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"Peacemaker Campaign Saga" for the Shadowlands Campaign Setting

Game Master BlackStarStudios

The game begins in Mtol Daerine, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Saemyyr and the home of the Brotherhood of Magus. A murder is committed with ties back to the Brotherhood and a mysterious death which occurred five years ago.

Please post your characters here so I can add them.

NOTICE: This is a private, pre-established game. Characters posted to this thread are from players who have already been approved for this game. Once our in-character thread goes live, however, we invite all of you to follow along!

Black Star Studios, LLC


Bijannar Su-Sin wrote:


Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Looking forward to picking some pockets...

::tightens his purse springs and gives Thomi a menacing look:::

Sorry to all who are in interested in participating! Unfortunately the campaign itself is closed to the main development team of BlackStar Studios - Jaye Sonia, John Maki, Stephen Michael DiPesa, Jonathan Roberts and Ben Cacchione, but we encourage all Shadowlands fans to ask questions and interact with us during the course of the campaign!

The campaign will premiere a number of new and exciting rules for the setting and we hope you will help us in evaluating them!

Best wishes to all!



My, Brother Su-Sin. That is a rather convincing menacing look you've got there.

Trying this again.

Bijannar looks at Toran and begins casting!

Spellcraft DC 10:

Explosive Runes! BAM! Also - our in character interaction should take place on the "game" thread. Of course, while we wait....

Thomi and Varan,

Can you guys post really brief character concepts on this message board and the discussion board? The system needs to see a couple of posts from you before it adds you to the campaign.



Aegwyn saunters in and gives the others a curious glance.

So precisely how obvious is it that Varan is an antipaladin? I mean, occupation - archon of the dark lord isn't exactly beating about the bush :)

Varan's not sporting a black skull codpiece or anything like that, if that's what you mean. He's more in the vein of stylish, compelling evil; I envision him as the sort of guy that you know it's a bad idea to fall in with, but he's just so damned charming.

That said, I imagine that he tends to dress in "sinister-chic" and wears his holy symbol (a coiled serpent with the head of a lion) fairly prominently, unless he's undercover.

Concept stuff, as requested:

A lesser nephew of the royal house of Dard, Varan Urquman was spurned by his father as a failure for his utter lack of talent for the arcane arts. As a young man, he became an acolyte in the Church of Ialdabaōth and soon after began his training as an Archon of the Lord of Misrule. After several years’ schooling in Urqumant, followed by nearly a half-decade of (mis)adventures in the Tar Sequin port city of Tarina and in Vól Drathac, a Toráni city on the ragged edge of the nightmarish Shadowlands, he has arrived in Mtol Dærine, to serve there as one of Ialdabaōth’s holy warriors. Two years on, and Varan is well-established in the bustling metropolis as a paladin to the Dark Lord, also known to the Mtol Dærask as Il-Malokh.

::braces for impact from the spell::

::realizes the explosive runes give his face an ashy darkness that complements his mustache::

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Question for everyone:

I noticed several of the characters have Mtol Dærask (Har Masa) listed, but Har Masa is a few thousand miles east of Mtol Dærine, isn't it?

Don't we want Mtol Dærask (Dærini)?

Good to know. Well, as Aegwyn's god is CN he probably won't object too much if Aegwyn throws a few cure spells in the direction of a charming miscreant.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Ever the wanderer and street child, Thomi Gallowshade (aka Thomi) has scrabbled a living from the opportunities present in Mtol Dærine for a person with deft hands and light fingers. While the chaotic nature of his personality drives his penchant for placing the valuables of others in his own pockets, he prefers to obtain such riches using stealth and misdirection rather than the brute force tactics of the common street thug. Obstacles such as locks and traps are seen as a challenge rather than a deterrent, and Thomi is well-versed in the art of gaining access to places he does not belong. His familiarity with the dark places in Mtol Dærine allows him to traverse all parts of the city in the shadows.

Thomi maintains a room in a flop house in the nondescript area of town for a place to rest and count purloined treasures. The door to his room is soundly locked, barred and trapped, and seldom used - he prefers to slip out of a window and into the alleyway at night. When low on funds, burglary and theft provide a decent income. When bored, his skill at throwing daggers provides both coppers and practice as he harvests vermin for the municipal rat bounty.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

The look on my face is from a Stinking Cloud trap.

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