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Rennick's Jade Regent: The Prophecy of the Seal

Game Master Rennick

A group of closest friends bands together for one of their own - and may hold the key to salvation in a far off nation's time of need.

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Male Human

>.> I beat ME3, started two simultaneous playthroughs (A redo of my main Shep as my ME2 save was missing some DLC stuff for some reason, and a Femshep because I'm kind of in love with the new Default FemShep face) and just started over from ME1 because I've never taken an Adept or a Renegade all the way through and decided to do that (And to be ironic, I made him asian so I could name him "Hiro" ). That said now that the burning need to beat the game is done, it's mostly just the 5000 word essay I have due tomorrow that's holding me up. >_> Should probably get back to writing that actually.

Admitedly I just feel bad because my other game did get an update but it wasn't planned. it was one of those "I'm inspired!" moments of writing that just flew off the page.

And on a ME tangent: I don't think this is spoilery, but with my FemShepard I got to that same part of the game where your ME1 LI calls you out if you slept with your ME2 LI. And I mean yes with Ash, as a player, I felt a little bad about it, but more defensive with the whole "Do you remember how you acted in ME2?!" But with Kaidan... I felt like such an a*++@*#! I always planned for this Femshep to love Garrus but now I just don't know!!

I mean... er... yeah Killing Reapers! that's what matters.

>.> Going back to schoolwork now.

Indeed, Ash's whole "I beat the crap out of that jerk" stories immediately followed by quoting Tennyson was something I found quite charming. And the whole calling Shepard "Skipper". I'm a sucker, what can I say?

I had an ME1 playthrough with a FemShep who fell for Kaidan, but for some reason, no matter what I did, prior to Ilos Liara showed up at my cabin. >_< Never bothered with a FemShep playthrough with ME2 after that.

Male Human

Well um yeah. That wasn't planned. Walthus scares me just a bit now.

Male Human

And just realized I never replied to the ME discussion. there was a glitch in one of Liara's dialogue options (can't remember which one) where even though it was an uninterested answer, it flagged as interested. There is a way around it though, but I think you need to be all business with Liara.

Male Elf Ranger 3 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 30/30; F+4, R+6, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3; Perc: +10)

Sorry, off work for a week for the kid's spring break, and my comp is being a pain (keeps shutting off, and not starting right). I will be posting more regularly when I get back to work starting this coming Sun night.

Male Human

No worries, I'll ghost as needed, thanks for the heads up

Male Human

Hi everyone,

I've had some personal issues in my life come to a boiling point this past week and its drained me. I'm going to aim to update both of my games on Paizo tomorrow (Friday) but if I don't, it's because I'm not in a good mindset for it.

Thanks for understanding, you guys have been awesome players and I love running these games, just need a breather and sadly have too much hassle in my life to get it now.

We will resume our regular broadcast shortly.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

It's alright, sir. Get what-ever it is better, handled, or whatever it is you have to do to get back on your feet.

In the mean time... I have a full weekend of beta testing Tera Online ahead of me... Lets see if En Masse's attempt at Korean conversion truly holds up to my highly preferred American game style. *cracks knuckles*

No sweat at all, Rennick. It's Easter weekend so I'm going to be busy with church and family with little computer time anyhow.

And I'd rather have a slow and enjoyable game than a fast-paced one that leads to burnout and frustration anyway =)

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

I'm sorry for my absence. I had a big homework assignment and tried to pull an all-niter to get it taken care of, only to realize that sometime in the past six years I got old; I used to be able to handle that sort of thing with only minor difficulty, but all that happened this time was I ended up falling extremely ill.

The good news is I managed to get the assignment done. The paper ended up being a steaming pile, but the presentation went well. I'm getting good rest now and am on the mend. I'll get caught up on the game tomorrow.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

It's alright buddy. Happy Easter everyone.

Male Elf Ranger 3 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 30/30; F+4, R+6, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3; Perc: +10)

I'm back, at work at least, my home comp is still messed up. I post mainly from work anyways.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

*Lurks in a corner of the room, eyes shifting wildly*

Male Human

Sorry for the derailing! I have full intentions to keep this game running! Please don't give up on me. I have some extra time tomorrow so I hope to update, if not then I will be putting us back on track Monday. I do aplogize for this, just in a very physically draining week. (I did six hours of stage combat today! @_@ )

Taldor RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

I feel your pain. I have fencing tonight and I just got the bruises from last week to fade to yellow... First world problems, yo.

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

That's alright, the downtime gives me an ... excuse ... to get my homework done.

As an academic, I am horrible.

Male Elf Ranger 3 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 30/30; F+4, R+6, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3; Perc: +10)

Just checking in to say I'm still here.

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

"I'm not dead!"

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

*Is over dramatically sprawled across the floor, a huge anime snore bubble protruding from his nose. It pops and wakes him in a jolt* "NO MOM NOT THE ICECREAM SUNDAY!.... Oh. Hai."

Male Human

Thanks for being patient with me guys. I really want to keep this game up, I just have a lot of personal issues going on now and it's hard to sit down and write. Soon though

I always have a hard time sitting down to write - personal issues or no =\

Male Human

And we're back!

Okay, it's a really small update, but I didn't want to railroad and we aren't really at a spot where I can just throw down a huge story post to get things rolling.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

I apologize for my silence. I just moved into a new house that I purchased. Interwebs is obviously not hooked up. I'll try to post as soon as I can!!!

Currently, I'm estimating weekend or possibly early next week.

Whoa - new house? Congrats! When's the inaugural barbeque? lol

Male Human

Don't really feel I'm in a position to berate anyone for their inability to post up. :p Have fun moving in, I'll ghost Daemon for you as best I can till you're back.

Male Human

I want to thank everyone for sticking around and being patient with me over the last few weeks. It's pretty cool to be able to come back and have all my players on board within a day.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

/apologizes profusely for still being absent.

Reading on a smart phone is no joy. -.- I'm hoping to have Internet by tomorrow.

And I, in turn, will be gone this weekend, but will return on Monday!

Don't worry, lads, I shall keep these terrible skeletons at bay with my stellar 2-damage-easy-will-save-for-half channels!

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

I haz interwebtubez again. I'll be posting up when my turn re-arises!

CN male human summoner [synthesist] 1

Looks like I get to join in on the apologies. Between family issues, a bout of depression, a little insomnia, finals, and getting very freaked out by the weather (I've never experienced anything like these midwest storms), I've lost track of quite a few things lately. I'm still struggling with getting acclimated to the general Twin Cities area as well.

With my current situation in mind I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a break from play by post games in general. At least, I need to formally state this; I'm ashamed to admit I haven't even made the time to visit the Paizo boards in a few weeks. Unfortunately I just have a lot of things to do at the moment, and as much as I've been enjoying these games I have to drop them to the bottom of my priority list for now.

I apologize for any inconveniences this might cause. I wish I could simply request a leave, but I have no idea how long it will be before I can devote some time to PbP games again. I wish you all the best.

I wish you the best too. And I sincerely hope things turn around for you soon. You will be missed!

Taldor RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Dude, get better. The boards will still be here. (And if they're not, it's probably because of the Apocalypse and we will all have bigger fish to fry...)

Male Human Inquisitor - 2
James Martin wrote:
Dude, get better. The boards will still be here. (And if they're not, it's probably because of the Apocalypse and we will all have bigger fish to fry...)

And by fish, he means Zombies.

Seriously though, having lived in Indiana my whole life, things do tend to get very freekish. The mid-west is bi-polar when it comes to storms. Could be 74 and beautiful one day, and 21 and snowing the next. (This actually happened when I was younger... During spring break in April one year.)

Get better and hopefully we'll see you around in the future.

Male Human

First up, Don't worry Kov, real life will always come first and as a DM and as a friend, I definitely get that. These are just games of make believe after all. Take all the time you need and if at any point you feel that you want to come back to the game, send me a msg and we'll work you back in.

That said, I apologize for the false start. The last show I had took a lot out of me and I got slammed by a really bad cold/flu that's still got me pretty much bed-ridden. We'll be back up soon though (hoping today)

So we have Andrin, Yos and Daemon. Do we still have Lir?

Male Elf Ranger 3 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 30/30; F+4, R+6, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3; Perc: +10)

Yup, I'm still here. Just hanging out, ready to jump back in whenever things even out for you. I understand how it is to not have the time (or energy depending on circumstances) to run. So, I'll be here, patiently popping in daily to see how everything is going.

Kov, I hope things start looking up for you. I think you and Lirrathan had a good little dynamic between them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Human

Given Lir's latest speech, I predict a lot of fights and brawls being started over him offending someone when we start getting to cultures like the Linnorm Kings and, y'know, Minkai.

Lir: "Honors for idiots!"

*Whole army of Samurai Warriors*: DIE INFIDEL!

Male Human

Also, tomorrow I'll be putting up an ad to find a replacement for Koveluss as we move into Part 2.

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

And I get a feeling there will be a lot of Faceshielding with Daemon... As he can't... Ya'know... Facepalm... He's holding a shield after all .

Anywho... Good luck with the hunt!

Male Elf Ranger 3 (AC: 17 [T 13 /FF 14]; HP: 30/30; F+4, R+6, W+1/+3 vs Enchantments; Init: +3; Perc: +10)

I think it just allows him to be the stupid Gaijin (that's the right word right?) That becomes one of the noble warriors, he has an opportunity for growth. Granted, being CN, I don't know how much he's going ascribe to certain codes.

This is the coolest freaking skeleton EVER!

Male Human
Um, that misses me. With Andrin's shield of faith, I have an 18 AC

>.> Sonovu... yep edit coming up asap.

On a side note, please put posts that are only OOC into this discussion thread, just to clean up clutter.

This is the coolest freaking skeleton EVER!

Haha, yeah I'm a fan of him.

Yosrick wrote:
Yosrick, seemingly seeing two parallel futures unveiled in front of him

Ohmygosh. I lol'd so hard. HA!

Daemon Grizwold wrote:

God I kind of wish I had a channel to harm undead right now!

I have a few channels left after the earlier skeleton schlubs, but I'm hoarding them in case you all get sliced to ribbons =P

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

^_^ *yoink*

Hey look guys! I have some channels! LET'S DO DIS!

Honestly though, I loathe using channels offensively vs a single opponent. Mostly because "1d6 will save for 1/2" is pretty well guaranteed to never do more than 2 damage =\

It's a little more palatable when the channels do multiple d6's, but at levels 1 and 2 - it's pretty crappy!

Male Human Inquisitor - 2

Well, I have the domain of Glory. It would help me a bit.

Daemon, Not Rennick (thisisnotforRennicktoreaddon'teventhinkaboutclickingonthisbutton!):
Well in that case, I am MORE than happy to share my channels. Let's just do it and then ask Rennick to forgive us later. It's easier to apologize than it is to ask for permission, right? =P


Male Human

Haha, I read it. :p It's a fine strategy. But in game it needs to be Daemon that comes up with it, since Andrin can't communicate.

In totally unrelated to this game's news, I finished Mass Effect 3 earlier this week.

The ending wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped, but apart from that the game was nearly perfect in my estimation.

Stuff that rocked my world:

Seeing how much better Jack was doing after having spent time with the crew of the Normandy SR2. It was so, so good to see her connecting with people and doing well emotionally. I could hardly stand her in ME2, but seeing her in 3 made me appreciate everything with her all the more from the previous game.

The little boy not making it off Earth. Bioware paced that scene PERFECTLY. I found myself edging forward in my seat hoping that shuttle would clear the path of the beam... and then to see Shepard's reaction as his shoulders slumped and his eyes fell. His reaction exactly mirrored my own.

Shepard's dreams - especially the first one with Kaidan whispering his name. Chilling.

Mordin's sacrifice at the Shroud. I got a little teary here and was just so darn proud of that Salarian.

On the Citadel, there's a Turian in the Docking Hold that's converted into refugee housing who just has an ambient conversation with an orphaned human teen. I found it surprisingly endearing.

Nearly every post-mission conversation with Garrus, but the trip to the top of the Presidium w/ him takes the cake. I felt lucky when that scene was done to think that there are a couple of guys who have been and are that kind of friend to me.

3 Things That Made Me Cry Like A Little Girl:

I'm not talking just a tear running down the cheek, I mean full on sobs and shaky breath.

Legion's death and Tali's acceptance and affirmation of him just before his noble sacrifice. It was good to see that something awesome, the uplifting of the entire Geth race, could come from something so very ugly (the Quarians attack and the Reaper's subsequent manipulation of the Geth). I'm not saying the ends justified the means, but that, thanks to Legion - something so ugly and wretched and hopeless was instead redeemed. Gave me chills when the Geth Prime approached afterward and Shepard, just like me, was hopeful it was Legion.

Ashley. The stress and difficulty of that whole relationship and the underlying questions of trust and identity were powerful. The final goodbye, when Shepard quotes poetry to her instead of the other way around, and her tearful "I don't want you to go" just wrecked me.

The most powerful moment in the game for me though, was Thane's death. That scene is still with me, even though it's just a game and it was days and days ago. There aren't many deaths of characters in various forms of media that have actually brought me past sadness to legitimate mourning, but this was one of them. Boromir's death (in the book and the movie both) had a similar affect on me.

But man, Thane's death was riveting.

In short, the game is amazing but I can't just jump right back in. I still need time to process it all before I try again.

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