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Reviving Netherfall (Inactive)

Game Master Herkymr the Silly

Ashfall occurred 100 years ago when a volcano erupted from the middle of the . The resulting steam and ashfall caused the sun to be "washed out" for 75 years.

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Give me to monday to get things moving. BTW ALL ARE IN YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we also will give big# til then to get a sheet done and posted. If we all are at that point monday I will start the game and have something up by tuesday night.

Reminder that I only ask you post atleast once a week. If you post more--sometimes and hopefully often i will--it may speed up the play. I have the story arch basics to run us through 20th level if we keep attention and intersest.

I need the template before I can finish a character sheet.

np working on it I should have it for you by sunday night I am guessng due to my current run of luck at work..IE all hell broke loose and I haven't been home after shift until almost 1 each night

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