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Raid on the Slavers

Game Master Aero Grachus

The Exchange


The PCs participated in a raid on the slave ship The Fairtrader. While the party dealt with the crew, Seito's mentor Yashimoto and Gorg kept the city guard and a Hellknight at bay. Ultimately, Yashimoto would sacrifice his life to buy the party just enough time to escape into the sewers with the newly freed slaves. Amongst the slaves were Illiana and Ashteral, who joined the party out of gratitude for being freed.

Once in the sewers, the PCs were caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they make a pact with an anonymous devil or face the Hellknight and their almost certain doom? Destined for Hell one way or the other, they chose to do the "favor." Upon entering the pact, the Hellknight backed away.

The devil's request seemed rather harmless at first. Bring him the Sword of Balthesar or their souls would be his for an eternity in Hell. The devil hinted that they might have some success by starting their quest by talking to Urdun Gravelhands at the Twisted Fork.

After some misadventures with the city guard, the PCs arrived at the Twisted Fork to discover that Urdun was a rather useless drunk. Mostly by threatening to annoy the old dwarf until he went crazy, the PCs convinced Urdun to lead them to the sword.

The drunk led them to a small box canyon in hills a half-day's journey outside the city. The canyon was guarded by a small contingent of trained fighters occupying a strategically placed tower. Not wanting a fight, the old drunk gave them directions and begged his leave. The PCs decided their odds were best after dark, and raided the tower after midnight.

After the raid left two guards dead, the remaining guard surrendered. Upon inspecting the dead bodies, it was discovered that the guards were freed slaves themselves. They had agreed to protect the gateway to Watchtower Keep for their liberators in exchange for their freedom. The guards also revealed that the Watchtower Keep was garrisoned by Andorans who used it an outpost from which they could strike the slavers.

The Andorans expect the PCs arrival.

The Exchange

The box canyon weaves for a half mile beyond the Tower. Eventually, it ends in steep rock face. Perched at the top of the rock face is Watchtower Keep. A narrow set of stone stairs is carved in the face and leads out of the canyon to the main gate. It is the only readily apparent entrance to the Keep.

Female Elf Rogue (Sniper)/2

Dotting for the GM.

The Exchange

Here is the map

Dark Archive

Female Chelaxian Barbarian 2

Dotting as well.

Male Human Inquisitor/5 | AC 19/12/17 CMB +4 CMD 16| F+6, R+3, W+8 | Per +11, Init +5 | HP 36/36 | Domain Rounds: 5/5

One more for the dots.

The Exchange

Before you storm the Keep, is there anything you would like to or shall we commence with initiative?

Female Elf Rogue (Sniper)/2

Looks like we're missing Grusk and Seito still. Other than that I'm ready to commence.

Dark Archive

Female Chelaxian Barbarian 2

After Grusk and Seito make accounts I think we are good to go.

Saito present. One crazy war bound nutcase dotting for the sake of saying he is dotting because he does not know what dotting is.

Grusk and Tome, reporting for duty... hehe... duty.

The Exchange

A foreboding soft gust blows down the canyon. In the keep above lies the sword that would grant the party their freedom from their pact. But the party also knows that the keepers are good men themselves, and might yet fight to the death to protect it. Stillness descends upon the party at the base of the stone staircase. The distant sound of water dripping down the canyon walls is the only thing that breaks the pregnant silence.

Dark Archive

Female Chelaxian Barbarian 2

The young Girl looks over to the rest of the party nodding as her grip tightens on her bastard sword. These people might also be against slavery however completing the pact with the demon was more important for she would rather not spend the rest of her time in hell. Lets get this over with She sighs.


Male Human Inquisitor/5 | AC 19/12/17 CMB +4 CMD 16| F+6, R+3, W+8 | Per +11, Init +5 | HP 36/36 | Domain Rounds: 5/5

As Ethron looks up at the keep, he sighs. "I never thought I'd be stealing from those that are on my side..."

As he looks the keep over, he considers his options.

1. Steal the sword and risk getting thrown out of the Inquisition
2. Not steal the sword and have his soul get thrown into Hell for all eternity,
3. Do nothing and have both happen to him.

Things could definitely be going better right about now.

In his mind he starts to formulate a plan, and he usually takes to himself out loud when he thinks.

"Full assault? Naw, too risky... Sneak in? No, no one is that good at it yet... Talk our way in? Get them to lower their guard and take it when they aren't looking? Are they expecting us? Would that work?"

He looks back at everyone. "Hey, I have an idea." Of course, you've already heard his idea.

Dark Archive

Female Chelaxian Barbarian 2

We all heard you and honsetly, the probably know we are here, it is best we try and be civilized before we bash their skulls in. this was odd comming from the mouth of the Barbarian woman, who had brutalized a city guard in one swing.

Female Elf Rogue (Sniper)/2

Ethron, my friend, you forget that I have the ability to sneak in or I can even try to talk my way in if you would like. Illiana says with a smile.

By the time the sniper guy starts talking the samurai stands up, and walks right up to the guards as if he belonged. Very odd for the usually quiet war-bound male. He walks up to the first guard and looks him right in the eye. Good soldiers. I do not wish to war with you or your comrades. I seek counsel with the master of the guard here. Mighty Andorans, will you not accompany this simple bequest? He stands at the ready, holding his katana with his left hand over his body so that the hilt tip is center to his body. Anybody who knew samurai was that this was the sign that he is ready to fight but will not if he can avoid it. After-all, the best fights are the ones you can avoid. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20 This is diplomacy for speaking with the captain of the guard. 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30 This is an intimidation for the way im holding my sword ready to fight. Again Saito does not want to fight but giving both is giving them both an option of war and peace. The guards can plainly see the man. It is quite curious to the guard that a man can be so polite, and so intimidating at the same time. He needs no words, only a simple action as holding his scabbard forward like this. His eyes show that he is on the devils mission, and he didn't like it. It appeared to the guards that a damned soul stands before them desperate to free himself. What will they do now?

The Exchange

From his vantage point, Saito spies a cloaked man standing atop the wall, watching the entrance to the keep. After hailing the keep, Saito wonders if the figure atop the wall is alive, as the figure remains completely motionless for some time. Suddenly, the figure whistles. "Codowyn, they are here and wish to speak to you."

Another short time elapses before the sound of chains clanking through gears echoes down the canyon. The keep's doors part to reveal another cloaked figure in the doorway. His feature are cloaked by his hood, but one detail is distinct. He brandishes a crossbow.

"I'm Codowyn the Andoran," says the man. "Why do you call upon me?"

There is no point in prolonging what must be done. I have made a deal with a demon that must be met lest my family and I be sent directly to hell. For 3 generations now we have done nothing but protect these lands only to find that my ancestors doomed us before we were born. I seek the sword in which you protect. Only that will free my family from the lifetime of servitude that we are now forced to live. The original pact maker is long please...have mercy on my family and give me the sword calmly. If not then some we must make some form of compromise then...I wish not to fight but so help me gods if I have to...lets not talk about that. Will you talk with me in a manner fitting that of a gentelmen? He still has his weapon raised, now in self defense rather then in a threatening offensive way. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22 Bluff check!...I'm going to like how we built this guy hahaha xD He says what he says in an attempt to hide his comrades from the peering eyes of the guards. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18 Diplo

Female Elf Rogue (Sniper)/2

Stealth to not be seen: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Illiana has her bow drawn and loaded. She is ready to shoot the first guard that moves to attach Saito.

The Exchange

I know you speak earnestly, but your story does not seem to add up. How did you make a deal with a demon, but are now dead? Regardless, I'm quite sorry for the sad state of affairs of your family, yells Codwyn. but I'm afraid if this sword fell into the wrong hands, a far worse fate would befall upon this world.

My great great grandfather screwed up everyones lives...thats what happened...and I need my life back. Sir that excuse is becoming a broken record to me. Tell me why the sword is so dangerous. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 diplomacy

Male Human Inquisitor/5 | AC 19/12/17 CMB +4 CMD 16| F+6, R+3, W+8 | Per +11, Init +5 | HP 36/36 | Domain Rounds: 5/5

Ethron feels as though he shouldn't interfere, staying to the side of this conversation.

He waits with baited breath. Don't push it too much Saito...

The Exchange

Another voice echoes from the keep, Let 'em have it Codowyn. It's just relic. Ain't no power in it.

Quiet! shushes Codowyn. You don't know that for sure.

I don't know for sure it was worth the trouble it took to get it, if that's what you mean. says the disembodied voice. But I do know it ain't no powerful artifact that's going to overthrow tyrants, push the devil hordes back through the gates of Hell and liberate the multitudes. Another cloaked figure appears in the doorway. Come up here and let's negotiate a deal. And bring your friends. No reason fer them to stand out there in the cold.

Male Human Inquisitor/5 | AC 19/12/17 CMB +4 CMD 16| F+6, R+3, W+8 | Per +11, Init +5 | HP 36/36 | Domain Rounds: 5/5

Ethron breaths a sigh of relief as he starts walking towards the keep.

Something tells me we're getting lucky. Thank you Cayden.

He keeps his eyes peeled for anything suspicious, dangerous, or just plain wrong.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

The Exchange

The party walks up to the keep. Its walls crumble from negligence. Unskilled repairs have been conducted here and there, but the occupants are hardly able to keep up with the grinding passage of time. You pass through two gates and into a courtyard. The inner walls are no more impressive than the outer. A thatched roof barracks is the only shelter fit for habitation, and barely at that. In the center of the courtyard burns a pathetic fire. Codowyn and his cloaked partner attempt to keep themselves warm.

My name is Erodyn, Steel Falcon of the Eagle Knights. says Codowyn's partner. So you need this sword to save yer soul ya say? Must be worth quite a bit to ya.

Codowyn does not seem to enjoy the prospect of haggling, but keeps quiet.

Ethron notices that the third member of the group is nowhere to be seen.

Saito walks in and lowers his sword so before doing entering their establishment. The sword stays more to his forward side. The samurai simply nods, reverting back to his quiet, mysterious self. The nod was to answer the question of "it must be worth quite a bit to ya". Something seemed wrong here but it may have just been his paranoia from too many years of fighting. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19 Since motive

Female Elf Rogue (Sniper)/2

Illiana stores her bow and draws out her rapier in case they get into close combat.

Dark Archive

Female Chelaxian Barbarian 2

Ashteral watches over everything as she keeps her hands on her bastard sword in case of combat. She takes in a deep breath.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

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