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Poisonblade's Serpent Skull (Inactive)

Game Master Ross Hearne aka poisonbladed

I took this campaign out in the woods and shot it.

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If you have a question feel free to ask.

Main thing is what I need to do? Do I need to read through the guide again and decide if I want to have any conversations with anyone?

I will be starting the offical game post when we have at least four players. Its going much faster that I thought it would. We should start within a day or so.

I am just waiting on some replys to a couple of PMs.

Ok, thanks.

Reporting in.

Added the trait boarded in Cheliax, giving me a Knowledge (geography) +2 through the use of a map of the Mwangi, and an additional 200 GP. Adding the hungry ghost archetype on top of master of many styles. This exchanges stunning fist for Punishing kick at first level. Added fuse style from Master of many styles in class abilities.

Ya I forgot how crazy monks can be. I was like how did that monk get all those feats. Then I plugged it into hero lab and sure enough.

Any I got two more pending applications. Both have emailed back so we should get started either tonight or tommorrow night, after midnight PST.

Will do. Yeah, I did a double-take on it, and I built it. Lol.

Init +3, Perception +5, AC 18/13/15, CMD 15, HP 8, Fort 0/Ref 5/ Will 1

Checking in.

Good to see ya. I will be kicking it off later tonight, when I catch up on my breaking bad.

I've gotta go watch some Dexter with my wife, so all is good. :)

I am almost watching no tv these days. Need to catch up on Newsroom. Blythe, looked at your profile and is there suppose to be some Kensai Magus things in there or is that from an edit?

I hate TV commericals, but I like some shows so I down load or netflix/hulu when I can.

Angada, she'll be taking Kensai Magus next level. :)

And we don't even have a TV subscription...we only bluray them at release, or netflix them. :)

Ok, was curious when you and the GM talked about having a doubletake. Saw the Kensai/Ninja at the bottom and was curious. I haven't played with a multi-class before so might asks things so I understand. Still learning all the rules.

It's up peoples. Good luck. As me a question any time you see fit.

Some things to go over real quick.

Everyone has one hero point. You can find them in the back of the APG.

We are using the medium experience table.

Checking in.
First time I see hero points used in an actual game :)
I live in Europe so my posting time will not be consistent with you guys.

Currently playing one with a guy in Germany so I know about this Linard. It is ok.

Angada, feel free to ask any questions. :)

Updated for XP table and hero point.

You will be gaining Hero Points when

You attain a Level
Complete a Chapter
Complete a Book of the AP

there may be other times I award them at random.

Male Tiefling Summoner - Synthesist 1

Sorry guys. Dotting for now. I'll finish equipment tonight.

Since both Blythe and myself have "boarded in Cheliax" is there something equally useful i might exchange for the free set of charts?

@ Raxilsmit

Yes you can, though it would have to be limited to bonus to a Knowledge Skill when dealing with the Mwangi Jungle. Like a book on the religions of the region. Giving you a +2 to knowledge religion when dealing with tribes and creatures of the jungle. As long as it doesn't cover what one of the campaign traits gives you it should be ok. So Knowledge History, Local, and Nature are out, as there is a bonus assigned to these skills for a different campaign trait.

Init +3, Perception +5, AC 18/13/15, CMD 15, HP 8, Fort 0/Ref 5/ Will 1

GM could I switch it for a knowledge dungeoneering in the Mwangi Expanse? I think that would go with my background. Maybe a book of the local ruins and underground civilizations. I am going to switch my skill point from geography to dungeoneering since the other is covered. It looks like we all took the same trait lol.

Yes that would be fine Harper. Something else that sparked your interest in making the trek to Sargava.

It is a good trait, and nothing wrong with most everyone getting on board there. Kovack himself is from Cheliax.

Male Tiefling Summoner - Synthesist 1

How about maybe a craft, perform or profession skill instead...A fine Chelixian Cookbook for +2 Profession Cook...or a book of fine adventuring tales for Perform storytelling...or a libram of metals working temperatures and alloy's for Craft: Blacksmithing???

Init +3, Perception +5, AC 18/13/15, CMD 15, HP 8, Fort 0/Ref 5/ Will 1

Thanks PoisonBlade. I switched them on my sheet.

Sounds interesting Raxil, what do you have in mind for you?

Finally got around to Hero Lab and properly exported my profile.

I also have the map and so would be happy to exchange it for something to help with Craft:Bows without the bonus but made to survive the jungle wear or since from the Expanse switch for Polygot (I plan on taking another linguistics point at second for Polygot if no to that suggestion)

GM Poisonblade:
I saw the post about doing things right. I would say that each to their own. I was voted on by a group to be picked to join a game in progress and the GM did not select me after he stated the group would get to weigh in. Each of these is how a GM does it. Next time just state that you know the concepts you like and will hold recruitment up to a certain time unless find the proper mix you want earlier. Players need to submit sooner than later to not miss having a chance. I saw that in one recruitment thread and people who dotted came back in a couple of hours.

It is up to the GM to state how his recruitment thread works and so find what you are comfortable with. Also was said see how many PbP threads the person is involved with. To me that makes no difference unless you are going to go into each game and see if they are actually keeping up. Sounds like a lot of work. Just put in requirements of how much posting is needed if you ask me.

Male Tiefling Summoner - Synthesist 1

I was thinking one of the following three...You make the call.

  • Feldmens Field guide to creatures of the void - +2 to Knowledge planes
  • Grasses, Plants, and Fungi of the Mwangi Expanse - +2 to Profession Herbalist
  • Basic Elixers and Poultices - +2 Craft Alchemy

...whichever Raxil grabbed on his way to the ship.

Grasses, Plants, and Fungi for the win!

Angada, a book that gives +2 to Craft Bows sounds ok to me.


GM Poisonblade, who is the sixth you refered to in the recruitment? We still only have the original five having posted.

A person who made a summoner, which I liked but asked him to change it into something more Arcane seeing that we have a summoner. He should be posting pretty quick. The PC name is Nngara.

On another subject everyone but two didn’t give me a port they actually boarded the ship on. It might be that I over looked it if you put this detail in your background.

Cheliax ports are Kintargo, Pezzack, and Corentyn. Five out of Six boarded in Cheliax, Four out of Five took the same trait. Our sixth, who is to post shortly, got on in Port Peril. Linard got on in Corentyn. This is a fairly important detail for Chapter 1.

What an unexpected and awesome start to a game.

Please post what port you got on the ship.

Female Mwangi Elf Wizard(Enhancement)/1 - HP 10/11; AC13,T13,FF10; F+1,R+3,W+2/+4

Hey all - sorry for the delay. Took a while to decide how to change a Summoner to a Wizard. Two classes which seem similar at first, but have nothing in common other than a few spells.

May I present Nngara Erebrian - Mwangi Elf Wizard (Transmuter/Enhancement).

I boarded at Port Peril - heading to the Gameplay to make my intro (so far I have been hiding below decks since I probably will fail my Fort check and REALLY not like sea travel.)

Init +3, Perception +5, AC 18/13/15, CMD 15, HP 8, Fort 0/Ref 5/ Will 1

Tirion (Nngara) is a stud on pbp. I am very glad he was added!! I am still mad that he did not choose me for his TOEE campaign though ;) In all seriousness, the wizard that beat me out has been superb (I follow the campaign). Welcome!

Female Mwangi Elf Wizard(Enhancement)/1 - HP 10/11; AC13,T13,FF10; F+1,R+3,W+2/+4

Thank you. I am glad you like the ToEE campaign. At some point we might actually get to the real campaign. The party still has to figure you what they are going to do first though - which right now seems to be to alienating the good guys and befriending the bad guys. But this is what happens when the player everyone decides should be the face of the party is a dwarf with a 7 Charisma.

Hopefully I can make this character as colorful. Always tough with high Int/low Cha. I was amazed that you all started in Cheliax and the north. Anyway, it will be swimming time soon it sounds like.

I likely boarded in Almas (Andoran) and took a trip through the Inner Sea to Corentyn. That is where I would have boarded a ship to get to Sargava.

Male Tiefling Summoner - Synthesist 1

I'm out of town tonight, and don't have my players guide with me. I'll post my origin tomorrow morning...but don't let that hold us up.

Corentyn. Updated.

Male Tiefling Summoner - Synthesist 1

I'll give it a shot, but it might be confusing as I'm color blind. I'll just rely on you to correct any silly moves my character might make :-).

Could we put an "R" or something in Rax's? Help him out? I'm color-blind as well, but for much less used colors, so no worries here for me.

I'm in Vegas tonight, L.A.tommorow doing casting. I'll try to post as much as I can.

Female Mwangi Elf Wizard(Enhancement)/1 - HP 10/11; AC13,T13,FF10; F+1,R+3,W+2/+4

I shot the DM the link for MapTools, if anyone else has used it pointers would be helpful as I am by no means an expert. That way we can get him up to speed faster. Hopefully within the next encounter or two he will have our avatars and enemy tokens in place of the dots.

Thank you for that, too.

I will be away for most of this evening, playing my table top of Serpent Skull.

Talking in combat is a free action, and these things can't understand you, so have at it.

Female Mwangi Elf Wizard(Enhancement)/1 - HP 10/11; AC13,T13,FF10; F+1,R+3,W+2/+4

Yeh - I view it as a free action within reason. One or two short sentences, good. A full dissertation might be a little bit much.

We are done with casting, and after a hefty night on Sunset blvd., we are turning in. Film festival tomorrow, and a few meetings, then heading home Monday. Hope I haven't held anything up too much.

Setting up Camp

In the Serpent’s Skull AP camps take on a bigger roll than normal. At first it is the basics, but later on as you delve into the screaming jungle of the Mwangi Expanse it becomes a much bigger deal. There are specific terms to aid us in keeping track of things and organized.

Food and Water
While the first day is free, everyone will soon starve. To find food and water a PC or NPC must go hunting To be a successful at foraging you will need to make a DC 10 Survival to gain a days ration of food and water. You can increase this DC by 2 for every character you are hunting for. For example; to find a single day’s ration for 11 people you will need to make a DC 30 Survival check. Not an easy task at this level, so it is suggested to have someone use the aid other action. It is also a cumulative check. Meaning that you roll and only break DC 20, you have not failed the roll but have only provided food and water for yourself and five people. Hunting takes four hours per check. If you camp near fresh water you will only need to find food dropping the Survival DC for hunting to only +1 per person.

Locating a suitable spot for shelter takes about 8 hours. It is a DC 12 Survival roll to set up and shelter. For every 2 points you beat the DC reduces the set up time by 1 hour, minimum of 1 hour. Not having tools or supplies imposes a -5 penalty to this check. Making shelter provides a bonus to avoid insects and will provide a spot to get out of the sun and thus no exposure checks during the heat of the day. Each time you move the camp you will have to set up a new shelter, and thus another roll.

There are five jobs that PCs or NPCs can perform to help the camp out. Only two people can perform any one job at a time, and you can only perform one job a day. You can change jobs every day. NPCs can only do certain jobs if they have an Indifferent Attitude or higher, and have a Morale of Shaken or Higher. If they are both Helpful Attitude and of Hopeful Moral they will do any job, though some are geared for certain tasks.

Defender; Works to set traps and fences for the safety of the campsite. The first time a hostile creature or person attacks the camp the traps inflict 2d6 points of damage. This damage gets divided evenly if the attackers are a group. Each Defender adds another 2d6 damage.

Entertainer; Helps to raise the hopes of the castaways. For each Entertain helping NPCs will get a +2 to their morning Morale Check.

Guard; Each Guard reduces the chance of a wandering monster attacking the camp. During the day and night each Guard reduces the random encounter chance by 5%. You can have as many guards as you would like. This is the exception to the above 2 character job limitation.

Hunter; Each hunter must roll the Survival roll, but unlike the above making this roll while performing this job provides enough food and water for 8 people for one day.

Medic; Helps to ward off disease from insects or fungus. Each medic reduces the chance of catching a disease by 5%. There is normally a flat 25% per night of being exposed. Having shelter reduces it by 10%. Having a medic also increasing the healing rate of sleeping by 2, so you heal 4 points per level if you rest in camp and have one medic.

Rules for attitude can be found in the Diplomacy Skill description.

NPCs must make a Morale check every morning, a DC 15 Will save. Failing by 5 or more shifts them down a rank. The Morale Ranks are Hopeful, Normal, Shaken, Frightened, and Panicked. Each is something of a GM concern but you can probably discern what they mean.

Just to remember all this for later, could it be put under campaign info so we don't search for it?

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