar winks as he calls for ale, bread, and a plate of wolfballs for Agnar. "Gibs is in here often enough, sure, and I suppose that he doesn't start as many brawls in his old age. Still, man could stand to cheer up. Best way to deal with life's horrors and hardships is to laugh at 'em, that's what I always say! Speaking of which, I did see that business with the monument this morning. Nasty stuff, though folk do seem to be exaggerating it, and I think it's a might early for jest. Still, sheriff was by earlier, and and he seems do doubt that it was a murder, though I do hope he finds whoever was responsible for such a crude and violent debasement. If you'd like to ask around, it's been the talk of the tavern all morning." One of the serving maids brings by the food - a loaf of fresh bread, a a few mugs of ale, and a series of savory-smelling meatballs served on a tray painted to resemble the full moon. "But first, help yourself to the finest werewolf meatballs this side of Canterwall!"

Knowledge (Nature) DC 15:
Werewolves revert to their natural form when slain, and as such, serving their meat would be tantamount to cannibalism. These meatballs, however, smell suspiciously like lamb.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

I was going to take Knowledge nature next level.

Agnar thanks the man for the food than starts to eat the meatballs. He listens as the man speaks.

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Does Zhan learn anything from the Sense Motive attempt? He is particularly interested in Gib's reactions, seeing as he was involved in our first confrontation, and is now conspicuously present at the location we expect to find the second.

Zhan keeps to the bread and the ale.
Speaking to Zokar: "Has such a thing ever happened here before? Can you give me a little history on that monument?"

Gibs gave you a dirty look when you walked into the bar, and whispered something to his drinking compatriots. Based on the accusatory glances he continues to throw your way, it's clear to you that he suspects you and your friends had a hand in the defacement of the monument.

Zokar gives a thoughtful whistle as he leans on an unoccupied table. "Well, Ravengro sees its share of young mischief, but we're a peaceful town for the most part. We had a man stabbed over a game of dice a few years back, and the bones have been outlawed in bars since. This kind of vandalism, though? Nope, can't say I've seen anything like it. And as for the monument? All I know is that it was built to honor the guards who lost their lives in that tragic fire... That was 50 years ago, remember - even the oldest in Ravengro were only children at the time, and I was still brewing back then, if you know what I mean."

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

"You must see a lot of what goes on in the town, this being such a popular desination? Any idea who might do such a thing?"

"The sheriff asked my friends and I to help out if we can, and find out who is responsible for the vandalism. Perhaps you could tell me who was here last night? If there were here, we might be able to strike them off the list of possibilities..."

Zhan will also try to scan the crowd as he looks around, looking to see if anyone is barefoot. Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Male Human Ranger (Shapeshifter) 3 { AC 13 | 18 of 35 hp }

Val waits patiently for a response from Delia or Sagaar, and then, getting none, abruptly leaves to follow Zhan and Agnar.

While at the Demon, Val will wait outside in the alley, in case Zhan's questioning flushes out anyone suspicious.

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Sorry, for not responding, Delia is still out looking for the sheriff.

Male Human Level 1 Fighter

Eheh, sorry for the lack of posts lately, a combination of me not having much to add to current situations, fighting a rather serious bout of sickness and moving into my new appartment has had me pretty busy. I suppose its a bit late to join the others at the tavern. I guess I'll just stay back and read some of the professors old books.

Zokar's mustache droops sullenly as he here's that his establishment is being implicated. "Well, I'm afraid I'm not much of a sleuth, but I'll help as best I can. Last night we had the usual crowd of regulars - some of 'em are here now, but we don't really get going until around dinner time - or shortly after. To be honest, the who of this matter is the biggest question about town, as none of us can imagine who'd be so depraved. If you want my two cents, I don't think its a local. You don't seem like the type for it - though not everyone feels the same, so I'd be careful. Might be some Sczarni waifs passing nearby, or some foul vagrant who's escaped our notice."

Everyone seems to be wearing boots here.

You find the sheriff making rounds about town, finishing up his head count. He greets you warmly, but scratches his head with worry when he hears you're request. "Sorry young miss, but I just can't in good conscience give out such a list. I'd be betraying the privacy of the citizenry, you understand. I wouldn't trouble yourself overmuch - We've only got a few names left, and so far, everyone in town has been accounted for, and no one's reported any missing livestock." He looks fairly relieved, though he suddenly shakes his head with a scowl as he hears his own comment. "Though I suppose that just means that by tomorrow everyone will be talking about a witch or some nonsense like that... Ugh."

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Orlok Jr:
"Oh, you are most correct Sir, I would not dream of disrupting anyone's privacy. I had not thought of it from that angle, you are a considerate man, Sheriff." Unable to think of any way she could help further, she decides to ask the sheriff, "Since you are alomst finished, would it be possible for those of us staying with Mistress Lorrimer to continue our own interests outside the city limits? I know you didn't want anyone to leave town while you investigated, but as you said there are only a few names left, and our concerns are time sensitive in nature. We would be most aprreciative."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

"Thank you, Zokar."

Zhan makes his way over to where Gibs is sitting.

"Mr. Gibs, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other day. I'd like to make it up to you. Can I buy you a drink?"
Diplomacy to improve a character's interactions: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

The sheriff takes a moment to scratch his prodigious stubble. [b]"Aye, that'll be fine lass. Go about whatever business you have in the area. I'd ask you not to leave town altogether yet, but word is you're set on staying for the month, and I imagine this vandal business will be cleared up before then. You said your business was in Harrowstone? I wish you luck, whatever your purpose may be, but just don't stir up no trouble - you know how the locals get about that place."

At the Laughing Demon...:
Gibs responds with a cold-eyed sneer as one leg shoots out. He wraps one foot around the leg of a protruding chair and yanks it back towards the table, clearly indicating that you are not welcome.

"Aye, that we did, and so we shall remain," he spits. "You mighta pulled the wool over everyone's eyes, but I'm wise to ye. You keep your coin, stranger, and be about yer business."

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Orlok Jr:
Delia beams with pleasure, "Oh, thank very much sheriff, don't worry you'll not be getting any trouble from us. We are here to help however we may." She curtsies politely, before turning to leave, Father and groceries in tow.

Is Kendra is still with her?

She walks hurriedly back to the Lorrimer residence, and enters excitedly. "I just spoke with the sheriff, and he agreed that we may continue our business outside the town. We may still salvage the last half of this day. See, it doesn't hurt to help out." She looks around, "Where is everyone?"

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

"Suit yourself, undertaker."
Zhan will take his ale and bread to a table, and settle in to watch the crowd for a bit, keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

Sorry about being so quiet for so long. My fiance departs again on Saturday afternoon and I'll be back to posting on a daily basis afterward.

Kirill follows Zhan to the Demon and listened quietly as he goes about the investigation, ordering an ale for himself and nibbling on a spot of bread. He sits with the man after he was harshly denied, and leans over to his companion.

"Want me to give it a try? I can be pretty persausive when need be, though seeing us enter together I'm sure he'l probably be plenty hostile to me as well," the Varisian graverobber whispers.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Laughing Demon:

Agnar shakes his head "The people of this town really have no respect." He than turns to Zhan and Kirill saying in a lower voice "Have either of you find out what you wished to know? I am just here in case any of the town folk wish to be a bit more physical with their dislike of us. I could also help if you tell me what I should be looking out for?"

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Kirill "Feel free to try. Perhaps you will do better."

Agnar "I'm not entirely certain what we are looking for. Someone suspicious. Someone going barefoot. However, whatever the trouble, I suspect this Gibs will be involved somehow."

Male Human Ranger (Shapeshifter) 3 { AC 13 | 18 of 35 hp }

Val remains in the alleyway outside, in case anything happens.

Kendra had gone back to put away the groceries.
Kendra is struggling with a hefty bag of flour as you step into the house.
"Ah, I think they were going to the Laughing Demon," she grunts as she shoves the sack into the pantry.

Just checking in to say that this time I don't have too much to add. Ball is in the PC's court.

Male Human Level 1 Fighter

Eh well I guess since everybody else is at the tavern and Sagaar hadn't headed over there I guess he still doesn't have anything to say. He's still at the house. Is there any other characters at the house and not at the tavern

Kirill casually wanders over to the man, drink in hand, sipping at is as he goes, and gives an exagerated look about the room as he reaches Gibs' table, as to take careful, albeit obvious, stock of whose paying attention, before leaning in close and lowering his voice.

"Hey there...sorry about my newest companion's demeanor, he can be off putting, eh? Anyways, all that ado back at the Lorrimor procession got us all thinking 'bout what were said- this foul talk of necromancy and whatnot. So we all thought we'd take a look into the professor's private matters to see if he really was who we thought he was. Unfortunately I don't know enough about arcane matters to tell what's bad magic from good, nor do I know this town well enough at all. And the others with me aren't any better off. We'd really like to either lay these rumors, and the nerves of those in town to rest, or confirm these allegations of death magic so the professor need not be buried alongside normal folk like you or I and pollute the souls of the pure or whatever it is that undead worshippers do. We could really use a hand from someone as knowledgable and respected in the area such as your reputation would promote."

Kirill reaches into a pouch at his belt and feels about for his final gold peice. It pains him to fish it out and slide it slowly across the table toward the annoying man, but if it will help speed this process to be able to take a look at Harrowstone and clear the professor's name (along with collecting his portion of the inheritance) then it would be worth the loss.

Bluff:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Diplomacy:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16

Hmmm...bad and decent. This could go interestingly.

You get +2 for being liked in town, and +2 for the gold piece.

Gibs gives you a long hard stare, tugging absently at his overgrown sideburns. Nodding, he presses down on the coin with one grubby thumb.

"Yer a piss poor liar, boy, and I've seen some bad liars in my time. I know less than nothin' about book-magic, but the town's another matter."
The chair before him scoots out with dull scrape as he gives it a kick.
"Sit, buy me a drink, and tell me what you want to know. And stow the flattery. Yer in the Palitinates, not some noble's manor."

Sorry that I've been kind of slow with my updates lately. I bit off little more than I could chew, as far as PbPs go, but I've just cut my load down to this game, and two of the three I was playing in, so things should get back on track now.

Kirill forces himself resist sighing with relief as his ploy works. He would've hated for his last gold to be spent uselessly. He takes mental count of what silver and copper coin he has left as he sits and motions for a couple more drinks to be brought over.

"My new friends and I just popped into Ravengro to pay our respects at the funereal. I don't have any personal stake in the minor squabbles and politics in town and, no offense, but would be just as happy to leave as soon as possible, especially since a well paying job has just fell into my lap that requires me elsewhere in the near future. And while I'd like to clear my late friend's name of this necromancy nonsense, that's business that we can deal with another time. Now I don't know what your opinion of the sheriff is, but apparently as inexperienced as he is, my companions and I are not allowed to leave town and go about our business until this instance of graffiti is cleared up. Seeing that we have a varied skill set among us we have decided to lend an eye and an ear, rather than sit on our hands. You seem knowledgeable about this town as a local, and seem to care enough about Ravengro as well- [enough to make an ass of yourself in public at any rate, Kirill silently added to himself-]. I just want to know anything you know about that blood on the statue; rumors, sightings, and so on. If the information proves good I see you kept in drink 'n' coin. And like I said, if foul rumors persist about the professor even in the wake of his death, you and I can deal with that business at a later time."

Female Human Master Summoner 4 (AC: 16 [T: 12 /F: 14]; CMD 15; HP: 17/23; F+0, R+3, W+6 [+8 vs Fear]; Init: +2; Perc: +2)

Delia's still here, she's just helping Kendra put stuff away, and she will wait for the others to get back from the bar. They might miss each other if she goes to find them.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Agnar nods to Zhan after he speaks. He than watches as Kirill speaks with the man named Gibs.

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Zhan returned Agnar's nod, and put his eyes on his loaf of bread, seemingly engrossed in the simple act of tearing small chunks away, and chewing them slowly. Agnar, being close could see that his attention was not on the bread as it appeared, but rather on other senses; peripheral vision and sharp ears, waiting to see how things turned out with the rogue's machinations.

Male Human Level 1 Fighter

Sagaar goes to Delia and Kendra and offers to help them deal with the groceries.

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

Orlok Jr.? Are you there? I think just we're waiting on a response or reaction to Kirill's last comment before moving on.

Last post with any of his alias's...aliases...allai...aliai?...that I'm familiar with was on Monday. Wonder if he's having trouble with his internet. I know that in my game he occasionally had trouble with

HP 52/52 | AC 19 (T 12, FF 17) | CMD 15 | F +7 | R +4 | W +12 | Init +9 | Per +14

For those of you who have not checked the OOC forum recently, Orlok checked in, saying he wouldn't be able to continue GMing this game.

Here is the link if you have lost it. Orlok Jr's Carrion Crown OOC.

Male Human Level 1 Fighter

Eh I'm content to try waiting to see if his schedule gets any better, and if hes not able to it was a pretty cool campain and what I think was a pretty nice way of getting into the whole PbP stuff (this is my first time doing it). So yeah, anywho, this is pretty cool and if it gets continued thats awesome but if not, hope to see you guys in another PbP in the future I guess.

Alright, I'm going to go ahead and start rolling again. We've got 5 of our 6 PCs back, and I figure Sagaar will show up before too long. So, in the Laughing Demon...

The Laughing Demon:
"Is that all? If I were in the way of you leaving, you just should have said so." Gibbs leans back in his chair for a moment, hands behind his head as ponders the ceiling. A long moment passes - it seems he enjoys making you wait - before he spits unceremoniously into the corner.

"Well," he begins slowly, "I know as much as any other man who keeps there eyes open 'round here, which is fewer than it ought to be. Word 'round town is that the Caeller hasn't found anything amiss. No one is missing, so we don't know where the blood came from. And in the town, that only means one thing..." He allows himself a long pause as his drink is served. He takes a hearty gulp and wipes the foam from his mouth with a dirty sleeve before continuing. "When blood comes from nowhere, I guarantee that Harrowstone is involved. There's something bad in that place, and it's set in its ways just like we are. I can't promise to know its purpose with a moral certainty, but I can guess well enough. Whether your intent here is malicious or not, you'd serve all best by clearing out of Ravengro as soon as you're able."

The Lorrimer Home:
Delia and Sagaar accompany Kendra back to her home and begin unloading the groceries. Idle banter ensues, though the strain of the morning's events linger heavily in the air. Kendra plays the awkward host, doing her best to force topics whenever an uncomfortable silence hangs in the room.

At length, there is a knock at the door, and the young hostess instantly bounds from the room to answer it. The knocking continues even as her footsteps carry her down the hallway, and after several moments, you hear the front door open, and then your hearts stop in your chests as a woman's bloodcurdling scream echos through the house.

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