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Raise of the Runelords (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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Everyone who was selected please post the final drafts of your character here. I'll also be going over characters to see if there are any changes I see that need to be made. When I was making my selection I didn't see any though.

I will probably be getting the game thread up on Thursday and will try to update once/day friday-sunday but with me being out of town it might be difficult.

Male Gnome Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) 1

Thank you for the opportunity! I really am looking forward to this!

Final draft:



Obviously short and slight, Vin has hair literally the color of gold, and bright sapphire eyes. His skin is pale with a slight warm tone to it. Unlike most gnomes, he dresses simply in drab olives and browns; his clothing is obviously more for comfort in the wilderness than for show. Pouches and pockets are scattered throughout his wardrobe, containing various inks, pens, notebooks, whittling knives and materials. He fidgets restlessly and speaks quickly, and seems to have a keen interest in most anything around him.



Like many gnomes, Vinderbenjin (Vin to his friends) keenly feels his hereditary connection to the First World. His curious and risky nature leads him to continually push the limits of the magic he has inherited through his bloodline.

Vin inherited his magical talent from his father, Vardebargen; his estranged mother, Litu, was an adoptee of a clan of gypsies that plied the roads around Magnimar. Neither parent was very active in raising Vin; he spent most of his childhood attempting to keep out from under his father's feet. Vin's loose-knit family is spread all about Varisia; many of his relatives associate freely with the Sczarni, but Vin always shied away from this community, preferring solitude and books to socializing. As soon as he was old enough, he struck out on his own.

Vin is goodhearted, and he tends to avoid many of the 'pranks' his kin play on the larger races; his wanderlust has led him to associate with many other peoples throughout Varisia, and although he is by no means serious, he prefers to get along with people larger and stronger than he.

When he was an adolescent, Vin was the victim of a strange, wasting illness. The sickness left him physically weak, though he does not generally fall prey to other maladies. However, he often has trouble with his physical strength and prefers to avoid serious manual labor or heavy tasks.

Vin's curosity has long included Thessalonia, and when he is not whittling or practicing spellcasting, his nose is buried in a history book. Much of his wanderlust is fueled by a desire to see Thessalonian ruins, as he feels there much be some connection between ancient Thessalonia and the First World. He has come to Sandpoint to rest and re-equip, not realizing he is about to be swept up into events that might sate even his curiosity . . .

Base Stats

STR 8 (-1)(10-2RA)
DEX 14(+2)
CON 15(+2)
INT 12(+1)
WIS 10(+0)
CHA 18(+4) (16+2RA)
Initiative: +6 (+2DEX, +4 Improved Initiative)
HP 8/8 (6HD+2CON)
AC 13 (10+2DEX+1SIZE), Touch AC 13, Flat-footed AC 11
Fortitude +2 (0BASE+2CON)
Reflex +2 (0BASE+2DEX)
Will +2 (+2BASE+0WIS)
CMD 10 (10-1STR+2DEX-1SIZE)
Melee: Dagger 0(0BAB-1STR+1Size), DMG 1d3-1(Small, -1STR)
Ranged: Light Crossbow +2(0BAB+2DEX) DMG 1d6

Racial Abilities

Small: +1AC, +1 Attack, -1CMB/CMD, +4 Stealth
Slow: 20ft Base Speed
Low-Light Vision
Defensive Training: +4 AC vs Giants
Gnome Magic
Hatred: +1 ATK vs Reptilians and Goblinoids
Illusion Resistance: +2 to Save vs. Illusions
Keen Senses: +2 Perception
Obsession: +2 Craft/Profession (Craft: Woodworking)
Weapon Familiarity: Gnome keyword

Spells / Spell-like Abilities Known

Ray of Frost

1st Level:
Color Spray

Dancing Lights 1/day
Ghost Sound 1/day
Prestidigitation 1/day
Speak with Animals 1/day

Laughing Touch 7/day


Ranks: 4 (2+1INT+1Favored Class)
Bluff +8 (+4CHA+1RNK+3CLASS)
Knowledge: Arcana +5 (+1INT+1RNK+3CLASS)
Spellcraft +5 (+1INT+1RNK+3CLASS)
Use Magic Device +9 (+4CHA+1RNK+3CLASS+1Dangerously Curious)


Improved Initiative


Dangerously Curious
Scholar of the Ancients


Gold: 16 Silver: 8 Copper: 7

Traveler's Outfit
Light Crossbow, Bolts (10)
Winter Blanket
Case, Map/Scroll
Flint & Steel
Ink (1oz) and Pen
Paper (10)
Pouch, Belt
Rations, Trail (5)
Sunrod (5)
Tindertwig (5)

Female Human Oracle 1

Oh wow. Thank you so much! I'm super excited to get to play with everyone.

Tiny, frail, wraith-like. These are generally the first things that come to mind when meeting Marzanna. The wasting curse has taken the beauty she possessed as a child and turned into a haunting shadow. Wispy platinum blonde hair falls to her waist and is only tamed by the bone headpiece she wears at all times and the bone charms and ravens feathers that dangle from it down her back. Those same bone charms are found in all her jewelery. From the scarab carved bracelet to her corvid skull earrings. Thanks to the veil she wears only her husky-blue eyes are visible of her face and is part of the pains she takes to keep from showing how far her curse has progressed.

Necklace-A collection of bone charms and pieces of feather in a haphazard mix connected by string.
Headpiece-Dominated by a crow skull it has interlinked bones of indeterminate origin that link back into the whispy hair. Long strings dangle from it through the blonde and contain bone charms and raven feathers. Two come off the side to frame her face.
Earrings-Juvenile jay skulls held to her ears by string and hooks.
Bracelet-A complex carving of a protective scarab on a bleached bone piece and interlinked bones around her thin wrist.
Gloves-overlaying her real hands are human bones that mimic what is under the skin.

Marzanna is a sweet, upbeat young woman who is quite at peace with the world and her place in it. It has been noted that she is easily distracted by her own thoughts and became withdrawn into her own mind appearing distant or vague. During these times she generally occupies her hands by making fetish dolls which she will then give to people or leave in places she has visited. Due to her viewing death as a common and acceptable thing she has no problem taking her charms from the dead. This can come across as disrespect for the deceased but is to her a proper way to utilize death.

There are a people who always wander. Accepted no where and as such accepting those like themselves. They are the seekers, the carriers of lore, the hated, the mysterious, the gypsy. Their numbers are impossible to count because they stay no where long enough for anyone to remember them. And occasionally when they move on they take more than others would know including the abandoned. That was why a pale haired child who had been left to die in the rainy night never was missed. Named Marzanna for the Winter Witch that she resembled she was raised with love and mischief with the other children in the group.

Her 'mother' had offered her the knowledge of the city that she came from, the people whose blood runs through her veins and yet even as a child they meant nothing to her. The wild forests were her home, the dancing figures her family, what else could she need?

Her adventures were many and compounded by the fact that she never did them alone. Neither her nor her brother will ever admit the true story as to how the goat ended up in the well, shaved, and that may be just as well. Life was for living amid those who know to respect it for the short time that humans have it and she threw herself into it gleefully. Only slowly as the years went by and her body began failing her more and more. No matter how much she ate she simply never grew, and food was in short supply as it was. Had she not been abandoned how likely that she simply would have wasted away with no one to know the reason. But a spirit woman knows what to recognize in an apprentice and by the time she had begun to despair at her own body she was taught the truth.

It wasn't that she was special, that wasn't something that the gypsy's understood, it was that she had a talent that would be turned to help those who had loved and nurtured her. As was her duty and her pleasure she stepped into the role that destiny had built for her. Her's was to become the next Spirit Woman for her people. But that was not a position easily taken and she had to prove that her will was as strong as her soul. In a complex ritual she was giving the blessings of her people, the deck to guide her, and her memory was sealed and preserved until she returned. For the time she was gone she walked away from the gypsy. In essence she was a ghost to them and depending on if she returned or not she would remain that way. Dead and remembered only as their tradition called. As a ghost she wanders the land, seeking knowledge of herself and the spirits that guide as well as the people that remain locked in one place in life. Its her greatest adventure to date and while hard it has been quite entertaining.


Ac: 10 + 5 + 1 = 16
Init: 5
Fort: 0, Ref: 1, Will 3

Sickle (1d6 x2)
Light crossbow (1d8 x2)

Improved Initiative

Eager Performer (+1 trait bones on perform skill checks), Canter (+5 to bluff checks or sense motive when intercepting secret messages)

Intimidate +8 (1 rank), Knowledge (history) + 6 (1 rank), Knowledge (religion) + 6 (1 rank), Profession (fortune telling) +5 (1 rank), Sense motive +5 (1 rank), Spellcraft +6 (1 rank), Stealth +5 (1 rank)

Bone Mystery, Wasting(-4 to Ch based skill checks except for Intimidate. +4 to checks against disease), Armour of Bones(+4 AC 1hr/level)

0lvl: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Guidance
1 lvl: Inflict Light Wounds, Doom

Sickle, Light crossbow, bolts, Scale Mail, Waterskin, Adventurer's Pack, 1 Harrow Deck, 2 changes of cloths, Lantern, oil, flint and tinder, rope

Valuables: 13 gold pieces

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 11 | FF 13 | CMD 16 | F +4 | R +1 | W +2 | Init +1 | Per +0

I am at work right now so when I get home at about 5:30 or so I will post my final draft. Since I have computer access while working I am able to post. I will be working overnights in a couple weeks so I will be up at night. I am on central time for reference.

Many thanks for choosing me!

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Yo. Will get my alias set up as soon as I can

Female Human(Taldan) Cleric/1 of Shelyn HP 8/8 | AC 12 Tch 12 FF 10 | F +3, R +3, W +7 | Init +2 | Perc +4,

I see that Viviana will be in good company.
I will have her ready soon.

Female Human(Taldan) Cleric/1 of Shelyn HP 8/8 | AC 12 Tch 12 FF 10 | F +3, R +3, W +7 | Init +2 | Perc +4,

Personality and Background:
Viviana's family was originally from Oppara. After prolonged feud with another family. Her father decided that the safety of his loved ones is more important than pride,and moved to Magnimar.Accustomed with the glamorous life in Oppara, young Viviana was soon bored to tears in her new home.So when she heard that the town of Sandpoint recently completed a new cathedral, Viviana decided that it will be good distraction to go and see the place for herself.

Following the family tradition, Viviana was raised as worshiper of Shelyn(inner beuty) ,and was trained in the temple of the Goddess just as her mother before her.
During her time at the temple she developed romantic interest toward Rolano ,paladin weapon instructor,and spend many hours in the training room trying to catch his eye.
It did not happen,but she managed to develop surprisingly efective,if somewhat unusual way of fighting.(guided hand)
Due to her time spent in Oppara's high society, Viviana sometimes act and talk in rather spoiled and arrogant manner,but she is generally good-natured person.

AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+4 arm, +2 dex)
Init+2 Perception+4
Fort: 3, Ref: 3, Will 7

Melee: +4(+0 BAB+4 WIS) ,Glaive (1d10+0/x3)
ranged +2(+0 BAB +2 DEX) ,L crosbow(1d8 19–20/×2)


channel smite
guided hand

Student of Faith
Inner Beauty

diplomacy+6 ,Sense Motive+8 ,Heal+8 ,Knowledge (religion)+4


Channel positive Energy (Su):Use/day-5(1d6)

Adoration (Su): DC-15 use/day-7
protection domain +1 resistance bonus on saving throws
Resistant Touch use/day-7


Prepared Spells
0th: Detect Magic,Detect Poison,Light
1st:Protection from Evil-1;Shield of Faith-1 D charm person-1


glive, dagger, light crosbow,silver holy symbol, bolts-30
armored coat-
pouch belt, spel component pouch,waterskin-
explorer outfit
cleric vestment


M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Jerome's stats are in his alias good to be adventuring with everyone.

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 11 | FF 13 | CMD 16 | F +4 | R +1 | W +2 | Init +1 | Per +0

The final draft is done. I have all the info in my alias.

Game thread is up.

I'm really looking forward to running this. When I played it I only played the last 2 books so I missed out on all the fun that is Burnt Offerings. Knowing how it ends it will be interesting to see how things get tied together.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Anyone see our honorable DM?

I remember him saying he had a wedding to attend over the weekend. Those are crazy so I would say tomorrow we should see a post or two.

sorry I haven't posted at all this weekend...was a crazy weekend much of which is a blur...but I'll get a post up now and get things moving again.

Great role playing between our oracle of bones and our cleric. Just wanted to pop in and say that if Mazranna does end up doing a harrowing for Viviana that I have a few things that could be foreshadowed this way. Just wish I knew more about the harrow deck so I could do this properly...

Female Human Oracle 1

Thank you ^^

If you want, you can PM me the foreshadowing and I can work it into the Harrowing. Or I can send you the link I have for how to lay the cards and their meanings

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Hmm.. I'm a bit stumped on how to interact with the group.

Female Human Oracle 1

You could always step in and try to protect Vivana from the crazy 'necromancer' that Jerome thinks she is ^^

Female Human Oracle 1

How do you want me to handle this harrowing, my dear GM?

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Perhaps something setting specific? DM Might want to throw in somehtign special.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

When will our DM be able to post?

I'll be sending you a PM soon Mazranna.

Female Human Oracle 1

Perfect ^^ Thank you

Female Human(Taldan) Cleric/1 of Shelyn HP 8/8 | AC 12 Tch 12 FF 10 | F +3, R +3, W +7 | Init +2 | Perc +4,

Little Shelyn stile action from Viviana. I hope the others don't mind.
It seemed like good opportunity to get us together.
Plus Viviana is like that, especially after half bottle wine.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Sounds ok by me.

lol drunk already...what a good cleric we have *shakes his head*

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you Mazranna...been a crazy couple of days. Can you do me a favor and post the link to the harrow deck that your using so I can see what cards to select for the reading. I'll PM you what cards should come up.

Female Human Oracle 1

Harrowing Deck Link

Thanks Mazranna and I sent you a PM. Hope that helped...if not feel free to disregard lol.

Female Human(Taldan) Cleric/1 of Shelyn HP 8/8 | AC 12 Tch 12 FF 10 | F +3, R +3, W +7 | Init +2 | Perc +4,

There is no activity from some time...

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Didn't the DM say there would be once a week posts?

Male Gnome Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) 1

Mazzie and I are still watching.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Well then we must do something to spur things along!

Jerome gets down on one knee before Mazranna. "I thought I was staring at you so intensely because I thought you were up to no good. Now I know it is because you are destined to be my wife. Viviana, would you please honor us by performing a marriage ceremony?

Male Gnome Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) 1

*falls over laughing*

Female Human Oracle 1

*giggles* now THAT wedding I'd pay to see

hey guys sorry for the long delay. Got hit by a car on Tuesday and have been in the hospital since. Dislocated my knee, broke my tibia and fibula, and fractured my ankle all on my left side as well as scraped up my left arm pretty good. The foot was 90 degrees out of socket when I got to the ER Wednesday. They decided as they were relocating it for the second time that it would also be a good time to pick the shards of glass out of my arm...

Had surgery yesterday to place a plate and some screws in my foot and am on the mend. Got up and walked with a walker today for the first time since Wednesday. Going to be hopefully going to rehab on Monday if we can find a place that has beds otherwise there sending me home. 6 weeks of no weight on my left leg and no driving.

Not sure what my posting schedual is going to be like. I'm borrowing my girlfriends laptop as we speak to finally get you guys an update and if I go to rehab I might see if my mom can bring me my laptop so I can get things moving again.

Thanks for your patience and prayers.

Male Gnome Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) 1

Yeesh, man. I hope your rehab goes well. I'm very sorry to hear about the accident.

I'd honestly much rather you not worry about the game one bit and focus on recovery.

Good luck & prayers, Mathpro!

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Oh man! Take care of yourself. Health comes first.

Female Human Oracle 1

Yikes. Yeah, work on your health, worry about posting way, WAY second. Get lots of fluids, rest, and do what your doctor orders. And get better soon.

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 11 | FF 13 | CMD 16 | F +4 | R +1 | W +2 | Init +1 | Per +0

I know how it goes. I have been at the hospital for my girlfriend since earlier this week. Been hectic but I feel the pain. Get better soon. :)

Just wanted to just drop by and give everyone an update. I am going to be released to my house today. I'm doing well enough on the walker that I won't be needing to go into a live in rehab place at all. 2 weeks and I'll be in a removable boot and then 6 weeks and I'll be learning to walk again.

The bad part is that I don't have internet at the house and don't know how often I'm going to be able to get out to the libraries now. Not supposed to drive for at least another 6 weeks if not longer. I'll get back when I can to give you updates.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Well that is good news that you can stay home. Keep getting better

Had a doctors appointment today so I was able to talk my fiancee into taking me to the library after the appointment. Things are starting to heal and if the tingling in my foot is any indication the nerve damage I suffered won't be permanent...needs to hurry up and fix its self though because the pins and needles feeling gets really old especially at 2 AM when you're trying to sleep.

Going in next Monday to get the "cast" off and getting fitted for a walking boot. Still won't be able to walk for another 4 weeks but they want me to be able to shower and for the wounds to properly be taken care of so the boot makes that much easier. Getting more moble every day and I've pretty much mastered my walker.

Going to be looking into internet with in the next week because I'm going mad with out being able to get online. Day time tv gets very old very fast lol.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Good news

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 11 | FF 13 | CMD 16 | F +4 | R +1 | W +2 | Init +1 | Per +0


Glad to see you are doing better. Being laid up with no internet is no fun. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have any interwebs.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Bark! Bark! Bark!

Female Human(Taldan) Cleric/1 of Shelyn HP 8/8 | AC 12 Tch 12 FF 10 | F +3, R +3, W +7 | Init +2 | Perc +4,

Good.I wish you to get better soon,and forget about it even sooner.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Hey there. How is our DM doing?

Sorry guys will be another 2 weeks until I can get here reliably again...doing well though and things are healing the way they should.

M Human Sorcerer 6 HP27/37,Init+6,F5R5W8,Per+8,AC13T13FF11

Good to hear that you are healing

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 11 | FF 13 | CMD 16 | F +4 | R +1 | W +2 | Init +1 | Per +0
DM Mathpro wrote:
Sorry guys will be another 2 weeks until I can get here reliably again...doing well though and things are healing the way they should.

Thanks for the heads up. Since I am enjoying the game I will be here when you are ready. I have 5 other games to keep me busy in the meantime. :-)

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