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Ptolus Nights and Dungeon Days (Inactive)

Game Master Lord Thasmudyan

A city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories, Ptolus lies forever in the shadow of a towering stone spire reaching impossibly high into the sky, an enigma and reminder of evil long past.

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So much for intimidating the bad guys. LOL

Male Human Rogue-(Swashbuckler) L4- AC19 (T16F15)CMD20 | Saves: F3 R8 W0 | HP 18/39 | Perc: +5

Can I see the other thugs down the ally, dragging the girl? Or are they outside the visibility radius of the light?

Dark Archive

Male Human 666th Lvl Evil DM

Yes its within you visibility

Gay Male Inhuman
Lord Thasmudyan wrote:
Yes its within you visibility

Are all the thugs visible to Flaurn too? If so, how far is he from the two with the girl?

Flaurn is about 60 feet from the mouth of the alley so the one with the girl is still about 90ish feet away deep in the alley

male Aasimar (musetouched) ninja 4

Just want to get this straight.

4 thugs.

2 at the back have the girl.

2 at the front covering their escape.

1 thug has fled (from the front or back group?)

1 of the thugs at the back has a knife to the girls neck.

This thug also has Rorath's scimitar to his own neck.

Is that all correct?

Because Rorrath was sneaking I probably cannot assist with his intimidation roll, can I? Otherwise Rosemary will continue to move slowly towards them, growling and trying to look scary.

pretty close. the 1 thug that fled left the back of the alley opposite the group, he was one of the two in the back of the alley

Everything alright?

yeah davina has never responded to last post i put up, will give till end of the day to respond


Sorry, I've been at the provincial swim meet for my province and didn't have ready access to my computer.

I think I broke the forum. I somehow managed to post twice!

The Exchange

Female Kitsune Bard 2/Rouge 2-- hp 27 (4d8+4)-- Init +3 -- AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex)-- Fort +1,-- Ref +5, --Will +2

Quiet to quiet

sorry guys weird couple of days and trying to finish some homework will post in the morning.

No problem, it's understandable. The realm of Real Life can be more adventurous than the land of RPG.

Just to let you know I'm going on a camping trip for the weekend. It's something at the spur of the moment.

Male Human (Prustan) Wizard (Diviner) 1

Just a heads-up: I'm currently fighting to restore internet access at home and so might be spotty. Hopefully it's only a few hours but it's been days in the past.

Male Human Rogue-(Swashbuckler) L4- AC19 (T16F15)CMD20 | Saves: F3 R8 W0 | HP 18/39 | Perc: +5

Somewhere, somehow, Tony snickers at Ayake's performance again...

sorry guys been busy got promoted at work in training haven't had a lot of access like I normally do to my computer, will post in the next few hours.

Is the campaign dead? I posted last one week ago and nobody else is posting. I am really enjoying this. Let's have some fun!

Just a note, if there hasn't been a gameplay post in a while (not sure how long) the new post indicator does not give any sign of a new posts. You have to manually check the thread. Please do so.

The Exchange

Female Kitsune Bard 2/Rouge 2-- hp 27 (4d8+4)-- Init +3 -- AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex)-- Fort +1,-- Ref +5, --Will +2

So we lost again?

Alas, most of the group hardly seems to want to post. I have been active in trying to do my part but with nobody keeping up on their part of the game I hereby withdraw this character. Please remove him from the game.

I grow tired of games where the posting requirement is not met for many days at a time. So, I refuse to play in this game any longer.

I have waited and waited and I am done.

male Aasimar (musetouched) ninja 4

Yep, sadly this game seems pretty dead.

I thought we had some cool character interaction going on, so pretty disappointing.

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