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39 classes... I think we'll be good for a while :P, by Otherwhere

블­랙­잭­룰\\る【 J­S­S­8­0­0­。­C­O­M 】へ\\바­카­라­게­임­, by qpgmd22

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Arueshalae question, by Zenarius

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Puzzles as a story telling device, by Orfamay Quest

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Which AP is ideal for introducing Occult Adventures, by JamZilla

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So, where are the limits about pre-generated characters (can't change gear / spells / etcetera)?, by Azouth

네­임­드­사­다­리­\\く【 J­S­S­8­0­0­。­C­O­M 】び\\바­카­라­하­는­법­, by wjxtfp22

Pint-Sized Kings (Inactive)

Game Master Count Buggula

Halflings need a kingdom of their own!

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All of you have, by one means or another, heard of a call for settlers in the wild stolen lands to the south, and are on your way to that region.

Your travels have landed you in a small and unimportant hamlet called Mabeth, a ways east of New Stetven and not far north of Restov. Since you arrived there has been constant chatter about the poor harvest this year, which has been made worse by the constant bandit raids. The locals have made multiple requests to Restov to see the bandits cleared off, but no reply has yet arrived.

You notice a large commotion near the village square, and draw near to investigate. Several of the local men and woman are shouting at a plump figure standing behind a makeshift podium who has finally succumbed to desperation and looks completely helpless and miserable. Amidst the ruckus you hear fragments of "protect the granary," "Coming tonight," and "Never last the winter!"

Several woman are standing in a separate group nearby sobbing.

Male Human Arcane bloodlined Sorcerer (Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype)

Having left Restov to visit family in the north, Sancho was glad to be on his way back home. Having stopped off in the hamlet to rest after his travels, he had convinced the innkeep of the quaint inn to allow Pip to stay in the stables with the promise that Sancho would pay for any damages hat were to occur should the 'wolf' cause any problems. He had long ago stopped looking at Pip as a wild creature and saw him as a reliable mount and friend, but there were those that didn't yet share his views hat he had to deal with. Taking a stroll through the town, the halfling absorbed he rumors and, not surprised of the talk of bandits, continued to keep his ears open for ways to help. Though the swordlords might not deem this hamlet worth their time, Sancho wasn't one o allow bandits to harass decent folk and take what is not rightfully theirs.

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

I have been in Mabeth no more than 30 minutes, and the noise has guided me to the village square. There are a lot of people shouting different things at the same time. I can only understand few words "protect the granary", "Coming tonight", and "Never last the winter!"

I can see a group of women standing separate from the main group, I go to them and ask "Hi...What´s going on?"

Diplomacy to Gather Information = 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Following the simple map Constable Cecil had drawn me, I made my way to Mabeth. Cecil had marked this village as a good place to seek room for the night and a good meal.

When I got to town, the sound of shouting distracted me from my search for food, and I wandered to the village square to see what the ruckus was about. Curious what could be causing so much distress among the local tribe, I listened in.

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

Keep in mind that Terri looks like a human child, especially since she's wearing boots.

Terri arrives in town and is greeted by shouts and other angry sounds coming from the square. Curiosity overcomes common sense and she makes her way to the middle of the village. She hears "Coming tonight!" among the other shouts. She finds a nearby local and gets his, or her, attention.
"Excuse me, What's coming?"
Diplomacy:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Several members of the crowd turn to face Muroi. One of the woman near him responds, "We've lost almost everything already - if we lose any more we'll never make it through the winter! <sob> We've sent for help from Restov but until they come we just keep losing more!"

One of the woman near Terri steps forward, but makes a point to look down at the girl, "Them bandits'll be back tonight, mark my words! Somethin's gotta be done to protect the granary!"[b] After a moment she realizes who she's talking to and adds, [b]"What's a child like you doin' out here anyway? Run along home, 'fore you get hurt!"

Sancho is able to make out some insecure mumblings from the man behind the podium "Help is on the way - we're doing everything we can - please stay calm."

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"Small, I'll give you, but I am no child and lost that innocence a long time ago. Now, do you want the bandits merely dead or brutally dead? The latter will probably give them a better taste of fear, but I can't say for certain since I've never died." Terri smiles brightly and seems to lose herself to her thoughts as she ponders the merits of leaving enough surviving bandits to spread word of the atrocities the villages returned to them or just slaughtering them all out loud. This goes on for a minute until Terri suddenly remembers that she is not alone, that she is thinking out loud, and she hasn't introduced herself yet.

"Oh, how terribly rude of me. Here I am blathering to myself and I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Terri Riverrun, and you would be?"

My bet's on running away ;)

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip perks up at hearing this. "Bandits? How many?"

After a moment: "And what help is on the way?"

male halfling druid

Odo arrived in the town not knowing what to make of it, all the people were restless, afraid for their lives, their crops and their children. He had seen similar images in his life but nothing quite as desperate as this.

He knew he wasn't much of a fighter, and would stand no chance against a band of bandits, however he wanted to help or at least buy some time till help arrived. Maybe he could disorientate the bandits somehow.

There were a couple of haflings in the town looking more prepared for battle than the villagers but he doubted they were more than some travelers caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He breathed deeply and thought how quiet his life was just a couple of days ago, he hated what he was about to do, and yet he saw that he had no other choice in the middle of the anarchy before him, he spoke in a loud growling voice: Everybody calm dawn! We need to make some preparations! How many of you are capable of holding your ground? He needed to know at least with what he was working with.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

Looking at the woman who talks to me "oh... ma´am, that is terrible... I could help you, but I need more info..." Suddenly a voice coming from the middle of the square says "Everybody calm down! We need to make some preparations! How many of you are capable of holding your ground?". I stop talking for a moment and listen what he is saying. Probably, there is a way to help this town. But there must be a leader or someone who controls the town. I see to the woman who answered my question "ma´am, I need your help, who is the responsible of the security of this town? I need to talk to this person to offer my help."

Shadow Lodge

"You've done nothing to stop the bad men?" Another small child says, walking up and holding a doll. Lillith had followed the Sheriff's direction easily enough. Finding a bunch of people panicking was not what she had expected though. "You should have stopped the bad men before winter came."

Lillith smiles when she hears Terri and lets her act drop.

"Lillith Leagallow. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure." She says, introducing herself. "Now, does anyone know what could possible bring all of us halflings here at the same moment a meeting seems to be taking place?"

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

"Well, I was told to stop here by the Constable. I don't think we're waiting for help, I think WE are the help."

Nazdip contemplates for a moment. "Bandits don't scare me, anyway. Mostly they tend to run and hide when you give them a good licking..."

Looks of confusion from the crowd at Terri quickly change as they erupt in laughter at the offers to help, with several shouts of insults related to your small stature. However, when asked who's in charge, they're at least helpful enough to point to a very flustered looking plump man behind a podium trying, and failing to address the crowd.

Shadow Lodge

"I don't think we're being taken seriously." Lillith says with a strangely unsettling smile. "Are you people really in a position to turn away any help though? Are you content with starving during the winter and thinking 'Oh, if only we had let those halflings help!' while you freeze?"

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip walks up to the podium, and tries to get the attention of the portly man. Failing, he turns, grabs his greatsword, and takes a huge overhead swing, striking at the podium.

"Now that I have your attention, WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?"

He returns the sword to his back, and tries to catch his breath.

Raging, sunder, 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25 for 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Intimidate: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18

A hush falls over the crowd at the sudden outburst, and the official looks over what's left of his podium at Nazdip. In a surprisingly soft-spoken voice for a man his size, he replies, "I am. Thieves have been stealing almost nightly from our granary. When they come, most say they're no more than a handful, but none of us can risk being away from our own farms and homes to defend it!"

At Lillith's suggestion, he adds, "You...fellers...are volunteering to guard the granary? I have to warn you, from what we know these're big folk ye'd be up against, but I'm not stupid enough to turn away short help when we'd otherwise have none." He pauses to scratch his head a moment before continuing, "Tell ya what. We'll set up a table and bonfire for you in front of the entrance. There's a bell there - ring it if there's trouble. Unfortunately we don't have much to offer in the way of pay - but head over to the inn across the way there" pointing to a small unremarkable building that still manages to dwarf most of the other structures nearby "and we'll make sure you've got a good meal in your belly 'fore nightfall. Breakfast in the morning, too."

From somewhere in the crowd someone pipes in "if they last that long!"

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"Well this is certainly interesting. It seems that I have a long lost sister. My name is Terri Riverrun. I have to agree with you about the townsfolk. They all seem to think me a child just because I wear boots."
Terri looks at the newcomer with a friendly smile, but one can easily imagine her mind sorting through the little information she has been able to gather.

When Nazdip strikes the podium in fury, Terri looks up at the panting halfling with a puzzled look on her face.
"If they think us children, I wonder what they'll think of this one."

Shadow Lodge

Terri Riverrun wrote:
"Well this is certainly interesting. It seems that I have a long lost sister. My name is Terri Riverrun. I have to agree with you about the townsfolk. They all seem to think me a child just because I wear boots."

"I carry around Mr. Rypt here and get the same reaction. The tall folk are so easily fooled."

Terri Riverrun wrote:

When Nazdip strikes the podium in fury, Terri looks up at the panting halfling with a puzzled look on her face.

"If they think us children, I wonder what they'll think of this one."

"I think he'll quite useful tonight when the bandits show up. If they do."

GM Buggula wrote:
From somewhere in the crowd someone pipes in "if they last that long!"

"You are more than welcome to join us and find out!" Lillith calls back.

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip was sold as soon as he heard "bonfire". He turned to the other halflings, "These biggers might soon realize that filling a halfling's belly is no cheap price."

"I say tonight we show them we're good for more than punchlines. Are we all in?"

Shadow Lodge

"Since it's either helping these people or... well, let's just say I'll help. Can't turn down a free meal and still call myself a halfling, can I?" Lillith says with a laugh. "Let's show them who the real punchline is."

Male Human Arcane bloodlined Sorcerer (Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype)

Remaining quiet through much of the discourse, Sancho smiles as he sees other halflings willing to take up the task of protecting those in need. Stepping up to the man who use to be behind the podium until it was smashed to bits by Nazdip, Sancho says, "I am glad that you are willing to let us assist you. It does not matter the size of the opponent. Just as the knight has the courage to face down dragons, so too will we confront those who feel it is their right to take that which belongs to others." Then, hopping up on to what remains of the podium, Sancho stares out at he crowd that has gathered, "People of Mabeth! My name is Sancho Kalliwert. I swear on my blade and on my honor that these bandits will know what retribution that us wee folk can deliver. When dawn breaks and you see us standing among the bodies of those who have either surrendered or faced their fate, then you too shall know the strength of our arms and the determination of our spirit." Then hoping down, he strolls over to the group of halflings who had volunteered to aid he village. Upon joining then, he says to the group. "Not to mention the size of our bellies."

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"The stars are singing in my blood. Men who would steal the freedom of others are coming to raid and kill. I'll join in the fun. these men will learn fear."
Terri seems almost manic at the prospect of letting loose her fury on those who would prey on the helpless.

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

Muroi stays close to the group of women to listen to the man that they pointed, to the other halflings and people who are talking. He thinks for a moment about the help he can give to them and the food as a payment. He knows it is not a fair payment, but he wants to use his magic during a fight. He listens to everyone and when everybody is quiet, he moves to the group of halflings and talking in slow voice says "Hi, I´m Muroi, can I help you?"

The laughter quickly silenced upon hearing Sancho's speach - and finding themselves feeling suddenly very uncomfortable, the crowd begins to disperse.

As you step inside the tavern, your eyes take a moment to adjust to the dim flickering light from the sparse oil lamps on a few tables, lighting scant few customers. Nevertheless, pungent spices fill your nose and the aroma quickly starts your stomach rumbling and your mouth to water.

A gangly woman calls out "'ave a seat anywhere ya like - be right with ya!"

Shadow Lodge

"Of course." Lillith tells the newest halfling to join this little group. "My name is Lillith."

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

"Nice to meet you Lillith". Muroi smiles to Lillith trying to hide his blush and quickly says "Your doll is strange, but I like it".

Muroi follows to the group into the tavern. He is quiet and prefers not say anything, he doesn´t want to blush again. He doesn´t have experience talking with halflings females. He only knows to his mother.

In the tavern, he sits with the group and waits until the woman comes back . He is hungry and wants to eat something delicious.

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip settles in at a bench on one side of a table large enough for the whole group. "Well, we're a pretty mixed crew from the looks of things. I'm Nazdip Stinkblade, formerly of the Mosspukers. I'm a scrapper. What do you guys bring to the table for tonight's festivities?"

He opens the jar of pickles on the table, and pulls a pickle extractor from an outer pocket of his pack, using it to select a choice salty specimen.

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"Certainly! The name's Terri Riverrun."
Terri motions for the newcomer to have a seat. The smells coming from the kitchen get stronger as the door opens and Terri closes her eyes and draws a deep breath through her nose. A look of pure serenity crosses her face as she savors the smell much like a wine snob might savor the smell of a fine wine.
"Ooooo, that smells good. They'd better hurry or I might not be able to keep myself from sneaking into the kitchen."

Shadow Lodge

Muroi wrote:
"Nice to meet you Lillith". Muroi smiles to Lillith trying to hide his blush and quickly says "Your doll is strange, but I like it".

"Thank you. You are one of a very small number to say that."

Nazdip Stinkblade wrote:
"What do you guys bring to the table for tonight's festivities?"

"I am Lillith Leagallow, formerly of Crossroad Bandits just west of here. Given time, I can make myself look and act like a human child, and those who think I am one are usually in for trouble." With a snap of her fingers, four orbs of light appear in the air above the group. They vanish with another snap. "I also have magic I can use to help the festivities go easier."

male halfling druid

Odo moved slowly to the table unsure of what to say to the other halflings. They surely did a better job convincing the peasants to get the defenses ready even if all the defenses were just a couple of halflings around a fire. May I? He was not used being around so many new people. I can't say I will bring anything special, but if you choose to have me at your humble table you will not be regretting it. Had any of you fought bandits before?

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Bluff: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2

Nazdip tries to keep a straight face as he says, "I've...uh...been in lots of fights involving bandits..."

He quickly fails to contain himself, and laughs. "OK, sure, I was on the bandit side at the time, but that's how the Mosspukers supported ourselves. Not a lot of nine to five jobs out there for Goblins."

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"Evade? Certainly. Fought? Well, not really, but they say the threat of death is a great teacher. Though I may have a hand up being a sneaky little thief myself." Terri stares off at a spot on ceiling as her face takes on a contemplative expression.

Shadow Lodge

"Mosspukers? Just another bunch of goblins. Still a fellow bandit is welcome. Well, ex-bandit I suppose."

"Most bandits tend to be cowards, brave only in large numbers or when they get the drop on their marks. A clear show of force should route the ones coming tonight."

male halfling druid

Let's hope you are right. I have no wish to get slaughtered by bandits well, not for a meal at least. Odo said smiling as he thought about the irony. At least three of the people who offered to protect the town from bandits have engaged in similar activities. Maybe the bandits would have some treasure at them, maybe the other halfling was wrong and help would be going to arrive from Restov and they may not even have to fight at all. That would have surely disappoint some of the others but at least they get all get a free meal out of this.

The woman returns with several jugs of ale and plops them down in front of each of you. "Yuri tells me your meal is to be on the house on account of your helping tonight. What'll it be? Specials tonight are Fig Tart, Curried Salmon, Katapesh Thal, and Sargavan Scones."

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

"I'll have the salmon...and whatever all those other things are. Also, you seem to be out of pickles, can I get a jar of those as well?"

Nazdip hands the tavern keeper the now empty pickle jar.

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

Terri comes back to the real world at the mention of food. Her stomach growls to remind her she hasn't eaten in a while.
"Yes, I believe that's what he said. A free meal to free the people from fear. I would like to try the salmon please."

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

Muroi listens and sees to each one while they talk, but doesn´t pronounce a word.

When the woman arrives to the table, he answers the food proposition saying "One of each one please, It´s my first time eating these plates, I wanna taste all of them". Then he smiles to the woman, "Thank you... And please. Could it be in small rations? I´ll enjoy all of them".

Shadow Lodge

"The Fig Tart will be fine for me. I'll order more when I finish it."

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

"Well, after lunch I think we should probably rest up, this might be a long night. The leader mentioned that they would set a bonfire in front of the grainary...that will be helpful if we end up having to fight the bandits, but I think we should probably hide just out of sight so they don't decide to just come back another night."

Shadow Lodge

"The bonfire will be suspicious enough, but a bonfire with no one around it? We might as put up a sign that says 'this is an ambush' on the path."

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

"Maybe a scarecrow? Dressed as a bigger to guard the granary, but sleeping on the night, they probably couldn't tell until they tried to attack it."

The woman's mouth hangs open in surprise for a moment before she scowls, grabs the empty pickle jar, and retreats to the kitchen. After several minutes she reappears and plops a pile of plates on the table before making several trips to bring a platters and pots full of food. She puts her hands on her hips and glares. "Ok kids, we'll do this family-style, but I ain't your mother. Share nice with eachother, because that's all you're getting." Turning on her heels, she disappears once more into the kitchen.

Despite the woman's gruff attitude, the food is fabulous. The tart is sweet, with a subtle taste of honey and lemon coming through the figs.
The platter is loaded with fish and vegetables with a heady, woody aroma. The salmon itself is ripe with flavor - somehow both sweet and pungently spicy. The scones are thick and hearty, with chunks of ham and flavored with a hint of basil, sweet fruit, and a sharp aged cheese.

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

Muroi enjoys the food, "It was delicious". Then, he gives his oppinion "I like Nazdip´s idea, we can use a bait, wait and attack from the shadows."

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip dives into the food with great abandon, but as he's chewing his first bite, he slows down for a moment, moving the food around in his mouth. "What magic is this? I have never tasted anything so wonderful. No matter HOW long you leave the salmon to rot in a hole in the ground covered with salt, it never tastes like this."

Shadow Lodge

"That would be because people who aren't goblins don't leave their food in a 'rot hole' before they eat it. We use more than just salt to add flavor too." Lillith says as she eats a fig tart. "Hmm, I've been away from inns too long. This is delicious."

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

"I can see I've been missing out on more than just lessons in etiquette. The figs, at least, I recognize. Don't see why they need to be dressed up so fancy though."

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 6 HP: 39/39 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 9/9 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

"It's called presentation, my friend. The crust is also rather tasty, especially if it soaks up some of the juice from the figs. I like the salmon myself. We may have to steal away the inn's cook."
Terri gets up and stretches her arms and back out, the tip of her braided hair dips to within a couple of inches from the floor.
"I believe Nazdip had the right of it. I'll be needing a nap before tonight. See you this evening."
And with that Terri's off to see about getting a room.
If she's able to secure one, she'll share it with Lillith if Lillith doesn't mind splitting the cost.

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

Nazdip climbs a tree close enough to the tavern to keep half an eye on things, and hangs his hammock between two limbs.

Take 10 on climb = 19

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

Muroi will stay in the tavern, resting and drinking fruit juices. He wants to know more about the bandits. He will ask information about them to the woman who works here, if time lets to talk and she wants it. And He will listen to people who come to eat or drink something. Muroi will stay quiet. He doesn´t want to disturb no one.

Diplomacy to gather information 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Perception to listen and see what happens in the tavern 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

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