PbP Gameday VII: Pathfinder Module: Murder's Mark [Tier 1-2]

Game Master Uktar

Murder’s Mark is an adventure of mystery, illusion, and mob justice for 1st-level characters.

Murder's Mark

Murder’s Mark is an adventure of mystery, illusion, and mob justice for 1st-level characters.

PLEASE NOTE: This will run long, i.e. we'll definitely be playing into the second session of PbP GD VII. So do not signup with a character that you want to play in a scenario in the second session of PbP GD VII. The good news is that if you successfully complete the mission, you will receive 3 XP and 4 prestige (or 1.5 and 2 if Slow progression).

Murder's Mark product page

FYI: I tend to run a very active campaign, so if you can't post daily (for the most part), please don't sign up. And if you'll be offline for a few days, please be sure to let us know.

Be sure to post from your character's profile at least a week before the game starts. Ideally, you should have a completed profile by then, but since this is low tier, as long as the profile is complete by the start date, August 13, that'll be fine.

I would like to join with my Shaman Tareal.

geez, Helikon, let a fella finish editing his initial recruitment post. LOL. Now I suppose I'll go offically post this to the PbP GD page...

Oh, and welcome aboard...Shamanquistor Helikon (yes, I saw your first, pre-edited post). You have the first slot, for whatever level 1 PC you prefer (or level 2, if you haven't played this with a level 2 yet). You don't need to make the final call on which PC until early August.

I read it was for level 1 only :-)
I have a few chars from melee, ranged to heal, so I can provide what is needed most.

Scarab Sages

Hello, I would also be very interested! ;-)

Player: noral
Character: Aryas
PFS: 314670-5
Faction: Scarab Sages

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Interested with either my level 1 paladin or level 1 warpriest of Gorum

Silver Crusade


Effie is the girl who ran away from the circus (albeit not the umbral carnival), so this could be really interesting for her.

She's level 2, gunslinger/bard.

The Exchange

Interested with my Level 2 Halfling Rogue Jaretti

Player: Thereus, Silver Crusader
Character: Jaretti
PFS: 90808-21
Faction: Exchange

Thanks for running!

Dark Archive

Level 1 dwarf sorcerer, undead bloodline.

Player: Archmage of Entropy
Character: Rumple Dergskin
PFS: 53482-6
Faction: Dark Archive

He has only run one adventure. But at least he now has a wand of inflict light wounds so heals are not as hard to come by (if we have a cleric).

Liberty's Edge

I have a few characters that would qualify

Have two character available.

Nuethro Hisk a L2 Unchained Monk.
Aurk Threelhammer a L1 Druid.

Dark Archive

I'd like to partake! 1st level Elven Magus, at your service.

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First come, first served.
Our team of players:
1) (Helikon)
2) Aryas Aatish
3) (Ietsuna)
4) Effie Gee
5) Jaretti Thengral
6) Rumple Dergskin

7) Ylania Greenbriar
8) Banesama
9) Athalis Faerahrn

Everyone: Be sure to check in the week before the August 13 start. And get your profile updated with all character info by August 12th.

Waitlisters: if you sign up for a different game and no longer have eligible PC (and wouldn't want to start a new one), please come back and withdraw from this game.

Scarab Sages

Thanks a lot GM Uktar!

I am looking forward to this game!

P.S. If you bring a lot of level 2 PCs, most combats will be cakewalks. Still plenty of fun to be had, but forewarned is four-armed, as we kasatha are fond of saying...

Dark Archive

Got into another game, so please feel free to drop from the waitlist. Thanks, and have fun everyone!

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