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Palace of the Vampire Queen

Game Master Terquem

On the Dwarven Island of Karrita Morianna the daughter of the King has been taken by an undead horde, and her whereabouts are unknown. | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Western Karrita Morianna | Western Counties

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Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

"I agree we should move on if they're not gonna give is trouble."
Mazrim will make sure he careful notes the flag and as close as possible the exact location in his notes of where this is and how many people they counted.

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

Hal wastes no time, picking up the pace to a jog, trying to get the group past before they were spotted by any guards who weren't so willing to ignore them.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig pushes the small group he was with off to the bushes, dodging as much as possible. Observing that Hal, Mazrim and the others have gotten the the clue.


“What do you suppose that means?” Moralane says as she follows Rowning, dodging and darting from shrub to shrub.

“I think he was telling us to go around,” Atharessa says.

“Go around for what reason?” Azram adds to the questions.

As your group makes it a quarter of the way around the camp, you see that there are Dwarves, possibly soldiers, coming through a gate in the earthen works. They are hustling, but they carry their spears upright, and not at the ready. There are nine of them, in all, and toward the back of the group is a singularly unusually dressed Dwarf riding a short, fat, mule. They are moving to block your path, and not directly toward you. They are one hundred forty feet away from you.

(I will assume you headed in the most direct route, southward, around the camp, and these Dwarven soldiers are coming from the south west, putting them on your right.)

Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

Is it obvious that they noticed us? Or does it look like bad timing.


It is hard to say, though it would seem that if you were spotted, this group that was sent out should have been larger. Bad planning, or lack of resources? Difficult also to say.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig scans the terrain for the best area for cover and high ground, if possible. Not wanting to draw attention to the other half of the party.

perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

"This don't feel right."


“Good Sir Turrand, how pleasuring it is too see you again, old friend,” The Dwarf on the mule says as he approaches our group. He is a heavy Dwarf, and his face is leathery, wrinkled, and marked with dark spots that look like he was spent too many yeas sleeping in the sun. His eyes are open wide, and his stare is intense, but also seems to be looking through you. He wears a strange combination of pieces of leather armor, and a few parts from a very old suit of plate. His beard is cut close, and it would be white, if not for the grime and dirt. He has long hair that is pulled into a knot at the back of his head. When he smiles, there is no warmth.

“Exanames, well I say – “ Turrand begins, but he is cut off by a tired looking Dwarf standing to the left of the mule.

“King Exanames, or Your Highness, dog!”

Exanames leans over, while still smiling at Turrand, and strikes the other Dwarf hard on the ear. “Balcrow, do not address your betters in such language, Turrand is one of my noblest and most trusted knights. To him I have given the coast road, and he in turn pays a fine tribute. Come, Sir Turrand, let us feast in my palace, and you can tell us news of the goings on to the north.”

Turrand’s expression is hard to read, but he follows as Exanames, and the soldiers with him, turn and lead you into the camp.

Orders are shouted, you see that throughout the camp at least thirty Dwarves and Goblins are chained together in random pairs, old and young, male and female, and the chained slaves rush about, dropping whatever work they were doing, and move toward a long low roofed structure (the construction of this building is obviously new, and looks as if it was rushed).

As you are herded into the long building, you can smell sweat and offal, just as you pass through the door, you see the gibbeted Dwarf hanging, just three feet off of the ground, about forty feet from the long building, behind a ruined bloomery.

You are shown to seats, small stools arranged along a long low table. Plates are brought in with roasted vegetables, there is no meat. The vegetables are small, but they have been cooked in tasty seasonings. You are not allowed to sit next to each other, the “King” insists that one of his soldiers sits between each of you. These Dwarves, these “soldiers” are a sad looking lot, hungry, tired, and afraid.
The soldiers pick carefully, taking small portions and watching for any sign that Exanames is displeased. Meanwhile the “King”, hardly eating at all, addresses Turrand again.

“What brings you and your retinue to the capital? Are you on a quest? Tell me, old friend, how do we come to be sitting together this day?”

Turrand, listening to a soldier whisper into his ear, smiles, and says, “I have agreed to escort these, these fine knights to Witch’s Valley.”

“I do not recognize these knights,” Exanames says.

“They have sailed to your kingdom from across the sea, and are, are well, seeking advice from a Goblin Witch who is well known to them. They aren’t trespassing, and will leave as quickly as they can.”

Exanames frowns, smiles, frowns again, and then laughs, “I am honored to have such noble visitors to my kingdom. You will stay the night, and tomorrow I will send you all on your way with my blessing, come eat, and let us hear stories. Balcrow, Windot, take four slaves out and gather wood, tonigh we sit by a good fire and entertain our guests.”

Balcrow and Windot, two more healthy looking Dwarven Bandits leave the room. They gather Luca, who is chained to a Goblin girl named Ingot Whistletooth, and Zudol, a young Dwarf boy chained to an old Male Goblin named Bentear Hogsfoot and head out of the camp to gather as much wood as they can carry. The four slaves are told to strip branches off of bushes, and break the limbs of the bushes as best as they can. They are not given any tools. The two bandit "soldiers" stay fifteen feet away from the slaves as they work, and the slaves are moving toward where Rownig and the others are hiding.

I need Rownig to make stealth checks for the group, please.

you can ask any questions, to either a soldier sitting next to you, or to any of the other NPCs or the King, if you chose

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Luca, a thin dwarf with wild strawberry-blonde hair tied back by a strip of leather, growls at the "soldiers" as they come to escort her and the goblin girl out to gather wood for the fire. She stops when and grudgingly cooperates when one of them makes a move for the girl she's chained to, but a smattering of muttering can still be heard under the other noises of the hall.

Perception DC 25:
The words "took", "hammer", and "arse-holes" along with what sounds like a stream of fiery and creative curses.

Once out of earshot of her captors, she whispers something to the girl on the other end of the chain.

"Jus' look laek yer busy. I'll git enough wood fer tha two o' us."

She gives the little one a smile before working on the branches, and venting a little of her frustration.

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8 Hmm, lovely weather we're having...

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig discreetly motions, to the others in his group, to stay low and to hush. He rolls an arrow shaft between his thumb and forefinger.

Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Trying to slow his pulse to remain calm.

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

Yep. Def'nitely not right. Hal mused as he ate sparingly. Once his nutty majesty's a little futher away, maybe we c'n ask some o' these other fellows what's really goin' on 'round here.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

Mazrim will try to make small talk with the "soldiers" close to him. Mostly asking about the "capitol" and the surrounding countryside. Mostly he is just trying to get a feel for how these people feel about their situation and indirectly Exanames.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17


In the King’s Hall Turrand picks at the food, and keeps his eyes away from Exanames. The soldiers are quiet, and they eat their fill. They keep their heads down and when Mazrim makes small talk, they respond with grunts, or nods. One of the Dwarves, a young, very hungry looking girl who might otherwise be pretty, grumbles under her breath, “Eat what you can, this is all that is left.”

Mazrim gets a very good feeling that these men are afraid of Exanames.

Outside, Luca and the other prisoners strip branches off of bushes, trying to gather wood. But something is not right.

The two guards, assigned to watch the slaves, keep moving farther and farther away from the camp, and without any sign they suddenly drop their weapons, cast off their helmets and run, literally bolt, toward the east.

Zudol drops the twigs in his arms, and pulling the old goblin along with him he moves toward Luca and says, “That makes five of them this week, and who knows how many more will run off tonight. We can’t hope to get anywhere chained like this. Do we go back and tell them, or give those poor bastards a good head start. That nutty king will kill someone for sure. I don’t want it to be me, but I don’t know what to do.”

Back in the Hall, Exanames leans toward Turrand and says, “My good friend. Listen and think about this. I have nearly repaired the Bloomery, and while we were down exploring the mines I’ve found a new vein, rich iron, and it should be easy to pull out of the ground. I need good armor for my men, and one of the slaves is a decent smith. I could use a foreman with your skill. What do you say, can I count on you to move your family here to the capitol?”

Turrand shares an awkward glance with Mazrim and Hallister. A pained look crosses his face and he stands and says, “Your Majesty, this is a generous offer, but let me inspect the works, perhaps I can have another season on the coast before I come back.”

“Nonsense,” Exanames shouts, “It is nearly complete. Come see for yourself. Olnagas and Petrazta will show your friends to their lodgings. It is not safe to be out at night. The dead walk these hills.

Exanames moves to the door of the long hall, but Turrand, pulling his son around with him moves around the table the long way.

When he is behind Hallister he whispers, “Make a run for it as soon as we are out of site, I’ll slow his majesty down as best I can, and then, if I can, I’ve got a trick up my sleeve that may save my life. Take Tanner. Head southwest. If you find the village, ask for Anadullba, the witch. May Dennari protect you.”

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

"Ah, so I was wrong in thinkin' they was brainless. Still spineless though."

Luca Watches them for a second longer before noticing that one of her comrades in captivity had said domething.

"Well, 'least grab tha twigs. Less likely ta kill us if we do as told. Even if all they deserve from us is a faceful o' me hammer."

She finishes gathering as many twigs and branches as she can as she can and gives Ingot a small bundle to make it look like she gathered her own with a wink.

"Now, I dunno 'bout ye, boot I'm gonna head back afore tha dread ghoulies get me an' li'l Ingot here."

She makes her way back, occasionally looking back to see if Zudol is still following. Whenever the little goblin girl looks up at her, she's sure to put on a brave face and give the girl a reassuring smile, but when she thinks no one's looking, her eyes glisten in the waning sun light as she walks further and further away from her freedom.

This is all assuming that Rowning doesn't pop up after the guards bolt.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig will sneak up towards Luca

Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Rownig will whistle at the manacled dwarf and goblin. Getting their attention and waving them closer.

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

Luca jumps at the whistle and nearly knocks poor Ingot over in the process. She sees Rowning wave her, so she puts down the twigs and branches before getting closer. She's pleasant enough, giving the dwarf a half-smile as she talks.

Sense Motive DC 6:
1d20 ⇒ 6
Init: 1d20 ⇒ 7
She's trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Her muscles are flexing in her arms like she's getting ready to try something.

"Well, It looks laek ye ain't a ghoulie since I ain't heard o' that ken whistle, an' most o' tha stories I've heard have them growlin' at ye before gnawin' yer face off. So I only has one thin' tae ask ye..."

She drops the half-smile and...

If you don't make the Sense Motive:

She gets up close and aims her right hand at Rowning's head and grabs the front of his clothes with her left before snarling her question, "Be ye bandit?"
Readied action to punch Rowning in the face if she thinks he's lying, he calls for help, he looks like he's trying to cast a spell, or she sees him go for the little goblin.

If you make the Sense Motive:
Same as the other, but now you can turn the tables on Luca. Maybe even get the drop on her.

Sorry, I know this is very antagonistic, but she has been caught by bandits, and she's a little paranoid.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

'Hush up w'man ye git us all manacled."

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Shaking his head back and forth signalling to the two strangers to keep their voices down and head low. "Whatcha do ti git captured?"

As she grabs for Rownig, he places a hand over her mouth.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

sizing up resistance if this goes sour Mazrim starts looking for defensible areas as well a trying to identify most likely threats.

how many bandits are here?

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

Hallister sighed.

Ain't my problem. Ain't my mission. Can't git involved.

"F*@#." Hal muttered under his breath.

Getting up once they had disappeared, he began to walk outside. Then he stopped and looked back to the others in the room, eying them all individually.

"Th' mission we're on needs people. Ah don' much care if they're good or bad, criminals or saints, only that they're willing t' fight an' c'n take orders. Any o' ye that want t' come wit' us, ye jus' follow me. It won't be great, but Ah'd bet it'll be a far sight better'n starvin' t' death in service to a madman."

And then he left.

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

For a moment, it looks like Luca is about to punch Rowning anyway, but let's go and holds her hands up instead. Once her mouth is uncovered, she answers in a whisper just loud enough for the three of them to hear. Rowning, Ingot, and her

"Saw a coople o' bandits robbin' a merchant an' thought I'd help oot. Got shackled fer me troubles an' tha spineless toords that are in tha hell-hole took me hammer."

She looks down at Ingot and then back at the dwarf.

"I do nae suppose ye have a way o' gettin' tha two o' us free o' these things? Tha idiots that chained us taegethar thought it'd be a good idea tae put chains meant fer an ogre on a wee li'l lass."

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig will lead Luca and Ingot to cover, then work on the locks.

I'll take 20 if I have the two minutes to do so. Otherwise here are my pickpock rolls.

DD Luca: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 6 + 2 = 19
DD Ingot: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 6 + 2 = 23

If Rownig gets the locks undone he will hand Luca his warhammer, "'xpect ti git that back. Name's Rownig, these me companions got udders in there." Gestureing to the keep. As Rownig grabs another arrow for his bow.

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Luca looks rather surprised as the dwarf begins to work on the manacles without preamble, and even more so when he hands her a warhammer.

"Oh, ye will. I'll even forge ye a new one if'n this one gets broke."

A smile spreads on her face, that quickly turns into an embarrassed grin.

"'Suppose I should tell ye sorry. I've got a little more o' me mum than me poppa when it comes tae me temper, an' she had more'n a bit o' Bescourt's grace an' temper. Tha name's Luca, an' this li'l one be Ingot."

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

"Don't right believe in chainin' feller dwarves, figured they got me companions in there can't be guud. Now, what can ye and Ingot tell about number's and defenses in there?"

His eyes moving along the the wall defenses and guards counting numbers, "Seems odd that the guards took off runnin' when they could. 'nuther one waived us by, 'fore we could enter the gate."

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Good question, what can Luca tell them?


Mazrim counts seven bandits in the hall. None of them follow Exanames, but two of them, most likely Olnagas and Petrazta, approach you. They are both young male Dwarves. One of the two says, “We’ve got nothing but the floor of a few old shacks to bed down in, but you’re better off here than out in the wilds after dark.”

A different Dwarf, and older Dwarf, who moves with his back bent, reaches for Hallister and says, “I know you. You were on that expedition of Sir Henri’s. I was a soldier under Sir Henri, but he let me and a few others go when the King, the real King, cut Henri’s funding for soldiers. We are all wanted men, and now we have come to this. Take your friends and go. Exanames is under some curse, and even hunger doesn’t reduce his strength.”

“You can’t make it to the village before dark,” one of the other bandits says, moving to stand in front of Hallister. I’d join you, but we can’t leave tonight. We have to try and break away in the morning.”

“No,” another bandit says stepping next to Mazrim, “He’ll hunt us down and kill us. Nothing can stop him. That necklace makes him invulnerable, and that sword is death to anyone it touches.”

“Quiet!” Helgen shouts. “We need a plan and we need it now, Mazrim, Hallister, do we run, now, or stay until morning? I have no idea what Turrand is planning, but it sounds like he may be giving his life for us and this might be our only opportunity.

Meanwhile, outside of the camp, Atharessa, Azram and Moralane get up off of the ground and crowd in around Rowning as he and Luca talk.
As soon as Ingot’s chains are undone, she tugs at Luca with a pitiful look and points to the south.

there is another dwarf and Goblin chained together, Rownig can take 20 on the locks, they are common and he can get them undone in two minutes, while Luca tells him what she knows. Also, I’m only suggesting this, but maybe you guys should talk to each other, as players, in the discussion thread and decide on a course of action, before each of you decides to do something completely different. If you think it is a bad idea to run for it, someone, even an NPC can be sent after Turrand to tell him not NOT do what he is planning. Remember, Mazrim, Hallister, Helgen, Voranzil, Galana, and Orson, are in the Hall (and they have Tanner, a Gnome boy – reminder, gnomes in this setting are half dwarf-half goblin). Four of the party, Rowning, Atharessa, Azram, and Moralane are out side of the camp, with Luca and Zudol, and two Goblins.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig will go to the other dwarf and goblin if they are unguarded and to the same motions to keep voices down. He will take twenty to undo their chains. Then gather the group together to talk about the strategy.

Luca, I need to get my companions out of there. The guards don't seem to be putting up much of resistance, I'm sure there are some that will. Pulling out his long knife and handing ti to the second dwarf. Are goblins small creatures in this world too? I'm asking for weapon sizes?

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

Hallister looks at one of the bandits who had spoken. "Tell me more about this amulet."

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Okay, I'm a little confused, is she pointing towards teh other prisoners, the village the party's heading towards, the camp, or the village she's from? Also, does she still have her necklace that her father made for her?


Goblins are small creatures. Ingot is too small to wield even small sized weapons effectively (she is a Goblin teen). Ingot points to a village to the southwest, most likely Eight Fountains, that may be where she is from. She has talked about a place called, Watermaker, and that could be a reference to Eight Fountains. If you are asking about Luca's amulet, yes you still have it.Luca has never been to Eight Fountain Springs.

The Dwarf that stopped Hallister looks out of the open door and then turns back, leans in close to Hallister, and says, “He found this old, ancient, iron bound box, deep in the mine, about a month ago. The box was locked, and it looked like there was nothing that could open that lock, but Exanames didn’t let that stop him. He hoisted that box half way up the mountain and let it fall. The box was broken open, and inside of that box were that sword and that necklace. One of the men, his name was Brunis, well, see, that fellow had the gift. He was a priest, before he joined us, and right away he says that those things are cursed. Exanames, he don’t care a lick, and he picks up that sword and necklace right away. Since that day, he’s hardly slept, and every day he seems to get meaner and crazier. I was there when Navalli tried to take him down. Navalli snuck up behind Exanames and ran his knife straight through the old coot’s back, but Exanames just turned and howled, laughed, and cut Navalli down. I heard it that when they pulled the knife out of him, Exanames didn’t even bleed. Now, when I was young, my grandfather told me that there was this treasure, washed up in a shipwreck and that there were these human folk who survived the wreck, but were murdered by some bad folk down on the southern coast. Story went that the last of the human folk to die was a woman, and she lays out this curse on the murderers and the treasure they tried to steal. Grandpa used to say that that treasure got carried off all over the island, and the undead, them ghouls that keep attacking us, are those very same humans who are looking to take back all that treasure. That sword and that necklace where bound and hidden away in that mine for dozens, maybe hundreds of years, and now them that’s cursed are trying to get them back.”

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Oh good. I'd hate to have to add crazy to the list of things I need to convey.

Luca looks down at the goblin lass and her face softens quite a bit. Her gaze goes toward the camp, then back to the little girl.

"Alright li'l one. I'll get ye home."

She looks at the other dwarves and asks, "Ever heard o' 'Watermaker'? I think that's her home, and she's more important than tha damn hammer anyway. I'll help ye get yer friends out if ye help me get her home. Deal?"

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

"Yeh, sounds like he ain't exactly livin' no more. Lemme guess, tha' fella up in tha' cage who keeps wakin' up every night, king crazypants killed 'im wit' tha' sword?"

Figures. Dammit.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

"'aven't heard of Watermaker but we were headin' to Eight Fountains could be the same place or close ti each other, suppose. Need ti it me companions, we can do our best to git the l'il one home."


Another Dwarf, this one, a grizzled and thick armed fellow with a short dark beard, says, "We're wasting time. If you think that Exanames is dead, and that what is walking around out there," he points out through the door, "is his corpse animated by an evil spirit, fine, great, you think that if you want to, but I won't throw my life away proving you right or wrong. if he comes after me, I'll go down hacking every bit of him I can lay a blade down, but until then, well, I don't know what were supposed to do."

Another bandit, a young Dwarf with a long red beard, and an unkempt mop of hair on his head, says, “But it’s just a matter of time before he turns on all of us. He’s killed four already. Every day, every morning after we have spent the night fighting off the ghouls, he gets worse, and Dennari knows what he’ll do tomorrow.”

Helgen listens to each of the bandits in turn, and then says. “I’ve a feeling that that sword, that box he found, is connected, somehow, to the Palace. We need to know more about those items, and if that means taking them from this Bandit who calls himself the King of Karrita Morianna, then we should do it. We just need a plan, a battle plan, and we need to know that none of the rest of you will turn coats and fight for him. Together we can easily take him down. I’ll go stop Turrand from doing anything on his own, and wait for a sign from you, Hallister, just tell me what you are going to do.”

“There are a few more out in the yard, and a couple who are watching the slaves work on the stonework of the bloomery,” the red haired Dwarf says. “But if you attack Exanames, I can guarantee no one will fight at his side, but be warned, he may not go down easy, but if he goes down at all, this camp is yours, only don’t expect any of us to sit here and wait to be arrested. Give us a head start, give us a chance to make a new start, and we’ll help you take him down.”

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

Hal nodded. "Ah'm gonna need all o' us here" he said to Moralane and Mazrim. "C'n one o' ye go hit those slaves an' guards that were sent out an' signal for Terquem? This whole place just became a mission-related problem."

To the other guards and bandits Hal said. "We're going to need nets. Bring me all th' rope ye' got. Go quick."


“Nets?” the Dwarf talking to Hallister says as he spreads his hands out to his sides, “We don’t have any nets. Do you think we have time to make nets? Now rope, we’ve plenty of that. I’ll get a few of the slaves to gather some and bring it to the back of the building, it will take us a while, but not long.”

“I’d better go and stop Turrand from doing anything rash,” Galana says, “Orson can come with me and we’ll stay close to him. If this Exanames fellow tries anything dangerous, I’ll call out with a loud whistle. Where and when do you want to bring the hammer down on this pretend king?”

“If one of you will come with me,” Voranzil says to the other Dwarves in the room, “I can go out and look for the rest of our party, bring them and the other two of your men up to speed on what we are planning, and then we’ll try to make it back to the back of this building where we’ll meet up with the rest of you.”

Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

Waiting quietly while the locals run around doing Hallister's requests until an open appears to talk to him undisturbed and possibly unheard, "Hal, what's your plan?"

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

"Make a bunch o' nets an' soak 'em in water. Then wait 'til king crazypants is sleeping' an' douse 'im in oil, light 'im on fire, and toss the nets over 'im. Then we jus' keep 'im on th' ground while th' fire does th' work. He aught t' be dead a'fore th' ropes burn through. Ah'm gamblin' tha' th' amulet don't make 'im fireproof. If it does, then we're gonna have t' improvise."

We take him by stacking debuffs. The nets to Entange more than once. Trip to keep him prone (prone creatures don't threaten squares and can't take AoOs or melée attacks until they stand up), Dirty Trick to keep him Blind, and then we Steal the amulet while he's prone and Flat Footed. The NPCs are there to give us Aid Another bonuses to pad our odds.

If we get the drop on him and get the nets, trip and fire going on round 1, we should be able to keep him locked down.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Lore Warden 2)/Cavalier(hunt master1) HP 36 / Init +3 / AC 15 / Per +6

"That's a rather brutal way of dealing with him." Mazrim looks around at the state of the people gathered and then the slaves. "I don't like it but if it frees these people I'll suffer the consequences."

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Rownig will start to bob and weave his way, leading the others, towards the walled compound. He is looking for a lightly guarded entrance that he can sneak into or a wall area that he can climb and throw a rope down to the others.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

His dwarven eyes keenly scouting the area.

HP 37/37, AC 18/21, CMD 13, Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6, Init +5, Per +8, Charmed Life 3/3, Panache 2/2

"Th' things we're up against? We don't have th' luxury o' compassion. Lots o' things don't give a damn 'bout steel. Ah'v seen things tha' used t' be people walk right up a blade t' git t' yer throat. Steel's a weapon 'gainst th' livin'. Fire's different. Not much tha' can ignore bein' set on fire."

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0
Rownig Fleetfoot wrote:
"'aven't heard of Watermaker but we were headin' to Eight Fountains could be the same place or close ti each other, suppose. Need ti it me companions, we can do our best to git the l'il one home."

Luca gives the Dwarf a warm smile and a friendly slap on the arm.

"Aye, an' I'll 'old ye tae it. Now, we ken do this tha sneaky way or tha..."

She sees Rowning lead the others through the woods, bobbing and weaving.

"Sneaky way it is then. Ken one o' ye watch after Ingot?"

With that, she falls in behind the sneaky dwarf and follow s#+~ lead.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

Moralane would have been left behind with Ingot to watch her and to keep an eye on the gate. "Keep da lil one safe." Rownig whispered before starting off.

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

Wow, I really need to proofread more. That's supposed to be "his lead."

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3
Luca Shatterstone wrote:
Wow, I really need to proofread more. That's supposed to be "his lead."

That is funny, I thought your character was swearing at Rownig for scooting off towards the wall before warning you.


Galana leaves with Orson, and they are followed by two of the local Dwarves. Voranzil is joined by the Dwarf who had been talking with Hallister, and they leave the building right after the others.

Mazrim approaches Hallister and the two of them discuss the plan, while the other Dwarves leave to try and find ropes. The old bent Dwarf, passing close by to Hallister, and catching some of what he says, stops and reminds Hallister, sounding apologetic, “We have no nets, but a few of us were once fishermen, we’ll try to put together something heavy, with the best ropes we can find,” and then he leaves. Trying to hurry up and catch the others.

Hallister and Mazrim are left alone, with Tanner.

Voranzil and the Dwarf Bandit head straight for the opening in the wall, and once they are outside of the perimeter they scan the area looking for Rownig and the others, They see Moralane, with Ingot and the other Goblin, but do not see Rownig, Luca, Atharessa,and Azram.

The wooden wall built upon a worked up pile of dirt (the ‘earthen works’ part of the defense is sloped at about 60 degrees, is probably fifteen feet wide at the bottom, rises to a height of five feet, and is packed dirt and rocks) is solidly built, no more than four feet high, could be easily climbed, but has no openings through it except the one wide opening that is the main gate/entrance to the camp.

Rownig sees Voranzil and a Dwarf he does not recognize come out of the camp, move to stand about thirty yards from the entrance, and then they look around until they spot Moralane.

Voranzil waves to Moralane to get her attention, and motions for her to come toward him.

HP: 13/18 AC 12/10/12: F+5, R +0 W+6, Per:+3, Init: +0

"Well, if I 'ad some time I might be able tae smash a 'ole in thar, boot they'd know it by tha time we got through. Got anudder plan?"

Luca gives Rowning an apologetic half-shrug before waiting on him to make a decision on what to do.

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

One is with me, stay here and cov'r me if there's trouble." Rownig steps out from the cover and moves in the shadows towards Voranzil.

stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

When Rownig gets within 20 feet he speaks to the bandit with his ally, "Stay there and don't make noise or me arrow is through ye throat...strang'r.' Pausing briefly, "Vor'zil is he friend or foe?"


“Rownig, is that you?” Voranzil turns in the direction of the sound of the voice he hears and makes an odd face. “Well, friend, I suppose. I don’t know him, but he has agreed to help us set things right here in this camp.”

When Voranzil sees Rownig, and also sees that Moralane is coming toward them both, he approaches Rowning, in order to lower his voice as he says, “Where are the others? Hallister needs us to gather together in the long hall and discuss a plan to take down the leader of these bandits. Seems the fellow has gone completely mad, fancies himself the king of this land. These other band… I mean these others say he is under some kind of curse. Hallister believes the curse is connected to the palace in some way, and that this bandit king has either become an undead creature, or is possessed by one, I’m not sure which. Let’s gather everyone together and get back there. Turrand may be in some kind of trouble.”

Meanwhile, back at the long hall, Hallister, Mazrim, Helgen, and Tanner, are standing near the doorway when suddenly Galana busrts into view. She throws her hands out wide, her face is in a state of shock and despair. She opens her mouth, as if she is about to say something, when her gaze falls on Tanner, and she stops, slams her mouth closed, and instead hustles a few steps toward Hallister and Mazrim. She waves at Helgen, and says, “Take Tanner outside, and find the one named Hesbrunzo, he’ll show you to our quarters.”

As soon as Helgen is gone, Galana says, “Turrnad is dead. Exanames killed him before we could get to them. It looks as if Turrand tried to sabotage the scaffolding, but Exanames noticed him before he was finished with the chore. There was some kind of struggle, but Exanames overcame Turrand and strangled him. The crazy king is making a speech right now. He’s telling everyone that another traitor has come into the camp, and he is ordering his men to arrest all of us, but wait, don’t panic. Hesbunzo, he is the old one, has reassured me that he will do what he can to protect us while the rest of the men try to gather the ropes we need. We just need to go to the building where we are supposed to be held prisoner, and wait for Hesbunzo to free us tonight. I’ll break the news to Tanner as soon as we are all together. She won’t take the news well. I know she loved her father.”

M Dwarf Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3

He motions for the others to come forward, he will explain that Moralane and Ingot are remaining outside. Rownig nods, "Moralane stays out 'ere to guard the exit and protect a lil one...gave me word on that."

"What kinda curse and what's the cause?' Looking at Azram to make sure he is paying attention.

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