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PbB PvP Arena (Inactive)

Game Master ciretose

Liberty's Edge

I had an idea for a PvP format that I wanted to throw out there and see if it sticks.

Everyone starts with a first level character built with a 25 point buy and starting equipment as an alias.

Combatants meet in a series of fixed arenas in premade map environments, perhaps using battlemats on Google Docs.

Contestants that win gain XP and prize money equal to ¼ of the WBL for the level above you. For example, a fight between two 1st level characters would pay 250 gp to the winner (1/4 of 1000 WBL for 2nd level characters).

If you are rendered unconscious you lose. If you die, you either pay to be brought back or your die.

You can have individual or team formats, where XP and gold are increased proportionally.

As time passes, players will rise in level and power. Factions will likely form, Champions will emerge.

Thoughts? Interest?

What content is allowed?

Liberty's Edge

I would say any use the PFS guidelines for allowed material.

I would put a copy of that in the OP.

Oh damn, this looks seriously cool. Should we whip up aliases and post them here? I like the idea of the fights starting at first level and going up from there, since it means that you can't optimize a wizard for 12th level PvP and have it be viable unless it could beat up a 1st level Barbarian 11 levels ago :D.

How big of level disparities will you allow to result? Fifth level champions mowing through first level new recruits.

Perhaps allow a one-level disparity if both players agree, and assign more winnings to characters that beat higher level opponents and less for those who beat lower level opponents. Maybe even bonuses for combats that take place in more hazardous environments?

Also, would you use Performance Combat rules?

Liberty's Edge

Jehova wrote:
Oh damn, this looks seriously cool. Should we whip up aliases and post them here? I like the idea of the fights starting at first level and going up from there, since it means that you can't optimize a wizard for 12th level PvP and have it be viable unless it could beat up a 1st level Barbarian 11 levels ago :D.

This was my thought as well.

I would suggest creating your alias and posting a challenge.

Righto. Will you be personally checking over characters for legality? PvP is one place you reaaaaaally don't want rule mistakes, as people will get very upset if they lose because someone else had more gear than they should have had. May I also suggest disallowing a few traits, such as rich parents, which give first level characters a significant advantage?

Liberty's Edge

I would suggest the players who are challenging each other have the most "skin in the game" as it were. I will skim, but I doubt you would agree to a challenge with someone playing what you consider a "broken" build.

Well, if the players themselves are choosing who they fight, we'll just have people only choosing combat against those they think they could beat. If same-levelled characters were randomly chosen to fight one another, the builds would need to be well balanced against everyone. That would also lead to more combat and less hanging around making and declining challenges. Just my two cents.

EDIT: It would also prevent someone seeing a build that said "I'll challenge anyone", and immediately going and making one that could beat it. There could still be challenges of some sort, especially when dealing with different levelled characters. Again, this is just opiniony stuff, I still want to make an alias or two and try some arena fighting no matter what system we use :P


Liberty's Edge

Here is how I envision it going.

Let’s say I want to make Bob The Destroyer. I create an Alias for Bob and post his stat sheet in the Alias.

Then I post in the forum “I Bob the Destroyer issue a challenge to all of you cowards to face me at (X location posted on Google Docs or equivalent) with (X basic ground rules)!”

People look at Bob’s stats, the map, the ground rules, and they decide if they want to accept the challenge. If they do, they respond with their character alias they made.

Bob then decides who he wants to fight them after looking at the characters challenging him. The two agree to a location and any ground rules they want to put in place.

If Bob is “Broken” or cheating, people will not accept his challenge. If one of Bob’s challengers is broken, Bob won’t accept their challenge.

If they agree to fight, they grab a neutral third party they can both agree to as a Ref and they run the combat using the dice rollers. When the fight is over, they both report back and the winner is “awarded” the XP and prize money. If either side feels cheated and the Ref they picked can’t resolve it, it comes back to the forum to discuss.

If someone cheats, no one will accept their challenges, so the system basically self polices.

That seems like it would certainly work for most fights. I guess the issue I had is just that if Tim the Enchanter challenges Bob the Destroyer, and Bob sees that Tim has Sleep with a DC of 15, and Bob's will save is -1, it's unlikely Bob will accept that challenge. Giving the players the opportunity to examine one another's character sheet before they fight seems like it would make things more fair, but more boring. I'm not worried about cheating as much as players creating rock-paper-scissors characters that get to see what the other guy chose before the contest.

Liberty's Edge

But if you accept a challenge from scissors and you are playing paper, shame on you.

Cheesey one trick pony builds have to find suckers who fall for the trick.

Nazard wrote:

Also, would you use Performance Combat rules?

@ ciretose - Can you give an answer to this question please?

Liberty's Edge

Fallen_Mage wrote:
Nazard wrote:

Also, would you use Performance Combat rules?
@ ciretose - Can you give an answer to this question please?

I am not familiar with them. I was going to look them up when I wasn't on a phone.

Ahh, also, when you said Pathfinder Society rules, how many of them did you mean? Do characters start with 150 gp, or with wealth according to their classes? Can we use campaign traits from PFS gained from factions? Do wizards get Spell Focus instead of Scribe Scroll at first level? Is it PFS hp per level? Can we play goblins/kobolds/ratfolk? How about Dragon Empire races? Are evil alignments allowed?

Also, doesn't this lead to paper only playing against paper? If paper challenges rock, rock would be a fool to accept the challenge, and if paper is challenged by scissors, it would be foolish to accept. Players are also able to look at every aspect of their prospective challenger beforehand to figure out their chances against them. That's what I meant about more fair and more boring. If only balanced characters play against one another, it's purely the dice that decide the outcome, and is not nearly as exciting.

Dark Archive

Dotting. Also, I agree that matches should be scheduled. Otherwise, nobody is going to accept a challenge unless their build has the upper hand, mechanically.

Liberty's Edge

Class starting gold, no traits (unless you take them as feats), wizards get scribe scroll. Races and classes allowed are the same as PFSm

As to rock paper scissors, keep in mind you will have to level, buy items, use items, etc....

Speaking of which you can sell items for half as you upgrade.

Liberty's Edge

Matches will not be scheduled. This is not a tournament. If you want to create a pbp for scheduled matches and tournaments, feel free. That is not what this is.

Having it be between the players removes having to have a lot of fighting over the governance. It also makes the system self policing and removes any issues if someone doesn't show for a match or stops posting.

This is a forum and a format for players to face off with other players, why also leveling within a system.

Scheduling will be between players.

Liberty's Edge

If you don't take matches, you can't level. Part of the game is getting others to fight you.

Liberty's Edge

Because this seems to have died, let me explain my position in more detail. I view it like Boxing. Boxers try to pick advantageous fights early in their career to learn to be able to take all comers later.

As an example of how I envision an arena fighters “life” going, let me describe a build I would consider.

Lets say I wanted to build a Dwarf Monk with Steel Soul to take advantage of the ridiculous saves. Early on, I’m going to try to get fights with casters more than martial classes, and even with my saves I can probably get quite a few casters to take me up on it so I can level up and save money.

As I go up in level, I’m going to try to pick up abilities that let me deal with more types of fights, because I’m going to have less options for fights as I go up in level. I could become a trip monkey, or grapple specialist. I would probably use a lot of non-lethal damage so people would be more willing to fight me, as they wouldn’t be risking having to pay for resurrection services if the fight goes badly.

Eventually the options to fight are going to get less and less as I go up in level. To keep moving up I won’t be able to dodge fights. The only income for the game is winning, and paying for resurrection and/or potions and other single use items will weaken my vs others at my level if I don’t keep winning and force me to retire the character.

And if it is popular, peer pressure on the boards for match ups people want to see will also help.

And of course, there will also be opportunities for team on team fights, or individual vs group fights. All of which will build the reputation of the player as well as the resources and XP.

It isn’t about each fight, it is about the career. Each person should be able to manage each of their fighters, as managing a stable of fighters is part of the game.

ciretose since it's dead, can you please go to the campaign tab, click edit and check inactive campaign.

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