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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pint-Sized Kings (Inactive)

Game Master Count Buggula

Halflings need a kingdom of their own!

Current Characters

Ekan Waterfield

Male Human Monk-4 (HP: 36/36; AC 19, 18t, 16ff; F+6,R+6,W+7)

played by Ridge (906 posts)
Mistress Kayltanya
Shadow Lodge Lillith Leagallow

played by Dragonborn3 (84 posts)
Jeggare Noble

Male Halfling Sorcerer (Starsoul) 1

played by gfvelastegui (97 posts)
Fire Giant
Nazdip Stinkblade

Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

played by Aoth Anskuld (113 posts)
Odo Tealeaf

male halfling druid

played by Jaspen (42 posts)
Trinia Sabor
Terri Riverrun

Female Human Cleric of Shelyn 7 HP: 45/45 NL: 0 | AC 16/10/16 | F +5, R +4, W+9 | Per:+4, Init: +0 | Channel: 8/9, Bit of Luck: 7/7, Touch of Good (+3): 7/7 Card: Desert | Harrow Points: 2

played by AdamWarnock (697 posts)

Current NPCs

The Green Faith
GM Buggula

played by Count Buggula (101 posts)

Previous Characters


Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99
(1,500 posts)

Aoth Anskuld

(72 posts)
Count Strahd Von Zarvoich
Liberty's Edge Count Buggula

(978 posts)

(245 posts)
GM Fnord

played by Aoth Anskuld (566 posts)
Cayden Cailean
Rauno Kaln

Male Human Arcane bloodlined Sorcerer (Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype)

played by dathom (32 posts)

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