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Raise of the Runelords (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

Old players guide can be found here
Anneversary Addition players guide can be found here

Character Creation Guidelines:

-Characters are level 1
-Max starting wealth
-Classes from Core, APG, UM, and UC are acceptable
-Standard races would be prefered. If you want to play something unusual I may allow it based on background and strength of argument for why this race should be allowed.
-NO third party publishing sources allowed
-All other Paizo products will be allowed
-Race traits, feats, magic items, and alternate class featurs from the ARG are allowed but you can not build your own custom race.
-2 traits one of which has to be a campaign trait
-20 point buy with no stat above 18 or below 10 before racial adjustment.

Character concepts submitted:

Completed characters:
Ba'Tar- Fighter(Archer)
LOU KASURI- Monk (Drunken Master, Master of Many Styles)
Thandion- Magus
Jerome- Fighter(Two-handed)
Tessara Soldran- Witch
Xogar- Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light, Redeemer)
Volke Shadowblade- Rogue(Knife Master)
Professor Purus- Inquisitor
Zellandia- Rogue
Wulfric Redhammer- Barbarian(Titan Mauler)
Viviana- Cleric
Dorrak- Cleric
Vinderbenjin Tumbeltossel- Sorcerer
Tulian Mekro- Bard(Dervish Dancer)
Narci Maliandra- Alchemist (Bramble Brewer/Grenadier)
Elarya Whitescale- Figher

Not Complete Characters:
Gorbash Shortbeard- Bard
Raelin Tharn- Cleric of Desna
MetalPaladin- Druid
Denidiel Fallenwillow- Ranger
Vega Khordalduun- Fighter(2 weapon)
Mazranna- Oracle
Pronto "One Tusk"- Bard(Archaeologist)

No class listed:

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