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"Peacemaker Campaign Saga" for the Shadowlands Campaign Setting

Game Master BlackStarStudios

The game begins in Mtol Daerine, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Saemyyr and the home of the Brotherhood of Magus. A murder is committed with ties back to the Brotherhood and a mysterious death which occurred five years ago.

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Good luck and stay warm! Hopefully it will be a well deserved mini-vacation! If a bit snowy...

The Exchange

Owner of Storm Bunny Studios, LLC

Meh. March outside right now and tell that blizzard where to go.

(If it needs directions, send it to Canada.)

The Exchange

Owner of Storm Bunny Studios, LLC

Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes Chris. It's not often I get to turn 36 on the 36th day of the year!! Whoooohooooo!

Just as an FYI - yesterday I picked up the "Ultimate Campaign" book and it's AWESOME! Probably one of the best Paizo books I have seen in a while and will be absolutely required for Peacemaker!

Grand Lodge

Male Human Level 5 Rogue

I have a copy coming via snail mail - can't wait to see it!

The Exchange

Owner of Storm Bunny Studios, LLC

I'd love to say I'm overwhelmed by this book, but I'm not. There are some awesome options in here, don't get me wrong (and I really, really love the Honor Rules), but there's a lot of "Meh" here, too. Some of the mass combat rules will appeal to folks who loved the old D&D Cyclopedia, but otherwise, it's really focused on stuff that a good GM would otherwise be doing in the background, anyway. So, while it's nice to have rules for building your keep and employing cooks, it's probably out of scope for a lot of groups.

Female Human (Valgaard) Oracle 5

I've seen some chatter about it. I think I'll run over and grab the pdf.

Jaye - totally agree, although that said, I love the rooms options for buildings and also most of the rules for kingdom building. Both of which we will need for Peacemaker! :D

Male Belaran Tegan (Halfling) nomad Brotherhood Adept 5 (Order of Mahrka)

Yeah, I think it's non-problematic if it's beyond the scope of many groups' gaming needs -- it's a non-core book, which people only get if they have need of it.

Of course, I haven't seen it yet. ;) But the quality of every other Pathfinder book I've seen yet gives me faith in the quality of what they did choose to include in it!

The Exchange

Owner of Storm Bunny Studios, LLC

Chris - I'll continue to look through it. Maybe it will grow on me. As for the sake of continuity, agreed. Because I do like Paizo's system (obviously) and because most of their mechanics tend to be clean (although some do annoy), I tend toward being inclusive of released products in place of recreating the wheel. But you already know that.

Grand Lodge

Male Human Level 5 Rogue

I will be on business travel from tomorrow until Sunday, but have a netbook with me. So, as long as the hotel has WiFi I should be able to check in during the evening hours.

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Female Human (Valgaard) Oracle 5

Woot! A battle.

Male Human (Karsab ethnicity) Brotherhood Adept 4/Aristocrat 1

FYI, Bijannar starts to hum this suggestive tune as he finishes his glitterdust spell.

Female Human (Valgaard) Oracle 5



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