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Palace of the Vampire Queen

Game Master Terquem

On the Dwarven Island of Karrita Morianna the daughter of the King has been taken by an undead horde, and her whereabouts are unknown. | Level Three of the Palace of the Vampire Queen |

Adventure Map

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Apocalypso wrote:


This looks like a wonderfully imaginative game...

I think you want to make new "character profiles" not "aliases".
Go into "My Account". Skip on past "Messageboard Aliases"-- that was too easy. Go to the next box that says "Pathfinder Society"-- Click under "you have # characters"- click here to make changes.
The next page has "Register a new character". You can enter his stats there, give him a new avatar, and anything else you wanna describe.

Note: Save changes every 10 minutes or it will boot you. Or cut and paste before...

I do appreciate this sort of support from interested players, it is very helpful, but

Let’s get a little clarification on the disparity between Message board aliases and Character Profiles
Whereas a Character Profile may seem like it is better suited to what we want to do, it does require the poster to join the Pathfinder Society (am I right?) and even I haven’t done this yet. This game would probably not qualify as a Pathfinder Society game, but in truth I do not know enough about the society. If anyone wants to know more about me, as a DM, my background what few adventures I have run, that sort of thing, I will be glad to explain, if I am asked.

Scarab Sages

Here's my submission with more info on Mazrim Deacon


The Deacon line has served the Guisse family for years as stout man-at-arms and loyal protectors. Mazrim's parents were no exception and have instilled in Mazrim a strong sense of duty and responsibility, teaching that there is no greater honour than laying down ones life for their lord or to protect those that are unable to protect themselves. When Mazrim came of age he was trained in one of the more prestigious military colleges and learned that a soldiers best weapon was his mind and was far more reliable than any blade or shield (and less likely to turn on you).

Mazrim's goal in life to earn a place in the Guisse family honour guard and everything he does is with that goal in mind. Some see his devotion as obsession rather than what it truly is which is a drive to prove himself and live up to the expectations of his ancestors and his superiors.

After several years of service Mazrim was appointed as part of Sir Guisse's retinue

if there's anything you would like fleshed out or if something does not fit let me know

I've been going over the character builds for the following characters

Helgen Inarossa
Hallister Silverspike
Rownig Fleetfoot
Mazrim Deacon
Azram Diamond-Hammer

And there are a lot of things I don't understand. I will address each character individually in the discussion thread.

Aiunder - I like the character you are working on, so far, you are in, but could you point me to the "Lore Warden" so I can do my homework?

Scarab Sages

Lore Warden is an archetype in the pathfinder society field guide that trades medium and heavy armour for 2 extra skills per level and also trades a few abilities for maneuver bonuses and monster lore with gives me bonuses to single enemies after successful knowledge skill check

here's a link to it in d20pfsrd

Lore Warden

Seems very reasonable. Let me know when you think you are done with the character. We have 5 so far, enough to start the adventure. More would do no harm, in this medium. We just need to work out a few minor rough spots and then we will be good to go.

When is the game going to begin?

Tomorow, early, I hope.


Sounds good

This game began almost one year ago, and the party is soon to be on the threshold of the actual Palace of the Vampire Queen, but –

We’ve, sadly, lost one of our players to a busy life, and therefore I would like to see if anyone is interested in joining this game as a second level Dwarven Cleric,


Any "second level Dwarven Cleric", or are you looking for someone to take over your former player's PC?

Nope. We just really need a cleric for healing and for dealing with boatloads of undead, and for this game, we're all dwarves.

Our original cleric was a pretty standard positive energy spammer. Our replacement was a priestess of a fire god that was great as an anti-zombie cannon.

Sadly, they've both left the game.

Turns out, two fighters and a rogue is a hard group to tackle zombie hordes with.

Dwarves on our little island are really into commerce, fire, metal, the sun and community, but are less martially inclined than the dwarves you might be used to, and more comfortable living above ground.

I suppose we'll have to solve this problem some other way

Starting a new thread is probably the best way to re-recruit, from what I've heard.

I think you have something there, Ben

@Terquem: Is this the 5E you were mentioning? Are you planning to switch it over to that system?

Nope' this one stays pathfinder, and they are a great group of players. Look for retro dungeon crawl, 5e for the 5e version of PVQ I want to try

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