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Rigor Rictus' Carrion Crown - Game Thread

Game Master LastNameOnEarth

Professor Petros Lorrimer has died. A respected scholar and a vaunted opponent of the forces of darkness, he has touched many lives, and six of them have been summoned from across the Inner Sea to attend his funeral. Upon arrival, though, they have found that not all is well in the tiny town of Ravengro.

Obscure hints in the late Professor's journal points to the involvement of the Whispering Way - an ancient cabal of necromancers - in his death, and of suspicious stirrings in the nearby prison of Harrowstone. Even as the old structure looms ominously on the hill, however, strange happenings are occurring in Ravengro, and the party has been charged with safeguarding her as she puts her affairs in order.

After staying in the village for a day, bizarre events have begun to occur in Ravengro. The letter "V" appearing, scrawled in blood, on the Harrowstone monument, causing a stir in the town and murmurs of the responsibilities of the newcomers. Even more disconcerting, the re-animated body of Professor Lorrimer attacked his daughter and her guardians in his former abode. The heroes triumphed in the encounter, and have shared the event only with Father Grimburrow, the local high priest of Pharasma. With the aged cleric's aid and approval, they have begun a discreet investigation into these strange happenings.

Current Trust Points: 27
Current Town Trust: Liked
Trust Benefits: +2 to Diplomacy checks with Ranvengro Citizens, 5% discount on purchases over 10gp.

Blood on the Monument: V E S O R

Significant Figures:

Kendra Lorrimor - Daughter of your departed friend, Petros Lorrimor. Kendra is a young woman of 25 years, and like her father has pursued a study of Wizardry. Her particular focus has been in Divination.
Zhan - A friend of the late professor, Zhan is a sort of hunter or investigator in his own right, following in the professor's footsteps.

Ravengro Town Council:
Vashian Hearthmount
Gharen Muricar
Mirta Straelock
Shandra Faravan

Other Townsfolk:
Father Vauran Grimburrow
Sheriff Benjan Caeller
Riff Sheriff's Deputy
Gibs Hephenus Undertaker

Local Shopkeepers:
Luthko and Marta Avanaki run the Ravengro General store with their five daughters.
Jorfa A female dwarven smith who has lived in Ravengro for nearly a hundred years.
Jominda Fallenbridge the local apothecary and alchemist.
Alendru Ghoroven an elderly retired mage who provides tutoring for locals, and sells some minor magic items and services at his store the Unfurling Scroll.
Sarianna Vai proprietress of the Outward Inn
Zokar Elkarid Barkeep and owner at the Laughing Demon

House Rules:
Weapon Finesse: All melee weapons to which the Weapon Finesse feat would normally apply have the Finesse special property, which allows a proficient wielder to use their Dexterity Modifier for attack rolls in place of their Strength Modifier, just as if they had the RAW Weapon Finesse feat. The Weapon Finesse feat, in this game, allows you to use your Dexterity Modifier for damage in place of your Strength Modifier when using a weapon for with the Finesse quality. You do NOT get to add 1.5 of your Dex Mod to damage rolls when using such weapons two-handed, even when they can normally be finessed in such a fashion. In addition, this dexterity based damage is considered to be precision based damage, and therefore does not apply to creatures that are immune to sneak attacks or critical strikes.

Athletics: This is a new skill that combines the Climb and Swim skills, and the rules for jumping are covered by Athletics as well. Class abilities that rely on jumping and require an Acrobatics check require an Athletics check instead. Athletics uses Strength as its relevant ability score, and all DCs for climbing, swimming, and jumping are unchanged. All classes that have both Climb and Swim as class skills have Athletics as a class skill. Those who have only one or the other have been given Athletics on a discretionary basis. Athletics is a class skill for the following classes: Barbarian, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Magus.[/ooc]

Called Shots: We are using the Called Shots rules presented in Ultimate Combat, but ONLY the base system for now. I want to see how it plays out before going further than that. For now, at least, no feats presented along with the system are allowed.

Kendra Lorrimor:

Wizard (Diviner) 3
Human - Neutral Good

Str: 8 Dex: 10 Con: 12 Int: 16 Wis: 13 Cha: 15
Base Attack: +1, CMB +0, CMD: 10
AC: 10, Touch: 10, FF: 10
Fort: +2, Ref: +1, Will: +6
HP: 16 (3d6+3)

The Lopper 57/7

Perception and Initiative:

[dice=Ried w/Scent]d20+10[/dice]


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