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Pathfinder 5012 (Inactive)

Game Master Zachman08

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Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1


Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

Lvl 2 HP roll: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

1d8 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

HP roll:
1d8 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

HP roll:
1d8 ⇒ 1

edit per Zach ... taking 4

Male Human Game Master 14 / Computer Tech 8 / Programmer 1

Updated my Profile so it has my full sheet with all of my stats, skills, and equipment.

Firebottom doesn't waste much time in claiming a small cramped space for himself below deck of the Chum Guzzler. When the rest of the party looks into the small quarters its hard to see where the mess of the previous residents ended and the tattered belongings of the goblin begin.

With his traveling spellbook on his left he's slowly leafing through the tome he'd recently found discarded at the magic school. "Hmm, I can use this one," he mutters to himself as he scrawls with his left hand into his own book of alchemy. "What else. What else."

He turns another page while a small beaker bottles on the desk next to him.

From below everyone hears a muffled POOOM sound. There's a moment of silence and then the sound of coughing rises towards the main deck.

Firebottom pokes his head through a hatch and he's looking a little sootier than normal. "I thinks I'm on to something," he sputters. "If this works, any chance I might be able to get a meeeeeere ..." The word trails off as he does a quick calculation in his head. "Ah yeah! A mere two hundred gold from that great trunk we found. I'll set up more of a lab down below. Explosions all around!"

The goblin drops back below deck and then his head pops back up again. "Think about it?" And then he's gone again. After a few minutes there's another POOOM from down below and more coughing.

Craft Alchemy check > 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25

OUT-OF-CHARACTER: Firebottom will spend 13 gp 4 sp on materials, he actually has that left over from character creation. Based on that crafting check, he'll end up with two Alchemist Fire flasks by the next adventuring session.

Male Half-Elf (Lergeni/Wild Elf) Inquisitor (Preacher) 2

Not wanting to be stuck sleeping in the barracks, Berathram finds a cabin to stay and claims it as his own. If the captains' room is the only private quarters available, he has no qualms about taking it.

Alone in his room, Berathram would have spent a number of hours praying to Aroden about whether or not his deeds have been honorable. He says that he expected the greatest challenge to be in Absalom, the end of his pilgrimage, but the men Aroden has put in his path are not what he expected. If it is Aroden's will, he'll continue to watch over them, but a couple of them don't understand finesse.

During this time Berathram feels a divine energy surround him and realizes that he can see faints auras emanate from people if he concentrates on them. His traveling companions make for good practice as he trains this new skill - without their knowledge. Also, he invests much time in reading the History and Future of Humanity to enlighten himself on new spells.

Afterwords, not pleased with the state the ship is in, gathers everyone willing to help and cleans up a majority of the mess. The community gold chest is moved to the bridge. Berathram clears off the table, leaving some parchment, an inkwell, and inkpen there. He requests that everyone write down purchases they would like to make towards improving the ship. With that, he starts the list with a few considerations:

- ship license and registration
- first aid stock
- construction supplies and tools for repairs
- new containers for fresh water and food
- nautical map

Berathram would also advise an inspection of the ship to ensure everything is in good condition. Having such a poorly taken care of vessel rot and fall apart on the sea is something he'd prefer to not leave to chance. If the life boats are unusable, he would add a couple of them to the list as well.

Although Sterk volunteered to captain the ship, which he's more than welcome to, Berathram is of the opinion that more than one person should know how ships work. He says that he will study the basics in the unfortunate circumstance that Sterk is incapacitated.

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6
Berathram Sundén wrote:
Although Sterk volunteered to captain the ship, which he's more than welcome to, Berathram is of the opinion that more than one person should know how ships work. He says that he will study the basics in the unfortunate circumstance that Sterk is incapacitated.

You can use knowledge nature to pilot a ship and it is the same as if you had prof sailor. Also you can use a straight wisdom check if you have neither at a hindrance or to assist without a problem. I do agree that we should all eventually have the skills required but its not imperative.

I suggest everyone takes a look at this PRD Vehicles entry and reads this section so we are all familiar with the rules of vehicles before we go sailing and run into a Kracken.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

There are 2 days between last session and the next one so you have plenty of time to do what you want to do

All the things on the list will cost 50 gp
There is one functioning life boat is on board.
The vessel is in a decent state but could use a bit of repair. (I would need a craft(carpentry) check or you guys could hire someone to fix it for you).

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

Bregen searches the ship for a place to put his stuff, he eventually comes across a small but spacious room and decides to place his belongings in it. After spending some time looking through his new accommodations he sits and rests for a bit, then he thinks to himself, "Now that I'm not tied down with my studies, I can finally devote some free time to my crafting!" He then starts to clear some space in his room and sets up a small work shop in preparation for his work, "I can focus on my wood working for now and I'll practice my magic crafting a bit more so I don't rune any items... or make a cursed one again, Prof Reuin was so mad about that, but what are the odds it will happen again?" Once Bregen is done he looks around the rest of the ship and sees the construction tools and supplies and that Berathram got and thinks to himself, "Well, I guess I can start my new hobby by helping to fix this ship."

Once he is done working on the ship he leaves a note on Berathram's door saying, "If you need me I'll be fixing the ship, I would appreciate it if at some point we could get some masterwork tools to replace these common ones... it will make my life so much easier. Also if we are going to be sailing our new home we will probably need to hire some deck hands to assist. While that might be expensive we can always subsidize the cost by hauling some cargo or passengers with us. Who knows, we may even earn a bit extra to help with the purchase of some new equipment!"

I have knowledge nature so I can assist in sailing if necessary. However, once I have the appropriate feats and skills I would much rather be crafting Wondrous Items to subsides our purchases and make items that will be able to help us in our adventures (like cloaks of resistance and many other magical items, I will be able to pretty much make what ever you can think of by using the craft magical items guidelines). Also I have Craft (Carpentry) so I can make repairs to the ship if necessary.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

My attempts to repair our ship with the supplies the Berathram brought aboard:

Day 1 Craft (Carpentry): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Day 2 Craft (Carpentry): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

If these helped Bregen did it, if not it was Firebottomstik.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

Firebottom sinks the ship

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

The post I made is not here. Weird. I will repost.

Sterk adds 3 items to the list.

- Sextant
- Compass
- Star Chart

Sterk while helping to clean, carefully searches for any smuggling compartments (taking a 20, which is 22 perception). If asked he tells them what he is looking for.

After the ship is (relatively) cleaned he claims a bunk as close to the stern of the ship as possible and sets of a workplace for his magical studies.

He goes out to the library and picks up a few books on Marine Navigation and Ship Maintenance and Repair and leaves them on the bridge.

He shares his knowledge, gained from his time helping on the Horizon (the ship he sailed on to Absalom), of how to sail and maintain a ship to anyone willing to learn.

He also helps with the heaving lifting and takes direction from Bregen with the ship repairs.

Generic Craft> 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Generic Craft> 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Knowledge (Nature) > 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

Berathram comes back to the captain's cabin to find one of the sheets of parchment smudged with sooty goblin-sized hand prints.

Firebottomstik wrote:

"Knot sure bout boat stuffs butt we kneed to talk bout the ship graveyard and getting thru it some time. Maybe.

Pee Ess - Can I has some gold to buy more supplies? Bombs and other surprises!!!! 50? 100 wood be grate! And don't forget about that other 200 I need."

If the party decides to give Firebottom 50 gp, he's going to buy Thieve's Tools for Disable Device and other supplies for alchemist fire and other craft items. If he gets the 100 gp then it will be for Masterwork Thieve's Tools (skill +2). The 200 he originally asked for was for a full-on Alchemist lab kit (skill +2).

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer
Firebotomstick wrote:
If the party decides to give Firebottom 50 gp, he's going to buy Thieve's Tools for Disable Device and other supplies for alchemist fire and other craft items. If he gets the 100 gp then it will be for Masterwork Thieve's Tools (skill +2). The 200 he originally asked for was for a full-on Alchemist lab kit (skill +2).

That sounds fine to me, hell I would be willing to give you a bit extra too if you start making some that we can sell, but I really don't care because who can say no to the Goblin that says Pee Ess instead of PS?

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

I am up for letting the little guy have 300gp for all he needs.

If we can make gp, I say we build a cart with "Doctor Firebottomstick "scientifically proven" remedies, potions, treatments, and devices to cure the woes of man and bring peace and well-being to all".

Being a snake oil salesman sounds like it would be fun.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer
Sterk wrote:

I am up for letting the little guy have 300gp for all he needs.

If we can make gp, I say we build a cart with "Doctor Firebottomstick "scientifically proven" remedies, potions, treatments, and devices to cure the woes of man and bring peace and well-being to all".

Being a snake oil salesman sounds like it would be fun.

I am more than willing to go along with that idea, hell with Craft (Carpentry) I can even make the cart. Then after some time we will be known as those badasses that "kick ass, take names, and sell remedies, potions, treatments, and devices to cure the woes of man and bring peace and well-being to all." I mean that rolls of the tongue lol (but back to the issue I am for the crafting for profit idea).

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

After taking a break from repairing the ship with Sterk, Bregen realizes that we have yet to return the Hat of Disguise. So he shuffles through some papers and starts to scribble a note on a relatively clean sheet.

"We need to make sure to return the Hat of Disguise before we leave, the merchant said we could only keep the Potions of Invisibility. I would have done this but last time I saw you had the the Hat."

After completing the note Bregen places it along side several others on Berathram's door.

Also I am using my remaining gp from character creation to purchase a set of MW Artisan tools, they give you a +2 on any craft check that you make so feel free to use them if you want.

Firebottom leaves the captain's quarters whistling an irritating goblin tune involving notes and sounds that have no place being next to each other. His smokey goggles pulled down over his day-sensitive eyes. Slung over his shoulder and held tightly in his little soot-covered green hand is a sack stuffed with gold.

"I's be back in a little bit peoples. I pick up some dinner treats too!" he calls back to no one in particular.

He starts to sing under his breath as he gets out onto the main deck of the ship ...

"Humies have a little town!
We will burn it down!
Burn it down! Burn it down!
Burn it to the ground!

"Kill the people!
Slay their beasts!
Take their things!
Eat their meats!"

Once down on the dock it doesn't take long for the little goblin to attract attention. From the deck of the Chum Guzzler it's possible to see a few local workers block his way for a few moments. After a few moments of civil conversation voices start to rise and then there's the high pitched screeching of goblin and what can only be assumed to be wild cursing.

"פייַער-דנאָ וועט פאַרברענען דעם דאָק צו די וואַסער. דיין שיפל. ניטאָ. זיין שיפל. ניטאָ. צוריק אַוועק איצט איר פאַרשטונקען יומאַנז אָדער פייער-דנאָ עסן אייער פֿיס און פינגער. געשמאַק געשמאַק מענטשלעך פינגער.

"Fire-bottom will burn this dock to the water. Your boat. GONE. His boat. GONE. Back away now you stinky humans or Fire-bottom eat your feet and fingers. Tasty tasty human fingers."

Confused, the dock workers back away from the seething goblin and cast a wary eye towards the Chum Guzzler. Strange things happened there recently and it looks to them like a new group has taken over. Most of them seem normal but what's with the goblin. One of the workers nods and smiles nervously as Firebottom resumes his trek towards town.


A few hours later the goblin comes strolling back towards the boat laden down with boxes and a few bags dangling from his belt. When he reaches the top of the gangplank he glances down at the charred decking and laughs to himself.

"Ahoy the boat," he hollers out in his high goblin voice. "I got a treat! Found a shop that sells fresh'ish pickles!" He scatters his supplies around the deck and dashes off to the galley to leave a jar of goblin pickles before coming back to resort his boxes and bags and bringing them below deck.

Plot Hook:

Zach, here are two rolls to see if Firebottom comes back from the alchemist shop with any information regarding his plot hook. Or at least the name of someplace he can head in-game.

Knowledge (Arcana) > 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Knowledge (Local) > 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

From the party loot (300 gp total) Firebottom picked up an Alchemist Lab to be set-up below deck. This will allow a +2 skill check. He also picked up Masterwork Thieve's Tools for a +2 Disable Device check. From his "own" pocket, he picked up more ingredients for Alchemist Fire and Smokestick ... and the Goblin Pickles! I'll figure out the exact amount and post the materials/cost in the discussion thread.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

Firebottom you get Awesome points for that, they can be used to make the DM agree to your crazy shenanigans

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

During another break Bregen grabs a sack of coins from his personal belongings and yells throughout the ship "I'm taking ONE gold piece from the chest, I'm going to go buy some tools for my self!" He then proceeds to take a single piece of Gold. He then leaves the ship and comes back several hours later with a new sealed box and a stupid grin. As he walks onto the ship he mutters to himself, "These are the first things that I have ever bought new, I'm going to take real good care of these..." He then sets them on display in his room for all to see, proud of his new purchase.

I purchased MW Artisan tools (I mentioned this earlier), I just needed one extra gp because I was one short from the gold I used from my character creation.

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

Sterk hustles to the side of the deck the moment he hears trouble and Firebottom yelling in goblin.

Goblin is one of Sterks known languages

Sterk laughs to himself and shakes his head as the humans let him pass.

Sterk goes back to checking the rigging and sails. When Firebottom returns, Sterk helps the little one carry with some of the boxes below deck while engaging in smalltalk with Firebottom.

Male Half-Elf (Lergeni/Wild Elf) Inquisitor (Preacher) 2

Knowing very little about carpentry, Berathram offers what help he can to fix up the ship:
Day 1: 1d20 ⇒ 8
Day 2: 1d20 ⇒ 10

In response to Bregen's note:
Berathram informs him, along with anyone else who has been requesting the use of funds, that everyone should use their own discretion when taking from the community chest. Though he prefers to oversee the goings on within the group, Berathram doesn't fancy himself to obsess over it. Although if he notices gold missing and somebody has some nice new tools, and they never contribute anything back to the chest, he'll see it fit to have some words with the person. In short: take what you need and ensure that you have a way to pay it back in a timely manner.

Hat of Disguise:
During his free time, Berathram would have ensured that the Hat of Disguise was returned to its owner. He'd thank the man for his assistance and that it would be in his best interest to not get in over his head again. Berathram leaves the man 5gp (from the community chest) to cover any damages and the loss of his assistant.

Also, Berathram takes some time to go out and restock on crossbow bolts. Uses his own funds.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

Early in the morning Bregen wakes up and starts to mill around the ship. Soon he remembers that someone suggested (he cannot remember who) that someone should pick up an astrolabe and compass. After spending some time thinking, he decides that he will pick these items up since he is already awake and because he wants to try and contribute as much as possible to his new home so that the others are more accepting of him (not that they haven't been accepting). He quietly grabs some gold from the community chest and heads off to the market. A little over an hour later Bregen returns with a new astrolabe and compass.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

The alchemist store you went to was for beginners and hacks. Your...way of asking for directions and news was not well received and you left the store with no new information.

For a mere moment Firebottom revels in the explosion of the Halfjack. The fireball it creates as it begins to disintegrate is exquisite.

Then he's hit by shrapnel and the concussive blast. Uh oh the goblin barely has time to think as he drops to the ground ...

Firebottom lies there next to the edge of the river of raw sewage bleeding.

Male Human Game Master 14 / Computer Tech 8 / Programmer 1

After the smoke clears Sterk takes a look around. He notices Firebottom on the ground. Sterk yells to Bregen, "Tend to Firebottom and Berath! Make sure they are alright!"

Sterk grabs Oleg Lighttouch and pulls him up onto the stone path. Grabs the twine from his belt pouch and using his knowledge of sailing ties Oleg's hands behind him (takes a 10). He tyes his hands 4 times to making sure the twine will hold.

Profession Sailing: 15

He then proceeds to gag him with a piece of his own cloths, by putting the long strip in his mouth and tying it around the back of his head (takes a 10), to keep him from trying to cast spells.

Sterk whispers to Oleg, as he painfully (as possible) pulls the grappling bolt out of him, "Don't try anything funny and I wont kill you for hurting the little one."

Intimidate: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Sterk drags Oleg away from the water and makes sure everyone else is OK without going to the other side. "Is everyone else all right?!"

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

Oleg attempts to escape but it is futile and after a bit of struggling, he gives up.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

After witnessing a spectacular explosion go off right in front of him, Bregen is stunned for a second. After he comes to his senses he scans around the dark dank tunnel and sees his Goblin friend lying on the ground. Bregen proceeds to draw a potion from his pack and says, "hold on Firebottom, I got you." He then administers the potion to him and makes sure that everyone else is okay before proceeding to help detain Oleg.

So remove 1 potion from our loot list, and I had a running list of stuff we had gotten during the last scenario on skype. I'm not sure if someone is making a comprehensive list of all gains and expenditures but I have some lists on the discussion thread and skype.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

rolling for firebottom's healing
1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

Firebottom bounces back to his feet after the healing potion courses through him body. Without missing a beat he laughs. "That was incredible! Did you guys see that thing go off. Wow!"

If there's anything left of the Halfjack, I'll start going through it for anything still in one piece.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

Ok I'm just going to run you guys through this so that you have time to rest and do whatever you want before the next session.

So the party picks up the Halfling and then gets guided out of the sewers by the Shadowfang guide you hired. I'm going to guess you strip him of his equipment and he has a wand of magic missle (20 charges), a ring of protection +1, and 2 dead half-eaten rats. (Firebottom, the Halfjack is pretty much scrap now and there is nothing useful.) You emerge from the sewers all smelly and hurt.

You then deposit said halfling back into the care of Artificer Sebastion. He thanks you and for your help he lets you keep the wand of Disrupt Construct and give you the Customized Halfjack you were promised (he took out the bomb and gave it a cortex). He calls it Gunter (yes it is a mechanical penguin). Stats are below.


Halfjack (Small Custom Construct)
Stats: Str 14, Dex 18, Con -, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 2
Defenses: Hardness 10/adamantine HP 21, AC 24 (Touch 16, FF 19), CMD 18
Attacks: Bite+0 (1d3+2)
Special Abilities:
Construct Traits
Custom Cortex: the Sphere inside gives the construct Intelligence as well as other undiscovered bonuses, if the Cortex was removed then the Halfjack would stop functioning.
Assistant: Once per day Gunter can assist in one Craft or Profession check (auto gains a +4 to check).
Energy dependent: You must feed 1 coal per 24 hours into the Halfjack's boiler or else it stops functioning.
Jet Stash: Sprays a liquid in a 15-foot line (he vomits it). Right now its cleaning solution.

After he gives you Gunter. He asks if you recovered any of Oleg's journals, implying that he would pay to have them back (choice is yours).

Once you return to your ship there is a note and a bag on the table in the hold. It merely states "For your help - Your point of contact". In the bag is 200 platinum pieces.

You now have 3 days before s&+* hits the fan.

Firebottom snacks on the remains of the rats on the way back to the docks. By the time the party returns to the ship the rats are "all-eaten". Behind the smoked goggles his eyes widen when he sees the bag of coins.

"Gentlemen, this calls for some celebration! I need to run below for some quick calculations on what's brewing down there but later we must drink."

With that the goblin runs off to his lab. A few moments later the goblin's high pitched voice wails from below. "Don't forget to add coal to the shopping list! Pickles for the goblin and coal for the Gunter!"

I'll do some rolls a bit later to see what Firebottom is able to mix-up in the next few days. We've got plenty of healing potions still so I'm going to try and squeeze in a few bottles of Alchemist Fire if possible.

Not long after going below deck the goblin pops back up out of a hatch. "Okay, okay I's off to the shoppe to pick up a few treats," he yells to no one in particular. Then once he's halfway down the gangplank to the dock he turns and dashes back onto the boat and into the captain's quarters.

Appearing moments later he's holding two platinum pieces over his head as he runs off towards the market. From the boat, his words seem to trail echo and trail after him as he disappears into the crowds. "Buying coooooooooal annnnnnd piiiiiiiicklllllllles!"


After finding a small bag of lump coal (no idea how much that would cost) and a shop that sells not only cheap Goblin Pickles but wine fit for humans, Firebottom heads off to a different Alchemist shop then he'd been to the week before. Rude, rude people in there. Not going there again. Kicking me out like that.

Plot Hook:
Where diplomacy failed at the last shop, Firebottom slides a platinum piece onto the counter when he asks the shopkeeper if they've heard any rumors about more explosive alchemical mixes or the name of someone Firebottom might be able to check with.

Knowledge (Local) > 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
Knowledge (Arcana) > 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27


"Ahoy Chum Guzzler," screams Firebottom as he comes back to the ship from his errands. "I got you big people some wine! The shop keep who sells me pickles says you'll love it." He absentmindedly drops the wine skin onto a coil of rope as he heads down into the boat towards his workroom. His thoughts turned towards the bubbling liquids already at work below he starts to whistle an out-of-tune goblin melody.


Before starting to mix up any alchemist chemicals for the day, Firebottom first mixes and downs a dose of Crafter's Fortune. (This gives him a +5 bonus on his craft check.) Satisfied with what he's got lined up on the cramped workbench before him, the goblin sets to work.

Alchemy results:

Craft (Alchemy) > 1d20 + 11 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 11 + 5 = 24
In the 3 days before the next adventure Firebottom is able to mix up one flask of Alchemist Fire.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

I couldn't find any source that actually cited coal so I will say a gold piece gets a bag of 14. If anyone finds the actual source I will errata it

The shopkeeper looks annoyed at you but quietly takes the platinum piece. He says that this establishment is one of the best in the entire city but reluctantly gives you a list of some of his better competitors. It contains three names: Elzar's Elixers, The Tincture Kiln, and Blowing up Stuff, Inc. (which is run by another goblin). He warns you that the owner of Blowing up Stuff, Inc is insane and the owner of Elzar's Elixers is kind of a dick but then goes on to say that he doesn't think you care.

With you knowledge(arcana) you can tell that this place is leaps and bounds better than the other one but the proprietor is far from a master of the craft (he is about high apprentice level).

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

Sitting on the ship bored, Bregen starts to look through the ship eventually he comes upon the 2 pistols and the musket. Having nothing else to do he grabs his carpentry tools and starts to etch some engravings into the stocks.

Craft (Carpentry) Rolls:

1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 6 + 2 = 25
1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 6 + 2 = 28
1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 6 + 2 = 25

Both pistols and the musket are now ornately engraved with complex patterns and symbols.

Watching a batch of Alchemist Fire bubble away in his lab, Firebottom gnaws on the skeletal remains of a fish and kicks his legs back and forth on the high stool he inherited when he took over this little workshop room on the Chum Guzzler.

Singing quietly to himself he starts to a few rocky chunks into a powder.

Goblins be bored
Go out in a horde
Burn dah town down
Dahn to da groun'

Goblin eat a cat
A rat and a bat
Fish and bird
Puppy cut in a thurd


Craft (Alchemy) > 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12

Goblins be bored
Go out in a horde
Burn dah to ... OWWWWWE!

As the goblin continues to grind the components down into a powder he adds a single drop of liquid and the powder mixture bursts into a sudden flash of light. Imagine 12 matches going off at once.


Firebottom pokes his soot covered face out of a hatch from below deck. The rest of the party turns to glance down at him as he coughs innocently to get their attention. He pulls his goggles up onto his wide forehead leaving clean rings around his beady red eyes. "It ummm, kind of stinks down below. Yinz might not want to go dahn there for a bit."

He laughs nervously and the ducks his head back below deck.

The goblin wakes in the morning still on an adrenaline high from the battle against the Broker. Goblin hop on table. A bomb here BOOM! Elfie on fire! A bomb here BOOM! Birdie on fire! Rolling out of his tiny bunk he chuckles to himself and starts to mix up an extract (Crafter's Fortune) while he takes a sip of the tea he'd left bubbling over night. Really would taste better with a bit of talking cat in here.

He finishes the extract, pours it into the tea and guzzles the whole steaming mixture down. His eyes open wide and tilts his head back waiting for the impending belch. Beady red eyes dart from side to side waiting ... "BRRRRRAAAAAAAAP!"

Craft (Alchemy):
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (10) + 17 = 27 - One flask of Alchemist Fire will be ready by the next afternoon

And then he gets to work. Laughing again he talks out loud to his equipment. "And then, as soon as the Broker had managed to put himself out again. BOOM! He was on FIIIIIIIIARRRRE!" Grinding and stirring and mixing pretty quickly Firebottom lets out a little hmmmmmm.


Firebottom approaches Sterk with his arms outstretched and his palms facing forwards in a "I-didn't-do-anything" stance. "Hey, when did we say we were going after the bird-magus-warehouse-sewerpeople-thing? I've got something brewing up kind of quick downstairs and I wasn't sure if I had time to put another batch of Alchemist Fire on."


Later that evening after a run to Elzar's (BAM!) to chat formulas, Firebottom sits down with Oleg's organized journals to see if he's able to come up with anything new.

various rolls:

Knowledge (Arcana) > 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Spellcraft > 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22
(From a mechanical perspective) Disable Device > 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

Sterk wakes up in the morning, and stretches to the extent of his 6 ft height while laying in his hammock. He lies there gently swinging in his hammock with the motion of the boat. He glances over at his equipment sprawled out along the oak workbench.

He walks over to his work bench and starts sharping his Longsword in a methodical way, as almost in a trance. As he sharpens his blades he goes over the events of the previous 2 days. Going over every detail in his head to make sure nothing escaped him. The cowardly acts the Seabird Tengu had perpetrated in an attempt to kill them without a fight was cowardly and Illogical. He thought the cowardly behavior was more akin to the northern trolls then to intelligent races. This bothered Sterk more than a little. Before he knew it he was done sharping his Greatsword.

After sharpening both his swords, he studies his spell book and prepares his spells. Sterk puts on his adventure sash and weapon harness and put his Longsword and Greatsword in their sheaths. Our home has not very safe these days, cant afford to walk around without being armed.

As he is about to leave his room, Sterk glances over to the Enchanted handgun he had "acquired" from the weapon stand two nights before. Muttering to himself, "They cant be that complicated to make..." Thinking to himself, I have to get with the times, it takes hardly any skill to kill a man in full armor these days. Just point & pull and punch a whole in someones armor from 100 feet away. Sterk picks up the hand gun and his 12 alchemical paper shots and makes his way toward the upper deck.


Sterk is deep in thought has he walks through the common area. So much so he practically trips over Firebottom. "Sorry my friend. My mind was otherwise preoccupied." Sterk listens to his question. "We will be leaving to destroy those cowards in two days unless something comes up and we need to delay." Sterk expression changes suddenly to a quizzical look as he glances around the room. "Firebottom, I don't suppose you have seen Berathram around? He has been gone a while. He is a capable warrior but I fear for the worse."


Sterk lets Firbottom know that he is going out to search for a few crew members as they might need to leave the city in hurry. "I should be back in a few hours." Sterk says. He hands firebottom the journals acquired from the halfling artificer as Firebottom mentioned he wanted to look over them. After the conversation with Firebottom, Sterk leaves the ship.

If anyone wants to come with him, he will wait for them to finish what they are doing as long as it doesn't take more then 3 hours to finish. Its not that he wants to go alone, its that he doesn't want to interrupt any preparations he allies are involved in.

2nd flask of Alchemist Fire:
Craft (Alchemy) with help from Crafter's Fortune and Gunther > 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (16) + 21 = 37
A second flask will be finished up by the end of day three. Cost is 6 gp, 7 sp - will take it out of Firebottom's currently held cash.

Mid-afternoon on the second day after fighting with the Broker, Firebottom pulls himself out of a hatch mid-deck and calls out to the crew. "Ahoy Chum Guzzler! One flask of Fire finished up and was wondering if anyone was interested? The Gunther was a big help and there's another batch brewing up right now. Dat one is mine though." The goblin leaves the flask dangling from a hook next to the door of the captain's quarters. (The twine holding the flask and keeping the lid on, securely tied in place.)

Since moving onto the Chum Guzzler the goblin has taken to the odd habit of just generally speaking to the open deck of the ship. "Imma heading down to the end of dock to try something out," Firebottom calls out. Then, slinging a bag of alchemical components over his shoulder, the goblin heads down the gangplank towards the dock and then disappears.

Anyone watching from the deck of the ship would notice Firebottom picking up random pieces of wood. He particularly is going out of his way to scavenge discarded lids from crates.

A few minutes later the first explosion and sounds of splashing can be heard. Occasionally the sound of maniacal laughter and the raining down of small wooden bits can be heard as well.


Seven explosions later the goblin walks back onto the deck of the Chum Guzzler. He's soaked and stinks from being splashed with bay water. Picking a few wooden splinters out of his arms he turns to the party members who'd been watching him alternatively throw and blast pieces of wood off the end of the dock for the last 30 minutes.

"Yinz are gonna be happy to know, I think I've worked a few range issues out." Firebottom smiles at Bregen in particular. "Anyone want to volunteer for a test tomorrow? I've got some mixing to attend to down below now."

The morning of the third day, Bregen is standing next to Firebottom by the side of the ship shaking his head. The goblin is hauling up a net stuffed with the remains of fish that met their demise through various explosive means. The grinning goblin pulls a few fish out of the net and then lets it drop back into the bay with a splash. Flotsam and oily film swirl around the rope as the net sinks. A decomposing arm may or may not have surfaced for a moment.

"Seriously! I'm pretty sure I've got it figured out so that I'm not going to get anything on you when I throw a bomb. I just need you to stand at the end of the dock so that I can throw a bomb at you." Firebottom pauses a moment to consider his words. "Well, not at you! But you know what I mean. Kind of next to you. But you know. There's a chance and all. It's kinda windy out here sometimes."

Bregen just sighs and walks away.

"Okay. Okay. No bombs" today, the goblin says and thinks with a grin. "Tell the others that I'm off to Elzar Bam's again. I want to pick up a few things before we head out. Oh, and I took some coins from the cabin."

Firebottom left a note caked with fish scales and soot in the captain's quarters - "Took 10 platinums to go shop at the Bam!"


At Elzar's:

Once Firebottom makes it to Elzar's he isn't certain who to ask for but after examining several wands that look oddly like broken sticks he finally disappoints the old wizard once again and manages to get the employee who deals in poisons.

Thankfully for the goblin it's a no-nonsense transaction. He slides 10 platinum pieces across the counter. In return gets a vial of Drow poison and the components to mix up another batch on his own. Firebottom is slightly disappointed that this particular employee of Elzar's doesn't have a trademark sound effect to close out the transaction.

Drow Poison
Type poison, injury; Save Fortitude DC 13
Frequency 1/minute for 2 minutes
Initial Effect unconsciousness for 1 minute; Secondary Effect unconsciousness for 2d4 hours; Cure 1 save

With his purchase safely wrapped and tucked into the bottom of his backpack, Firebottom quietly leaves the shop and heads to quickly to the market where he manages to find a long reed blow gun and a few darts.


Once back onto the Chum Guzzler Firebottom uncharacteristically heads straight below deck. As he's about to disappear he thinks he catches someone watching him out of the corner of his eye and he abruptly yells out "It's a fishing pole!" Apparently indicating the long piece of bamboo he has tucked between his armor and backpack.

In his cramped cabin with the door locked behind him the goblin slowly unpacks his purchase from Elzar's and begins to sort through the alcehmical powders. The small vial with a minute amount of liquid in it, he carefully sets aside and then he sets to work on the components.

Once the goblin is confident everything is set and ready to go he completes the Crafter's Fortune admixture and downs the cocktail.

Alchemy results:

Craft (Alchemy) > 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (12) + 17 = 29

In just under 4 days Firebottom will have mixed up a single dose of Drow poison.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

The evening of the fight with the Broker Bregen has a hard time sleeping, so he decides to thumb through some of his old notes. He eventually comes across some pages regarding imbuing mundane items and clothing with magical properties. Remembering not doing well in this section Bregen begins to review the material to see where he went wrong. His muffled voice can be heard to those that are listing that night saying things such as, "Of Course! How did I not realize that before" and "This is so simple how could I have missed it!" In the morning Bregen wakes up and grabs some gp and pp from the chest and runs off to the market. He returns some time latter with some miscellaneous supplies and a scroll, he then proceeds to his room.

Spellcraft Check:

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14

After 8 hours, Bregen emerges with a new pair of gloves that give off a faint magical Aura. He then exclaims, "I did it! Hahah, take that Prof Runder!" Anyone that is curious can ask him and he will explain exactly what he did, which was crafting a pair of gloves that give a +3 enchantment bonus to Spellcraft. Bregen then returns to his room and goes back to reviewing he old notes.

The next day Bregen just mills around the ship watching he crew-mates. He is especially interested in what Firebottom is doing at the end of the dock and after watching for some time notices that the bombs aren't damaging everything in their radius and Bregen then mumbles, "That damn goblin is clever, I wonder how he pulled that off..." Later, while walking around the ship he comes across the Alchemist Fire and note from Firebottom and then takes both. "Hmm, I have been working on a new spell and I think this can boost it's effectiveness."

Later as he walks around the ship whenever he encounters someone he informs them that he can now make magical items and if they want something to just ask him and he will look through his notes to see if it is possible. *He is so excited about his new work he tells everybody this EVERY time he sees them for the rest of the day*

On the morning of the third day while walking on the deck of the ship Bregen is asked to be a test dummy by Firebottom. On the verge of saying yes after watching the goblin's impressive display a day earlier, Bregen looks down and notices that some of his gear still has scorch marks and remembering the pain politely shakes his head no and walks away. He returns to his room and will be there at the beginning of the next adventure unless some one need something from him.

I spent 45pp on making the gloves and 25pg on a Scroll of Crafter's Fortune so I didn't have to take a +5 to the difficulty of the Craft. The gloves will help me on future craft checks so that I do not ruin any items and waste a good amount of pp or gp by failing the craft check. Also I made a note of my expenditures on the Google Doc but I did not change the total amount of gp or pp we have left, I just noted the expenditures below it.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

I need knowledge local check from one of you to see how much you get to know about the sailors

Profession (Sailor) > 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8 - for quality of applicants
Knowledge (Local) > 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16 - for applicant backstory

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

As applicants approach and sign up Bregen attempts to strike up conversations with each one, asking questions such as past jobs, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and the reason why they are signing up.

Diplomacy:1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17

After talking to each one Bregen jots down some notes for each applicant so he can share the information he gleaned from each one with his crew-mates later.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (I think) Student 3/Bum 1

These are the applicants you got:

“Ray”: Teenage Taldan Human [Cost: 8 gold per month]
Ray is a handsome Taldan Human with messy blonde hair. He sports a cream colored tunic with a brown leather vest and a worn black tri-corn hat. His clothes look like they’ve been worn for 20 years but seem newly washed.

Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local): You’re pretty sure that Ray isn’t his real name but other than that his story checks out and his intentions seem benign. He says that he was born on the streets and learned that his father was a pirate and yearns to follow in his footsteps. He spends his time helping captains find a crew in hopes that they will also take him but his relative inexperience has prevented that. He is well liked in the Absalom Port District (especially by the ladies) but has a reputation of not being very smart, attentive, and being completely unable to read a situation.

Profession (Sailor): When Firebottom actually tests his knowledge of ships, he finds that Ray knows a lot for a teenager who has never been sailing before but talking to him about sailing is like talking to a textbook.

Ishmael Sharkskinner: Middle-Aged Dwarf [Cost: 15 gold per month]
Ishmael is a stout and muscular dwarf wearing nothing but an armored kilt (no, not even pants). He carries a wicked looking harpoon on his back and his left leg has been replaced with a peg leg. Numerous scars cross his face and his torso. He claims to be the best helmsman in all of Golarion but you can smell the alcohol on his breath from outside the bar.

Knowledge (Local): Ishmael was once a First Mate on a warship in the Taldoran Navy but had an unfortunate encounter with a Chelish vessel named the White Whale. The first encounter went poorly killing most of the crew aboard the Taldane vessel. Ishmael was unable to stop his blood thirsty captain from ramming the opposing vessel resulting in a huge explosion as gunpowder ignited and Ishmael being the only survivor of the battle, ironically floating in a coffin before a merchant ship picked him up 3 week later. He was drummed out of the service and became a drunk. Despite his drinking, many of his competitors will grudgingly admit that he is one of the best helmsmen in all of the Inner Sea Region.

Diplomacy: Ishmael will drunkenly recount numerous heroic adventures at sea and although he can’t seem to remember half the details, he doesn’t seem to be lying either. When asked about his peg leg, he states that he cut it off and ate it while stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Lady Ashlynn: Young Adult Human [Cost: 10 gold per month]
Lady Ashlynn is an open cleric of Besmara (which is very rare outside of the Shackles). She is a dark-skinned Female and wears very little in the ways of clothes although ornate tattoos cover most of her body. The most noticeable characteristic is her holy symbol around her neck and the Jolly Roger that is tattooed across her back.

Knowledge Local: An infamous figure around the Absalom port, Ashlynn will sign on with any crew that pays her enough. She is well known for being very frugal with her spells and divine abilities and while she will not charge for low level spells, she will charge for anything past a cure light wounds outside of battle. Despite her mercenary nature, she is well known for refusing to change sides when the enemy offers better pay, although she is also famous for killing sailors that mistake her for a whore.

Diplomacy: Bregen is surprisingly unable to get much out of her, as she is able to keep on steering the conversation towards how useful her healing abilities can be on a long voyage as well as her sailing experience (which is pretty damn good when tested by Firebottom).

Swish-Swish: Young Adult Kobold [Cost: 5 gold per month]
Swish-Swish is a wiry pitch-black kobold wearing a strangely pristine blue bandana marked with the Andoran Eagle. Wearing a tunic that is a bit too big for him and pants that are a bit too small, he introduces himself as Ensign Swish-Swish of the Andoran Navy with an almost comical salute.

Diplomacy: In a high-pitched voice and almost talking faster than you can comprehend, Swish-Swish relays his story to you. He was once a galley slave on board a Shackles ship freed by the Andoran privateers. Seeing the captain of the ship that vessel as something of a god, he implored the crew to let him join the crew. The crew initially laughed at him and refused (he is a kobold) but the captain strangely took a liking to him and let him join as a deck hand. Over the next year he became very fluent with the working of cannons on board the ship, being able to coax more power out of them than the Gunmaster. Unfortunately the captain of the ship was killed while facing Shackles pirates and the crew was reassigned a less heroic new captain. After a month the captain threw him off the ship and stranded him in the Shackles. Swish-Swish managed to make it all the way to Absalom before he learned that the new captain had reported him AWOL and he was now technically a fugitive. Looking for a way to redeem his name, he seeks to join a new crew and find a new place in the world.

Knowledge (Local): Many sailors would rather shoot themselves rather than sail with Swish-Swish as he apparently is the loudest, stupidest, and most annoying individual known to the Absalom port. Although it is well known that a few heavily armed merchant ships will hire him from time to time for his strange ability to make cannons more powerful than they should. It is also known that it the kobold is not very intelligent and does not know the concept of money and will usually get paid in cheap shiny baubles instead of actually money.

Thyra: Adult Undine [cost 12 gold per month]
The female humanoid’s dark blue skin seems like it keeps on shifting like the ocean itself. She wears colorful garments ranging from teal to light blue. Wherever she goes sailors say they can see the movements of the waves in her every step.

Knowledge (Local): Thyra is one of the deadliest knife fighters in all of Absalom as well as one of its’ most capable helmsman and navigators. It is said that more men die at the end of her knife than of filth fever in any given year. Nobody knows where she came from but she arrived in Absalom 3 years ago and promptly won a duel with several of the underground’s best fighters. Although her skills with a knife are legendary, many captains hire her for her connections to the black market of various ports that stretch across many nations. She has contacts reaching from the Shackles all the way to the Dragon Sea.

Diplomacy: Thyra will admit that nobody is a match for Ishmael when he is sober but she is also quick to point out that she could do a better job steering a ship blindfolded than Ishmael would do while drunk (which he often is).

Yoshimoto: Adult Tengu [Cost: Will travel for bed and board, about 3 Gold]
This male Tengu has pure white feathers that make him resemble more of a giant seagull rather than a raven. His only remarkable item is an ornate katana with a black Pegasus carved on the hilt.

Knowledge (local)/Diplomacy: This Tengu washed up on the shores of Absalom one year ago with no idea who he was or where he came from. He offers his services to captains of merchant vessels or privateer ships that travel around the world in order to attempt to find some place he recognizes. He is not a skilled sailor but he helps around the ship the best he can and will work for only room and board.

Zanzibar: Old Gnome [Cost: 12 gold per month]
An old mustachioed Gnome saunters up to the recruitment table and demands to be let into your ship. He wears a conical wizard hood on his head and ostentatious robes that are lined with silver. He carries an oversized backpack that seems to be stuffed with jars, books, and crumpled maps.

Knowledge (local)/Diplomacy: The gnome is an ex-professor at the Absalom magic university. The University kicked him out after he fed a student to a carnivorous plant for saying that botany was a useless field of study. Before being kicked out, Zanzibar was known as a genius with charts and maps and a whiz with identifying plants. Since then he has been traveling the world collecting exotic species of plants. Lately he has had trouble finding transportation due to his abrasive personality and frequent arguments with every ship’s cleric over the superiority of arcane magic over divine. He is famous for being able to chart a journey from Absalom to the Mwangi Expanse while 5 separate storms were brewing within half an hour.

Profession (Sailor): When Firebottom starts to question Zanzibar on sailing; Zanzibar hits him over the head with his cane and states that he is traveling to document unknown and rare species of plants but is willing to help navigate a ship in order to earn his keep as well as cast arcane spells to help the crew.

The Brothers Grimm: Young Adult Half-Orc and Half-Elf [Cost: 20 gold for the both of them]
This mismatched pair is almost comical in their differences. Gorten Grimm towers over everybody at a mighty 6’8 and has muscles to match his enormous height while Durgen barely breaks 5’5 and has a quicker hand than even most other elves can follow. The duos are inseparable and insist that if you hire one you have to hire the other.

Knowledge (local): Everybody in Absalom knows the story that created the pair known as the Brothers Grimm. Once upon a time their mothers came from well off merchant families and were best friends since childhood until 25 years ago they crossed paths with a Cheliax captain on leave. He managed to seduce both of the women without the other knowing and impregnated both within the same month before leaving Absalom. When both women found out that their friend was pregnant and who the father was, the friendship ended immediately. The two were mortal enemies for 20 years, while Gorten and Durgen grew up to secretly be best friends. After they both turned 21, both of the children went and enlisted in the Absalom navy. While they were away chasing pirates, their father came back to town and decided to try and renew his relationship with both women at once. This failed on an epic level and ended with a convoluted murder plot where both women ended up dead and the Cheliax captain fled the city and disappeared. The Brothers Grimm then swore a blood pact with each other that they would hunt down their father (who they blamed for both their mothers’ deaths) and extract their revenge. Slowly.

Diplomacy/Profession (Sailor): Both of the brothers are experienced sailors and know their way around a ship. They are also both seasoned deck fighters after years of hunting pirates throughout the Inner Sea. They state they are right now looking for a ship that will travel around the world to aid in their hunt for revenge.

Male Kyton-Spawn Tiefling 5 Sorcerer

During a lull in the recruitment, Bregen asks Sterk if he could take a look at his new magical sword. Once he has it in his hands he begins to study it very carefully and after a minute Bregen says a couple of words and gestures a bit and some of his magic seems to go into the sword. Handing the sword back to Sterk he says, "I put a little surprise in there for an enemy that you feel is extra annoying. If you don't want it you can discharge it an there will be no adverse affects."

I charged your spell storing sword with Blindness-Deafness (DC 17).

Males Human (Ulfen) Magus (Wordcaster) 6

sorry been a bit busy with work. Here are my roles if it makes a difference.

Profession (Sailor) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26 for quality of applicants.
Knowledge (Local) 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17 for applicant back story.


Sterk clasps his large hand on Bregen's shoulder. "Much obliged, my friend," he takes the sword and replaces it in it's sheath.

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