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PF Shackled City SCAP

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Shackled City Adventure Path
Ossington Vicinity

The town of Ossington
Around town

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Male Human Druid 3 / Wizard (Foresight School) 3 / Mystic Theurge 1

"I have no idea wha tha lay o tha land is beyond tha town."

Points into the wilderness...

"Maybe tha townsfolk have a map o tha area."

Sanstree pulls out his silk map of the island, but the edges lack detail....

Male Human Bard/7
HPs: 60/60 AC: 18 T12 FF16 Percerption+6 Init +4

Hermes, takes some thickish twigs from a nearby tree, tying a torn bit of a red handkerchief to each twig, he stamps them into the muddy ground, such that the cloth points the way of each trail. As he does this he says, "Sanstree probably has a point, can't afford to split up here, with that ghost rider around. Look, these will make it easier to follow, I hope, when we return." He smiles at his contribution to aid this band of heroes.

Standing up, he brushes the from his knees, and then with a vigorous slapping of his hands, dislodges the natural green moss and foliage that hand attached itself. "Ready, returning would be so much more enticing, if a hot and nourishing stew was ready when we got back to the village, Oh well!"

Alkaid replies to Sanatree
"Agreed a map would help, but we'd loose time in catching up to them them."

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

The village has somewhat settled down again after the assassination

The cuckoo introduces you...
"This is Tully she recently took an arrow to the shoulder."

The cuckoo point to the tower
"Perhaps you lot should speak with Dyson, though much of what he says is beyond me."

Male Human Bard/7
HPs: 60/60 AC: 18 T12 FF16 Percerption+6 Init +4

"Most kind young lady" the bard says politely to the bird. "Is there anything we can do to help you Tully? Did those scondrels that attacked injure you so? Such bad luck, what were you doing to attract the ire so?" Hermes asks. He starts to sing a soothing song, of the wind rustling the corn under a bright golden sun. Sweet notes flowing from his mouth, relaxing and putting the woman Tully at ease. Notes hang on the air, as the accompanying accordion moves and sways in time with the song. It seems a the best memories of childhood return in an idyllic summer.

"So my good friend Tully, tell us what you know of these attacks, do they happen often?" the bard asks gently, "And Dyson, what do you know of him, it sounds like his head is in a spin, a vortex, or is he such a genius that he could confuse us with his knowledge and fill our head to overflowing? Come what sort is he?" He sits in front of the woman, listening attentively to her replies, before asking to be taken to the Dyson person, with his friends.

Hermes will use a CLW from his spell repertoire if Tully requests help to heal the arrow wound. Before the performance starts.
Diplomacy on Tully (Versatile Performance) 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (2) + 19 = 21

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Updated vicinity map

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Tulley finds her arm healed and thanks you...

"Dyson is a mage he lives in tha tower."

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

The tallest structure in town, Dyson's tower uses the northernmost trilithon as its entrance.

Thanks to you for your willingness to help strangers. I can only offer you the benefit of my experience and local knowledge.”

Male Human Fighter/7

"I'd be nice t' know wha' we're up 'gainst," Broccan replies.

"Are th' elves n' the Horseman work'n t'gether, 'r d' they jus' both have a comm'n ate fer th' people o' this town?"

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Dyson @ Everyone
”This tower once belonged to my mentor, Olwain. . When he died and I inherited the place, I retired from adventuring and came here to live, along with my fellow adventurers.”

Tulley @ Broccan
”Can I see your blade, here see mine….”

” It's a fine, heavy but well-balanced blade, clearly dwarven work, bearing a mark that the well informed may recognize as belonging to Durgeddin, a famed dwarven weaponsmith.”

Male Human Fighter/7

"'S a fine weap'n. Can't rightly recall how I came by this'sword. Kill'n someth'n tha' was try'n t' kill me, most like."

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

To Dyson: "S' what changed?"

Who's weapon has the maker's mark of Durgeddin? Broccan? Or Tulley?

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Dyson enters into a discussion with Sanstree
Sanstree: "Fellow adventurers?"
Dyson:”That would be Tully, Henwen, and the Cuckoo.”

Sanstree: "So you inheiried it?"
”Sure it's isolated, true, but until recently was a pleasant spot and well suited to spell research. My special interest is archetetronics, particularly as it relates to transgenrificarion.”

Dyson launches into a detailed discussion of arcane principles, which requires a Knowledge (arcana) check (DC 20) to understand.

The gist of it is this: Dyson is curious about structure, specifically the differences between different kinds of magic. He's exploring the barriers that separate arcane and divine magic, or different approaches to the same category (bard versus sorcerer, for example). Or school specialization: Why should denying yourself access to one school of magic increase your power in another?

Sanstree nods his head knowingly.....

As everyone is in earshot, I am assuming everyone can hear both discussions.....

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Tully is very proud of her is a famous dwarven maker in this region. Yes Tully's blade is MW made by Durgeddin

”I won it thorough defeating the door-warden of the Great Barrow a few miles to the north; I can show you the place, if you like.”

Refer to vicinity map

Male Human Fighter/7

"I'm up fer it. Just wondrin', why di'th' barrow need'eh warden'n why did y' kill'm?"

Alkaid keeps listening, until something grabs her interest.

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

Edrukk perks up at Tully's remark. "Beautiful work, 'tis. 'ow long 'ave ye 'ad th' sword?"

Male Human Bard/7
HPs: 60/60 AC: 18 T12 FF16 Percerption+6 Init +4

Know(Arcane) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

As the wizard goes into a detailed explanation of the theories of magic, Hermes eyes glaze over and his head jerks forward, his mind reacting to a drowsiness of theories, then waking up. "Interesting, very interesting but perhaps you'd like to go over it again, when my mind is not so full of the dangers of this place." Hermes says apologetically.



"The barrows, yes the barrows." Hermes agrees, hoping that they can learn more of the phantom hunter. He says as Edrukk looks at Tully's sword. Hermes strains his eyes to ook over the dwarf's shoulders as he inspects it, "If it is that fine a weapon, there maybe a story to be had that would warm the hearts of adventurers everywhere, does it have a name?"

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Tully looks a bit shy at all the attention...

"Yes it was winnings of a battle I had at the great barrow, a wight I believe it was, I had no desire to travel into the barrow and that darkness after so strong a guardian at the door..."

"And my fellow adventurers.....are not so adventurous of late."

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

Edrukk chuckles, "Aye, 'ere comes a time when th' warm fire 's more 'ttractive 'an th' road. So when was 'is battle wit' th' wight? Any ill effects fer ye?"

Edrukk casts a critical healer's eye over the warrior.

Seriously, the dwarf is concerned about whether the ghostly horseman is related to the Great Barrow and wonders if Tully has unintentionally offended the spirit. He will continue to try to determine if the horseman's appearance and the warrior's taking of the sword might have happened around the same time.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Edrukk's guess seems as good as any, though there is alot of information out in the wilds at various locations.

It dawns on everyone that The Cuckoo (bard?), Dyson (magic user?), Tulley (warrior?) , and Henwen (the druid? you met at the chapel) were recently adventurers together.

Male Human Druid 3 / Wizard (Foresight School) 3 / Mystic Theurge 1

"Seems Henwen hid her power fairly well when we met her, she claimed tah be an initiate only."

"Is thar an instances o tha Rider and Elves attacking together?"

"Is it possible tha Rider attacked the elves, angering them gainst tha town?"
Who knows?

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8
KenderKin wrote:
It dawns on everyone that The Cuckoo (bard?), Dyson (magic user?), Tulley (warrior?) , and Henwen (the druid? you met at the chapel) were recently adventurers together.

Eh? It "dawns" on Edrukk because the guy said it in so many words just up-page. What?

Alkaid replies to Sanstree's words
"Those are good questions that should be asked."

Male Human Druid 3 / Wizard (Foresight School) 3 / Mystic Theurge 1

Sanstree moves you all aside...

"Mayhap we should step out o town an talk in privy bout a course o action."

Sanstree's eyes look back and forth among the townsfolk and the retired adventurers.......

Male Human Fighter/7

Broccan nods. "If y'say so. Sum'n got'cha spook'd?" he asks, glancing at the townsfolk.

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

Shrugs, "If ye think so, sure. Now 'r 'n th' mornin'?"

I was thinking we were looking at dusk already - is that right?

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Yes it is dusk

Dyson looks around
"There are plenty of abandoned dwellings here in town, feel free to rest there for the evening."

Male Human Bard/7
HPs: 60/60 AC: 18 T12 FF16 Percerption+6 Init +4

Hermes looks around for the most comfortable of the empty dwellings. "So where to in the morning, I'm sure Edrukk's blade will see plenty of use at the barrow, if that's where we go."

"When morning comes let's check the town first, then move outward in a spiral fashion."

Male Human Fighter/7

"Les claim'r bunks then," Broccan says, moving towards one of the abandoned houses.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

The town of Ossington
[url=] Around town [/spoiler]

Map key


0. The Well. This stone-rimmed well serves the village as a source of fresh water and dominates the
dusty Town Green where the road ends.

1. Elder Murdows's House. The only two-story home in the village (stone first floor, half-timber
upper floor), this small manor is home to the town's apparent leader.
three servants: a maid/leman/ serving wench (Liese), a butler/valet/cook (Raflees, a male human]), and a secretary (Evans, a male halfling. One wall is formed from the easternmost of the three trilithons surrounding the central green.

2. The Grange. This large stone barn serves as a storage place for grain, a mill, and a meeting-place for the villagers (when darkness or bad weather prevents them from meeting outside on the green). It's also home to Pease the granger (male human and the seven halflings who assist him. As with the town elder's manor, one wall is composed of the westernmost trilithon.

3. Dyson's Tower. The tallest structure in town, Dyson's tower uses the northernmost trilithon as its

4. Cottage. Four humans live Their cottage is dark (the windows boarded over) but otherwise unremarkable

5. Cottage Flowers planted on either side of the door and under each window give this place a friendly, welcoming air Seven villagers (human) claim this single-room hut as their
6. Dilapidated Cottage. Eight villagers share this place, the most ill kept and dirty of all the inhabited buildings Inside, a hanging sheet divides a sleeping area from the work space The weaver once lived here, and his loom and spinning wheels remain The new inhabitants, eight humans led by a particularly clever fellow named Willard, have been experimenting with these but haven't mastered the art yet The whole place looks as if the residents have a relaxed tolerance of clutter
7. Cottage. Nine halflings live here in cheerful disarray Ostensibly tailors, ever since the supply of cloth gave out they have busied themselves in trying to scrounge up enough food to stay
alive Thus, the place is full of grass seeds and acorns being ground into flours, grasses being leeched in pots, and the like
8. Cottage. The former residents here were charcoal-makers but the current residents lack the knowledge to carry on that trade, much less the desire to venture into the forest looking for suitable wood Instead, this rather oddly assorted trio (a male human another male human and a female human the most dominant of the three) have started an indoor garden to grow mushrooms, with little success so far
9. Cottage. Thirteen villagers share this place a stately old patriarch (Hoel, human) who's sleepy by day but alert and sharp-witted by night and a dozen youngsters ("the grandchildren,"
who are active around the clock, alternating between naps and wakefulness (ld6 are asleep at any
given time of the day or night, but they rarely sleep more than an hour or so at a stretch, or stay awake for
more than two or three hours straight) The "grandchildren" are halfling-size but look human, ranging in
apparent age from about 4 to about 14, all act like miniature adults
10. Cottage. This is set aside for Henwen's use, but it's apparent at a glance from the dust and cobwebs that
she rarely stays here When not at the chapel, she sometimes wanders the woods with her hobyahs.
11. Abandoned Cottage. The door hangs by a single hinge, there's not a stick of furniture inside, and
fallen chimney-stones have punched a hole in the roof This is one of several former residences abandoned
as the thorp's population diminishes
12. Cottage. This is nominally the Cuckoo's house, but he rarely sleeps here, preferring to sleep outdoors
at night
13 Abandoned House. Ossington has no inn, so Elder Murdows offers this house to the PCs for
them to use for free as long as they stay in the Ossington area The door has no lock,
only a simple latch The place is fairly clean, and the thatch roof is thick enough to keep out most rainfall
The only furniture is an old but sturdy table and a broken bed-frame

14. Cottage. Eh the tanner (male human) lives alone here Clever and personable, with time on his hands since he hunting fell off, he attempts to help the village through small gestures—
15. Cottage Three humans live here in a messy but sturdy cottage The baker once
lived here, but the current residents have stuffed the old brick ovens with straw and use them as a comfy,
snug bed
16. Cottage Five humans live here The cottage is neat but unremarkable
17. Cottage. This cottage is neat but very sparse The three farmers (three humans)

See #13 in the map key

as you arrive at the abandoned cottage a human approaches with a bundle of firewood...
"I am Eh the tanner, I thought you could use some wood for the night."
See map key #14

Male Human Bard/7
HPs: 60/60 AC: 18 T12 FF16 Percerption+6 Init +4
KenderKin wrote:

The town of Ossington

Around town

Got the link in ...

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

Edrukk grunts assent at Hermes' surmise and heads to the offered lodging with Broccan.

He thanks the tanner and looks around the town from their temporary doorstep.

Male Human Fighter/7

Broccan settles in for the night, removing his plate armor and putting on his chain shirt. He accepts the firewood with a nod of thanks and stacks it on the porch.

Male Human Druid 3 / Wizard (Foresight School) 3 / Mystic Theurge 1

Sanstree settles in....

"So a community o 63 humans and half'lins aside from the adventurers."

"An it looks like any o tha ones who knew how tah does a proper job o things is gone."

"So where should we tell em were goin?"
"Once out o town we can decide tha best one."

Male Dwarven Warpriest 7; 77/77 hp; F7 R4 W8

"'r ye tryin' t' be 'nsultin'? Why d'ye say th' one what did a proper job 'r gone? Proper job o' what?"

He likewise switches armor for the night's rest and looks at Sanstree quizzically.

Male Human Druid 3 / Wizard (Foresight School) 3 / Mystic Theurge 1

"Neither tha charcoal maker ner tha weavers seem tah have a clue how tah do either task, they err tryin, but tha town needs tah be evacuated err least relocated an helped. Maybe closer to tha farm...."

Sanstrees face turns red as he talks about the farm and thinks of the farmers daughter......

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