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Rennick's Jade Regent: The Prophecy of the Seal (Inactive)

Game Master Rennick

A group of closest friends bands together for one of their own - and may hold the key to salvation in a far off nation's time of need.

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Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

Still here, still here. Last update I saw was Kov's in this thread. I just decided to check the game thread in case it dropped the (# new) and saw a lot. I will catch up reading and post tonight. ARRGH! I hate when the (# new) gets dropped and I miss out.

Male Human

I am unexpectently without Internet and little data on my phone. Out until August 1st.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

Did everyone die?! 0.o

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

I'm still alive my friend hehe.


Still kickin' here as well!

Male Human

Interwebs took longer to get set up, and my days have been a lot busier than I expected. but updates coming soon, I promise! If you guys stick with me, we'll keep truckin

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

I live! I survived the evils of magnetic resonance imaging; those machines will devour your soul if you're not careful ... >.>

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

I, myself, have been on the road for work for the past 6 weeks. I was without viable interwebs for a while due to it. However, I was relocated to a new Hotel in my final week, so I'm back up and running.

I'm glad everyone is O.K.

I live! No real hurdles, just busy work weeks.

Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

I'm here. Unlike Lirrathan, I have patience, so I have no problem waiting.

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

GEN CON!!!!! I'll be there from wednesday night til sunday so I won't be able to post during that time. Just giving ya'll a heads up and is anybody else going? GEN CON!!!!!!

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

I wish; I've never been to a convention.

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

Always a blast! After you go to one your addicted hehe!


I hope to be able to go someday - haven't done it yet though. Them things is expensive!

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

Well, he and I have an advantage. We live in Indianapolis. ^_^

Male Human

Hey everyone, I'm sorry for my disappearance. I'm going through a lot of personal problems at the moment and it all kind of overwhelmed me for the last few weeks. Trying to get things sorted, and I'm hoping to be up to posting speed asap, though at the moment I am focusing on family and friends around me, so I may not be back to a rapid update speed yet.

Also, there's a musician I follow, Tyler Ward, who is from Aurora Colorado (Where the Batman shooting happened) and to try and help in what little way that he can he's released one of his original songs to the public for free. You can hear it at the following link, which also provides a link to download the song for free. I found it pretty touching and thought it was something worth spreading.

Tyler Ward - Tribute

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

Take your time; I'll still be around when you return, though if I don't respond right away you might consider dropping a PM when you're ready to continue the game.

Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

Hope things start looking up. I still be around, but as Koveluss, a PM might be in order as for some reason I drop my (# new) quite often on here.

Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

Got your PM, Lir's still around.

Male Human

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Jade Regent, thanks for sticking around! My schedule is going to be slightly hectic in the coming weeks (moving back from Canada to England again) but I'm also reducing the number of games I'm in or running and JR will be my only game on the Paizo boards.

I'd like to ask everyone to review the caravan rules in the Player's Guide as we'll be getting into that really soon!

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

I'm checking in, and looking forward to starting once more. I'll give the caravan rules a once over. Maybe twice for good measure.

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

Sorry about the late response, It didn't show on my menu and I wasn't looking at the private messages either. Will be on it now.


Thanks for the notification, Rennick! I was still check in periodically just because I enjoy this pbp so much but sure enough the (x new) notifications had dropped off.

I reviewed the Caravan rules, and by 'review' I mean 'read thoroughly for the first time' =P I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different caravan roles Andrin can perform thanks to his skill set! I also discovered how the relationship scores work with regard to how many points we start with and how we accrue them, so I've adjusted them on my profile accordingly. Naturally, I put the single relationship point we got from hitting level 2 into Shalelu's pool.
[gleeful swoon]We're almost real friends now! [/gleeful swoon]

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

I wanted to give a head's up: my responses may be spotty for a while, as I have a lot to do before I'm set for the new school semester. I'll do my best to check back frequently, though.

Male Human

No worries Kov,

I'm away for the weekend so I doubt there will be any updates.

Could you guys get down what you want to do for your caravan, Your starting caravan is detailed in the Player's Guide. Ameiko will give you 2000 gp to finance the trip and purchase any improvements or new wagons. While you don't have this in game yet, work out what you want to purchase and enhance now.

thanks gang!

Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

Okay, going over the caravan rules, and just wanted to get some information on the table.

Jobs Available: (Each PC counts as Hero job, up to a max bonus of +4)
Lirrathan - Guard, Scout, Trader
NPC Bevelek - Driver
NPC Vankor - Driver
Sandru - Driver (maybe more, but this is the only one expressed in the rules)

(I will compile over time, making a quick post now. Ideally looking to cover as many roles as possible.)

We will start with:
Covered Wagon
Fortune-Teller's Wagon
Supply wagon
2000 gp

Just looking over them, I suggest we use 1500gp to get wagon reinforcements for each wagon (500gp ea wagon, ups speed by 8 miles/day from 32 to 40). Doing this with horse trains would cost 2,400 and require 12 consumption/day. I didn't go through it thoroughly just yet, maybe that's a bad choice, but up front it looks good. Thinking being the sooner we get anywhere the less often we have to worry about using up stores, or daily encounters.

Male Human

Last minute check, and Lir reminds me of important info, Caravan Jobs!

These are the following jobs that the current NPCs can do.

Ameiko: cook, entertainer, fortune-teller, guard, passenger, spellcaster or trader.

Koya: Fortune-Teller (Default), guard, healer, passenger or spellcaster

Sandru: Driver, Guard, Passenger, Trader, Wainwright

Shalelu: Guard, Passenger, Scout

The only job I am considering to be a "default" position is Koya's as Fortune-teller. You can change this of course, but it's her current spot. everyone else needs to be set by you guys.

Have a good weekend!

I think the only one Yosrick really fits is spellcaster, and possibly merchant.


I am having Oregon Trail flashbacks! I hope no one dies of dysentery!

Wagon Statistics
We get 3 points to start out and get to distribute them across 4 Statistics as we see fit.
Offense - used for attack checks
Defense - used for armor class
Mobility - used for security checks (there seem to be a lot of these potentially)
Morale - used for resolve checks

To start, I'd suggest at least 1 point go into Mobility but I'd be more comfortable with 2. I also think 1 point in Defense wouldn't be a bad idea either, but I think it'd be useful anywhere we put it. The hero bonus that the PCs provide goes into everything BUT defense though, which is why I suggest shoring that up.

So, my vote is 2 in Mobility, 1 in Defense. (If we flipped those around, I'd be alright with that too)

Caravan Feat
I'd be the most comfortable if we can keep our consumption score as low as possible. Efficient Consumption gets my vote.


We start with
1 Covered Wagon (Traveler Capacity 6, Cargo Capacity 4, Consumption 2)
1 Fortune Teller's Wagon (Traveler Capacity 2, Cargo Capacity 4, Consumption 1)
1 Supply Wagon (Traveler Capacity 2, Cargo Capacity 10, Consumption 1)

That leaves the wagons giving us Traveler Capacity 10, Cargo 16, and Consumption 4.
With 6 NPCs and 6 PCs, our Total Consumption Score is 16 and we need more traveler capacity before we even leave =P

Picking up a 2nd Covered Wagon (500 gp) will increase our total Traveler Capacity to 16, our Cargo to 20, and our Consumption to 18. (The Efficient Consumption feat would reduce this to 16, Ameiko as cook could reduce it to 14).

A Horse Train (1,200gp) instead of a 2nd Covered Wagon would increase our Traveler Capacity to 16, our Cargo to 17, and our Consumption to 22. Also, our base speed would increase from 32 miles/day to 36/day.

I vote for a 2nd Covered Wagon. Horsies are too expensive at this point, methinks.

Wagon Jobs:

Each wagon needs a driver - so that eats up the 2 npc brothers and we still need x number of drivers.
Sandru – Driver or Guard (see below)
Koya - Fortune Teller makes sense.
Ameiko - I'm very nervous about that consumption score, so I'd prefer her to serve as cook to get that down by 2.
Hired NPCs - I think right out of the gate we should hire a driver for each of our other wagons. It's only 10gp and additional 10gp a month per driver and doing so frees up Sandru to serve as a guard(default). BUT - each extra traveler bumps our Consumption Score by 1.

Spellcasters can actually do a bunch of roles, but if his relationship point pool with Shalelu should start to climb higher, then down the line I can see Andrin hoping to go off scouting with her. Have no fear, Lir, Andrin will exercise the utmost propriety and decorum should such a thing happen =P

Due to Andrin's background with his family's shipping business and his focus in Diplomacy, Trader seems the easiest fit for him when we actually arrive at places to trade.

While travelling though, I think he’ll default to the Spellcaster job to function as a Guide.


The way consumption works, is each point of Consumption requires 1 unit of provision per day of travel. Each unit of Stores contain 10 units of provisions. So if we only have 16 Cargo Capacity, we can at most, carry 16 Stores. If our Consumption is 18 and we spend 10 cargo space on Stores, we can 5 days before running out of supplies.

A Caravan w/ 1 Covered Wagon, 1 Fortune Teller’s Wagon, and 2 Supply Wagons would give us 20 Cargo Spaces to utilize and if we take the Efficient Consumption Feat and have Ameiko cook us delicious foods, a Consumption Score of 14. If Shalelu and Lir both run off and Scout, that'd drop it to 12. If we did all that, we could fill ½ our Cargo spaces with Stores and we’d have enough to go 8 days. That would leave us with 10 Cargo spaces to do what we want with.


It costs 10 gp to purchase 1 cargo space worth of trade goods. That unit is then “spent” at the next destination by someone performing the Trader Job to make a special Resolve check. At our current level, if we put no points in the Morale statistic, our total modifier for that check would be +5.
The amount of gp we earn in a trade is equal to the result of that particular Resolve check. So… not a lot. Pegging a natural 20 would mean we'd make a 15gp profit. A 4 or less and we actually take a loss. It also seems that each person fulfilling the Trader job can only make 1 check at each settlement. So the absolute max amount of trade goods that can be off-loaded at any time is capped at 5.

Putting it All Together

The Caravan of Destiny
Statistics: 0 Offense, 1 Defense, 2 Mobility, 0 Morale (Or 2 Defense, 1 Mobility)
Feat: Efficient Consumption
Wagons: 1 Covered Wagon, 1 Fortune Teller Wagon, 2 Supply Wagons
Total HP: 90
Capacities: 16 Traveler, 20 Cargo
Base Consumption: 19 (14 Travelers + 5 from wagons)
Modified Consumption: 14 (feat, cook, scout) (down to 13 if Lir functions as a scout too)

Travelers: Sandru (guard), Bevelek (driver), Vankor (driver), Hired Driver 1 (driver), Hired Driver 2 (driver), Koya (fortune teller), Ameiko (cook), Shalelu (scout), 6 PCs (+5 hero bonus to all checks, various jobs tbd)

Costs: 2 drivers (20gp + 20gp/mo), Supply Wagon (300gp), 10 units of Stores (50gp), 5 units of Trade Goods(50gp)
Total: 420gp

Attack Bonus: +6 (5 heroes + 1 guard)
AC: 11 (or 12)
Security Checks: +8(9) (5 heroes + 1(2) scout(s) + 1 guard + 1 guide)
Resolve Checks: +5 (5 heroes)

This leaves us with about 1500 gp to work with and 5 open cargo units. We could start to purchase the Enhanced undercarriages, but we wouldn’t get a mechanical benefit from them until all four wagons had them.

We could stock more Stores instead, or we could add Wagon reinforcements to some of the wagons. Each wagon we add reinforcements to adds 10 to the max hp of the caravan.

Okay, I could be a guard, too. So it's spellcaster/guard or spellcaster/trader for Yosrick.


Yos, I think the way the Spellcaster job works is that you could fulfill the job of entertainer, guard, guide, healer, or scout even if you don't meet the skill requirements to do so.

Entertainer would give us a +1 to resolve checks
Guard would give us a +1 bonus to attack and security checks (only vs being surprised)
Guide would give us a +1 to security checks
Healer (not necessary until we get in a fight)
Scout would give us either 2 units of provisions OR +1 to security checks

I think when we get to settlements to trade though, Yos and Andrin and the very least should try peddling some wares. Every one of us has at least one rank in either bluff or diplomacy though, so if we wanted to we can hit the 5 trades/settlement cap.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

These are the jobs I believe that Daemon could fulfill...

Guard, Healer, Scout, Spellcaster, or Trader.

I, honestly, think that Scout would suit his role the best, considering his attention to detail. However, sense rolls can be changed every 24 hours to match the needs of the caravan, we can rotate them around if needed.

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

Jobs that Vandell can do as well, Guard, Scout, or Trader. Unless you would let me use Acrobatics for entainer, then I would go with that.

Male Human

Use the rules as given. Putting this together is up to you guys. the other option is to forego using the caravan rules.

Male Elf Ranger 4 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 19/35; F+5, R+7, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3 [+5 in Urban]; Perc: +11 [+13 in Urban])

Job Benefits/Requirements:
Cook - Reduce consumption by 2 - Rank in Profession (baker, brewer, cook, fisherman, gardener, innkeeper, or tavernkeeper)
Driver - One is required for each wagon in the caravan - Rank in Handle Animal or Profession (driver)
Entertainer - +1 circumstance bonus to Resolve - Rank in Perform
Fortune-Teller - A caravan without takes -2 on all Attack, Security, and Resolve checks. Once/week give advice on coming week's perils. Once/week after advice may roll twice and take better on an Attack, Security, or Resolve check. - Any PC or NPC capable of casting divination spells
Guard - +1 circumstance to Offense. +1 circumstance to Security to avoid surprise - Base attack of +1
Guide - +1 circumstance to Security - Rank in Knowledge (geography)
Healer - Automatically provides long-term care to up to 6 travelers when they spend the night in the wagon - Rank in Heal
Hero - +1 morale bonus to Attack, Security, and Resolve - Any four PC's (any more nets no additional bonus), doesn't take a job slot
Passenger - They can pay us - Anyone
Scout - Provide either 2 units of provision, or +1 circumstance on Security based on what they do that day. Do not count against consumption (max of 3) - Rank in Survival
Spellcaster - Provides benefits of one of the following jobs: Entertainer, Guard, Guide, Healer, or Scout, even without meeting requirement. Bonus stacks with those of other jobs - Any PC or NPC that can cast, cannot be hired
Trader - Spend 1 moved unit of trade goods for a resolve check to earn gold equal to the result once per settlement (max of 5). - Rank in Bluff, Diplomacy, or Profession (merchant)
Wainwright - Spend 1 unit of repair materials to make a security check that repairs the caravan an equal number of HP. Only done if the day is spent not moving (up to 5 wainwrights a day) - Rank in Craft (carpentry) or Profession (engineer or wainwright)

Job Capability:
(Each PC counts as Hero job, up to a max bonus of +4)
Andrin - Driver, Fortune-teller, Guard, Healer, Scout, Spellcaster, Trader
Daemon - Fortune-teller, Guard, Healer, Scout, Spellcaster, Trader
Vandell - Guard, Guide, Scout, Trader
Koveluss - Fortune-teller, Guard, Spellcaster, Trader
Yosrick - Fortune-teller, Guard, Spellcaster, Trader
Lirrathan - Guard, Scout, Trader
NPC Bevelek - Driver
NPC Vankor - Driver
Ameiko - Cook, Entertainer, Fortune-teller, Guard, Passenger, Spellcaster, Trader.
Koya - Fortune-Teller (Default), Guard, Healer, Passenger, Spellcaster
Sandru - Driver, Guard, Passenger, Trader, Wainwright
Shalelu - Guard, Passenger, Scout

According to benefits/abilities, the priority of jobs to be filled would be:
Driver (at least 4 if we go with buying the other wagon)
Fortune-teller, it hurts us more to not have one, than the benefits any other job offers
Spellcaster, can fill the role of five other jobs/day
Wainwright as the ONLY way to 'heal' a wagon en route
Scout as each one negates their own consumption, and can possibly provide extra provisions.

without hiring any, the two NPC driver, Sandru and Andrin will NEED to be drivers (again if we buy the other wagon. We are lucky to have so many spellcasters that can do any job on a given day (including scout for those that don't meet it)

Rennick, any way we can get some of this in the campaign tab for reference (not the opinions, just the fact stuff like jobs and capabilities)?

Male Human

Sure, it'll probably take me a bit. Remind me in a week or so after my move. That said the Player's guide is a free download, everyone should have it. :p


Do you guys want to skip hiring extra drivers when we set out initially and just have Sandru, me, and the other 2 fellahs perform those jobs (presuming we purchase a fourth wagon)? We could also have as many people out scouting as we can so they won't count against our consumption score.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

I think that may be the best idea.

Male Human

Write long ass update. click post. Connection failur deletes post. >_<

Update will be delayed for a few days.

Rennick wrote:

Write long ass update. click post. Connection failur deletes post. >_<

Update will be delayed for a few days.

This is what taught me to always CTRL+A, CTRL+C, THEN click the Submit Post button. Nothing sucks the steam out of my sails the same as loosing a lengthy post like that. Ugh.

Caravan Stuff
Do we want 3 wagons or 4? A part of me thinks it'd be amazing and hilarious to buy a 4th wagon only to outfit it with a ballista. I would totally drive that wagon and pretend the whole time it was the Warthog from Halo =P

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

Sounds good to me Andrin, hehe.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

I am also on board. I would love to see anyone try to take us on with a ballista. They'd probably crap their pants.

Who gets to be Master Chief?


... We can fit TWO ballistae on a supply wagon and still have 2 cargo spaces left over for other things!

... We can also AFFORD two ballistae and a supply wagon.

... I do not think this is a coincidence. This is obviously what Fate wants.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

F#$% Master Chief... ODST all the way!

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

OH... And I have a mental image of shooting it just like 'Face' does when shooting at the UAV's while they're falling in the tank. Shaking his head and all crazily screaming 'YEAH! YEAH GET SOME!' with a maniacal laugh.


Our goal should be to get as many Armored Wagons and Ballista-bearing Supply Wagons as we can. >=)

Varsian Wanderer(monk)-2

We will have so many ballista's they will blot out the sky and cause massive traffic jams, hehe.

Male Human

Hey guys, great work so for for the caravan!

Just checking in. I've landed in the UK, spent the last couple nights on a friend's couch, just getting into my own room today, and the airline lost my luggage... that had my entire set of clothes and the rest of my life in it. That was two days ago and they still don't know where it is.

So either my updates are a few days off, or I'll have the most b!@~+in' post ever up later today, depends what my frustration of exhaustion channel into. For now I'm off to kill dragons in Skyrim.

Male Human

Hi Everyone.

So yeah, School definitely has taken its toll on my free time, way more than I expected. I'm three weeks away from showtime for our first production, then off to Russia to study at their National Theatre Academy for a month, and then home for X-mas break.

I will be re-assessing if I can run this game around then and I'm hoping to start us up around December or January. I will send PMs out so don't feel you need to keep an eye here.

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