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Alright, here's the OOC thread, and I'll actually kick things off in about a week. A recap of character creation, and there have been a few changes!

CREATION RULES: All 18 base classes are allowed, as well as the samurai alternate class. Most archetypes are allowed, but those that blatantly clash with the theme of the AP are barred, so check with me just to be safe before doing a full write up of something really bizarre.

Core races only! I know, I know, we talked about it earlier, but I feel that non-standard races are a slippery slope, and I just don't want to deal with it. You do, however, have full use of the alternate racial traits in the APG.

Select 2 traits. You do not have to have a campaign trait (though you may if you wish), but if you don't, make sure to mention how you know Lorrimer and the nature of your relationship with him.

20 point buy
Average Starting Wealth
Max hp at 1st level, afterwards, take 1/2 of the max +1.

POSTING RULES: I want everyone to shoot for one post per day. I'd really prefer us to keep going on weekends, but if you really have to miss, then I guess so be it. Missing a day now and again is no biggie, but give notice if you know you'll be away. If more than 16 hours pass in combat without a post, I will proxy your character for that round.

If you miss 5 consecutive days without prior notice, we shall begin hunting for a replacement. Also, we shall hunt you down and carve the word "unreliable" into your forehead.

For those of you joining from Ringtail's game, please confirm your interest by the end of the weekend. After that, if there's still space, we'll open a recruitment thread to fill us up to 5 or 6 dudes. So let's see what we've got!

Okay like I posted a few hours ago in the one thread that worked lol. I am up for it. Also can my bud still join?

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I'm totally in. Human rogue with a skill set for graverobbing. Still writing up the background and finishing up the character.

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Mrdarknlight wrote:
Okay like I posted a few hours ago in the one thread that worked lol. I am up for it. Also can my bud still join?

Sure thing. Just point him towards this thread.

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I'm in as well. I'll be an Inquisitor with an investigator type focus. Martinaj, do you have an email you could list if I wanted to discuss the particulars of a character concept ?

Alright so I have four different characters going to letting you guys pick. First up is Weapon Master Fighter with a Falchion. Second is Invulnerable Rager/Totem Warrior Barbarian. Third is a Samurai. Last is a Ranger Infiltrator/Skirmisher that uses Elven curve blade along with bow.

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I'd like to see either the barbarian or ranger. That way, with an inquisitor and a rogue we can be a quick, lightly armored, skilled party; the SWAT team of D&D.

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I'd agree with Ringtail, and I'd probably favour the barbarian for the hitpoints. My Inquisitor will have a range focus; a ranger would likely be stronger, but it would be good to have a dedicated meleeist.

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Those all sound like they could be cool, but I'm more interested in the actual character than their class. What are their names? Where are they from? What are their personalities and motivation?

EDIT: You can reach me at martinanjo@gmail.com

Well the Barbarian since he seems to be the favorite right now. Here is a short run-down and yes I just play half-elves and yes I can explain that better if you want in the more detailed story.
His is named Agnar he is a half-elf / Kellid. He is traveling with his Uncle after his tribe was killed by orcs. This made him a very cold person that has a hatred of orcs. This also made him want to protect the weak from those who want to oppress the weak. Him meeting the Prof. Lorrimer I think I will do with him saving the Prof. Lorrimer from orcs and his Uncle dying to help save the Prof. Lorrimer .

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In life Zhan was an unassuming man who worked as a small town holyman and undertaker. He wasn’t a true cleric (expert or adept class?), and so his main duty was caring for the dead, laying them to rest, and officiating at the funerals. His luck ended the day a young Necromancer and his goons came to his graveyard looking for building materials for their vile art. Zhan got in the way, tried to stop them, and died for his trouble. Never wanting to waste a fresh corpse, Zhan was himself reanimated as a servant for his very own murderer. A group of adventurers was following in the wake of the dark mage, and “killed” the Zhan-bie during the conflict. The Necromancer however, escaped. Needing more information than a communing with the dead could provide, and being short on time, they decided to Raise Zhan from the dead in order to get answers to all of their questions and gain a guide in the process. Dead only a short while, Zhan retained many memories of his time as an undead, brief terrifying glimpses of the things he did on behalf of his master. He did everything he could to help the adventurers, and the heroes killed the Necromancer and his followers. One of these men was Professor Lorrimor (I’ve read through the player’s guide, but I still couldn’t tell enough about the Prof to know if he’d ever adventured, but it seems possible, alternatively, he may have been a consultant to the group). As such, Zhan incurred a debt he could never repay; not only cost of the spell, but the being snatched out of the clutches of damnation itself to be given a second chance at life. Traumatized beyond reckoning, but joyful at being alive again, Zhan decided to dedicate himself to irradiating Necromancers like the one who had murdered him. He put aside his old life, and studied the skills he would need to track down the black practitioners, and bring them to justice or kill them.

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Both of those sound good. Zhan especially might have a few elements from his past worked into the AP (are you sure you caught that necromancer?).

As far as what Lorrimer was and did before his death, we're going to assume he was a wizard somewhere around level 6 or 7. He was more of a scholar than an adventurer, but lent his aid to worthy causes from time to time. Think of him as "van Helsing light." (from Bram Stoker's novel, not the movie with Hugh Jackman).

Alright have full character for you to look at tomorrow.

Kirill was born the only son of an unwed Varisian wanderer. He never knew his father, but never much cared to find out who he was (not that he could). He'd always been somewhat of an independent, although throughout his youngest years he traveled with his mother and her troupe as they went from town to town earning a living officially as entertainers, but secretly as thieves, prostitutes, and con artists. He learned to lie, cheat, and steal, but never from those who couldn't afford the loss, nor didn't deserve the misfortune.

After visiting rich cities with lavish cemeteries as a young teen he developed his own way of earning coin, a practice frowned upon by most of his kin: grave-robbing. He'd found that his personal skill set allowed him to easily relieve old tombs of their valuables when offered a job by a group of local ruffians and spotting pitfalls which would have been otherwise disastrous to the criminals when he was to be but a lookout. It was long before he left troupe behind to pursue his new vocation in earnest, usually by himself.

Though friendly, Kirill had always had a greedy streak - he simply couldn't resist a fat sack of gold. His ventures were relatively prosperous, but enough was never enough and he was always looking for a quick and easy coin. After uncovering some ancient texts in a particularly macabre tomb the cunning thief had taken up devil worship as a means to guide his life to earn more gold. He delved into the practice with a small group of others (obviously in secret) for nearly a year, but slowly grew to understand that though he lusted for coin he didn't have the heart for the level of vileness that infernal worship commanded. During somewhat reluctantly taking part in a ritual to finalize their unspoken deals with devilish forces Kirill was spooked by the magic and fled the cult, without ever seeing the resolution.

He disposed of his infernal texts in a rubbish heap and went back to his old ways of delving into crypts of the rich and the burial mounds of the well to do, never having seen his old cohorts again.

Still tweaking the background, but above is the gist. Hopefully will be finished with character stats soon.

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I gave him a Regional trait from being from the Realms of the Mammoth Lords if that is not okay I will change it here is the back story.

Back story:

Agnar was born to an elf who was orphaned because of demons from the WorldWound. The elves were traveling when ambushed by the demons only one adult escaped with the children. She along with the children were found by the Fire Claw tribe from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The adult elf pleaded for help because of the demons. Before the chief could answer the demons came and started to attack the group. The warriors of Fire Claw tribe fought the demons . After the battle many warriors were dead and the the adult elf. The chief seeing that he needed new blood and not wanting to leave the child alone he took the children into his tribe to be raised. The elf children were slow to grow but they took in everything they learned quickly. It took 70 more years for the children to go to adulthood but in that time they took in everything that was taught to them. The children helped the tribe greatly.
Around this time was when Agnar was born. Many of the elf children mated with each but his mother fell in love with a warrior of the tribe. This union gave birth to Agnar. He grew up leading the way of the warrior to help protect the tribe from the many threats that can harm the tribe such as demons, orcs and giants. When Agnar was 18 he left the for the south to trade. On their way back from trading Agnar and his Uncle see a man being attacked by Orcs running to his defense they attack the Orcs. After the battle Agnar's Uncle was dead and Agnar was wounded. The stranger heals Agnar's wounds and helps him. The stranger name was Lorrimer. After Agnar was well enough to leave he thanked Lorrimer telling him that he was in his debt and should he ever need him he would come.

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Alright, so far everything is looking solid, but Ringtail, how does Kirill know Lorrimer?

I think that this is probably what we've got, so later tonight I'll open a recruitment thread to try and find 2 or 3 more dudes, see if we can't get a couple of spellcasters into the mix.

I have been trying to get in touch with my bud if I can he will be playing a spell-caster.

I'm unable to download the player's guide to CC on my work PC and my temporary home PC is having trouble opening it up, so I still haven't had a chance to get a look at it. Hopefully I will soon. Is there any further information on this Lorrimer in it, or anymore information on him you can give me on him to help me develop him into my background? If he was a wizard and a sage, then as a graverobber Kirill may have used him as a regular contact to ask about potential magical wards placed around tombs and similar circumstances, possibly seeding a friendly relationship with him over time.

He more of a scholar that travels all over. My friend went on a vacation without any internet and his phone is barely working. I just found this out today -.-. His character was cool to he wanted to play a lore oracle.

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Just finished my article and opened up the recruitment thread.

Your friend can still try and join, but at this point, he'll have to post a concept in the recruitment thread.

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Alright, [url=http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/connection/recrutingForACarrionCrownPBP23SpotsAvailable&page=1#28]here[/url is a link to the IC thread. In a couple of days, I'll be picking 3 of these mooks, and I wanted to know what you think? So far, my absolute favorites are Delia (the summoner) as long as she gives a good link to Lorrimer, and the Varisian shapechanging ranger. The half-orc seems sorcerer is pretty cool too. Darklight, your friend sounds like his concept could be pretty cool, and I'd like to see him in the game, but let him know that he'll need to give a more in-depth backstory for me to justify it, especially with the detail we're getting from some of the other contestants.

In any case, which are your 3 favorites?

I like the dwarf on the bear, Thorgun Jarlhammer I like the idea of a cavalier that is going to be the party face. Next up the Half-Orc Taric is really nicely done seem would be great add on to the party. My friend will have the back story for you later today he has trouble picking what stats and things like that for his characters but really good for back story. The summmoner is well creepy and a bit young I know it up to a player to make their characters and everything but I do not really like young characters and goth horror themes but that is just me.

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Well, Carrion Crown is supposed to be a bit creepy. I think that having a vulnerable innocent in such a campaign could be pretty interesting. That summoner just screams "potential character development."

The campaign itself is suppose to be creepy yes not the characters themselves well how I see it. I have a thing and corrupting the innocent or messing with the innocent why I do not like the character. That is just me myself others would not agree with me.

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Well, I'll take that into consideration, but we'll see what happens.

Gorgoron, Ringtail, you guys still there?

Ringtail I think had some stuff happen why his post were slow in the RotL game. You can pick whoever you want it your PbP just saying that is my opinion which you asked for.

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There are some good submissions, with some cool back stories. I would like to point out that Zhan has some strong 'face' potential, as his Inquisition ability basically allows him to sub Wis for Cha.

The one's that have been highlighted so far are good:

Delia - the innocent in the macabre has a lot of potential.
Thorgun - As a dwarf, he's lost a bit of his 'face' potential. As well there are mechanical issues with the bear idea; as companions they only grow to medium, and only at level 4. I leave that to the GM. I do like the strike team idea mentioned earlier as well, without a'heavy armour' guy. Otherwise, he's good, and he was first.
Valachi - I think this guy nailed concept and flavour for the setting. I don't know if we need a ranger, but I like the character.
Tsura - The background is not finished, but I am intrigued. If she could be finished off, I think she would make a strong addiction.

Disclaimer - I hate bards, as a concept. A guy who fights evil by singing about it? Seriously?

My votes:

Valachi, Delia, and Tsura.

I like the idea of including associates of current group members so if Czernebog's Oracle pans out, I'd probably drop someone to include him.

I'm still here (Ringtail). I've just had a lot to deal with lately that is getting me a bit behind in most aspects of my life on top of being in the middle of a 9 day work stretch at my day job. The CWS is crushing my soul and it hasn't even started yet.

I can't decide on feats (still deciding what gets 12,11,10 between Wisdom, Constitution, and Charisma as well). I really want to take some skill buffing feats, but feel that Kirill will become a burden in combat without allocating at least PBS/Precise Shot, Combat Expertise/Dirty Trick, or Weapon Finesse/TWF. But his defenses are low (leather armor for no ACP, 11 CON and 10 WIS, so horrible save, favored class to skills instead of HP), so I want Toughness/Great Fort/Iron Will.

Rogues are so much harder than Wizards.

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Rouges are not suppose to be overly combat effective. As long as you can hit stuff you should be alright. The classes I like are easy to play I usually just play melee classes just the style I like. Also to you guys I am going to at some point take heavy armor proficiency. This will most likely will be around level 7 though so.

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Agnar: I'm guessing you'll be aiming for Mithril? To enable you to maintain your swift movement, etc?

You will still be able to move at 30ft/rnd and only have a -2 to stealth in full plate. If you go that route it won't interfere with our strike team idea. Zhan himself will be aiming for a suit of Mithril Breastplate. It'll be light armour with no armour check, and with a +5 max dex, so it should suit him nicely.

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Oh yeah going to have horns on it to and have the cloak look like a pelt. Yeah I am going deep with the barbarian idea. Yes it will be Mithril so I can have a movement of 30 ft I have no stealth not part of my character.

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Alright, going to make the picks tonight. I'm pretty sold on Valachi, Delia, and Czernebog. Tsura was looking interesting up until she actually threw up the backstory, but her link to Lorrimer is pretty tenuous, and her use of tense frightens me a bit. The cavalier is really cool, and I would have liked to use him, but the other concepts simply mesh with the AP too well.

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Oh! And which deity does Zhan follow?

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Man I would of loved to have a dwarf with a bear come along. I really liked his character idea it was cool. Valachi is the ranger right?

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Yeah, he's the ranger. And I agree, I think the idea of a dwarf cavalier mounted on a bear is awesome, but just seems to shatter the spirit of the Carrion Crown AP. I'm definitely going to be looking for this guy if I run another game, though.

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Zhan's deity is something I have still been trying to settle on. Pharasma would make the most sense, both with his having been an undertaker, and as an enemy of necromancers. However, I've read a bit of her fluff, and I'm not really sold on her as she seems rather bland. Her description does not capture me; I like a deity to have a bit more passion.

Zhan views undead as mindless creations for the most part; to destroyed whenever encountered, but not really hated. Do you hate a flood, or a rockslide? They are all just things, even though they all kill innocent people. What he hates are those that bring the thing into being. The Necromancers.

Since Pharasma doesn't blow my skirt up, Iomadae might make a good choice, as the pure and honorable patron, though as LN, Zahn might be more liberal than most Iomadains. Of course, he could switch to NG, but a dispassionate LN seems to fit my vision of him in my mind. Legalistic, and a bit stern. Ragathiel might work. He's much like Iomadae (LG) but he's a lesser deity and his patronage includes duty and vengeance. However, it's usually easier on the GM to stick with the major deities.

As an Inquisitor, all deities bestow the inquisition ability I want, so there is no real mechanical difference, I'm looking mostly for flavour. Any suggestions?

I'm reading through the campaign setting material, and hopefully I'll find something that appeals to me.

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Well, if you're a preacher with the conversion inquisition, Iomedae could definitely fit. If you read about her in Faiths of Purtiy, it definitely seems like she'd have more LN followers than NG. Her religion mostly seems to be about praising how awesome she is, and acting like old school paladins (her followers are a little uncompromising).

There's a lot of information on Pharasma in the 2nd Carrion Crown adventure, but yeah, she's not too passionate.

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Plus if you go with Iomedae you can use a longsword. In the online carrion crown I play in we have a Inquisitor of Pharasma and a cleric of Iomedae well warrior cleric. The Inquisitor while doing cool things why I now have a Inquisitor of Gorum does not seem like it does a lot with his god. While the cleric does a lot more. Since you are going the preacher type I would go with which god seems to go with that best. Though I like Ragathiel he sounds cool.

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Thank you for the invite, I've been waiting for a Carrion Crown since I made the character. She just didn't seem to fit any other AP.

I just want to clarify, although young, she will not be a Shuriken loli, that's a bit too creepy even for a campaign about creepy.

I was wondering, would it be easier if I created and used a seperate profile for "Father"? Also, what are your posting preferences, bold for in character or just quotes is fine?

Well, creating a profile for "Father" might make differentiating them easier, but you might be doing a lot of back-and-forth with two profiles. If you don't mind managing it, that's fine, but you don't need to feel obligated.

As far as format for posting, I usually use bold for IC speech, italics for character thoughts, and standard font for narrative and descriptions. It's what I prefer to work with, but if you're used to something else, I won't be too much of a stickler for it.

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Delia Pilachet wrote:

I just want to clarify, although young, she will not be a Shuriken loli, that's a bit too creepy even for a campaign about creepy.

The creepy statement was with the Father summon and how she just connected the summon with her father. That is what I found a bit creepy. Also I have no idea what a Shuriken loli is so okay. I just have issues with corrupting of the innocent and the like. Just a trait I always had since I was younger.

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Posting as Father just to put the profile up.

I don't see her developing any corruption, as I see her growing emotionally stronger and learning to accept that her real father is gone. Through this she becomes more self-empowered.

Her connection was an irrational conclusion made during an emotional state of shock. I think deep down she knows the truth, and just isn't ready to accept it yet. She is formally trained in the nature of magic, and there is always the inkling in the back of her mind that it's not him.

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Liking Father though seems cool. What do you plan to do with him? Alright did not know how you were going to go with your character.

Male Psychopomp Lesser Eidolon Biped (AC: 15 [T: 11 /F: 14]; CMD 17; HP: 11/11; F+3, R+1, W+2; Init: +1; Perc: +4 [Darkvision 60'])

I hadn't really thought of it, but looking through real quick I'm gonna try to keep him normal looking. So I will get him a second slam, make his attacks magical, maybe take reach or push, Get abilty increases, DR, and Spell resist.

Generally, he will be Delia's big tough bodyguard.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Cool you going with just normal summoner or going to take a different archetype? I like the idea of a summon why I am asking. You are the first summon I have gotten to play with.

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Should we take a look at our group as a whole? If there is any redesign that can be done to make us mesh better, best to do it before the game actually starts, yes?

Lets take a look at our team:

Agnar – Half Elf Barbarian
Delia and Father – Human Summoner and Humanoid Eidolon
Kirill Innokenti – Human Rogue
Sagaar – Half Elf Lore Oracle
Valachi – Humanish Ranger
Zhan – Human Inquisitor

First impressions: Human-centric group with a good spread of classes. We have pretty good fighter base, at least 2 skill monkeys, a full-divine caster and a 2/3 divine caster, and a 2/3 arcane caster. A major limitation may be that all of our casters are spontaneous casters, meaning we are likely going to be lacking any decent utility magic. Once Delia gets her UMD ranks up, she may become our main utility caster via scrolls and such.

SpecializationsBased on my read of the stats listed thus far; feel free to correct me if I misrepresent your character.
Agnar – Melee. Kill, crush, destroy. Good man.
Delia and Father – Our Arcanist. From her stats and background, I am guessing she will be staying out of combat for the most part, rather using her spells to buff and summons for battlefield control. She has a great charisma, but in-game it may not work to rely on a kid as a face.
Kirill Innokenti – Great “thief” skills; good at sneaking, locks, and traps; decent talker.
Sagaar – High Cha, but doesn’t like people. No indication yet if he’ll fight melee or ranged, or be more caster-focused. Looking at his concept thus far, are you sure he might not work better as a non-cha based class? Cleric with the knowledge domain maybe? Conceptually, hideously scarred and high-charisma is an atypical combination.
Valachi – Melee. Stats not yet completed.
Zhan – Ranged fighter, mediocre at melee. He’ll probably go with a repeating crossbow when he can afford one. His skills are set up as an investigator and face; high sense motive, bluff, intimidate, diplomacy. He’s good at interrogation and investigation.

Combat: 2 full BAB types, both medium armour max and 4 ¾ BAB classes, 2 medium armour, 2 light, plus an Eidolon. I’ve only played with a Summoner once before, but what we noticed in that group was how great a front man the eidolon made. If he’s near death, dispel him; if he gets killed, he comes back the next day. The summoner can feed him hitpoints while still near the back (where the healers can easily reach her), making him an awesome meat-shield and giving him permission to act like a man without fear.

Party Roles:
The classics:
Fighter: Agnar and Valachi (both melee), and to a degree, everyone else. Father will be very useful I think, especially with the tactics mentioned above. Delia, will Father be able to work as a ‘point’ man, or do you see him acting as more of a body guard, hanging back near Delia in combat?
Skills/Traps: Kirill and Zhan. Kirill has all the rogue skills covered, and Zhan is pretty good on the social front. Lore is kind of spread out, with Sagaar holding many skills, and Zhan will be adding his in at level 2+.
Divine: Sagaar and Zhan (2/3) – again, both spontaneous, so versatility will be an issue. Healing should be covered though. Actually, I just noticed that Sagaar did not take CLW as a 1st level spell. Is that intentional? Zhan has it, but will need a wand pretty quick if we are depending on him as the only healer.
Arcane: Only Delia (2/3) – This is a weak point for our group, and we will have to make an effort to make sure that Delia is appropriately supplied with magic objects to help us make up for the deficiency.

What impressions do the other players have? Any suggestions for party cohesiveness based on the info we have thus far?

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Since I have helped Sagaar with his character I can answer some of that if you want. I would rather just let him answer though. Seems about right though from what I have seen need to get everyone else though to see what they want to do with their character exactly.

Female Human Unchained Master Summoner 1 (AC: 15 [T: 12 /F: 13]; CMD 13; HP: 9/9; F+1, R+2, W+1; Init: +2; Perc: -1)

Great work on the summary!

Delia is almost at cap for UMD, and will be sticking with it.

I do see her being able to do face work. She is Ustalav(-ish? -ian? -ic?), so has a connection to the people. Also she is sweet and compassionate, and may appear the most non-threatening amongst the group as well, easing people's tongues. If she will be too much on Zhan's toes with Diplomacy I can turn her attention elsewhere. Diplomacy is the only face skill she has though, so she won't be stepping on the other face skills.

I was kind of thinking Father/Delia as mid-line, anyone going for the back line of the group will have to go through them. She will always be fairly close to him.

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No, there is nothing wrong with multiple people covering skill sets, diplomacy and face skills included. It's nice to have someone who can rescue you when the dice are being unforgiving. Overlap is a good idea, and easier to pull off once the group gets to 4+.

As for Sagaar, I'd love to hear more about the character vision, mechanics included. I looked at Oracle and saw that they get CLW free along with their 2 other known spells at level 1, which I didn't know, so that won't necessarily be an issue.

Male Half-Elf/Kellid 3 Barbarian Wild Rager/Totem Warrior/1 Fighter Two-Handed Fighter

Oh this is what I get for not knowing spell casters. I did not know that oracles did that.

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